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  June 19, 2005

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Earth's “Bigger Cousin” Detected -  Astronomers announced today the discovery of the smallest planet so far found outside of our solar system.  About seven-and-a-half times as massive as Earth, and about twice as wide, this new extrasolar planet may be the first rocky world ever found orbiting a star similar to our own. The planet orbits makes a full orbit in a speedy 1.94 days, implying a distance to the central star of 2 million miles, and is speculated to be a toasty 400 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.
Detailing the Science of Man on Mars - SpaceDaily  The Mars Human Precursor Science Steering Group was chartered by MEPAG in June 2004 to analyze the priorities for precursor investigations, measurements, and technology/infrastructure demonstrations that would have a significant effect on the cost and risk of the first human mission to Mars. The SSG proposes the following tasks:
1. Assess airborne particulates.  2. Map atmosphere.  3. Check for harmful Martian pathogens.  4. Hunt for water.  5. Assess radioactivity.  6. Determine soil traction/cohesion. 7. Evaluate dust storms. 8. Determine toxicity of dust. 9. Measure atmospheric electricity.  10.  Find out how fast terrestrial life is destroyed.      

Ready For Dinner On Mars - SpaceDaily  'Martian bread and green tomato jam', 'Spirulina gnocchis' and 'Potato and tomato mille-feuilles' are three delicious recipes that two French companies have created for ESA and future space explorers to Mars and other planets. The challenge for the chefs was to offer astronauts well-flavoured food, made with only a few ingredients that could be grown on Mars. The result was 11 tasty recipes that could be used on future ESA long-duration space missions. The menus were all based on nine main ingredients that ESA envisions could be grown in greenhouses of future colonies on Mars or other planets.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/19/2005: Touch screen 'memory jukebox' helps dementia sufferers  - BBC

6/19/2005: Ariz. Officials May Import Endangered Owls  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Research: Snakes Have Interesting Habits
  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Rare Cave Crawfish Spurs Environment Study  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Playing God With Birth Defects in the Nursery  - NY Times
6/19/2005: She's Studying. He's Playing.  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Georgia Tech Develops Mass Spectrometry Device That Analyzes Proteins Faster And At A Lower Cost - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Justices Back Endangered Species Act ... - L. A. Times
6/19/2005: Greenpeace hits Bt corn anew after farmer claims 'insignificant earning' ... - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Genetic jackpot in India's endogamous gene pool: scientists ... - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Virus 'threatening red squirrels'  - BBC
6/19/2005: Q&A: Hunt return: Whaling nations aim to have the commercial moratorium lifted  - BBC
6/19/2005: Trying for a babyHow other couples cope with the wait to conceive  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/19/2005:U.S. Mayors Agree to Adhere to Kyoto Pact  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Study: Fertilizers Harm Freshwater Lakes  - NY Times
6/19/2005:Ozone Levels Drop When Hurricanes Are Strengthening - Science Daily
6/19/2005: York Scientists Warn Of Dramatic Impact Of Climate Change On Africa - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Scientists Map Ocean Floor Near Palmer Station In Antarctica, Reveal Hidden Dangers To Passing Ships - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Update 1: Study: Lakes Face Major Pollution ... - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Senate Committee Restores Funds for Land & Water Conservation ... - FirstScience
6/19/2005: New parks proposed by environmental groups ... - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Funding for carbon storage  - BBC
6/19/2005: E-mail warns of tsunami possibility in California  - C/Net

6/19/2005: Extra: iPod the top tool for corporate spies  - C/Net
6/19/2005: N.Y. library audio book project snubs iPod  - C/Net

6/19/2005: Supreme Court puts media rules back in FCC's lap
 - Seattle Times
6/19/2005: BT to launch fixed-mobile service
  - BBC
6/19/2005: Mobile giants boost phone ranges
  - BBC
6/19/2005: Warning: VoIP phone in use
  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Yahoo to buy Net phone services company
  - C/Net

6/19/2005: More Life for Moore's Law - Business Week


6/19/2005: Netscape co-founder eyes video blogs  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Browser-based attacks increase as viruses dip  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Feds vulnerable to lots of Net threats  - C/Net

6/19/2005: Microsoft warns of critical flaws  - BBC
6/19/2005: Scheme promoting IT jobs to girls  - BBC
6/19/2005: Microsoft aims to douse LAMP  - C/Net
6/19/2005: The slow road to Windows XP  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Microsoft seeks Xbox touch for music
6/19/2005: Fixes in for critical IE, Windows flaws  - C/Net

6/19/2005: NEWS: Ocean Spray Juices New Production Facility with Gas from Landfill ... - FirstScience 


6/19/2005: Digital Mammography Does Not Improve Breast Cancer Detection Rates, Study Finds - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Red meat 'linked to cancer risk'  - BBC

