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  June 17, 2006

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Global Greenhouse Cooked Up A Hot Stew Of Life - SpaceDaily  New scientific results for the Late Cretaceous greenhouse indicate radically different climatic mechanisms operating about 75-90 million years ago compared to the ones that control today's climate. The study aims to identify the main 'climate kitchen' in a world with about 5-9C warmer global temperatures than today. they identify a previously unrecognized link between higher latitude climate dynamics and tropical African climate, the latter leading to exceptionally high burial of organic carbon in the deep tropical Atlantic. Marine geological record show that enhanced burial of organic carbon in the deep sea was confined to short time envelops of about 5 thousand years that reoccurred over millions of years at a regular pattern. Periods of enhanced precipitation and freshwater runoff then resulted in massive burial of organic carbon at the sea floor, suggesting that processes in the atmosphere drive changes in the ocean.
Small, Flexible Computer Chip Produces Big Results - SpaceDaily  About the size of a U.S. quarter, the field programmable gate array computer chip consists of 400 to 500 million transistors and two to three miles of wiring, but its flexible capacity significantly contributed to the Air Force's decision to employ the small component in its next generation of satellite systems. "The field programmable gate array computer chip provided for NASA in 1996 featured an 8,000 logic gate capacity," said Gordon. "For our current project, the chip will consist of between one to two million logic gates," explained the senior electronics engineer. "The chip's capacity has doubled every year and, in addition, has gotten more complex." Last year, Gordon began working to secure a new field programmable gate array computer chip for employment in Air Force spacecraft in the next two to three years.    

Chemists Forge A New Form Of Iron - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo: Iron production in China. In addition to its role in the manufacture of thousands of everyday objects, iron, in its various manifestations, is widely known and used for its reactive properties.  "We have synthesized something totally new that nobody has imagined could exist, and something which adds greatly to our understanding of fundamental iron chemistry," says John F. Berry. The new species of iron found by Berry and his colleagues is designated iron VI, which means the atom has just two valence electrons and is highly reactive as it seeks to regain iron's eight-electron stable configuration by grabbing electrons from atoms of other elements. The new form is so reactive it can only be studied at low temperatures, in this case minus 40 degrees F. "Iron VI is a very rare oxidation state," explains UW-Madison chemistry professor Bassam Shakhashiri. 
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6/17/2006:Female Birds Boost Up Their Eggs When Hearing Sexy Song - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Fly's Courtship Sheds Light On The Formation Of Innate Behaviors
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Zebra Finch Males Prefer Females With Exaggerated Maternal Traits - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Large-scale Genomics Project Will Hunt Genes Behind Common Childhood Diseases - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Gene Therapy Protects Mice From The Effects Of Whole-body Irradiation - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Secret Sex Lives Of Swans Under Scrutiny In New Study - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Fla. to ease manatee, eagle protections... - MSNBC
6/17/2006:Gene Discovery Opens Door To Tackling Disease... - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Animal species genetically adapting to global warming phenomena... - Live Science
6/17/2006:Infertility woes:'I cried when I saw pregnant women and nappies in shops'  - BBC
6/17/2006:Employee stigma over infertility  - BBC

Geosciences, Environment:
6/17/2006:Global Greenhouse Cooked Up A Hot Stew Of Life - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Evidence Human Activities Have Shaped Large-scale Ecological Patterns - Science Daily
6/17/2006:New Study Shows Earthquake Shaking Triggers Aftershocks - Science Daily
6/17/2006:More Than Drought Affecting Wheat Yields - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Emergency Communications Service For 2006 Hurricane Season - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:EarthData Wins 16 Million Contract To Map Papua New Guinea - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Indonesia's Merapi Roars Back To Life - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Britain to talk to India on climate change... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Wall Street Journal Highlights DuPont Climate Change Efforts... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Global warming: The climate of opinion and government accountability... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Paul Brink of the California Bureau of Land Management Honored for Conservation Achievements... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Corporation to recycle wastewater for gardening... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Green Rights: The Conservatives set out their market fix for climate change  - BBC
6/17/2006:Green Rights: The Conservatives set out their market fix for climate change  - BBC

