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  June 23, 2005

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Space Tests Air-Launch Passenger-Carrying Rocket Concept -  Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space) of Reston , Virginia and Scaled Composites of Mojave wrapped up three weeks of flight tests yesterday, drop-testing prototype boosters at altitude. The tests are part of t/Space work on a proposed CXV people-carrying capsule and its QuickReach II booster concept.  According to t/Space, in addition to greatly enhancing safety, eliminating the wings increases the payload a rocket can take to orbit.     

Blogs: Sunny-side up for this airplane  - C/Net  The airplane will have a very lanky wingspan of 80 meters, or nearly that of the much bulkier new Airbus A380 superjumbo jet, and will weigh in at an "ultralight" 2 tons, backers say. It'll carry just a single occupant. Much of the weight will come from batteries that will store the solar energy accumulated during daylight hours via 250 square meters of solar panels atop the wings, according to a report from the air show. In the current design, two engines will provide 40 horsepower of thrust, but the aircraft will also glide at night, dropping from 10,000 meters to 3,000 meters.

Rice Prods Israelis To Curb Technology Transfers To China - SpaceDaily  Left:  Israel has been shopping UAVs such as the Harpy pictured here to their most-favored customer in Asia.  US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday prodded Israel to curb its military sales to China while acknowledging the allies have had "very difficult" talks on the matter. "We have had some very difficult discussions with the Israelis about this," Rice said. "And I think they understand now the seriousness of the matter and we'll continue to have those discussions. I would hope that our Israeli friends would understand that the United States, of course, has ... primary responsibility for defending in the Pacific." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/23/2005: New Memory Aid Helps Dementia Sufferers Remember As Time Goes By - Science Daily

6/23/2005: Promiscuous Catalytic Activity Possessed By Novel Enzyme Structure - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Geneticists Identify 'Master Switch' That Causes Female Flies To Behave Like Males
 - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Orang-utans killed for illegal trade - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
6/23/2005: G-8 Draft on Global Warming Is Weakened at U.S. Behest  - NY Times
6/23/2005: Series of Quakes in California Foreshadow a Big One. Or Not.  - NY Times
6/23/2005: 5.3 Magnitude Quake Strikes East Of LA - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Hurricanes To Intensify As Earth Warms - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Improved Water Vapor Sensor Takes To The Skies - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Vietnam War Technology Could Aid Elephant Conservation - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Green Riches in the Muck and Junk- Wired News
6/23/2005: AEP Announces Pollution Measures at Plants ... - L. A. Times
6/23/2005: U.S. resists strong language on global warming planned for coming G-8 summit ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: Studies Confirm Ozone's Health Risks ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: US pursuing dangerous environmental policy - report ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: Japanese asked to help cut pollution ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: WWF funds ecological protection in Heilongjiang River valley ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: U.S. plots fight against strong language on global warming at G-8 summit ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: Californians Rattled by Week of Earthquakes ... - FirstScience

6/23/2005: Enhanced cameras offer user flexibility - Seattle Times

6/23/2005: Check with provider to use cellphone as a laptop modem
 - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Cell Phones Face the Music
- Wired News

6/23/2005: A New Model Of Quantum Dots: Rethinking The Electronics - Science Daily

6/23/2005: Dell 'Happy' to Ship Mac OS X- Wired News

6/23/2005: Google reportedly plans to start payment service to rival PayPal - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Young visitors hungry for Internet cafes - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Shopping the world's used-car lot online - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: One Decision  - Technology Review 
6/23/2005: Blue Law Makes Webmasters See Red- Wired News
6/23/2005: Chinese MSN Admits Censoring 'List of Words'- Wired News
6/23/2005: Comics Move Online
 - Washington Post
6/23/2005: Enter Avalanche: P2P Filesharing From Microsoft
  - Wired News
6/23/2005: BBC to launch free online video system
 - New Scientist

6/23/2005: Spyware Floods in Through BitTorrent- Wired News

6/23/2005: It's Getting Cheaper to Tap the Sun  - NY Times
6/23/2005: Future Giant Laser Threatened by Cuts -
6/23/2005: Finally, It's 'Nuclear Option' Time- Wired News
6/23/2005: Clean Energy Gets a Boost- Wired News
6/23/2005: Russia, U.S. to Remove Nuclear Waste From Uzbek Reactor ... - L. A. Times

6/23/2005: Gastric Bug Link To Irregular Heart Rhythm - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Science Safari: Brain Aneurysms ... - Science News
6/23/2005: Teen acne may protect against heart disease - New Scientist

6/23/2005: New Gene Chip May Be Early Cancer Diagnosis Tool - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Maryland's Poor, African-American Communities Suffer Disproportionate Cancer Risk From Air Pollution - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Nanoparticles deliver cancer breakthrough - New Scientist

6/23/2005: Avoiding Amputation: Early Infection Intervention Can Save Feet & Legs - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Dartmouth Study Reveals Flaws In Screening For TB; Cases In 3rd World HIV Patients May Go Undetected - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Fragment Of Yellow Fever Virus May Hold Key To Safer Vaccine - Science Daily

