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  June 24, 2005

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Rising Sea Levels Erode Half Of Bangladesh's Biggest Island: Study - SpaceDaily  Left:  From a size of 6,400 square kilometres (3,968 square miles) in 1965, Bhola island near the mouth of the Bay of Bengal is now only half its original size. (Note: dotted line is a political boundary, not a reference to previous size of island)  Dhaka, Bangladesh (AFP) Jun 15, 2005
River currents strengthened by rising sea levels have devoured half of Bangladesh's biggest island in 40 years, leaving half a million people homeless, researchers said Wednesday. If the erosion continues at the same rate, it will completely disappear over the next four decades, said Mohammad Shamsuddoha, who carried out the research for the Dhaka-based non-governmental organisation The Coast Trust. Last year scientists in neighbouring India warned that the country's coastal areas could see a rise in sea levels of about half to one metreto 3.3 feet) by 2020.
White House Environment Adviser's Move To ExxonMobil Criticized - SpaceDaily  Opposition Democrats criticized the administration of US President George W. Bush on Wednesday after it emerged a former top White House advisor on environmental issues, Philip Cooney, has taken a job with oil giant ExxonMobil. "This is just one more example of how the Bush White House is bought and sold by the very industries it is supposed to regulate," Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said in a statement. Cooney has no scientific background and prior to taking up the environmental post at the White House he served as a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute, an association of oil and energy firms.    

Bush Pushes Energy Legislation - SpaceDaily  Bush outlined four steps he believes must be taken to lessen American dependence on foreign oil. First is to improve conservation and efficiency, he said, by developing hybrid vehicles, and encouraging production and use of clean-diesel vehicles. Second, produce and refine more oil domestically. Third, fe and using alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. Fourth, deal with rising oil consumption in Asia. "At the G8 meeting next month, I'll ask other world leaders to join America in helping developing countries find practical ways to use cleaner, more efficient energy technologies." Bush's fiscal 2006 budget includes provisions for $2.5 billion in tax incentives over 10 years to consumers for buying hybrid vehicles.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/24/2005: Non-invasive MRI Technique Distinguishes Between Alzheimer's And Frontotemporal Dementia - Science Daily

6/24/2005: Stem Cells to Go - Business Week
6/24/2005: Insects Develop Resistance To Engineered Crops
 - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Plastic Extraction Disks Make It Easier To Test Levels Of Atrazine In Field Crops - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Breakthrough Isolating Embryo-quality Stem Cells From Blood - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Mechanism For The Captation Of Nutrients In Plants -- Unknown To Date - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Still No. 1 in biotech, U.S. looking over its shoulder - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: Biology by the Numbers ... - FirstScience
6/24/2005: Testing Fetal DNA ... - FirstScience
6/24/2005: Seismic sensors count elephants  - BBC
6/24/2005: Bidders go ape for abstract art by Congo the chimp  - BBC
6/24/2005: 'Infertility time bomb' warning  - BBC
6/24/2005: Stem cell finding offers IVF hope  - BBC
6/24/2005: Fertility tourism 'is inevitable'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/24/2005: Rising Sea Levels Erode Half Of Bangladesh's Biggest Island: Study - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Anti-whalers carry first sessions  - BBC
6/24/2005: Climate 'key to African future'  - BBC
6/24/2005: Beasts of the deep: Guide to endangered whale species  - BBC
6/24/2005: Any old rubbish: Radical new option for old stuff you don't want: give it away  - BBC
6/24/2005: Republican Senator Backs Pollution Plan  - NY Times
6/24/2005: Plunge Into Warmer Waters This Summer With ESA's Mediterranean Heat Map - Science Daily
6/24/2005: How Much Excess Fresh Water Was Added To The North Atlantic In Recent Decades? - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Israeli start-ups work on environmental technology ...  - Wired News
6/24/2005: US defends its stance on climate change ...  - Wired News
6/24/2005: Green group warns of dangers of e-waste ...  - Wired News
6/24/2005: Fury over leaked G8 document ...  - Wired News
6/24/2005: UK's climate aims reiterated ...  - Wired News
6/24/2005: USGS Creates Framework For National Volcano Early Warning System ... - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Green long haul Can the aviation industry tackle global warming?  - BBC

6/24/2005: Teenage angst: Inside the mind of world's top PC game player  - BBC
6/24/2005: Xbox's music thread likely tied to Bach - Seattle Times

6/24/2005: Stem Cells to Go
 - Business Week
6/24/2005: Here Comes WiMAX World
 - Business Week
6/24/2005: Ireland's booming cell-phone market powers Western Wireless subsidiary
 - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: New software tied to mobile devices
 - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: One Decision:
  - Technology Review 
6/24/2005: Handset hassles for TV on phones
  - BBC

6/24/2005: Quantum Calculation  - Technology Review 


6/24/2005: Court to rule on file swaps  - C/Net
6/24/2005: Days of tax-free Net shopping may be over  - NY Times
6/24/2005: Broadband wars at Lake Tahoe  - C/Net
6/24/2005: Google said to plan rival to PayPal  - C/Net
6/24/2005: E-mail heaven, hell only a few keystrokes apart - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: Net refuseniks Does it matter that half the population is not online?  - BBC

