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  June 22, 2005

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Japan, France to Jointly Develop New Supersonic Jet -  TOKYO (AP) -- Japan and France are jointly developing a new supersonic passenger plane to succeed the retired Concorde, but with up to three times as many seats and the potential to fly the Tokyo -to- New York route in six hours, officials  said Wednesday.  Officials hope to have the new jet in operation by 2015, flying up to 2.4 times the speed of sound, the Mainichi said.   Japan has successfully tested an engine that can theoretically reach speeds of up to mach 5.5,    
Analysis: Putin Between Left And Right - SpaceDaily  As the country celebrated "Day of Russia" Sunday, Vladimir Putin's political foes used the occasion to speak out against the direction of Kremlin policies. Liberal politicians and groups claim Russia is not free. Nationalists, on the other hand, say Putin is soft on economic reform. Putin, however, is exactly where he wants to be - between the left and the right. The political party Rodina (Motherland bloc) attracted just as many, if not more, people who accused Putin's Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and the Kremlin's economic liberals of corruption, being soft on the country's enormously unpopular "oligarchs," and of economic incompetence.    

NASA Investigates Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts - SpaceDaily  Left:  A Penn State artist's concept of an antimatter-powered Mars ship with equipment and crew landers at the right, and the engine, with magnetic nozzles, at left.  If the concepts prove feasible, space explorers may one day deploy superconducting cables that magnetically inflate to form the structure of a space telescope one kilometer across; launch a satellite with a magnetic scoop to mine the radiation belts surrounding Earth for antimatter fuel; or enjoy a feast from a food replicator that creates a variety of meals from a few common ingredients. A structural electrodynamic propulsion study has been funded with Tethers Unlimited, the space elevator company.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/22/2005: Mayan Stingless Bee Keeping: Going, Going, Gone? - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Reservoirs May Accelerate The Spread Of Invasive Aquatic Species, Researchers Say
 - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Genes Exert Powerful Effect On Sexual Behavior - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Rare Catfish Released Into Cambodia River ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: A Biotech Research Focus: Funding - Business Week
6/22/2005: Rare chatty songbird spotted in California - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
6/22/2005: Atmospheric Omens: Scientists Gain Insight Into Spring Onset, Better Forecasting Expected - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Scripps Studies Provide New Details About Antarctic Iceberg Detachment - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Rapid-scanning Doppler On Wheels Keeps Pace With Twisters - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Environmental Defense Joins Industry In Support Of Bipartisan Legislation To Cut Diesel Pollution ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Carbon storage plan revealed ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: G8 Draft Climate Text Watered Down ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: New Laws Make Antarctic Polluters Liable ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Study shows smog causes Ont. $9.6 billion in health and environmental damages ...
6/22/2005: New rules to clean air in national parks ... - MSNBC
6/22/2005: G8 climate plans 'watered down'  - BBC
6/22/2005: World's dry regions set to expand  - BBC
6/22/2005: Warmer waters may be forcing Britain's sharks northwards  - BBC
6/22/2005: Experts: Next tsunami a matter of time  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Quakes rattle Calif. four times in a week - MSNBC
6/22/2005: Cosmic Log: The realities of quake risks - MSNBC
6/22/2005: Ocean freshens up  - Nature
6/22/2005: Deserts set to expand  - Nature

6/22/2005: Binary watch: the ultimate in geek-wear  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Bargain bin games  - CNN
6/22/2005: Atari's future in question  - CNN

6/22/2005: FCC, Brand X near Supreme decision
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Legal lessons for podcasts
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: XM, Sirius head for the Great White North
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Videoconferencing, all grown up
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Fashion phones
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Blackberry to have VoIP framework from Avaya
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Report: Cingular opposes calls on planes
  - CNN


6/22/2005: Dell's Apple angle  - C/Net

6/22/2005: Storm in a sauce bottle does the rounds by e-mail  - BBC
6/22/2005: UK firms get fresh hacker warning  - BBC
6/22/2005: Privacy issues with Google library search  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Justices to rule on fate of file-swapping  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Microsoft working on file-sharing application  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Netscape sends out another patch  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Opera fixes browser flaws
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Mirror, mirror on the Net
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Yahoo goes deep
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Library materials given to search engines
6/22/2005: What does the new Internet mean for business?
  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Britney Spears No. 1 name used by hackers
  - CNN

