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  June 16, 2006

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Andromeda Revealed: New Closeups of Our Galactic Neighbor - Space.com  The pictures reveal new details about Andromeda's central bulge central bulge and inner disk, while also peering into its very heart to uncover the source of mysterious pinpricks of light. Meanwhile, a mosaic made from thousands of individual images captures the total amount of infrared light emitted by the galaxy, allowing astronomers to calculate Andromeda's "weight" and determine how many stars form in the galaxy per year.       
US Astronauts To Fly New Space Ship By 2014 - SpaceDaily  The space ship that will return astronauts to the Moon should be ready for tests in 2012 and for a manned flight in 2014, NASA announced Monday. NASA plans to retire its aging shuttle fleet, which has gone through two tragic disasters, by 2010 and replace it with a Crew Exploration Vehicle to take astronauts back to the Moon by 2020. "We are studying right now a developmental flight test where we could fly as early as April 2009 ... a first stage with a dummy upper stage, with a dummy CEV on top, to validate the concept," he said. A final decision will be made later this year, he said. "We are confident we can meet the goal of the vision to get human boots back on the Moon by 2020." He stressed the need to find a way to return to the Moon that is "enormously cheaper than the shuttle." 

Russia Welcome To Help In Future Missions: NASA - SpaceDaily  Left: NASA's new cargo launch (left) and crew launch rockets, under development as part of the agency's Constellation Program to replace the aging shuttle fleet within a decade. Image credit: NASA  NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said he would welcome Russian participation in future space exploration missions that go beyond the International Space Station. Griffin replied that in his travels to Russia since becoming administrator, he also has spent a good deal of time with senior officials at both Roskosmos and the S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. With regard to robotic missions, he said, "frankly, we welcome coordination with any of the international partners who want to work with us." If they are interested in revitalizing their very proud history of planetary exploration, I'd say I'm all for it and we would absolutely look forward to working with them." 
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6/16/2006:Surf Clam Egg Study May Change Thinking About Centrosomes - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Sperm donor law 'not a deterrent'
  - BBC
6/16/2006:Earth's earliest life so far, and lots of it - New Scientist

Geosciences, Environment:
6/16/2006:First CloudSat Images Wowing Scientists - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:UAE To Monitor Construction Sites Via Satellite - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Aid Effort Hits Full Tilt As Eruption Fears Grow - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Thousands Evacuated As Merapi Menaces Indonesia - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Indonesian Farmers Devastated By Earthquake - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Florida's game fish habitats could be devastated in a few decades from global warming says NWF... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Pakistan in grip of a pollution crisis... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Will Environmentalist Impact Bush Cabinet-... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Air Emissions... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Environmentalist Pranksters Pose As McDonald's Execs At Corporate Game Conference... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Green group's pro-nuclear boss rejects role in 'rubbish' inquiry...
6/16/2006:Study: Global warming threatens Florida... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Clean Air Knows No National Boundaries... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Plants predict where rumbling volcanoes will blow... - New Scientist
6/16/2006:Disasters drive DNA forensics to reunite families...  - Nature
6/16/2006:Solar power cuts pollution... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Forget the glasses--3D monitors ready now  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Animal DNA Changing with Climate, Study Finds - Live Science
6/16/2006:Scientists To Study Monsoon Formation
 - Live Science
6/16/2006:Raiders of the lost storms
 - New Scientist

Games and Devices
6/16/2006:Review: Video goggles turn iPod into TV
 - Seattle Times
6/16/2006:Test the Temp of Your Tap  - Wired News
6/16/2006: Online Games to Hit $13 Billion by 2011 - Business Week
6/16/2006:Canon to build digital printers for businesses  - C/Net
6/16/2006:'Grand Theft Auto' makers settle with FTC  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Great gadget gifts  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Disposable cameras defy film's march to obscurity
  - C/Net
Hotel: Put that 'CrackBerry' down, you addict!  - CNN
6/16/2006:BlackBerry enters Japanese market
  - CNN
6/16/2006:Nintendo chief: No regrets on 'Wii' name
  - CNN
6/16/2006:TV gaming deal
 - New Scientist

Hardware and Software

6/16/2006:An Enhanced Hard Drive for Your Media  - Technology Review
6/16/2006:FPGA-based accelerators boost Opteron performance  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2006:Error-check breakthrough in quantum computing - New Scientist

6/16/2006:Ma Bell gets ready for IPTV close-up
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Engineers offer to fix garbled phone conversations
 - New Scientist

6/16/2006:Rating the 'Memediggers'
6/16/2006:Google: Don't Not Be Evil
6/16/2006:China: Internet cos. must obey its laws - Business Week
6/16/2006: How We Use the Web Today - Business Week
6/16/2006:House begins debate on Net neutrality rules  - C/Net
6/16/2006:BT exec pins Google as 'our biggest threat'
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:State makes online poker a felony
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Google Spreadsheets turns up heat on Excel
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:TiVo tunes in to Net downloads
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:A firestorm over one-way blogging
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Google: China censorship a compromise
  - CNN

6/16/2006:Google Wrestles With Conscience  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Microsoft opens up Vista testing  - BBC
6/16/2006:EU warns China on piracy problem  - BBC
6/16/2006: AOL's Security Gamble - Business Week
6/16/2006:Putting Vista to the test  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Piecing together Vista  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Bumper crop of Microsoft patches on the way  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Screenshot: Vista Ultimate extras  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Microsoft releases public download of Vista  - C/Net
6/16/2006:64 comments  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Microsoft's antipiracy tool phones home daily  - C/Net

6/16/2006:Solar power cuts pollution... - FirstScience
6/16/2006:Miners' health may be the cost of a nuclear future - New Scientist

