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  June 23, 2004

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Two Billion People Vulnerable To Floods By 2050 - SpaceDaily  Left:  A very small ark  The number of people worldwide vulnerable to a devastating flood is expected to mushroom to 2 billion by 2050 due to climate change, deforestation, rising sea levels and population growth in flood-prone lands, warn experts at the United Nations University. One billion people - one sixth of the global population, the majority of them among the world's poorest inhabitants - are estimated to live today in the potential path of a 100-year flood and, unless preventative efforts are stepped up worldwide, that number could double or more in two generations. Floods presently impact an estimated 520+ million people per year worldwide, resulting in estimates of up to 25,000 annual deaths, extensive homelessness, disaster-induced disease, crop and livestock damage and other serious harm. UNU says unsustainable land use and other human actions aggravate the situation.


Cocaine vaccine 'stops addiction'  - BBC  A vaccine which can help cocaine addicts break their addiction has been developed by a UK pharmaceutical company. Trials carried out in the US showed almost half of those given the TA-CD vaccine, developed by Xenova, were able to stay off the drug for six months. The vaccine does not stop the craving for cocaine, but will stop addicts experiencing a high when they take it. "It stops the cocaine from being able to get across from the blood into the brain, which is where you get the high and, of course, where you get the addiction.

Sir Richard Branson in the Gibbs Aquada

Amphibious car crosses Channel in 100 minutes  - BBC  The Gibbs Aquada, which is manufactured in Nuneaton, looks like a sports car and can reach speeds of more than 100mph on land and 30mph on water. It takes about 10 seconds for the car's wheels to retract, the power to switch and the boat to take off, according to Gibbs Technologies, the company behind the car. Sir Richard said: "A couple of waves caused by some ferries went straight over the top of us, but otherwise it went really well. "It drives fantastically well on land and then it turns into the most remarkable boat on water."Those who want to buy their own vehicle can expect to pay about 75,000.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/23/2004:Bear Essentials - ABC
6/23/2004:Octopus Lays Eggs After Successful Mating
 - ABC
6/23/2004:U.K. Doctors Try to Measure Fertility - ABC
6/23/2004:Indian wolves are world's oldest  - BBC
6/23/2004:Women urged not to delay on IVF  - BBC
6/23/2004:Lotharios tamed by brain protein  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
6/23/2004:Two Billion People Vulnerable To Floods By 2050 - SpaceDaily
6/23/2004:U.s. Announces Settlement With Five Rubber Companies At The Industrial Excess Landfill Superfund Site In Ohio ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Farmers hit by water pollution crackdown ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Environmentalists, priests fight over mango tree ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Global warming tipped to produce hot city nights ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:East lags in climate control: environmental group ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Int'l conference on climate change opens in Germany ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:New forest war? Greenpeace fires shot ... - MSNBC
6/23/2004:National Academy of Sciences to Review Everglades Restoration ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Protection Sought for Malaysian Straits - ABC
6/23/2004:Japan Removing Garbage From Antarctica - ABC
6/23/2004:New bug indicates global warming  - BBC
6/23/2004:Shell boss 'fears for the planet'  - BBC
6/23/2004:Australia's koalas face extinction, foundation says  - Yahoo

6/23/2004:Cell phone games take leap into 3D  - C/Net

6/23/2004:Calling in New Twists - ABC
6/23/2004:Red tape cut by 'mobile' councils  - BBC
6/23/2004:Bush wants FCC to delay phone hikes  - C/Net

6/23/2004:New Intel chip to boost PC graphics  - CNN
6/23/2004:Micron unveils new DRAM blueprint  - El. Engr. Times

6/23/2004:Apple, Respect Your Resellers - Business Week
6/23/2004:Makeover Time for PCs - Business Week

6/23/2004:Jail term for 'chatroom rapist'  - BBC
6/23/2004:Conference targets cyber hate  - CNN
6/23/2004:Akamai: Net attack had little impact  - CNN
6/23/2004:Web founder receives $1.2 million  - CNN

6/23/2004:Coke song site reacts to iTunes  - BBC
6/23/2004:Pocket Prokofiev: Classical music concerts enter the digital age  - BBC
6/23/2004:Napster gives away music player  - BBC
6/23/2004:Eroding E-rate  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Asleep at the wheel?  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Munich to stick with open source  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Microsoft thinks small  - CNN
6/23/2004:Napster offers free MP3 player to US subscribers - New Scientist

6/23/2004:Nuclear Waste Panel Warns of Hot Storage at Yucca Mountain ... - FirstScience

