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  June 17, 2004

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Earliest Bilateral Fossil Discovered - SpaceDaily  Scientists have reported that bilateral animals appeared 600 million years ago, about 50 million years before the Cambrian Explosion. Before the Cambrian 550 million years ago, most life on Earth was composed of bacteria and single-celled animals. But then something happened to cause an "explosion" of complex multi-cellular body forms. Scientists have long been puzzled about why this burst of diversity occurred. The fossils are the first evidence of bilateral animals -- body plans that have a left and right side, a top and bottom, and a mouth and anus. Early animals like sponges and cnidarians have radial symmetry.
The Geology Of Mars Mid-'04 - SpaceDaily  While the ability of Spirit to locate water-deposited and -modified material on Mars' surface is still in doubt, its twin Opportunity has rather stolen its thunder by finding solid proof of such material almost as soon as it landed on the strange, flat, hematite-covered Meridiani Plain. Opportunity spent its first two months happily poking around "Eagle" - the little 22-meter wide depression into which the lander originally bounced and rolled, and whose walls contained an outcrop of finely layered light-colored rock only 40 cm thick which provided quick and dramatic proof that the Meridiani plain was exposed to substantial amounts of surface or near-surface groundwater during the Noachian Era. 

McLellan motor, Caltech Archives

Small Worlds: Recalling the mighty mini-motor smaller than a pinhead  - BBC  Left: The large blob is a pinhead; McLellan's motor is smaller still   If nanotechnology - engineering at close to the molecular scale - sometimes seems like a religion, complete with competing sects and prophets, then its old testament is a talk given in 1959 by the celebrated American scientist Richard Feynman. Entitled There's Plenty Of Room At The Bottom, the talk looked forward to an age when the pages of books could be reduced to collections of dots composed of a few atoms, and computer circuits could be made from wires a thousand times narrower than a human hair. "It's actually fourteen thousandths of an inch on a side - a 64th is 15.6 thousandths. It's just like a pencil dot, that's all it is."
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/17/2004: Reagan Death Sparks Alzheimer's Interest - ABC
6/17/2004: Alzheimer's May Leave Some Forms Of Memory Intact
 - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Stemming Alzheimer's
 - ABC
6/17/2004: Video
 - ABC
6/17/2004: Stem Cells Not Alzheimer's Priority
 - ABC

6/17/2004: Big jump in giant panda numbers revealed ... - New Scientist
6/17/2004: Study Shows Dogs Can Remember Words
 - ABC
6/17/2004: Cicadas' Love Song Travels Up Northeast - ABC
6/17/2004: Plant DNA bank opens in Brazil  - BBC
6/17/2004: How dogs grasp what you say - MSNBC
6/17/2004: Study Of Proteins Offers Insights Into Organization Of Biological Networks - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Choice Of Food Helps Hungry Caterpillar - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Opposition to GM crops grows ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Bush anti-pollution plan called weak ...
6/17/2004: Sheep like smiles say researchers  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/17/2004: Examining the impact of climate change on lakes ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Carbon Tax Back On The Agenda ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Greenpeace urges 'research' whalers to tell truth ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Bush anti-pollution plan called weak ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Green groups howl as France mulls wolf cull ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Research: Endangered Mouse Never Existed - ABC

6/17/2004: Net games lure 'bored housewives'  - BBC
6/17/2004: Tiny camcorder packs TiVo-like live-rewind feature  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Lara Croft creator speaks out  - BBC
6/17/2004: Arrests in Half-Life 2 theft case  - BBC

6/17/2004: Comcast blocks spam loophole  - C/Net
6/17/2004: BT plans universal broadband  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Airline deregulation: lessons for telecom  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Spying and pryingSecurity fears start a backlash against camera-phones  - BBC

6/17/2004: Transition to 90-nm raising tough design issues  - El. Engr. Times
6/17/2004: Analog experts eye Moore's Law  - El. Engr. Times
6/17/2004: Synthesis is 'broken' at 65-nm, says IBM manager - Silicon Strategies

6/17/2004: Apple Power Mac ads 'misleading'  - BBC

6/17/2004: Sales boom fuels new net growth
6/17/2004: The funny odds of online dating  - CNN
6/17/2004: Microsoft's bounty hunter  - CNN
6/17/2004: AOL unveils premium instant-messaging services  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Russia and China 'behind current spam deluge' - New Scientist
6/17/2004: Net chokeWill BT's plans to block certain websites dent free speech?  - BBC
6/17/2004: China creates web vigilante site  - BBC

6/17/2004: Microsoft, Mind Your Mess - ABC
6/17/2004: Review: Software to Build Your Own Browser - ABC
6/17/2004: One price doesn't fit all, Microsoft finds  - CNN
6/17/2004: Sharing is their code  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Korean regulators search Microsoft offices  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Hewlett-Packard to expand partner program  - C/Net
6/17/2004: FTC: All eyes on consumer privacy  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Adobe's PDF hitches a ride with Linux  - C/Net

