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  June 2, 2005

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Private Moon Trips Forecast -  The day of private-sector spaceships leaping from low Earth orbit to the Moon is not too far off. That’s the vision of Peter Diamandis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the X Prize Foundation. He was the sparkplug behind the $10 million Ansari X Prize claimed last year. “I predict that within about three years of private human orbital flights…you’ll have the first private teams of people stockpiling fuel on orbit and making a bee-line for the Moon,” Diamandis said.   
Nano Could Lead To New WMDs - Science Daily  Left:  hey honey, I shrunk the soldiers  Nanotechnology could soon enable a new generation of chemical and biological weapons that could escape current arms inspection schemes, experts told UPI's Nano World. "There is a very good possibility of weapons developed on the most recent advancements in nanotechnology in the next 10 years or so," said social scientist Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra of the National University of Mexico in Mexico City. First, nanotechnology could make delivery of existing drugs more effective. Second, by improving our knowledge of biology, nanotechnology could help find new ways to attack the body novel weapons inspectors might not recognize. Third, nanotechnology could help make chemical and biological weapons controllable. "There is a lot of research right now for non-lethal weapons."

This robot scrubs your floors  - C/Net  The Scooba is a household, robotic floor cleaner designed for hard floors made of materials such as tile and linoleum. It vacuums up loose particles and applies cleaner to soak up dirt, then dries the floor, which also makes it safe for wood. Limited supplies of the Scooba will come out this holiday season. In all, the cleaning process takes five stages. First, an airjet blows foreign objects to a "cereal port," or vacuum. "It is powerful enough to sweep up Cheerios or dried pasta," Angle said. Second, two fluid jets squirt out cleaning fluid and water. Next, a mustache broom spreads the fluids evenly to help absorb dirt. Scrubbing brushes then try to eliminate particles. In the fifth stage, the dirty water is sucked up into a separate liquid chamber with the help of a squeegee. The price has not been set but  consumers won't get sticker shock  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/2/2005: Dancing bees speak in code - MSNBC
6/2/2005: Earliest combatants in sexual contests revealed
 - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Monkeys found in nick of time - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Vampires Beware: Scripps Scientists Describe Molecular Basis Of Raw Garlic's Pungency - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Scientists Journey To Southern Africa To Unravel The Secret World Of Elephant Communication - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Defender Potato Makes Fabulous Fries, Foils Late Blight - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Largest Red Tide Outbreak In 12 Years In Massachusetts Bay Monitored - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Acoustic 3-D Imaging Unveils Swimming Behavior Of Microscopic Ocean Plankton - Science Daily
6/2/2005: At Long Last, Scientists Figure Out How Plants Grow - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Bioscientists: Gods or Monsters?  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
6/2/2005: House designed to withstand tsunami - MSNBC
6/2/2005: President's Air Pollution Initiative Is Revived  - NY Times
6/2/2005: A Crescent of Water Is Slowly Sinking Into the Desert  - NY Times
6/2/2005: Drink Less Rather Than Shower Less To Save Water - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Shanghai-Made Orbiter To Improve Forecasts - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Californians Get Computerised Virtual Taste Of The "Big One" - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: U.S. Warns EU Over Airbus Subsidies - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Climate change means learning to live with floods, tsunamis: experts - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Coca-Cola to replace vending machines in Japan to go eco-friendly - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: UN food agency warns sub-Saharan Africa risks most from global warming - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Salem plant agrees to cut emissions ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Leaked G8 draft angers green groups ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Bureau warns of El Nino risk ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Money to fix Swan not enough, say green groups ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Decrease in yield due to pollution, say farmers ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: G8 will not set targets to cut global warming ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Environmentalist denies radiation discharges in Obninsk ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Jeremy Warner's Outlook: Surprise! Business seems to be ahead of the Government on climate change ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Tony Juniper: Aviation is fastest-growing source of C02 emissions ...
 - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Pollution concern for British beaches ...
 - FirstScience

6/2/2005: Week in review: Revenge of the feds  - C/Net
6/2/2005: Smoke, mirrors and the next generation of game consoles  - C/Net
6/2/2005: College students collaborate on Internet video game  - CNN
6/2/2005: Strike Looms Against Game Makers  - Wired News

6/2/2005: Showdown at the TV corral
  - C/Net
6/2/2005: Carriers Dally on Wi-Fi Phones
  - Wired News
6/2/2005: Global Revenues Soar for VOIP Gear
  - Wired News

6/2/2005: Via touts chip for low-cost notebooks  - C/Net
6/2/2005: Intel unveils dual-core Pentium D processors  - El. Engr. Times

6/2/2005: Portability on the move in the new PC era  - CNN

6/2/2005: Fighting spam, cyberscams  - C/Net
6/2/2005: When a lawyer gets hit by spammers, expect a lawsuit  - C/Net
6/2/2005: German teen to face trial on for Sasser worm  - C/Net
6/2/2005: Life is short in online news  - Nature
6/2/2005: 'Patient zero' pinpointed in PC-worm outbreak - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Podcasters Tune into Apple  - Technology Review 
6/2/2005: Jeeves Gives the Straight Answer
  - Wired News
6/2/2005: Microsoft: Netscape 8 Breaks IE
  - Wired News
6/2/2005: Battle for the Blogosphere
  - Wired News



