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  June 25, 2004

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Meadow voles, Emory 'Fidelity gene' found in voles  - BBC  Left:  As with meadow voles, most mammals play around.    A single gene can turn the Don Juan of voles into an attentive home-loving husband, Nature magazine has reported. By altering the small animal's brain hormone chemistry, scientists have made a promiscuous meadow vole faithful - just like its prairie vole cousin. Fewer than 5% of mammals are habitually monogamous. Prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) are among the select few. After mating, the males "fall in love": they stick close to their chosen one, guard her jealously and help her raise their young. 
The cloned human embryos Human embryo cloning considered  - BBC  If the Newcastle researchers' bid is successful, they will investigate using stem cells from the cloned embryos to treat diabetes. It could open a new era of research by scientists looking for remedies for diseases which are currently incurable. But other scientists believe therapeutic cloning is unethical. It involves cloning embryos and harvesting stem cells from them. Therapeutic cloning has been legal in Britain since 2002. Professor Murdoch told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the research was one of the "most exciting areas of medical development in many years".

Teleportation breakthrough made  - BBC  Scientists have performed successful teleportation on atoms for the first time, the journal Nature reports. The feat was achieved by two teams of researchers working independently on the problem in the US and Austria. This development is a long way from the transporters used by Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Kirk in the famous Star Trek TV series. When physicists talk about "teleportation", they are describing the transfer of "quantum states" between separate atoms. Experts say being able to do the same with massive particles, like atoms, transferring information such as spin, energy, motion, etc., could lead to new superfast computers.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/25/2004: Human embryo cloning considered   - BBC
'Fidelity gene' found in voles   - BBC
6/25/2004: Scientists claim to discover new fish - MSNBC
6/25/2004: Brazil scientists discover prehistoric ratfish - New Scientist
6/25/2004: Therapeutic Cloning May Be Permitted At Newcastle University - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Stem-Cell Backers Lean on Reagan  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Creature Comforts - ABC

Climate, Environment:
6/25/2004: New National Research Effort Needed To Secure Clean, Adequate Water Supply In Coming Decades - Science Daily
6/25/2004: CO2 Fertilization May Be Slowing Global Warming - Science Daily
6/25/2004: The Scent of Global Warming  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Minister rings alarm bells on climate changes ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: African catfish poses threat to ecosystem ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: Pollution takes a toll in Europe ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: First Customers Adopt Agile PLM Solutions for Environmental Compliance ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt Discusses the Environment ... - FirstScience

6/25/2004: Memo to Steve Jobs- Give iPod Color!  - Technology Review 

6/25/2004: GPS cellphones blank out during 911 calls - New Scientist
6/25/2004: Passion for privacy could derail national cellphone directory - Seattle Times

6/25/2004: Intel rolls new Pentium 4, PCI Express chip sets for desktops  - El. Engr. Times
6/25/2004: Printable Silicon For Ultrahigh Performance Flexible Electronic Systems - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Upgraded Intel chips enhance graphics and sound - Seattle Times
6/25/2004: Petaflop Imperative
6/25/2004: Cool Designs: Low-Frequency Chips and Other Tricks
6/25/2004: IBM Decides to Market A Blue Streak of a Computer
6/25/2004: IBM rising, Apple out of latest supercomputer ranking

6/25/2004: Fresh Mesh: A New Route To Smaller 3-D Files - Science Daily
6/25/2004: The Guardian Profile: Steve Jobs  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Analysts weigh in on Apple's newest Power Mac G5
6/25/2004: Review- Sony SDM-S74 17-inch LCD Monitor - ABC

6/25/2004: Internet TV Brings Opportunity - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: A Picture Worth 1,000 E-Mails  - Technology Review 
6/25/2004: New Technical Glitches Dog Yahoo  - Wired News
6/25/2004: U.S. and Europe Clash Over Online Hate  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Authors Gain Reprieve  - Wired News

6/25/2004: Microsoft Just One of Many  - Wired News



6/25/2004: Protein Stops Blood-Vessel Growth, Holds Promise - Science Daily

6/25/2004: Superbugs resist "last resort" antibiotics - New Scientist
6/25/2004: Damaged Mouse Immune System Can't Stop Escape Of Mutating Virus - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Infants Of Mothers Infected With HIV Face Nearly Constant Risk For HIV Infection For Duration Of Breastfeeding - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Salmonella Infects Cells And Saves Itself By Altering Host Membrane Lipids - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Researcher Issues Caution On Live Virus Vaccines - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Molecule That 'Blocks' Key Bacterial Enzyme May Lead To New Antibiotics - Science Daily