Games and Devices
6/17/2006:Computer Science Engineers Improve Video Game Testing By Analyzing The User
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Once More, With Aggression  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Wii Meets the WWE  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Drop the Joystick and Back Away  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Gaming regime: Pocket games work the brain, thumbs and imagination  - BBC
6/17/2006:France launches budget game  - BBC
6/17/2006: Sony Chief Calls PS3 More than a Console
 - Business Week
6/17/2006:Hot stuff at Sex in Videogames c
  - C/Netonference  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Corel Photo Album 6 for $20

Hardware and Software

6/17/2006:Small, Flexible Computer Chip Produces Big Results - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Kings of All Media  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Performance anxiety  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Photos: Capturing Computex  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Can an uber-phone replace the iPod?  - C/Net

6/17/2006:Help Site for the Poor
  - Wired News
6/17/2006:House seeks to open cable TV market
 - Business Week

6/17/2006:First Look: Google Spreadsheets  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Soccer, Anyone?  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Net Neutrality Haunts Cable Bill  - Wired News
6/17/2006:China Restores Google.com  - Wired News
6/17/2006:CERN to offer secure grid... - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Defeat for net neutrality backers  - BBC
6/17/2006:Watching you Analyst Bill Thompson finds Big Brother alive and well in cyberspace
  - BBC
6/17/2006:Is allofmp3 legal? Russia's controversial download site protests its innocence
  - BBC
6/17/2006:Web Titans' D.C. Blues
 - Business Week
6/17/2006:Court upholds Net wiretap rules
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:The revolution will be vlogged
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Video: Tom Green vlogs
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Yahoo rolls out photo site beta
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Net-wiretapping is on the way
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:FIFA 2006 World Cup downloads
  - C/Net
6/17/2006:Spam Made in Taiwan?
  - C/Net

6/17/2006:New CD-Swap Site Hooks Music Fans  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Court Orders the Internet Tapped  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Hacking Hollywood: Movie studios' boss of bosses v the Electronic Frontier Foundation  - BBC
6/17/2006:Microsoft opens up Vista testing  - BBC
6/17/2006:Microsoft to ease up on piracy check-ins  - C/Net

6/17/2006:Wind Energy Research Reaps Rewards - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Producing Bio-ethanol From Agricultural Waste A Step Closer - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Scientists Resolve 60-year-old Plutonium Questions - Science Daily
6/17/2006:From biofuels to wind, quest for energy alternatives steps up - Seattle Times
6/17/2006:Bio-Ethanol From Agricultural Waste A Step Closer - FirstScience
6/17/2006:France and UK boost nuclear ties  - BBC
6/17/2006:Energy debate: Australia's move to study nuclear options sparks concern  - BBC

6/6/2005: Students' Device May Improve Chest Closure After Heart Surgery - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Researchers Find Stroke Death Channel - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Novel Non-invasive Imaging Technology May Allow Precise Diagnosis Of Coronary Artery Disease - Science Daily

6/17/2006:Preliminary Study Shows Promise For Treatment Of Renal Cell Cancer - Science Daily
6/17/2006:New Combination Treatment Induces Regression Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Radiotherapy cell damage blocked  - BBC
6/17/2006:NHS drug watchdog backs Herceptin  - BBC
6/17/2006:Patient power Herceptin was the subject of a high-profile public campaign  - BBC
6/17/2006:Is it cancer:The tests you will have if your GP suspects cancer  - BBC
6/17/2006:US gets cervical cancer vaccine
  - BBC

6/17/2006:Study Aims To Cut Deaths From Severe Infection In Hospital Wards - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Biotech Engages in Germ Warfare  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Blood infection 'football link'  - BBC
6/17/2006:Pneumonia 'needs less treatment'  - BBC

6/17/2006:Hopkins Researchers Discover Potential New Approach To Treating - Science Daily Diabetes

6/17/2006:First Trimester Use Of ACE Inhibitors Implicated In Birth Defects - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Wendy's plans to use healthier cooking oil - Seattle Times
6/17/2006:Slides: A Playground Menace  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Monster Tumors Could Be Helpful  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Yogurt Culture Evolves... - Live Science