6/22/2005: Insecure Security: Software meant to protect PCs is now the target of hacker attacks, revealing a rising number of flaws - Business Week
6/22/2005: Table: Security Flaws
6/22/2005: Open source lights up  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Dancing on and defending Microsoft's dirty laundry  - C/Net
6/22/2005: E-mail embarrasses failing students  - C/Net

6/22/2005: Sustainable Energy Source Could Solve Bermuda Triangle Riddle - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Senate Approves Ethanol Mandate for Gasoline as Part of Energy Bill ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Peru runs breakthrough gas locomotive  - CNN

6/22/2005: Mutation In Mouse Circulatory Gene Mimics A Form Of Congenital Heart Disease - Science Daily
6/22/2005: 'Grow your own' heart bypass  - BBC

6/22/2005: Drug 'hope' for range of cancers  - BBC

6/22/2005: Elephantiasis How an antibiotic could halt this disfiguring disease  - BBC
6/22/2005: Indonesian farmer catches bird flu  - Nature

6/22/2005: Canadian Study Demonstrates New Approach To Achieving Diabetes Control - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Call for illegal drug-use honesty  - BBC
6/22/2005: Illegal drugs? Just click away  - CNN

6/22/2005: Severe Sleep Apnea May Be A Risk Factor For Liver Damage - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Arthritis Of The Spine Often Overlooked In Children - Science Daily
6/22/2005: Report tracks pesticide tests on humans ... - MSNBC
6/22/2005: 54-year-old hips: Victor Small, 82, is proof hip implants can be long-lasting  - BBC
6/22/2005: Healthy pregnanciesFind out how to travel safely when you're expecting  - BBC
6/22/2005: Health bias Professor says gender card must be played to keep men healthy  - BBC
6/22/2005: 'Digital plaster' monitors health  - BBC
6/22/2005: Nepalese porters bear up best  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
6/22/2005: Glassmakers key to Egypt's status  - BBC
6/22/2005: Back to Beagle Charles Darwin's great, great grandson voyages back in time  - BBC
6/22/2005: DNA clues gathered in colonial mystery - MSNBC

6/22/2005: Analysis: Putin Between Left And Right - SpaceDaily 
6/22/2005: Japan, France to Jointly Develop New Supersonic Jet -
6/22/2005: EADS Faces Mounting Opposition To Entry Of US Military Market - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: US Bill Seeks Anti-Missile Technology On New Airbus A380 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: EU Keeps On Hold Plans To Lift China Arms Ban - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: Iranian Official Hints No Inspections At Suspect Nuclear Site Anytime Soon - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: Analysis: Korean Peace, Long Way To Go - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: Marine Jet Crashes Into Backyard ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Science dull and hard, pupils say  - BBC
6/22/2005: World paedophile register closer  - BBC
6/22/2005: US extends visa scheme deadline  - BBC
6/22/2005: Massive credit card breach  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Bosses on the prowl for risque pics  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Will computing flow like electricity-  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Vote looms for European patent bill  - C/Net
6/22/2005: As TVs grow, so do electric bills  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Burgers, lattes and CD burners  - CNN
6/22/2005: Inventor launches longer-lasting security cam  - CNN

6/22/2005: Brains May 'Jump' for Diversity ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Dummy drugs 'can relieve anxiety'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/22/2005: Background neutrinos join the limelight - PhysicsWeb
6/22/2005: Staring into a Cosmic Jet ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Neutrino ripples spotted in space
  - Nature

6/22/2005: Good Friends, Rather Than Close Family Ties, Help You Live Longer In Older Age - Science Daily
Why we are all getting younger as time goes by ... - FirstScience

6/22/2005: Tiny Linux computer has high hopes for robotics apps  - El. Engr. Times

6/22/2005: NASA Investigates Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: Energia Charts Corporate Strategy
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: EU, Ukraine Initial Galileo Agreement
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2005: Pioneering Technology to Explore Other Planets ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Lab Eyes Plutonium-Powered Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: NASA Demonstrates Innovative Nanosatellite System ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Female astronauts hit glass ceiling ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Russia shows off Kliper spacecraft ...
6/22/2005: Cdn. company to help keep space shuttle safe ... - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Private space group launches solar sail orbiter ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Blast-off for world's first solar sail spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
6/22/2005: Russian Sub Launches Solar Sail Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience

6/22/2005: Looking down... giants. The A380 superjumbo viewed from space  - BBC
6/22/2005: Beaming In on Nano Gold - Business Week
6/22/2005: VC: Nanotech Funding - Business Week
6/22/2005: New boost for movie tool  - C/Net
6/22/2005: Week in pictures: Future of flight  - C/Net


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