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  June 20, 2005

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Blue Origin: Rocket Plans Spotlighted -  Details of a new passenger-carrying rocket are emerging from Blue Origin, the Seattle-based company spearheaded by Jeff Bezos, founder of The first test flight of the rocket in unpiloted mode is slated for late next year.  The company wants to create “an enduring human presence in space". “Our initial research efforts are focused on reusable liquid propulsion systems, low cost operations, life support, abort systems and human factors.     
Plastic Oil' Could Improve Fuel Economy In Cars, Chemists Say  '  Americans use about 25 million tons of plastic each year. However, only about 1 million tons of it is recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The remainder ends up in landfills. Most of this plastic is polyethylene, which the Chevron and University of Kentucky researchers showed can be broken down by heat into a wax that can be converted into a high quality lubricating oil, Miller says. Of the plastic used in the pilot study, about 60 percent was converted into a waxy oil precursor.  

the famous 'face on Mars' photo

'Over-learning' and the face on Mars - MSNBC   Left: NASA's Viking 1 Orbiter spacecraft photographed this region in the northern latitudes of Mars on July 25, 1976. The shadows from one of the mesas gave many the impression of a human face  .  The ability to take in visual cues and basically fill in the blanks allows humans to process information very quickly, but new research shows that it also can lead to misperceptions — like seeing things that are not there. "It's a manifestation of over-learning, such as when we find a man's face on Mars' surface or in a forest or on a cloud,” said Takeo Watanabe of Boston University. The shadows from one of the mesas gave many the impression of a human face – a face that has taken on a certain life of its own.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/20/2005: 'Molecular Zipper' May Hold Important Clues To Alzheimer's, Parkinson's And Mad Cow Disease - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Marshfield Clinic Researchers Launch Study Of Environmental Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily

6/20/2005: Researchers Identify New Catfish Family - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Scientists Trace Corn Ancestry From Ancient Grass To Modern Crop
 - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Plant Pathologists Explore Using Fungi To Control Plant Diseases - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Logging Changed Ecological Balance For Monkeys, Damaged Health - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Scientists Devise Way To Measure RNA Synthesis On The Fly In A Live Cell - Science Daily
6/20/2005: A Molecule Impedes The Destruction Of The 'Brucella' Bacteria - Science Daily
6/20/2005: K-State part of effort to completely sequence common wheat genome ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
6/20/2005: Former Bush Aide Who Edited Reports Is Hired by Exxon  - NY Times
6/20/2005: Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming  - NY Times
6/20/2005: Emissions Regulations Could Stall Energy Bill  - NY Times
6/20/2005: How Bacteria Appear To Affect Arsenic Concentrations In Groundwater - Science Daily
6/20/2005: 'Plastic Oil' Could Improve Fuel Economy In Cars, Chemists Say - Science Daily
6/20/2005: 'Sinkers' Provide Missing Piece In Deep-sea Puzzle - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Plant Pathologists Evaluate Eco-friendly Alternatives To Methyl Bromide - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Injunction against Greenpeace fails ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: Ghana [column]- Using DDT to Reduce Mortality ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: Inuit to file anti-U.S. climate petition ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: G8 summit will not produce greenhouse gas targets - British govt ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: White House Official Who Doctored Global Warming Reports Hired by ExxonMobil ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: Exxon Chief Makes A Cold Calculation On Global Warming ... - FirstScience

6/20/2005: The Man Who Keeps Nintendo Cool  - Wired News

6/20/2005: Report: China's new bid to gag Web
  - CNN
6/20/2005: Report: AOL-cable spinoff possible
  - CNN
6/20/2005: Finland to adopt mobile broadband
  - CNN
6/20/2005: Report: Cell phones pose crash risk
  - CNN
6/20/2005: Sprint deal puts Sirius channels on cellphones
 - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Ericsson Pushes Into Music World
  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Marriage of Mobiles, Land Lines?
  - Wired News
6/20/2005: In-Flight Cell Phones Gain Altitude
  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Techno-Rebels Spread Wireless Vision
  - Wired News
6/20/2005: BT's Fusion of Home and Mobile Phone ...
 - FirstScience

6/20/2005: Fujitsu, Epson team on next-gen FRAM technology  - El. Engr. Times

6/20/2005: 'Mactel' Desktops a Triple-Threat  - Wired News

6/20/2005: Democracy a 'bad word'  - CNN
6/20/2005: Report: China's new bid to gag Web  - CNN
6/20/2005: eBay ends Live 8 ticket sale after Geldof jibe  - CNN
6/20/2005: Poll: Most want Congress to make sure Internet safe  - CNN
6/20/2005: Porn Peddlers Won't Bare It All  - Wired News
6/20/2005: EBay Bans Live 8 Ticket Scalpers  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Poll: Most Want Government to Secure Internet, But Fear Big Brother ...
 - FirstScience


6/20/2005: Aiming for the Sun  - Technology Review 

6/20/2005: New Technique Appears To Stop Abnormal Blood Vessel Growth - Science Daily
6/20/2005: African-Americans More Prone To Higher Heart Weight Than Whites, Study Shows - Science Daily

