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  June 17, 2005

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Honey, I Shrunk the PC  - Wired News  Scientists at the University of Arizona have discovered how to use quantum mechanics to turn molecules into working transistors in the lab, a breakthrough that might one day lead to high-powered computers the size of a postage stamp. Results of the as-yet-unpublished study came together just weeks before Canadian researchers performed a similar feat using chemical means. That experiment appeared in the journal Nature last week. Together, the two studies could bring the final frontier in nanocomputing -- a single-molecule transistor -- considerably closer to reality. "This is the only proposal that I'm aware of ... to use quantum interference effects in a device at room temperature," said Arizona physicist Charles Stafford. "It's a rather big advance, because I don't think anybody has done anything quite that well-controlled with a single molecule," Kirczenow said of the Wolkow transistor. "In this case we have the ultimate efficiency," he added. "A single electron."  
Stowaway's Survival on Mars? - SpaceDaily  Some hardy Earth microbes could survive long enough on Mars to complicate the search for alien life, according to a new study co-authored by University of Florida researchers. Though scientists looking for life on Mars worry about contamination from stowaway spores clinging to spacecraft, the inhospitable Martian environment is actually an effective sterilizing agent: The intense ultraviolet rays that bombard the Martian surface are quickly fatal to most Earth microbes. However, the new study shows that at least one tough Earth species, a type of blue-green algae called Chro-ococci-diopsis, could live just long enough to leave a biological trace in the Martian soil - creating a potential false positive.    

Florida Tech Receives $430,000 From NASA For Lunar Oxygen Project - SpaceDaily  Left:  Liquid oxygen is by far the largest component of rocket fuel, forming as much as 85 percent by weight. Its production on the moon would enable rockets to re-fuel on their way to far-flung corners of the earth's solar system. The goal of the study ultimately is to produce oxygen on the moon using the FFC Cambridge process, which uses electrochemical reduction of metal oxides in a molten salt electrolyte. "Locally produced oxygen for rocket propulsion promises by far the greatest cost and mass savings. It is crucial to achieving a sustained and affordable human robotic program to explore the solar system and beyond," said Whitlow. The FFC process will possibly produce lower cost metals on earth, most notably titanium.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/17/2005: Clear Rules Needed To Govern Deep Sea Bioprospecting: UNU - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Imported animals disease threat
  - BBC
6/17/2005: Orchid passion: A guide to some of the British Isles' most remarkable plants  - BBC
6/17/2005: Date palm sapling grows from 2,000-year-old seed  - BBC
6/17/2005: Logging threatens Borneo species  - BBC
6/17/2005: Apathy hits Italy fertility vote  - BBC
6/17/2005: Date palm grown from ancient seed - MSNBC
6/17/2005: Vote on Fertility Law Fires Passions in Italy  - NY Times
6/17/2005: It's Not So Easy to Adopt an Embryo  - NY Times
6/17/2005: Forum: Bioethics  - NY Times
6/17/2005: Discovery Suggests Why Stem Cells Run Through Stop Signs - Science Daily
6/17/2005: How Cell Suicide Protects Plants From Infection - Science Daily
6/17/2005: New Regulators Of Apoptosis And Chemoresistance Identified - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Scientists Create Digital Bacteria To Forge Advances In Biomedical Research - Science Daily
6/17/2005: A Koala's Guide To The Treetop Buffet - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Immune Cells' Genetic 'Jam Session' Is Controlled By Cell Division Machinery - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/17/2005: Ozone Levels Drop When Hurricanes Are Strengthening - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Russia Tackles Threats To Its Forests - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: US climate talks 'disappointing'  - BBC
6/17/2005: After years of drought, Salt Lake rising - MSNBC
6/17/2005: Researchers Demonstrate NEXRAD Radar Helps National Weather Service Forecasters Save Lives - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Hot Volcanic Eruptions Could Lead To A Cooler Earth - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Data From Space- Adaptive Array Network Could Improve Access To NASA's Earth Observing Satellites - Science Daily

6/17/2005: Gamers turn cities into a battleground - New Scientist

6/17/2005: Stratos First to Offer Fleet F77 128 kbps Coverage in Pacific
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Electric idea: Your home's built-in data network- electricity wires
  - BBC
6/17/2005: Tech & You
 - Business Week
6/17/2005: T-Mobile: 450,000 people paid to use Wi-Fi
 - Business Week
6/17/2005: Nokia unveils high-end camera phones
- C/Net
6/17/2005: T-Mobile reaches half a million Wi-Fi customers
- C/Net
6/17/2005: Vonage, Cisco team up in Wi-Fi giveaway
- C/Net
6/17/2005: Some cafes pull plug on lingering Wi-Fi users
- C/Net

6/17/2005: Honey, I Shrunk the PC  - Wired News
6/17/2005: Extra: Pentium-M upgrade brings Windows to G4 Cube  - C/Net

6/17/2005: Study: People with home offices want laptops - C/Net
6/17/2005: Second Blue Gene system rises up the ranks - C/Net

6/17/2005: Virus flood threatens home users  - BBC
6/17/2005: Nigerian scams keep evolving - C/Net
6/17/2005: Public Service Announcement: Don't Send Laptops to Nigeria - C/Net
6/17/2005: Huge Nigeria scam trial collapses  - BBC
6/17/2005: E-mail Scams Impersonate Federal Authorities in Iraq  - Technology Review 

