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  June 18, 2005

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Micro Spacecraft To Explore Planets -  NASA and The Aerospace Corporation of El Segundo, CA are preparing to flight test 'micro spacecraft' as early as 2006. The first versions would be attached to larger space vehicles as 'black box' flight recorders to provide an independent monitor of conditions as standard-sized craft attempt to land on other planets. Micro spacecraft could also serve as landing scouts, sent ahead of craft containing human astronauts.     
HP Reveals Groundbreaking Design for Future Nano-electronic Circuits - SpaceDaily  HP has announced that its researchers have created a new way to design future nano-electronic circuits using coding theory. The result could be nearly perfect manufacturing yields with equipment a thousand times less expensive than what might be required using future versions of current technologies. "By using a cross-bar architecture and adding 50 percent more wires as an 'insurance policy,' we believe it will be possible to fabricate nano-electronic circuits with nearly perfect yields even though the probability of broken components will be high."    

North Korea Has Nuclear Bombs, Building More: Official - SpaceDaily  Left: Digital Globe image of North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear bomb making plant.  North Korea has a stockpile of nuclear bombs and is building more such weapons, the country's vice foreign minister Kim Gye Gwan said in a US television interview released Wednesday. "I should say that we have enough nuclear bombs to defend against a US attack," the North Korean official told ABC News when asked how many nuclear bombs it possessed. Asked whether Pyongyang was building more nuclear bombs, Kim said: "Yes." Washington believes North Korea possesses one or two crude bombs and may have reprocessed enough plutonium for half-a-dozen more  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/18/2005: New Strategy For Protecting Brain Against Alzheimer's Disease- Enhancing The Innate Immune System - Science Daily

6/18/2005: NHGRI Selects 13 New Targets For Large-scale Sequencing Program; Strategic Mix To Include Gibbon, Bats, Sloth And Mosquitoes - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Imported animals disease threat
  - BBC
6/18/2005: Italy decides Vatican keeps faithful at home to defeat fertility law move  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/18/2005: Space Measurements Of Carbon Offer Clearer View Of Earth's Climate Future - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Backing for deep carbon storage  - BBC
6/18/2005: Climate change 'threatens gardens'  - BBC
6/18/2005: Volcanoes curb wetland emissions  - BBC
6/18/2005: Editor of Climate Reports Resigns  - NY Times
6/18/2005: White House Calls Editing Climate Files Part of Usual Review  - NY Times
6/18/2005: Editor of Climate Reports Resigns  - NY Times

6/18/2005: In the Groove Bumps and Grinds  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Video game witch hunt? - C/Net
6/18/2005: Less cursing, better pics - C/Net
6/18/2005: Testing out disposable camcorder - C/Net

6/18/2005: Supreme Court won't review FCC media ownership rules
 - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: Never IM in This Town Again!
  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Sirius to Move Beyond Audio
  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Help Desk
- Business Week
6/18/2005: Net TV rival for Microsoft?
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Ericsson touts cell network for planes
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Tuning in to IPTV
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Cell markers bring worlds together
  - CNN

6/18/2005: HP Reveals Groundbreaking Design for Future Nano-electronic Circuits - SpaceDaily
6/18/2005: Apple gambles with new chips, but future rosy - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: IBM debuts low-power ASICs at 65-nm  - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2005: ATI produces first X architecture chip, says Cadence  - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2005: CoWare, MIPS team for application-optimized processor creation  - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2005: The New Chips on the Block  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Jumbo disks will stack 'em up-and-down
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Pentium-M upgrade brings Windows to G4 Cube
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Vacuum tubes hold key to terahertz broadcasts, says professor
  - El. Engr. Times

6/18/2005: A Lightning Bolt from Big Blue- Business Week
6/18/2005: Top 25 Supercomputers- Business Week
6/18/2005: HP's $499 Notebook - C/Net
6/18/2005: Monster's iCruze is out of the gates - C/Net
6/18/2005: Acrylic vs. Adobe - C/Net

6/18/2005: Come On Music Biz, Embrace P2P  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Will Porn Migrate to .XXX?  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Ordering Online: Dot-Com Ideas Return  - NY Times
6/18/2005: Surfers Sign Web Pledges  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Virus flood threatens home users  - BBC
6/18/2005: AOL will focus on free music, video- Business Week
6/18/2005: Google video nears debut
- C/Net
6/18/2005: 'Trusted displays' suggested as online security boost
- C/Net
6/18/2005: Friend sites
  - CNN
6/18/2005: Will '.xxx' help parents curb online porn?
  - CNN
6/18/2005: Data 'smuggling' opens websites to attack
 - New Scientist

