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  June 2, 2004

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Bigelow Aerospace to Tackle Inflatable Space Habitats -  Making "space available" is at the heart of the global travel, tourist and lodging industry. That business axiom is no stranger to Robert Bigelow, owner of the Budget Suites of America Hotel Chain. But now the North Las Vegas, Nevada-based Bigelow is putting his money down on inflatable Earth orbiting modules. He’s intent on attracting not only high-flying sightseers, but those hungering to crank out made-in-space products and evaluate microgravity processes. 
Low-Carb Energy Diet Could Save $438 Billion for US Consumers - SpaceDaily  Just as low-carbohydrate diets are trimming the American waistline, more judicious use of hydrocarbon-based fossil fuels would reduce U.S. energy consumption by 33 percent and save consumers $438 billion a year by 2014, according to an analysis by Cornell University ecologists. David Pimentel, Cornell professor of ecology, and 11 student ecologists found the most fat for trimming -- with the best potential for major energy savings -- in the transportation, residential heating and cooling, industrial and food-production sectors.  

Red Rover Robotics - SpaceDaily  I'm using this polar opportunity just as a context to introduce the impact of some great robot capabilities that are existing on the horizon. But the poles are interesting in that they haven't been explored on the surface, and offer some incredible resources like volatiles. I've titled a new feature "Magellan routes," and the idea is that these are routes that encircle some part of a planet that are navigable by robot, with the idea that the sun would never set; (the robot) would never encounter the dark. So you want to think of it as orbiting a planet, but on the surface, and keeping up with the sun. It's kind of an alien concept for us, since we're here on Earth, and you have to have a very fast jet for that. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/2/2004: Human, chimp DNA changes mapped - MSNBC
6/2/2004: Frozen sperm used to breed golden eagle
 - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Researchers Reveal That Microbes Have Stolen Some Of Our Genes
6/2/2004: Birds Use Herbs To Protect Their Nests - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Microbes From 120,000-year-old Ice Sample Show Life's Tenacity - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Drug Farms Forced Underground  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
6/2/2004: Smart Hero. Dumb Officials. Huge Sheet of Ice.  - NY Times
6/2/2004: Mountains Have The Scars To Prove The Conflict Between Tectonic Plates And Climate - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Let’s face it; a lot of the population west of the Hudson River figures that New York has it coming. And in the latest Hollywood disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow, the Big Apple really takes it on the chin. In a matter of days, the city is converted i -
6/2/2004: Private Satellite Plan Wins Public Support - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Mountain Scars Proof Of Conflict Between Tectonic Plates And Climate - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Biomass could reduce CO2 emissions - report ... - FirstScience
6/2/2004: Conservation groups file for protection for lamprey ... - FirstScience
6/2/2004: Scientists React to Climate Movie ... - Discover
6/2/2004: Environmentally-Friendly Ship Range The seas ... - FirstScience
6/2/2004: View from above A joint space mission will track China's environment ... - FirstScience

6/2/2004: Gaming possibility  - CNN

6/2/2004: Comcast plans Web phone  - CNN
6/2/2004: European project promotes TV via mobile phones  - El. Engr. Times
6/2/2004: Comcast plans big Internet phone push; boss exits early - Seattle Times
6/2/2004: Report: Broadband Will Hurt Broadcasters  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Put the Tab on my Mobile  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Coming Soon: Naked News on Your Cell Phone  - Wired News


6/2/2004: Analyst's Couch: End is near for PC growth - Silicon Strategies

6/2/2004: Maryland governor signs tough anti-spam law  - CNN
6/2/2004: Yahoo! unveils spyware detector  - CNN
6/2/2004: Online groceries quietly grow  - CNN
6/2/2004: NKorean military hackers unleash "cyber-terror" on SKorean computers - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Wicked Innovation  - Technology Review 
6/2/2004: Sexing Up the Blog Business  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Senate To OK E-Mail Bill - L. A. Times
6/2/2004: Cops Go Back to School to Catch Internet Crooks  - Wired News

6/2/2004: The Steve Jobs way  - CNN

6/2/2004: Low-Carb Energy Diet Could Save $438 Billion for US Consumers - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Energy Department Plans a Push to Retrieve Nuclear Materials  - NY Times
6/2/2004: Green Cars Strive to End Oil Era  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Renewable Energy - Commission must put its faith and funding into biomass ... - FirstScience


