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  June 22, 2004

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Youngest Possible Black Hole Spotted Near Birth -  Startled astronomers peered through an apparent crack in the expanding bubble from an exploded star to glimpse what may be the youngest black hole ever detected. It is the closest researchers have come to witnessing the birth of a black hole, from the explosion two decades ago to the recent emergence of a dense object amid the chaotic scene. The object may be a neutron star instead of a black hole, however.
Invisibility cloak Wall to wall view: Inventor of invisibility cloak plans to develop see-through walls  - BBC  Susumu Tachi, who showed off the cloak at an exhibition in San Francisco earlier this month, said he was hopeful of providing a way to provide a view of the outside in windowless rooms. Professor Tachi's cloak works by projecting an image onto itself of what is behind the wearer. A computer generates the image that is projected, so the viewer effectively sees "through" the cloak. The key development of the cloak, however, was the development of a new material called retro-reflectum.

Star Trek's Spock

Standby Enterprise: Prize-winning physicist talks up the potential of quantum tech  - BBC  One of the scientists who helped pioneer Star Trek-style teleporting in a ground-breaking experiment says he hopes we will see a ultra-fast quantum computer in action by 2035. "The Moore's Law for computer technology states that in every 18 months, there will be a doubling of computer memory, speed and other performances," Dr Ping Koy Lam explained to BBC News Online. "In a few years' time, this law will have to confront quantum theory when transistors are shrunk to the size of a few atoms. Teleportation so far is only restricted to the teleportation of information."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/22/2004: New Broccoli Breed Set to Thrive in Heat - ABC
6/22/2004: Scientists Find Gene Cure for Cheating Lover Voles
 - ABC
6/22/2004: Scientist Defends Therapeutic Cloning - ABC
6/22/2004: UK Hears 1st European Human Cloning Application - ABC
6/22/2004: Don Juan rodents turn faithful after injection - MSNBC
6/22/2004: Squirrels use infrared against snakes  - Nature
6/22/2004: Lotharios tamed by brain protein  - Nature
6/22/2004: A Gene That Keeps Species Apart - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Olfactory System Matures In Different Stages - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Espionage May Have Driven The Evolution Of Bee Language - Science Daily
6/22/2004: License Fee Increase Threatens UK Embryo Research  - Wired Newsy

Climate, Environment:
6/22/2004: Native Protest Disrupts Canada Whale Capture - ABC
6/22/2004: Hotter City Summer Nights May Be More Frequent - ABC
6/22/2004: Whales Seen Facing Biggest Threat in 15 Years - ABC
6/22/2004: Scientists Propose Ecology For A Crowded Planet - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Cities set for stickier summers because of climate change - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Kyoto climate deal feels heat in Canadian election - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Jobs dry up in Australia as water shortages begin to bite - SpaceDaily


6/22/2004: The challenges of selling Wi-Fi  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Justice Dept: Wiretaps should apply to Net calls  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Long, hot summer for VoIP  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Metro Ethernet cruises toward mainstream  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Ireland Leery of 3G Phones  - Wired News

6/22/2004: Standby Enterprise: Prize-winning physicist talks up the potential of quantum tech  - BBC
6/22/2004: Bright outlook seen for image sensors  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Intel to push copper interconnects, downplays optical IC links  - El. Engr. Times
6/22/2004: Analysis- AMD, Intel In dual-core chip race - Silicon Strategies

6/22/2004: Tablets take their time - Business Week
6/22/2004: Maxtor, Linksys to unveil wireless hard drive  - C/Net

6/22/2004: Internet's role in racism debated  - BBC
6/22/2004: 3,000 blogs lose their voice - Business Week
6/22/2004: Web site maps U.S. language tapestry  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Attack downs Web giants  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Free was the key, says Web founder  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Online personals business gets nasty  - C/Net
6/22/2004: 'Zombie' PCs caused Web outage, Akamai says  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Britain cracks down on paid search  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Company claims patent for download apps  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Major website blackout blamed on massive attack - New Scientist
6/22/2004: Father of Web finally profits - Seattle Times

6/22/2004: Free software: Not for you, baby  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Independent bands out of tune with 'world's biggest jukebox'

6/22/2004: Ill wind: Can wind farms cause droughts - and other big questions  - BBC
6/22/2004: Solar-Cell Rollout  - Technology Review 

6/22/2004: Genes explain statins' success  - Nature
6/22/2004: UNC Scientists Uncover Crucial Mechanism For Blood Vessel Development - Science Daily

6/22/2004: New Treatment Stops Nasty Side Effects Of Thyroid Cancer Surgery, International Study Shows - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Manipulating Master Molecule Shown To Disrupt Vascular Environment For Tumors In Animal Models - Science Daily

6/22/2004: Two Drugs Off WHO's List of HIV Medicines - ABC
6/22/2004: N.Y. Patients May Have Been Exposed to HIV - ABC
6/22/2004: Study Helps Explain Island Populations' Susceptibility To Exotic Diseases - Science Daily

6/22/2004: MS Treatment: Is It Ever Too Soon? - ABC
6/22/2004: Video: Making a Plan for MS - ABC
6/22/2004: Study: MS Patients Can Be Helped by Yoga - ABC
6/22/2004: Mixed advice on alcohol  - Nature