6/2/2005: Increase In Heart Surgery Mortality From SSRIs Or Depression? - Science Daily
6/2/2005: New Haptics Systems Challenge Stroke Patients To Grasp, Pinch, Squeeze Their Way To Recovery - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Duke Engineers Develop New 3-D Cardiac Imaging Probe - Science Daily

6/2/2005: Mouse study claims plastics pose cancer risk  - Nature
6/2/2005: New Understanding Of DNA Repair May Pave Way To Cancer Treatments - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Physical Activity Associated With Improved Survival For Women With Breast Cancer - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Nitric Oxide Finding May Yield Better Cancer Treatments And Blood Substitutes - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Scientists Inhibit Cancer Gene: Potential Therapy For Up To 30 Percent Of Human Tumors - Science Daily

6/2/2005: Claims of human bird flu cases in China denied - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Violence may be a 'socially infectious disease' - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Edible Bivalves As A Source Of Human Pathogens- Signals Between Vibrios And The Bivalve Host. - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Home Care Patients Suffering High Rate Of Pneumonia, Complications - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Are We Ready? ...  - Nature


6/2/2005: Fitness gadgets  - CNN
6/2/2005: Recreational Use Of An Erectile Dysfunction Drug Can Be Risky For Some - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Patients' Favorite Music During Surgery Lessens Need For Sedative - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Preliminary Data Suggest That Soda And Sweet Drinks Are The Main Source Of Calories In American Diet - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Infants With Rare Genetic Disease Saved By Cord Blood Stem Cells
6/2/2005: Feds Probe Viagra-Blindness Link  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
6/2/2005: Jurassic gas left oceans of algae - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Ancient DNA Confirms Single Origin of Malagasy Primates ... - FirstScience
6/2/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News

6/2/2005: Risque X-rays, animated romp  - C/Net
6/2/2005: SEC fails own security and accounting tests  - C/Net
6/2/2005: Loud, proud, unabridged: It is too reading!  - NY Times
6/2/2005: Japan's economic bond with China to stay strong, JEITA chairman says  - El. Engr. Times
6/2/2005: University will bid to keep Los Alamos lab - MSNBC
6/2/2005: British Medical Experts Campaign for Long, Pointy Knife Control  - NY Times
6/2/2005: Learning Through Laughter: New Study Supports Use Of Humor In Online Courses - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Spitzer sues AIG, 2 former execs; says they cooked books
6/2/2005: Microsoft severs ties with Ralph Reed - Seattle Times
6/2/2005: Warped Out In Techwood - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Blair faces uphill battle over G8 priorities, experts say - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Britain's Blair prepares for charm offensive to Italy ahead of G8 summit - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Attack of the Drones  - Wired News
6/2/2005: Drone School, a Ground's-Eye View  - Wired News
6/2/2005: Moviegoers Stay at Home With DVDs  - NY Times

6/2/2005: Scientists study how music stirs memories - MSNBC
6/2/2005: Boston University Psychologists Find Neurological Mechanism For Subliminal Learning - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Difference In Talking Louder, Talking Over Noise Depends On Verbal Cues, Internal Targets - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Grasping Metaphors: UC San Diego Research Ties Brain Area To Figures Of Speech - Science Daily
6/2/2005: The Lopsided Brain: Attention Bias Is Shared By Humans And Birds - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Russia Holds On To Nuclear Materials - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: US House Passes 491-Billion Defense Bill With Money For Iraq War
 - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: War Waged Via Satellites Cannot Win Iraq Ground War
 - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/2/2005: 'Slime worlds' may reflect signs of life - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Spontaneous improvements on the horizon
 - PhysicsWeb
6/2/2005: NCAR Researcher Sheds Light On Solar Storms
 - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Physicists Control The Flip Of Electron Spin In New Study
 - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Experts Say Wormholes, Time Machines Unreliable
6/2/2005: Physical Science Experiment Conducted on Space Station ...
 - FirstScience
6/2/2005: Science Safari: Quantum Diaries ...
 - Science News


6/2/2005: This robot scrubs your floors  - C/Net

6/2/2005: Private Moon Trips Forecast -
6/2/2005: Jupiter's innermost moon just a pile of rubble
 - New Scientist
6/2/2005: Discovery Returns To Vehicle Assembly Building For New Tank
 - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Russia, Kazakhstan to Build New Launch Complex
6/2/2005: TV Review - National Geographic's 'Extraterrestrial'
6/2/2005: Russians Clash On Energia President
 - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: U.S. Citizen Olsen Resumes Training In Russia For Space Tourism Mission
 - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Roving on the Red Planet ...
 - Science News

6/2/2005: The future of television  - C/Net
6/2/2005: FLCOS technology could achieve $999 microdisplay TV, say CRLO execs  - El. Engr. Times
6/2/2005: Rice Unveils 'Green' Microcapsule Production Method - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Solid-state Lighting Sources Getting More Energy Efficient And Smart - Science Daily
6/2/2005: Adaptive Array Network Could Improve Access To NASA's EO Satellites - SpaceDaily
6/2/2005: Nanotech Grows Up  - Technology Review 
6/2/2005: Bringing 'Madagascar' to Life
  - Wired News
6/2/2005: The Indy 500 Goes Wireless
  - Wired News


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