6/2/2004: A Study Questions Blood-Test Results on Prostate Cancer  - NY Times
6/2/2004: Aspirin Is Seen as Preventing Breast Tumors  - NY Times
6/2/2004: When It Comes To Cancer Prognosis, It's Not Just The Tumor That Matters - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Aspirin Use Associated With Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily

6/2/2004: Researchers cause new Thai bird flu case, says minister - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Indoor Mold, Building Dampness Linked To Respiratory Problems - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Geneticists To Study Parasites That Infect 2 Billion - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Researchers To Study Fate Of Prions In Wastewater - Science Daily

6/2/2004: Gene Linked To Alcoholism - Science Daily

6/2/2004: Antibiotics linked to huge rise in allergies - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Agriculture Dept. Rescinds Changes to Organic Food Standards  - NY Times
6/2/2004: Study May Improve Survival Of Transplanted Livers - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Eating Some Types Of Fish During Pregnancy May Protect Baby From Future Asthma - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Agriculture Department yanks rules that weakened organic labeling - Seattle Times

History, Anthropology:
6/2/2004: Ancient halls of Alexandria found - MSNBC
6/2/2004: Halls of Ancient Alexandria's Ivy Found  - NY Times
6/2/2004: Thick Siderite Marine Beds Suggest High Co2 Levels In Early Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: A Fiery Death for Dinosaurs?  - Wired News

6/2/2004: China seeks its own high-tech standards  - CNN
6/2/2004: Government data mining rings alarm bells  - CNN
6/2/2004: McDonald's to offer DVD rentals in Denver  - CNN
6/2/2004: Retailers prepare for new LCOS-based HDTVs  - El. Engr. Times
6/2/2004: Kansas teen wins geography bee - MSNBC
6/2/2004: Israel lays claim to Palestine's water - New Scientist
6/2/2004: US plan to beat dirty bombs - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Russian Navy May Sink By 2008 - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Brazil's China Plan Appears On Track - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: E-Vote Printers' High-Stakes Test  - Wired News
6/2/2004: GAO: Fed Data Mining Extensive  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Handling Disaster Takes Practice  - Wired News
6/2/2004: Database Nation: The Upside of 'Zero Privacy'  - Wired New
6/2/2004: Mapping The Simpsons: Welcome to Springfield, USA  - Wired News

6/2/2004: New Technology Shows The Brain's Axons Are Extremely Sensitive To Directional Cues - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Full Moon Exerts No Pull On Frequency Of Epileptic Seizures - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Autistic Children Show Outstanding Musical Skills - Science Daily 

Physics and Astronomy:
6/2/2004: Astronomers reveal biggest stars yet seen - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Solar explosions seen in 3D
 - PhysicsWeb
6/2/2004: Quasars: Cosmic Powerhouses Dwelling In Humble Homes - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Starburst Eye Of A Galaxy Produces A Cosmic Shower - Science Daily
6/2/2004: Making Black Holes Go Round On The Computer
 - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Electron-hole symmetry in a semiconducting carbon nanotube quantum dot ...
 - FirstScience
6/2/2004: Telescopes will double up on planet search ...

6/2/2004: Key to aging hidden in mitochondria - MSNBC
6/2/2004: Scientists Zero In on a Cause of Aging
  - Wired News

6/2/2004: Red Rover Robotics - SpaceDaily

6/2/2004: Bigelow Aerospace to Tackle Inflatable Space Habitats -
6/2/2004: Shields Up! New Radiation Protection for Spacecraft and Astronauts
6/2/2004: NASA Releases Requirements For Proposed Jupiter Mission - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Moon, Mars To Be First Stops On Our Journey Through Solar System - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Special Blankets Shield The Shuttle From Heat - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Dispatches from Mars, Utah  - Wired News
6/2/2004: The Odyssey of NASA Mars Odyssey's 10,000 Orbits ... - FirstScience
6/2/2004: Cassini alters path, Phoebe now in sight
 - New Scientist
6/2/2004: Beagle 2 Report: What happens on Mars, stays on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/2/2004: ISS crew prepares for spacewalk ...
 - FirstScience
6/2/2004: Mars Rover Survives 'Deep Sleep' Mode ...

6/2/2004: Borrowing From Biology to Make Nano Railroads -
6/2/2004: Sandia And Los Alamos Labs To Each Build New Nanotech Labs - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Microspace Tests Satellite Release For Shrek 2 To Movie Houses - SpaceDaily
6/2/2004: Junctions Expand Nano Railroads  - Technology Review 
6/2/2004: Technology Makes Gains in Chiropractics  - Wired News


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