6/23/2004:Liposuction cuts fat but not heart , blood pressure risks - New Scientist


6/23/2004:Party's Over - ABC
6/23/2004:Video: Club Drugs And HIV - ABC
6/23/2004:Healthy Woman Quiz: HIV - ABC
6/23/2004:Ecstasy Rising: A Special Report - ABC
6/23/2004:Focus on HIV and AIDS - ABC
6/23/2004:Nurse in Virginia Dies of Tuberculosis - ABC

6/23/2004:Cocaine vaccine 'stops addiction'   - BBC
6/23/2004:Army of Navajo Families Fights Diabetes - ABC
6/23/2004:Drug Appears Effective Against Arthritis - ABC

6/23/2004:Science and Ethics - ABC
6/23/2004:Study: Liposuction Won't Improve Health - ABC
6/23/2004:South Beach Diet Attracting Vegetarians - ABC
6/23/2004:HHS Subpoenas Records at Maryland Hospital - ABC
6/23/2004:Healthy Woman: Cosmetics Caution - ABC
6/23/2004:Food giants hit back in salt row  - BBC
6/23/2004:Test 'may predict menopause'  - BBC
6/23/2004:Losing a baby: What emotional support is available for friends and relatives?  - BBC
6/23/2004:Fit for life: Are exercise classes for babies the next big thing to fight obesity?  - BBC
6/23/2004:Better diet 'would save millions'  - BBC
6/23/2004:Gender correction for Saudi girls  - BBC
6/23/2004:Report: Buying drugs online can be risky  - CNN
6/23/2004:When will you hit menopause?  - Nature
6/23/2004:Mixed advice on alcohol
  - Nature
6/23/2004:Test to predict menopause revealed
 - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
6/23/2004:Jacob's Ladder: The history of the human genome ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Did Comets Create the Earth's Oceans? ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Rocket Restoration Under Way in Texas - ABC
6/23/2004:DNA traces where donkeys were tamed - MSNBC
6/23/2004:Donkey domestication began in Africa - New Scientist

6/23/2004:Summer Olympics Shielded From Nuclear Terrorists ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Students given 30,000 Jaguar car to take apart  - BBC
6/23/2004:Photo journal: A day in the life of a surgeon working in Baghdad  - BBC
6/23/2004:Goldman's 1% Solution for AOL - Business Week
6/23/2004:eBay's Search for Sellers - Business Week
6/23/2004:Analysts call on Microsoft to dole out some cash  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Panel urges U.S. strategy to counter China's technology prowess  - El. Engr. Times
6/23/2004:Conspiracy threat to anti-nuke treaty - New Scientist
6/23/2004:Third of Europe's child deaths environment-related - New Scientist
6/23/2004:Cooling Your House, Draining Your Wallet  - NY Times


Physics and Astronomy:
6/23/2004:Quantum Dots See In The Dark ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:NIST Demonstrates 'Teleportation' of Atomic States for Quantum Computing ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Quantum teleportation with atoms ...  - Nature
6/23/2004:MOST Measures the Pulse of a Star ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Scientists Teleport Not Kirk, but an Atom  - NY Times
6/23/2004:Astrophysics project wins outreach award
 - PhysicsWeb



6/23/2004:Funding Venus ... - New Scientist
6/23/2004:Moon-Mars panel: NASA needs big changes ...
 - FirstScience
6/23/2004:Space Exploration Policy A Journey to Inspire, Innovate, and Discover ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:New Space Exploration Report Released ... - FirstScience
6/23/2004:High ambitionsThe man behind the rocket plane aiming for private spaceflight  - BBC
6/23/2004:Panel Says Bush's Space Goals Are Feasible  - NY Times
6/23/2004:Pioneer Says Space Tourism a Long Way Off - ABC
6/23/2004:More delay for Mars water search
  - BBC
6/23/2004:X-Prize runs 'may have to wait'
  - BBC
6/23/2004:SpaceShipOne scrapes into history
  - Nature
6/23/2004:'Anomalies' in first private spaceflight revealed
 - New Scientist
6/23/2004:SpaceShipOne Makes History: First Private Manned Mission To Space
 - Science Daily
6/23/2004:New Entrants Versus Incumbents: Triumph of Truth and Technology
 - SpaceDaily

6/23/2004:Amphibious car crosses Channel in 100 minutes   - BBC
6/23/2004:Wireless Technology Could Soon Help Farms - ABC
6/23/2004:Computers chase the checkered flag  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Nikon ups digicam production, sees film fading  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Scientists craft nano night goggles  - C/Net
6/23/2004:Tech execs deliver wish list to Congress  - CNN


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