6/25/2004: Regular Use Of Asthma Drugs Poses Respiratory, Cardiac Dangers - Science Daily

6/25/2004: Bitterness illuminates plant lore  - Nature
6/25/2004: Dragging Doctors to the Info Age  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
6/25/2004: Saving the Titanic - MSNBC
6/25/2004: Brazil scientists discover prehistoric ratfish  - Yahoo
6/25/2004: Did Comets Flood Earth's Oceans? - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Mammoths Stranded On Bering Sea Island Delayed Extinction - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Pension funds ease shortfalls, but $278.6 billion deficit remains - Seattle Times
6/25/2004: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News

6/25/2004: Sci-Fi Museum goes back to the future - MSNBC
6/25/2004: Developers panic as Spain scraps river project - New Scientist
6/25/2004: 'Realistic' missile tests ordered - Washington Post
6/25/2004: Research Aimed At Protecting Pilots, Soldiers From Blinding Lasers - Science Daily
6/25/2004: California sues Enron over energy pricing
6/25/2004: Tapes of Enron traders to get federal review - Seattle Times
6/25/2004: Asia Leading Recovery In Satellite Launches - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: The Need For Advanced Solutions In Aviation Security - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: Galileo: Challenge to U.S. Might?  - Wired News
6/25/2004: House Subcommittee Approves Spyware Bill  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Bush Plans to Screen Whole U.S. Population for Mental Illness  - Wired News
6/25/2004: Science Safari: Backyard Nature ... - Science News
6/25/2004: A Nearly Flawless Filter - ABC
6/25/2004: Anthropologist Scours Jungles for MIAs - ABC

6/25/2004: Emory Researchers Study The Effects Of Zen Meditation On The Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/25/2004: Teleportation breakthrough made   - BBC 
6/25/2004: Strange comet unlike anything known
6/25/2004: Comet spills its secrets  - Nature
6/25/2004: Tunes create context like language  - Nature
6/25/2004: To Surprise of Researchers, Comet Has a Personality  - NY Times
6/25/2004: New particle baffles physicists - PhysicsWeb
6/25/2004: Surprise: Fermilab's SELEX Experiment Finds Puzzling New Particle - Science Daily
6/25/2004: NIST Demos Teleportation Of Atomic States For Quantum Computing
 - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers: The Dark Side of the Universe ...
 - FirstScience
6/25/2004: Teleporting Matter's Traits: Beaming information quantum-style ...
 - Science News
6/25/2004: Solar funk ...
 - Astronomy


6/25/2004: Cosmic Log: Five robots join Hall of Fame - MSNBC

6/25/2004: New spaceport set for milestone mission - MSNBC
6/25/2004: Apollo moon rocket getting a face lift
6/25/2004: Private rocket aims for the stars  - Nature
6/25/2004: Civilian craft ready to make space history - New Scientist
6/25/2004: NASA Spacecraft Reveals Surprising Anatomy Of A Comet - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Io Vaporizing Rocks Into Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: US space shuttle flights to resume next March - NASA - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: Space And Major Disasters - Charter Members Strengthen Ties With UN - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: New-Generation Broadcasting Satellite System To Be Built - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: Builders in a Strange Land  - Wired News
6/25/2004: NASA: Shuttle astronauts to get putty for small holes ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: NASA Ponders Shuttle Flight Without Two Key Changes ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: NASA Lags in Shuttle Patch Development ... - FirstScience
6/25/2004: No Cakewalk
 - ABC
6/25/2004: Cassini Lifts Veil on Saturn's Moon
 - ABC
6/25/2004: Russians block space passenger's trip
6/25/2004: Risky spacewalk gets last-minute go ahead
6/25/2004: Spaceprobe reveals mystery moon's secrets
 - New Scientist
6/25/2004: NASA Taking Chances on Space Station
  - NY Times
6/25/2004: Cassini VIMS Team Finds That Phoebe May Be Kin To Comets
  - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Saturn Moon Reveals Its Secrets
  - Wired News

6/25/2004: HD DVD spec advances, products expected in 2005  - El. Engr. Times
6/25/2004: New test marks out a true champagne - New Scientist
6/25/2004: Fast cars could be tuned by evolution - New Scientist
6/25/2004: Survival Of The Fastest- Scientists 'Selectively Breed' Winning Formula One Cars - Science Daily
6/25/2004: Quantum Dots See In The Dark - SpaceDaily
6/25/2004: Fractals Show Machine Intentions  - Technology Review 
6/25/2004: Breeding Race Cars to Win  - Wired News


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