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  June 16, 2005

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Key to stem cell immortality found - MSNBC Left:  The top part of this photomicrograph shows egg chambers produced regularly by a fruit fly's normal germline stem cells. The bottom part shows a big developmental gap for a stem cell that has been genetically modified to disrupt microRNAs. The blue circles are nurse cells that nourish each red egg cell.  One of the medical marvels of stem cells is that they continue to divide and renew themselves when other cells would quit. But what is it that gives stem cells this kind of immortality? Researchers report in the journal Nature that microRNAs appear to shut off the "stop signals" or brakes that would normally tell cells to stop dividing. And now that the researchers have found that too few microRNAs are bad for stem cells, they want to see what an abundance of microRNAs will do.
A bus emits black smoke from its exhaust Bush aide 'edited climate papers'  - BBC  Philip Cooney removed or adjusted descriptions of climate research that had already been approved by government scientists, the newspaper said. Before working at the White House, Mr Cooney was a lobbyist at the American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil industry trade group. He is a lawyer by training, with no scientific background. The New York Times said he made dozens of changes to reports issued in 2002 and 2003, and many appeared in final versions of major administration climate reports.   


The future of robots - MSNBC  Robots of all shapes and sizes were batting fastballs, drawing portraits, teaching the waltz and doing standup comedy at the World Expo — but several years of testing are still needed before most of them can be used in public, developers say. Lined up in a row of booths, the more than 60 robots on display starting Thursday at the Prototype Robot Exhibition — being held in a corner of the sprawling expo in Aichi, in central Japan — are designed to become part of everyday lives, helping the sick, rescuing disaster victims and entertaining families. The exhibit, which runs through June 19, aims to showcase Japan's leadership in robotics. With the nation's economy still sluggish, corporations, researchers and government officials are hoping the sector can provide new growth opportunities. The Japan Robot Association, a trade group, expects the Japanese market for next-generation robots — those being developed now as opposed to industrial robots currently in use — to grow to $14 billion by 2010, and to more than $37 billion by 2025.       
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/16/2005: Key to stem cell immortality found  - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Food fears for UK seabirds
  - BBC
6/16/2005: Logging threatens Borneo species  - BBC
6/16/2005: 'Snot' balls linked to ocean life - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Fungi destroy mosquitoes  - Nature
6/16/2005: Fungus Fatal to Mosquito May Aid Global War on Malaria - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Vote on Fertility Law Fires Passions in Italy - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Public Release Of Pig Genomic Sequences - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Scientists See Human Kidney Development Through Fruit Fly Eyes - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Rodents' Talk Isn't Just 'Cheep'  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Genes' Influence on Orgasms  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Warning Over Crow Attacks  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
6/16/2005: Bush aide 'edited climate papers'   - BBC
6/16/2005: Volcanoes cool climate through bacteria  - Nature
6/16/2005: New UF Test Could Help Third World Farmers Improve Soil, Fight Global Warming - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Senate panel votes to delay lawn mower pollution rules ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Deforestation destroys timber worth millions ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Urine to fight traffic pollution? ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Condo pollution coverup results in no indictments ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Historic shift on climate change: ACF ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: New law to make firms report greenhouse gas emissions ... - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Pipe Maker Found Guilty of Violating Pollution Law ...  - NY Times

6/16/2005: Hollywood hardball  - BBC
6/16/2005: 'Haunting Ground' covers terrifying territory  - CNN
6/16/2005: Gamers' Brains No Different Than Yours Or Mine - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Details awaited on "Halo" movie - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: The World in the IPod  - Wired News

6/16/2005: Yahoo looks to boost voice services
  - CNN
6/16/2005: T-Mobile to boost its Wi-Fi "hotspots"
 - Seattle Times

6/16/2005: AMD focuses on 'x86 everywhere'  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Developers get taste of Intel-based Macs  - C/Net
6/16/2005: China chipmaking to explode through '08  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Week in review: Apple's changing core  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Week in pictures: All things Apple  - C/Net
6/16/2005: AMD Execs Lay Out Product Road Map  - C/Net
6/16/2005: AMD banks future on 64-bit processor, it tells analysts  - C/Net
6/16/2005: China to build 20 new fabs by 2008
  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2005: AMD plans 64-bit Sempron processors
  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2005: Onami, Voxtel to make chips with quantum dots
  - El. Engr. Times

6/16/2005: Hard drives for 'terabyte lives'    - C/Net
6/16/2005: Little big drive    - C/Net
6/16/2005: Microsoft offers beta of Adobe rival  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Tips for finding the perfect PC - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: What's in store for Macs with Intel processor inside - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: Programs allow more control over who uses computer when - Seattle Times