6/18/2005: Cartooning Microsoft manager has offbeat outlook - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: Do You Speak Computer?  - Wired News
6/18/2005: MSN Music to Add Subscription Service  - Wired News
6/18/2005: A Virtual Revolution in Computing- Business Week
6/18/2005: Microsoft censors blogs at Chinese portal- Business Week
6/18/2005: Red Hat releases newest Fedora - C/Net
6/18/2005: Adobe flaw puts PCs at risk - C/Net
6/18/2005: Liberty Alliance takes on ID theft - C/Net
6/18/2005: Xen getting multiprocessor support - C/Net
6/18/2005: Faster is good but smarter is better - C/Net

6/18/2005: Coat the World in Solar Plastic - ABC

6/18/2005: Red stuff The battle to boost numbers of Britain's blood donors  - BBC

6/18/2005: Exercise Helps Recovery From Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer - Science Daily

6/18/2005: Quantum Dots Provide A Faster, More Sensitive Method For Detecting Respiratory Viral Infections - Science Daily
6/18/2005: The Myth of Jonas Salk  - Technology Review 
6/18/2005: US ‘rediscovers’ its second mad cow - New Scientist

6/18/2005: New Insights Into Role Of Tumor Necrosis Factor On Sex Hormone Production In Rheumatoid Arthritis - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Scots consider smoking age  - BBC

6/18/2005: Molecular Miners Find Pain Relief Drugs From The Sea
6/18/2005: Raisins As A Functional Food For Oral Health - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Scanning for Drugs  - Technology Review 
6/18/2005: Fight for Your Right to Test  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Calcium-rich diets may prevent PMS - New Scientist
6/18/2005: Vital Signs: Evaluations: Are Report Cards for Doctors a Good or Bad Idea?  - NY Times
6/18/2005: Vital Signs: On the Scales: Non-Dieters Weigh the Same, but They're Happier  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
6/18/2005: Census-whacking: Quest to trace the blood lines of history's Mr and Mrs Nobody  - BBC
6/18/2005: Tut's bling is the golden ticket this summer - MSNBC
6/18/2005: 'Iceman' might be contaminated - MSNBC
6/18/2005: Excavation begins in Jamestown case - MSNBC

6/18/2005: North Korea Has Nuclear Bombs, Building More: Official - SpaceDaily
6/18/2005: United's pensioners share their fear, anger - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: Hollywood blasé over Microsoft's hard sell of screenplay - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: Intel sets up $200 million venture fund in China  - El. Engr. Times
6/18/2005: Live, Jobs Tells Stanford Grads  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Order Your Big Mac and DVD to Go  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Dear Sir: Your Data Was Stolen  - Wired News
6/18/2005: The Art of Street Talk  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Travel Gear  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Big bird in Paris Super-jumbo makes air show debut  - BBC
6/18/2005: Tour the Collectives of Cyberspace- Business Week
6/18/2005: Intel sets up $200M tech companies- Business Week
6/18/2005: On-demand air travel - C/Net
6/18/2005: Wiki while you work - C/Net
6/18/2005: Letters  - NY Times

6/18/2005: New Study Has Surprise Findings On Childhood Depression - Science Daily
6/18/2005: 3D Atlas Will Help Navigate The Spinal Cord - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Mental health 'must be priority'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
6/18/2005: Rocky planet found outside Solar System  - Nature
6/18/2005: Superfast 'gun' addresses Jupiter's core issues
 - New Scientist

6/18/2005: Smoking and obesity 'age people'  - BBC
6/18/2005: Growing old: Can we tell how our health will deteriorate as we age?
  - BBC
6/18/2005: Cigarettes age your DNA
  - Nature
6/18/2005: Obesity may accelerate the ageing process
 - New Scientist

6/18/2005: Japan drums up robot support  - CNN
6/18/2005: Gallery  - CNN 

6/18/2005: Micro Spacecraft To Explore Planets -
6/18/2005: Astronaut to Testify From Space
  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Blue Origin launch details emerge - C/Net
6/18/2005: Smooth Deployment For Second MARSIS Antenna Boom
 - SpaceDaily
6/18/2005: Russian Progress Cargo Ship Launched To ISS
 - SpaceDaily
6/18/2005: Spirit's On The Move
 - SpaceDaily

6/18/2005: New Radiofrequency Device - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Shadow Technique Improves Measurement Of Micro Holes - Science Daily
6/18/2005: Nano-printer heralds many scientific uses - Seattle Times
6/18/2005: IBM, Microsoft Invest in RFID Despite Lull  - Wired News
6/18/2005: Biometrics: From Reel to Real  - Wired News
6/18/2005: RFID Stops Power Tools From Walking Away  - Wired News
6/18/2005: New wool doesn't itch or shrink


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