6/24/2005: China offers rewards for piracy tips - Business Week
6/24/2005: Can Microsoft reel in Adobe?  - C/Net
6/24/2005: Change proposed in EU Microsoft case  - C/Net
6/24/2005: RePorter offers upfront cure for pain in backside - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: Trend is to plug in, tune out at work - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: The Willing Partner  - Technology Review 
6/24/2005: Microsoft works on own BitTorrent  - BBC

6/24/2005: New Study: Why Solar Cells Lose Potency - Science Daily
6/24/2005: BNFL considers $1bn US sell-off  - BBC

6/24/2005: Tight Glucose Control Lowers Cardiovascular Disease By About 50 Percent In Diabetes - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Exercise May Not Be Good Enough To Reduce Mild Hypertension In Older People, Hopkins Experts Say - Science Daily

6/24/2005: Cancer As Major Cause Of Childhood Death In Developing Countries Not Being Adequately Addressed - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Scientists Announce World's Most Sensitive Cancer Test - Science Daily

6/24/2005: High Rates Of Sexually Transmitted Infections Found In Young Drug Users - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Women, space travel and infection: Bed-rest study investigates female immune response - Science Daily
6/24/2005: The Vaccine That Almost Wasn't  - Technology Review 

6/24/2005: Diabetes mission: 12-year-old to lobby US Senate on disease research  - BBC
6/24/2005: Drug danger: Father tells Panorama cannabis harmed his son's mental health  - BBC
6/24/2005: Study Sheds Light On Why Diabetes Drug Causes Edema - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Cannabis drug on sale in Canada  - BBC

6/24/2005: 'Digital plaster' monitors health  - BBC
6/24/2005: Steroid may prevent miscarriages  - BBC
6/24/2005: Hygiene hit squads for hospitals  - BBC
6/24/2005: Court fitness: How tennis can help you get fit and healthy this summer  - BBC
6/24/2005: Design Of Neonatal Intensive Care Units Critical To Infant Health - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Going To Extremes To Improve Human Health - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Data Show Cyclosporine Inhalation Solution Improves Long-term Survival In Lung-transplant Patients - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Multiple Views From CT Scans May Improve Diagnosis - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Brain scans can reveal whether an orgasm is faked
  - BBC
6/24/2005: Steroid may prevent miscarriages
  - BBC
6/24/2005: Huntington's diseaseWhy some sufferers actually need to put on weight
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

6/24/2005: Bush Pushes Energy Legislation - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: White House Environment Adviser's Move To ExxonMobil Criticized - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Programming jobs losing luster in U.S. - Business Week
6/24/2005: MIT holds flea market, 'Things Nerdly' - Business Week
6/24/2005: In New York, getting on the Segway bandwagon  - C/Net
6/24/2005: Preventing “Fratricide”  - Technology Review 
6/24/2005: Lights... camera... science ... - FirstScience
6/24/2005: Full-time science advisor wanted down under ... - FirstScience
6/24/2005: Russia Scraps Nuclear Missile Trains - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Israel Bids To Defuse Chinese Arms Sales Row With US - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: India Tests Surface-To-Air Missile - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Dismal summit steels Blair for fundamental EU debate - SpaceDaily

6/24/2005: A Good Game Of Golf -- Mind Over Matter - Science Daily
6/24/2005: VCU Study Shows Big-brained People Are Smarter
6/24/2005: Unconventional Brain Circuits Offer Clues To Insomnia-obesity Connection - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Suicide In One Partner Substantially Increases Suicide Risk In The Other - Science Daily
6/24/2005: New Findings Support A Central Role For NMDA Receptors In Learning And Memory - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/24/2005: Liverpool Scientists Help To Solve The Mysteries Of Quarks - Science Daily
6/24/2005: 'Strange' Physics Experiment Is Unraveling Structure Of Proton
 - Science Daily
6/24/2005: How "Earth-like" Is The Newest Planet?
 - SpaceDaily


6/24/2005: Software Advance Helps Computers Act Logically - Science Daily

6/24/2005: Smooth Deployment For Second MARSIS Antenna Boom - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Ancient Floods On Mars: Where Iani Chaos Opens Into Ares Vallis ...
 - Science Daily
6/24/2005: More on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/24/2005: Making A Meteor Will Have A Big Impact On NEO Science
 - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Space Generation Congress: Media Team
 - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: New Eye To Watch Over Space Travelers
 - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Volunteers Prepare For Second 'Bedrest'
 - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: Solar sail gets ready for launch
  - BBC

6/24/2005: Vibration engineers feel the rock  - BBC
6/24/2005: Tech's Idle Billions: The sector's companies are minting money. Now they need to start spending some to create new technologies, products, and markets - Business Week
6/24/2005: Finding The True Measure Of Nanoscale 'Roughness' - Science Daily
6/24/2005: Use of radio-frequency technology growing, but shake-up may loom for firms that sell it - Seattle Times
6/24/2005: Why Solar Cells Lose Potency - SpaceDaily
6/24/2005: New NIST Method Improves Accuracy Of Spectrometers - SpaceDaily


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