6/17/2005: Portable drives pose data danger  - BBC
6/17/2005: Intoxication 'rife among doctors'  - BBC
6/17/2005: Men warned about obesity problem  - BBC
6/17/2005: Drug may help avoid prematurity  - BBC
6/17/2005: Boycott pressure Vatican plays politics as Italy votes on fertility treatment  - BBC
6/17/2005: Experts Examined: Sir Richard Peto, whose maths points way to a longer life  - BBC
6/17/2005: Tackling obesity: 'Conservation projects are helping us to change our lifestyle'  - BBC
6/17/2005: Britons heed food safety message  - BBC
6/17/2005: How mum's diet ups obesity risk  - BBC
6/17/2005: Trying for a baby: How other couples cope with the wait to conceive  - BBC
6/17/2005: Snocap's Song: Luring File Sharers? - Business Week
6/17/2005: Software power trip  - C/Net
6/17/2005: High-stakes start-ups
  - C/Net
6/17/2005: Photos: The bootstrap life
  - C/Net
6/17/2005: The Pulse: Microsoft offers beta of Adobe rival
- C/Net
6/17/2005: Tech execs lobby congress
  - CNN
6/17/2005: OHSU Researchers Uncover Cause, Possible Treatment For Abdominal Fat In Postmenopausal Women
 - Science Daily



6/17/2005: A third would mull mastectomy  - BBC
6/17/2005: Patients With Disease, Cancer Of The Esophagus Benefit From New Technique Developed By OHSU Surgeons - Science Daily
6/17/2005: New Advances May Slow Tumor Growth In Pancreatic Cancer - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Arm Swelling Common Among Young Breast Cancer Patients - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Discovery Offers Promising Lead In Prostate Cancer Diagnosis - Science Daily

6/17/2005: 'Test tube' hope for hep C drug  - BBC
6/17/2005: A Program to Fight Malaria in Africa Draws Questions  - NY Times
6/17/2005: Graphic: Malaria's Global Effect  - NY Times
6/17/2005: Device Traps, Disables Harmful Bacteria - Science Daily

6/17/2005: Petrol-lite prevents sniffers getting high - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Lowering Resistance To Insulin May Delay Or Prevent Onset Of Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Joslin Scientists Confirm Link Between PKC Enzyme And Kidney Disease In Diabetes - Science Daily

6/17/2005: Britons heed food safety message  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/17/2005: Pocahontas' earrings go on display - MSNBC
6/17/2005: Prehistoric Decline Of Freshwater Mussels Tied To Large-scale Maize Cultivation - Science Daily

6/17/2005: China Blasts UN Reform Proposal To Include G4 As "Immature" - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Secret Report Says US Intelligence Missed Chinese Military Buildup - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Scratching a living: A million children are working in mines across the world  - BBC
6/17/2005: Paris Air Show: Super-jumbo debut and big deals at aerospace jamboree  - BBC
6/17/2005: An SEC Query for HP: The agency asked HP for a chronology of new CEO Mark Hurd's job negotiations and sales of NCR stock just before he left that company - Business Week
6/17/2005: Wherever You Go, You're on the Job - Business Week
6/17/2005: Options Expensing Is Here to Stay - Business Week
6/17/2005: Another Turbulent Paris Air Show - Business Week
6/17/2005: Blogs: Did I just sell my house to the Mob? - C/Net
6/17/2005: Searching for a reason to buy Google  - NY Times
6/17/2005: New Advice Helps Parents And Camp Directors Prepare For A Safe And Healthy Summer Camp Season - Science Daily

6/17/2005: Feeling pain and witnessing it have same effect on muscles - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Neuroscience: What's on your mind? - New Scientist
6/17/2005: When In Danger Humans Are Similar To A Deer In The Headlights - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Shrinking Brains But Healthy Memory -- Does Brain Matter Matter? - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Unique Recordings Of Brain Cell Activity Reveal Nature Of Narcolepsy, Treatment Avenues - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/17/2005: Hubble Telescope to View Comet Collision -
6/17/2005: Biggest space camera will map Milky Way
 - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Computer graphics card simulates supernova collapse
 - New Scientist


6/17/2005: Japan drums up robot support  - CNN

6/17/2005: Stowaway's Survival on Mars? - SpaceDaily
Florida Tech Receives $430,000 From NASA For Lunar Oxygen Project - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Deep Impact Team Solves Blurry Photo Problem
6/17/2005: CSI Seeks Fair Share Of ISS Transport Route Within Two Years
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: NASA Announces Spectacular Day Of The Comet
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: NASA Must Meet Three Requirments Before Shuttle Flight
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: MPs Attack British Space Program
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: China To Sign Seven Satellite Navigation Contracts With EU
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: Deep Impact on track to strike speeding comet - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Rovers clock up a thousand Martian days
 - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Scientists Discover Possible Titan Volcano
 - Science Daily
6/17/2005: Fresh Cargo Ship Ready to Launch Toward ISS
6/17/2005: ISS Crew Jettisons Garbage-Filled Spaceship
6/17/2005: With Shuttle and Cargo at Pad, NASA Steps Closer Toward Launch
6/17/2005: Space Shuttle Discovery Successfully Rolls Back To Launch Pad
 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2005: A Thousand "Missions" And Counting...
 - SpaceDaily


6/17/2005: Brush up on your nanotechnology  - BBC
6/17/2005: World’s smallest toothbrush scrubs capillaries clean - New Scientist
6/17/2005: Building the A380 - New Scientist
6/17/2005: "Smoking" grass leads to nanotubes - PhysicsWeb
6/17/2005: New Laser Provides Spectrum Of Sensing Data - Science Daily


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