6/17/2004: UK charged with nuclear 'fudge'  - BBC
6/17/2004: Motor racing teams test new fuels  - BBC

6/17/2004: Scientists are working on a pacemaker that runs on body heat  - BBC

6/17/2004: Cancer test uses military science  - BBC
6/17/2004: New Non-aspirin Pain Drug Proves Effective Against Recurrent Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Many Cancer Patients Turn To Complementary Therapies For Healing - Science Daily
6/17/2004: New Study Shows Estrogen Patches Lower Cholesterol In Men With Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Advisers Stress Importance of Mammograms - ABC

6/17/2004: Experts Urge Integrated AIDS Strategy - ABC
6/17/2004: G8 backs global HIV vaccine work  - BBC

6/17/2004: Scientists Link Molecule, Asthma Therapy - ABC
6/17/2004: Researchers Invent Diabetes Test Device - ABC
6/17/2004: Rash Decisions - ABC
6/17/2004: Video: The Basics of Allergy - ABC
6/17/2004: Fighting Facial Infections - ABC
6/17/2004: Alcohol Abuse Up, but Alcoholism Down - ABC
6/17/2004: 'All classes' favour smoking ban  - BBC

6/17/2004: U.S. Candy Makers Slim Down Their Treats - ABC
6/17/2004: CDC: Hanging Most Common in Young Suicides - ABC
6/17/2004: Advisers Stress Importance of Mammograms - ABC
6/17/2004: Japan's Birthrate Falls to New Record Low
6/17/2004: Brittle bones: Is your lifestyle increasing your risk of osteoporosis?  - BBC
6/17/2004: New Research Shows That The Seasons May Be Involved In Onset Of Menopause - Science Daily
6/17/2004: U.S. Candy Makers Slim Down Their Treats - ABC
6/17/2004: Study: Exercise Important for Strong Bones - ABC

History, Anthropology:
6/17/2004: Earliest Bilateral Fossil Discovered - SpaceDaily
6/17/2004: Auction Offers Dinosaur, Other Fossils - ABC
6/17/2004: 19th Century news going online  - BBC

6/17/2004: Zenit booster puts Russian military satellite into space ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Aromatic Awakenings - ABC
6/17/2004: Technology Chief - ABC
6/17/2004: Baghdad calling: Iraqi bloggers draw global audience with tales of everyday life  - BBC
6/17/2004: UCLA laptop theft exposes ID info  - C/Net
6/17/2004: India's software sector: We'll keep data safe  - C/Net
6/17/2004: China and the new rules for global business (PDF)  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Ageism in IT: Employers must change  - C/Net
6/17/2004: Could biotech be harnessed for bioterror? - MSNBC
6/17/2004: Celeb croc finally caught in Hong Kong - MSNBC
6/17/2004: Cosmic Log: Tomorrow's grand challenges - MSNBC
6/17/2004: Russia Launches Military Satellite -
6/17/2004: Turtles Kept Lost Peruvian Fishermen Alive - ABC
6/17/2004: Italian row over PM's European elections text message  - BBC

6/17/2004: PCs and IQs - ABC
6/17/2004: How Brain Gives Special Resonance To Emotional Memories

Physics and Astronomy:
6/17/2004: New Estimate for the Mass of Higgs Boson ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Molecular Nitrogen Found Outside our Solar System ...
 - FirstScience
6/17/2004: 'God Particle' Gets New Lease On Life ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Europeans Agree to Build Instrument for Webb Telescope ... - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Greatest maths problem 'solved'  - BBC
6/17/2004: Top Quark Measurements Give 'God Particle' New Lease On Life
 - Science Daily



6/17/2004: The Geology Of Mars Mid-'04 - SpaceDaily
6/17/2004: Wallpaper: Flood Plains on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Spirit rover sights 'blueberries'
  - BBC
6/17/2004: Spirit
  - Nature
6/17/2004: Mars rover spies pot of gold
 - New Scientist
6/17/2004: Utah rocks help explain Martian "blueberries"
 - New Scientist
6/17/2004: Mars Rovers Going The Extra Mile
 - Science Daily
6/17/2004: Giant Cousins of 'Mars Blueberries' in Utah
6/17/2004: EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Criticizes Bush for Space Vision
6/17/2004: Mars: Opportunity knocks ...
  - Nature
6/17/2004: Spirit Reaches Columbia Hills ...
 - FirstScience
6/17/2004: Moon-Mars panel- NASA needs big changes ...
 - FirstScience

6/17/2004: Small Worlds: Recalling the mighty mini-motor smaller than a pinhead   - BBC 
6/17/2004: Dunk, park, ironWhatever you want to do, there's a perfect formula for you  - BBC
6/17/2004: Microscopy moves to the picoscale - PhysicsWeb


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