6/16/2005: Open web Fighting internet censorship with small gains in freedom  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Jackson suicide spam hides virus  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Keeping pace in browser biz  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Extra: Oldies are still goodies online  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Opera, Firefox squabble over best-browser claim    - C/Net
6/16/2005: Recon worms on the way, experts say  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Google backs street-imaging project
 - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Even deep thinkers use e-mail
 - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: Roadcasting: A Potential Mesh Network Killer App
  - Technology Review 
6/16/2005: P2P Perils for Parents
  - Wired News

6/16/2005: Privacy patrol at Microsoft  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Faulty update crashes ZoneAlarm firewall  - C/Net
6/16/2005: ATI announces Radeon upgrades  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Tech execs lobby congress  - C/Net

6/16/2005: 'Metal-Decorated' Nanotubes Hold Promise For Fuel Cells - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Renewable energy grants still available ... - FirstScience

6/16/2005: Kinky bypass grafts last longer - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Pacemakers And Defibrillators For The Survival Of Patients Suffering From Heart Insufficiency - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Soy Appears To Lower Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels, Aid Weight Loss - Science Daily

6/16/2005: Unique Dual Treatment For Liver Cancer Packs Curative Punch - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Exercise, Weight Control May Help Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer, Meharry-Vanderbilt Study Suggests - Science Daily

6/16/2005: A Program to Fight Malaria in Africa Draws Questions - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Johns Hopkins Team Finds 'Ancestral' Hepatitis-C Virus At The Root Of Evolution In Infections - Science Daily
6/16/2005: University Of Illinois At Chicago Developing Drug For SARS - Science Daily

6/16/2005: Kids’ asthma linked to mothers’ depression - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Discovery May Prevent Life-threatening Wasting Disease In Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease - Science Daily

6/16/2005: 'Dr Death': Surgeon in Australia so inept that patients were hidden from him  - BBC
6/16/2005: Height calculator: Find out how tall your child will become as an adult  - BBC
6/16/2005: Berlin stocks up on condoms for World Cup sex boom  - BBC
6/16/2005: Morphine fails sick babies' pain  - BBC
6/16/2005: Should medicine be colour-coded? - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Histories: A riot of sneezes - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Stress, Mood And Other Factors May Affect Mom's Diet During Pregnancy - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/16/2005: Pocahontas' earrings go on display - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Scientists take evolution fight online - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Mayan crypt reveals power of women  - Nature
6/16/2005: Group Creates Pro-Evolution Site  - Wired News

6/16/2005: Rings of bone grown for couples  - BBC
6/16/2005: China's "Wild West" explored    - C/Net
6/16/2005: RFID goes open-source  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Week in Missing Links  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Beating surveillance cams with spray-on mud    - C/Net
6/16/2005: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Editor of Climate Reports Resigns - New Scientist
6/16/2005: Media Violence Linked To Concentration, Self-control - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Biological Warfare, Mad Cow Disease On University of Houston Student's Hit List - Science Daily
6/16/2005: WorldCom ex-CEO Ebbers asks judge for leniency - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: On Display: the Unthinkable  - Technology Review 
6/16/2005: Keeping Up With Uncle Sam  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Spray-On Mud Makes a Splash  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Miyazaki's Castle Crumbles  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Patriot Act Works, Bush Claims  - Wired News
6/16/2005: Halo: The Movie - L. A. Times
6/16/2005: Starbucks to Invade China - Seattle Times
6/16/2005: Riding on the Sheep Urine Express  - Wired News
6/16/2005: U.S. Congress Reorganizes Committees to Consider NASA Budget ... - FirstScience

6/16/2005: 'Watch and wait' seizure advice  - BBC
6/16/2005: Neuroscience: What's on your mind? - New Scientist
6/16/2005: New Memory Drug Works Best In Combination With Older Remedy - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Grey Matter, Blue Matter - The Economist

Physics and Astronomy:
6/16/2005: Computer graphics card simulates supernova collapse - New Scientist
6/16/2005: X-rays reveal more about exotic atoms
 - PhysicsWeb
6/16/2005: Pitt Researchers See Electron Waves In Motion For First Time
 - Science Daily
6/16/2005: Hubble Telescope to View Comet Collision ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Why is Quantum Mechanics SO difficult?...
 - FirstScience


6/16/2005: The future of robots  - MSNBC
6/16/2005: Japan drums up robot support  - CNN
6/16/2005: Robot expo  - CNN
6/16/2005: It’s a robot’s life - MSNBC

6/16/2005: July date for comet encounter  - BBC
6/16/2005: Letter from The [Planetary] Society to Congressional Leaders ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2005: Amalthea Mystery: How Did a Snowball Get So Close to Jupiter? ...
 - FirstScience

6/16/2005: Time to clean up tech's act  - C/Net
6/16/2005: Foggy screen points the way  - Nature
6/16/2005: Nanotechnology: making the world better? - New Scientist
6/16/2005: World's Fastest Method For Sending Data In Cell Phones, Computers Created With Nanotubes - Science Daily
6/16/2005: When Nanopants Attack  - Wired News
6/16/2005: HP Finds Big Advances in Nanotechnology  - Wired News


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