History, Anthropology:
6/17/2006:100,000 Year-old DNA Sequence Allows New Look At Neandertal's Genetic Diversity - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Mini-dinosaurs From The Harz Mountains: Bones Are Of Dwarf Sauropods - Science Daily
6/17/2006:How Life Began: New Research Suggests Simple Approach... - Live Science

6/17/2006:Oil prices widen U.S. trade deficit in April - Seattle Times
6/17/2006:Elections unlikely to sway Mexico economy - Seattle Times
6/17/2006:Sony's Stringer on Gates the salesman - Seattle Times
6/17/2006:Predators Provide Eyes In The Sky Over Afghanistan - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:UN Says Iran Accelerated Uranium Enrichment - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:US Weapon Plans Threaten Missile Proliferation - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:UN Finds Highly Enriched Uranium Traces In Iran - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:SKorean FM 'Deeply Concerned' Over NKorean Missile Activity - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:You Say You Want a Revolution?  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Fan Films Reclaim the Whedonverse  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Rants 'n' Raves: Mindless Media  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Hollywood Undercover  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Top Off the Fun Tank With Cars  - Wired News
6/17/2006:The Great No-ID Airport Challenge  - Wired News
6/17/2006:The science behind the swerve  - BBC
6/17/2006:Digital Planet: Hi-tech help during disasters, Malaysia's digital dreams and foxing forgery  - BBC
6/17/2006:Watching you: Analyst Bill Thompson finds Big Brother alive and well in cyberspace  - BBC
6/17/2006:Police Blotter: Ex-cops sue over Net-sex video  - C/Net



6/17/2006:Do angry men get noticed?
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:First Whole-genome Scan For Links To Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Reveals Evidence For Genetic Susceptibility - Science Daily
6/17/2006:More Than One-third Of Disaster Victims May Suffer From Stress Disorder - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Chronic Neuropathic, 'Phantom' Pain Comes From Affected Nerve And Spinal Cord, Not Brain - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:
6/17/2006:Chemists Forge A New Form Of Iron - SpaceDaily 
6/17/2006:Raiders Of The Lost Dimension
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Supercomputers To Transform Science
6/17/2006:Designer Gradients Speed Surface Science Experiments...
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Variable Physical Laws...
 - Science Daily

Space and Astronomy:
6/17/2006:Astronomers Find Startling Absence Of Hot Gas In Galaxy NGC 1068 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Mysterious Carbon Excess Found In Infant Solar System
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Definition of 'Planet' Expected in September
 - Space.com
6/17/2006:Maturity of Farthest Galaxy Cluster Surprises Astronomers
 - Space.com
6/17/2006:Space Adventures Confirms Fourth Space Tourist
 - Space.com
6/17/2006:NASA Ames Lays Out CEV Tasks
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Malaysian Ready To Head Into Space
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:TPS Enables Study Of Mysterious Pioneer Anomaly
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Astronomers Find Nearby Galactic Highway
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2006:Mars Express Image: Heavily eroded Aram Chaos...
 - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Shuttle launch planned for next month....
 - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Top Space Rock and Pop Songs...
 - FirstScience
6/17/2006:Kirari Makes Laser Link with German Ground Station...
  - Physics Org
6/17/2006:Corkscrew Asteroids...
  - Physics Org
6/17/2006:Spitzer Helps Solve Mystery of Space Dust...


6/17/2006:Patients To Benefit From Novel Technology Revolutionizing High-speed Molecular Imaging
 - Science Daily
6/17/2006:Theorists devise world's smallest fridge
 - PhysicsWeb
6/17/2006:Car Ads Keep Selling Sex
  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Grow Your Own Armchair
  - Wired News
6/17/2006:Crossbow Could Shoot Man Sky-High
  - Wired News
6/17/2006: HP- Tech's New Top Dog
 - Business Week
6/17/2006: LCDs Display Their Flaws
 - Business Week
6/17/2006:Photos" New tech scores at World Cup
  - C/Net


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