6/19/2005: Hospitals alerted over 'superbug'  - BBC

6/19/2005: Spring Fever  - NY Times
6/19/2005: New Gene Shows Way For Autoimmune Disease - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Joslin Study Shows Weight Control Protects Against Low Birth Weight Related Glucose Intolerance - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Warning over diabetes eye checks  - BBC

6/19/2005: The Claim: Bottled Water Is Cleaner Than Tap Water  - NY Times
6/19/2005: How Lance Armstrong Gets His Unusual Energy  - NY Times
6/19/2005: All That Calcium, and Maybe Weight Control Too  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Walk Inside, Have Surgery. But Is It Safe?  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Sometimes, for a Diagnosis, It Takes a Village  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Benefits Of Continuous NSAID Use In Ankylosing Spondylitis - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Supreme Court ruling frees up drug research - Seattle Times
6/19/2005: Wired to Eat  - Technology Review 
6/19/2005: Wishful Medicine
  - Technology Review 
6/19/2005: Children Need 60 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity ...
 - FirstScience
6/19/2005: 2-for-1 painkiller deals attacked
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/19/2005: Kansas Dig May Have Found Early Campsite  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Where Have You Gone, Norman Rockwell: A Fresh Look at the Family  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Maya Tomb Tells Tale of Two Women, Elite but Doomed  - NY Times

6/19/2005: Hazards: Jumbo Jets Can Drown Out Dick and Jane  - NY Times
6/19/2005: More Vital Sign Columns  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Mundane Misdeeds Skew Findings, Researchers Say  - NY Times
6/19/2005: What's in That Face: A Candidate's Future  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Books on Science: In Drama Pitting Scientist vs. Drug Maker, All Are Punished  - NY Times
6/19/2005: First-day win: Airbus gets big A350 order from Qatar - Seattle Times
6/19/2005: Public Glimpses Machines That Fueled Bomb  - Wired News
6/19/2005: Physicist wins UK 'science idol'  - BBC
6/19/2005: 'I will if you will' How one site hopes to help people's pledges come true  - BBC
6/19/2005: History of Batman: The many faces of the Caped Crusader on the big screen  - BBC
6/19/2005: Challenging China  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Getting in the paper  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Intel may invest in India testing plant  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Man arrested for threats against handset maker  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Can you run that job title by me again?  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Top-down disruption  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Turning managers into 'marketbusters'  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Designing better employee benefits  - C/Net
6/19/2005: Tech Is Backing Bono: The rock star's mission to fight poverty in Africa is getting serious support from Sun, Cisco, AMD, and more - Business Week

6/19/2005: Vital Signs: Behavior: In Childhood Depression, Not the Usual Suspects  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Snake Phobias, Moodiness and a Battle in Psychiatry  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Graphic: Measuring Mental Illness  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Forum: How Do You Define Mental Illness?  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Autism And X-fragile Syndrome - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Stem Cells Get Brainy  - Wired News
6/19/2005: Face on Mars: Why People See What's Not There ...
 - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Brain cells are matured in lab
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/19/2005: Earth's “Bigger Cousin” Detected -
6/19/2005: Smallest extrasolar planet found
 - SpaceDaily
6/19/2005: Found: Earth's Distant Cousin (About 15 Light-Years Away)
  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Graphic: Earth Times Seven
  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Cosmic Housecleaning: Building Blocks Of Stellar Systems Go Missing
 - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Astronomers discover active Earth-like planet ...
 - FirstScience
6/19/2005: East meets west: cosmology then and now ...
 - FirstScience



6/19/2005: Detailing the Science of Man on Mars - SpaceDaily
Ready For Dinner On Mars - SpaceDaily
6/19/2005: Thrillionaires: The New Space Capitalists
  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Graphic: Cyberspace to Edge of Space
  - NY Times
6/19/2005: Journey Begins for NASA's New Horizons Pluto Probe ...
 - FirstScience
6/19/2005: NASA Sees Earliest Manned Moon Landing in 2015 ...
 - FirstScience
6/19/2005: Shuttle moving back to launch pad
  - BBC
6/19/2005: AI developed for Mars explorers
  - BBC 

6/19/2005: Observatory: Low-Cost Housing, but Slimy  - NY Times
6/19/2005: UCSD Computer Scientists Develop Ubiquitous Video Application For 3D Environments - Science Daily
6/19/2005: A Bacterial Printing Press That Regenerates Its Ink: Patterning Bacteria Using Soft Stamps - Science Daily
6/19/2005: Airbus chief says government aid unnecessary - Seattle Times
6/19/2005: Paris Air Show 2005 - Seattle Times
6/19/2005: The future of flight  - C/Net


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