6/6/2005: Mega Dam Avoids Building 50 Nuclear Reactors - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Defibrillation's Alternative  - Technology Review
6/16/2006:Tool to predict ethnic heart risk  - BBC

6/16/2006:Breast-sparing Surgery An Option For Women With Breast Cancer Gene Mutation, Study Finds - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Drug Attacks Prostate Cancer In Mouse Model By Destroying Its Blood Supply - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Breast Cancer In Younger Black Women Is More Likely To Be An Aggressive Variety - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Scientists Report More Accurate Prognosis Of Colon Cancer Survival
6/16/2006:Protein's Role In Regulating Cell Death Sets Direction For Cancer Research

6/16/2006:Drug 'blocks the spread of HIV'  - BBC
6/16/2006:Trials for drug that leaves HIV defenceless - New Scientist

6/16/2006:Increased Sensitivity To Nerve Signals Keeps Diabetes At Bay - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Diabetes Research Takes Wing Thanks To Long-lived Fruit Fly - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Warning over faulty diabetes aid  - BBC
6/16/2006:Faulty diabetic tests put lives at risk - New Scientist
6/16/2006:Smoking without fire - New Scientist

6/16/2006:Loss Of Central Vision With Age May Be Linked To Quality Of Dietary Carbohydrates - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Orange, Grapefruit Juice For Breakfast Builds Bones In Rats - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Bald factsPsychological and physical fallout of female hair loss  - BBC
6/16/2006:New Human Bone Made of Seaweed and Crustaceans - Live Science


History, Anthropology:
6/16/2006:Ancient DNA Sequence Allows New Look At Neandertals Diversity - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Chaco Canyon- A Place Of Kings And Palaces - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Fossils Point to Oldest Life on Earth... - Washington Post
6/16/2006:Native Americans may have dabbled in astronomy... - New Scientist
6/16/2006:Aussie rocks could be earliest life forms - MSNBC
6/16/2006:The complex past of the world's biggest crop - New Scientist

6/16/2006:Growing Sino-India Military Ties - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Senior US General Holds Talks With Top Brass Of India Military - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Hacking Your Diet  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Toad Roadkill Cartoon  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Cheap Wine Woos Chic Sippers  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Paper Is the New Silicon  - Wired News
6/16/2006:The Collector's Bible  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Judge Will Review Secret Spy Docs  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Science Idol lampoons the Bush administration... - New Scientist
6/16/2006:06.07.06 - NASA Partners in American Indian Science and Engineering Education NASA and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) announced the launch of the NASA AIHEC Summer Research Experience Program.... - NASA
6/16/2006:Biologists risk becoming accidental terrorists... - New Scientist
6/16/2006:Tory activists may get blog spot  - BBC
6/16/2006:Which philanthropic US firms gave most to charity in 2005?  - BBC
6/16/2006:'Legalise euthanasia' says expert  - BBC
6/16/2006:Family calls for suicide site ban  - BBC
6/16/2006:Making virtual worlds more lifelike  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Why the future is in South Korea  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Employee incentive systems: Why, and when, they are so hard to change  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Man arrested for $1M Web phone scam  - CNN
6/16/2006:Holocaust survivors face increased cancer risk
 - New Scientist



6/16/2006:Brain's Receptors Sensitive To Pot May 'Open Door' In Treating Drug Dependence, Brain Disorders
 - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Number Of Children And Teens Treated With Antipsychotics Increases Sharply - Science Daily
6/16/2006:Stress at work makes men ill  - BBC
6/16/2006:The neuroscience of leadership  - C/Net
6/16/2006:TV screen, not couch, required for this session  - C/Net
6/16/2006:Angry young men get noticed - New Scientist
6/16/2006:When chimps outsmart humans
 - New Scientist

Physical Sciences:
6/16/2006:The Physics of Glass Just Got Blurry - Live Science

Space and Astronomy:
6/16/2006:Andromeda Revealed: New Closeups of Our Galactic Neighbor - Space.com
6/16/2006:Young Supernova Remnants Not Dusty Enough, According To Astronomers
 - Science Daily
US Astronauts To Fly New Space Ship By 2014 - SpaceDaily
Russia Welcome To Help In Future Missions: NASA - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Squyres Says Opportunity Good To Go
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:A Tale Of Two Nebulae
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2006:Asteroid is more porous than sand...
 - New Scientist
6/16/2006:06.07.06 - Fuse Finds Infant Solar System Awash in Carbon NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 7, about the discovery of carbon-rich gas around a young star that may be forming terrestrial planets....
6/16/2006:Shuttle fuel tank fit for flight
  - BBC
6/16/2006:Space tourist tells tales of rockets, diapers
  - C/Net
6/16/2006:NASA spoilt for choice over landing site for Mars rover - New Scientist


6/16/2006:System Pulls Answers From Online Conversations By Identifying The Alpha Chatterers
 - Science Daily
6/16/2006:New Nanofabrication Technique- Growing Nanostructures On Micro Cantilever Provides New Platform For Materials Discovery
 - Science Daily
6/16/2006:A Cleaner, Cheaper Route to Titanium
  - Technology Review
6/16/2006:GM Touts Safety Technology
  - Wired News
6/16/2006:A Sixth Sense for a Wired World
  - Wired News
6/16/2006:Lost and Found in Manhattan
  - Wired News
6/16/2006:A foot in the door of the e-voting booth
  - NY Times
6/16/2006:Device could give robots a light touch
  - CNN
6/16/2006:New Material is Sensitive Like Human Skin
 - Live Science
6/16/2006:Sensor could bring human touch to robots
6/16/2006:Touch sensor is as sensitive as your fingertip
 - New Scientist


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