6/23/2005: Gov't Finds Highest, Lowest Marijuana Use ... - FirstScience

6/23/2005: Graduate Engineers Design A 'Smart' Ankle Brace To Reduce Falls Of The Elderly - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Health Effects From Wet Work Are Of Great Concern - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Walk Slowly For Weight Loss, According To University Of Colorado Study - Science Daily
6/23/2005: New Report Indicates Acupuncture Provides Relief For Sufferers Of Dry Mouth - Science Daily
6/23/2005: TV Confuses Children About Which Foods Are Healthy, New Study Finds - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Saved By A Straw? Sipping Soft Drinks And Other Beverages Reduces Risk Of Decay - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Toxic Substances In The Oxidation Of Fats And Oils - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/23/2005: Fossil Patagonian Plants Show High Insect Feeding diversity 52 Million Years Ago - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Archaeologists extract DNA from skeleton ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News
6/23/2005: Did humans evolve in fits and starts? - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Taking a trip down memory-chip lane - New Scientist

6/23/2005: US Panel Seeks To Shift Spy Money From Satellite To Agents; Report - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: RFID Future, Hazards Discussed - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: US Blasts Iran For Deceiving About It Nuclear Program - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: UN Atomic Agency Signs Limited Inspection Agreement With Saudi Arabia - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Airbus Official Ridicules US Anti-Missile Proposal For Super-Jumbo - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Consumers Suspicious Of Sponsored Links - Science Daily
6/23/2005: 'Biosensor' Screens Air Force Personnel And Equipment - Science Daily
6/23/2005: 40 million credit cards at risk - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Two ex-Tyco execs convicted of looting - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Attorneys say mom-and-pop investors burned by mutual fund actions - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: Rising oil prices to shock? Not likely - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: U.S., EU officials express willingness to resume talks over airplane subsidies - Seattle Times
6/23/2005: DIY TV  - Technology Review 
6/23/2005: Sex Tech Conquers Nasty Past- Wired News
6/23/2005: Lawmaker Revs Up Fair-Use Crusade- Wired News
6/23/2005: Technology Welfare Kings- Wired News

6/23/2005: Placebos Can Bring Emotional Relief - Science Daily
6/23/2005: The Bigger The Serving, The More Young Children Will Eat - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/23/2005: Observing The Solar System In Submillimeter Wavelengths - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Entanglement made simple
 - PhysicsWeb
6/23/2005: Superconducting nanowires pulse to a new beat
 - PhysicsWeb
6/23/2005: Even Einstein was fan of this influential physicist ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2005: 06.17.05 - New Hubble Observations New observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (HST) will be presented ...
6/23/2005: Telescope Project Halted on Indian Claims ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2005: No paradox for time travellers
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Discovering the true nature of reality
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Big bang neutrinos smoothed out the universe
 - New Scientist



6/23/2005: Space Tests Air-Launch Passenger-Carrying Rocket Concept -
Rice Prods Israelis To Curb Technology Transfers To China - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: NASA Chief Says Schedule for Shuttles Is Unrealistic
 - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Russia And USA Plan Joint Development Of Rocket Engines For Flights To Mars
 - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Geology-Smart Space Suit Developed
 - SpaceDaily
6/23/2005: Journey Begins For NASA's New Horizons Probe; APL-Built Pluto Mission Spacecraft Shipped To NASA Goddard For Pre-launch Tests
 - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Alternate Shuttle Aces Early Test
- Wired News
6/23/2005: Hey Gang! Let's Move to the Moon!
- Wired News
6/23/2005: Cosmos 1 Set to Test Solar Sail
- Wired News
6/23/2005: DeLay: NASA Funding Fulfills President's Space Vision; House Passes NASA Funding Bill by Vote of 418-7 ... - FirstScience
6/23/2005: NASA Cassini Image: Bending the Rings ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2005: NASA Cassini Image: What's That Speck? ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2005: Astronauts to enjoy a bespoke Martian menu
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: 'Antimatter harvester' may fuel future spacecraft
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Dropped rockets may take astronauts into orbit
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Cosmic Log: Red Planet radar ready - MSNBC




6/23/2005: Blogs: Sunny-side up for this airplane   - C/Net
6/23/2005: Thin Films Of Silicon Nanoparticles Roll Into Flexible Nanotubes - Science Daily
6/23/2005: White-light Laser Is Basis Of New Optical Tweezers And Microscope - Science Daily
6/23/2005: New NIST Method Improves Accuracy Of Spectrometers - Science Daily
6/23/2005: Grand Theft Auto Meets Robocop- Wired News
6/23/2005: Race-Car Safety Plays by Ear- Wired News
6/23/2005: Will You Fly My Car?
- Wired News
6/23/2005: The 100 Best Products of 2005
  - Wired News
The Gadget That Came to Dinner  - NY Times
6/23/2005: Flying high with virtual airways
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: Tiny brush cleans up the nano world
6/23/2005: Building the A380
 - New Scientist
6/23/2005: The replicator: create your own body double
 - New Scientist


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