6/22/2004: Fast Food Facts of Life - ABC
6/22/2004: South Beach Diet Attracting Vegetarians - ABC
6/22/2004: Feds Find No Decline in Obesity Rates - ABC
6/22/2004: Proper Boost? - ABC
6/22/2004: Video - ABC
6/22/2004: 82M in U.S. Uninsured for Part of '02-'03 - ABC
6/22/2004: Fit for life: Are exercise classes for babies the next big thing to fight obesity?  - BBC
6/22/2004: Power implant aims to run on body heat - New Scientist
6/22/2004: So Soy: Studying The Impact Of Soy On Postmenopausal Women - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Delivering on RNA's Medical Promise  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
6/22/2004: Ancient Maps And Corn Help Track The Migrations Of Indigenous People - Science Daily

6/22/2004: Quiet Killer - ABC
6/22/2004: Work Smarter, Not Offshore - Business Week
6/22/2004: Q&A with Philips' Gottfried Dutiné - Business Week
6/22/2004: Slugfest in the Electronics Aisles - Business Week
6/22/2004: Microsoft looked offshore for high-end labor  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Muddying the fight  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Redefining retirement in the 21st century  - C/Net
6/22/2004: San Francisco Bay Area's high price of success  - C/Net
6/22/2004: Sweeping stun guns to target crowds - New Scientist
6/22/2004: Greenspan plays down inflation risk - Seattle Times
6/22/2004: Secret Microsoft pacts leaked - Seattle Times
6/22/2004: Bill would derail proposed stock option rule - Seattle Times
6/22/2004: Stock rally allows rich to get richer - Seattle Times
6/22/2004: 280 million Chinese farmers to get TV for first time - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Fixing or Nixing the Fax Laws?  - Wired News
6/22/2004: Eco-Terror Cited as Top Threat  - Wired News
6/22/2004: BBC to Open Content Floodgates  - Wired News
6/22/2004: State Sets Standard for E-Voting  - Wired News
6/22/2004: Biometric Passports: Not Ready for Prime Time  - Wired News
6/22/2004: Fans Are Urged Not to Download Films

6/22/2004: FDA panel backs implant to counter depression - Washington Post
6/22/2004: Gray Matters: New Clues Into How Neurons Process Information - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Early Intervention Lessens Impact Of Autism - Science Daily
6/22/2004: VR Tool Re-Creates Hallucinations  - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
6/22/2004: Youngest Possible Black Hole Spotted Near Birth -
6/22/2004: Scientists Demonstrate Teleportation with Atoms
 - ABC
6/22/2004: Scientists take step toward quantum computers  - CNN  
6/22/2004: Scientists teleport info between atoms
6/22/2004: Teleportation breaks new ground
 - PhysicsWeb


6/22/2004: ChatNannies' AI credentials still on hold - New Scientist

6/22/2004: Private sector should help NASA get to Moon - report  - Yahoo
6/22/2004: Stanford Researchers Go From Heaven To Earth In 'LifeGuard' Test
 - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Hottest Body Outside The Sun- Researchers Show Jupiter's Moon Io Vaporizing Rock Gases Into Atmosphere - Science Daily
6/22/2004: Commission: NASA Needs to Change  - Wired News
6/22/2004: Plane Soars Out of Earth's Atmosphere
 - ABC
6/22/2004: Texas Site Believed Hit by Asteroid
 - ABC
6/22/2004: Private craft makes space history
6/22/2004: Prize flights: Making history
6/22/2004: Touching the voidLandmark events in human space flight
 - ABC
6/22/2004: Pioneer spirit behind civilian space shot
 - New Scientist
6/22/2004: First private astronaut rockets into space
 - New Scientist
6/22/2004: Pilot Guides Private Plane Beyond Atmosphere, a First
  - NY Times
6/22/2004: SpaceShipOne Makes History: First Manned Private Spaceflight
6/22/2004: First Civilian Astronaut Pilots SpaceShipOne into Suborbit
6/22/2004: Cassini at Saturn: History, Hazards and Hopes
6/22/2004: Pilot Announced on Eve of Private Space Mission
6/22/2004: Paul Allen: Private Spaceflight's Financier
6/22/2004: Monday's Private Spaceflight: Historical Milestone or Stunt Flying?
6/22/2004: Would You Climb Aboard SpaceShipOne Monday?
6/22/2004: Big Secret: Who Will Fly SpaceShipOne?
6/22/2004: SpaceShipOne Lands After Touching Space At 100km Up
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: New Entrants Versus Incumbents: Triumph of Truth and Technology
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Space Adventures Announces Results Of Suborbital Client Survey
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Cassini Fine Tunes Trajectory
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Time for package tours in space: Not quite...
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Private rocket plane completes historic space mission
 - SpaceDaily
6/22/2004: Private Space Shot a Success
  - Wired News
6/22/2004: 9-15 AM:- Private rocket plane makes historic space mission ...
 - FirstScience

6/22/2004: Wall to wall view: Inventor of invisibility cloak plans to develop see-through walls   - BBC
6/22/2004: New Test Proves Whether Champagne Is the Real Thing - ABC
6/22/2004: Evolution Theory to 'Breed' Better F1 Racing Cars - ABC  - BBC
6/22/2004: Linux volley: How Wimbledon is a showcase of cutting edge technology
6/22/2004: Potent patents  - C/Net
6/22/2004: The New Technology of Body-Packing - Popular Science


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