6/20/2005: Tobacco Linked To 63 Percent Of Cancer Death Burden Among African-American Men - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Mass Production Of Human Papillomavirus Could Lead To Gains Against Cervical Cancer - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Better Early Diagnosis Of Relapsed Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Study Explains Why Up To Eight Percent Of Cancers Go Undetected - Science Daily
6/20/2005: How Gamers Can Help Cure Cancer  - Wired News

6/20/2005: Using Sponges To Stop Tuberculosis - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Rapid Detection Of Salmonella From Grocery Ready To Eat Foods - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Tagging Pathogens With Synthetic DNA 'Barcodes' - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Promising New TB Drug Enters Clinical Trial - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Variant Prion Protein Causes Infection But No Symptoms - Science Daily

6/20/2005: Variations In Four Inflammatory Genes May Predispose Mexican Americans To Insulin Resistance - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Gene Controlling Circadian Rhythms Linked To Drug Addiction, UT Southwestern Researchers Find - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Gene Variant Linked To Chronic Kidney Disease - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Biological Clock Could Influence Addiction  - Wired News

6/20/2005: How Scanning Your Finger Could Save Your Life - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Fluorescence Device To Diagnose Atherosclerosis And Tumors Described At Optics Conference - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Cancer Drug Could Aid Premature Labour - Science Daily
6/20/2005: New Genetic Test May Detect Risk Of Rare Complication From Anesthesia - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Nutritious Frozen Foods Can Play Role In Weight-loss Programs - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/20/2005: Geologists call time on dating dispute  - Nature
6/20/2005: Civil War Era Grips Tintype Rebel  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Evolution Debate in Kan. Prompts Attacks ... - L. A. Times

6/20/2005: Intel adds Vietnam to list of sites for assembly plant, says report  - El. Engr. Times
6/20/2005: AMD considering third German fab  - El. Engr. Times
6/20/2005: What Comes First -- The Chicken, The Egg, Or The Bad Attitude? - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Food Labels 'Confuse' Consumers - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Indian entrepreneur gives Airbus a big lift - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Japan, France research new generation of supersonic jet - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Southwest Airlines weighs relocation to Boeing Field - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Jobless recovery slows in May - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Advertisers home in on home shows - Seattle Times
6/20/2005: Batman Begins on the Right Foot  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Congress Must Deal With ID Theft  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Artist Cranks Up No-Name Rants  - Wired News
6/20/2005: The Future of Air Combat - Popular Science
6/20/2005: Flickr to Add Print to Photo Service  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Family-Friendly Touches Reap Rewards  - Wired News
6/20/2005: A Campaign to Derail Verizon-MCI Deal  - NY Times
6/20/2005: 4-year-old dies after riding Mission: Space ... - FirstScience
6/20/2005: ILS Marks 10 Years At Paris Air Show - SpaceDaily
6/20/2005: Japan's Lower House Agrees To Let Defense Chief Order Missile Intercept - SpaceDaily

6/20/2005: Parkinson's vaccine thwarts suspect proteins  - Nature
6/20/2005: Scientists Advocate Delaying Medication For Early Epilepsy - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Adults Can Be Retrained To Learn Second Languages More Easily, Says UCL Scientist - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/20/2005: Modellers measure 'word of mouth' for films  - Nature
6/20/2005: Fat silicon atoms are doubly magic
  - Nature
6/20/2005: "Magic" numbers remain magic
 - PhysicsWeb
6/20/2005: Astronomers Discover Most Earth-like Extrasolar Planet Yet
 - Science Daily
6/20/2005: Single Molecule Able to Regulate Electrical Conductivity ...
 - FirstScience


6/20/2005: New Skin Makes Robots Sensitive  - Wired News

6/20/2005: Blue Origin: Rocket Plans Spotlighted -
Over-learning' and the face on Mars  - MSNBC
6/20/2005: When Astronauts Brief Congress, a Little Levity Goes a Long Way
  - NY Times
6/20/2005: NASA Returns Discovery to Launch Pad
  - NY Times
6/20/2005: NASA chief picks new leaders, focuses on shuttle replacement ...
 - FirstScience
6/20/2005: Russia's Kliper Spacecraft Showcased in Paris
 - FirstScience
6/20/2005: Outer Planet-Palooza! Europa, Titan Missions Get Support
6/20/2005: NASA Awards Contracts to Competing CEV Teams
6/20/2005: 4-Year-Old Dead After Passing Out on Epcot's Mission: SPACE
6/20/2005: New NASA Chief Changes Top Officers
6/20/2005: ISS Astronaut Testifies Before Congressional Panel From Orbit
6/20/2005: Deep Impact Overview: By The Numbers
6/20/2005: ILS Marks 10 Years At Paris Air Show
 - SpaceDaily

6/20/2005: Plain Technology  - Technology Review 
6/20/2005: Finger Scanner Fine-Tunes Car Settings - New Scientist
6/20/2005: Death by Tech Support  - Wired News
6/20/2005: The Tacit Dimension of Tech Support  - Wired News
6/20/2005: Japan, France to Jointly Develop New Supersonic Jet ... - FirstScience


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