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  June 16, 2004

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Puzzling Filaments in Milky Way Explained -   The filaments range from 10 to 100 light-years in length and 1 to 3 light-years across. They occur only in a very narrow area, within about 900 light-years of the galactic center, a region crowded with old and new stars. The filaments emerge from pockets of intense star formation, the new study found. The center of the Milky Way is dominated by a supermassive black hole, which is surrounded by an intense magnetic field and pockets of rampant star formation. 
Major Galactic Mystery Solved By CU Astronomers - SpaceDaily  Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder have solved a major galactic mystery that may help astronomers in their quest to develop a detailed picture of the chemical evolution of the Milky Way galaxy. Speaking at the 204th meeting of the American Astronomical Society held May 30 – June 3 in Denver, the researchers reported that the abundance of deuterium, a heavy form of hydrogen, in the Milky Way galaxy today shows a consistent pattern that can be simply explained, lifting a veil of uncertainty that has long plagued astronomers. "For astronomers to be able to answer questions such as whether life exists elsewhere, we have to understand the whole picture of the chemical abundances in galaxies, and measuring deuterium is our best test," Linsky said. 

Yale Scientists Visualize Molecular Detail Of RNA Splicing Complex - SpaceDaily  Scientists in the department of molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale revealed the crystal structure of the first described enzymatic RNA - what it looks like and how it reacts - in the journal Nature. Scott Strobel, professor and principal investigator of the study and his research team at Yale, used X-ray crystallography to image the self-splicing group-I intron and the associations it makes as it reacts. The image shows an interaction with metal ions and the alignment of the RNA molecule segments. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/16/2004: Yale Scientists Visualize Molecular Detail Of RNA Splicing Complex - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Scientists make fish delicacy less deadly
6/16/2004: US congress looks again at stem-cell research - USA Today
6/16/2004: Research Finds Dogs Understand Language  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Moles And Myths: Are They Friends Or Foes? - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Food Makers Changing Genes  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Dogs Understand Human Language  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Dog's verbal tricks probe origin of language - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
6/16/2004: Greener IT the day after tomorrow? - Business Week
6/16/2004: Frozen time  - Nature
6/16/2004: Record ice core gives fair forecast - New Scientist
6/16/2004: A New Ice Age- None Soon, Snow 2 Miles Deep Implies  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Right Whale Is Spotted in Gulf of Mexico  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Study Finds Deer Hurt Wisconsin Diversity  - NY Times
6/16/2004: NASA Data Shows Deforestation Affects Climate In The Amazon - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Ministry to expedite probe on delivery of toxic wastes to Malaysia ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Bush anti-pollution plan called weak ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: FDA takes aim at CFC-based inhalers ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Greek-norwegian Cooperation On Environmental Issues ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Logging of Amazon Rainforest Reshapes Regional Climate ... - FirstScience

6/16/2004: My Therapist Is a Joystick - Business Week
6/16/2004: Playing Your Way to Health - Business Week
6/16/2004: Nintendo Changing Game Plans?  - Wired News

6/16/2004: Finally, a Free Market for Telecom - Business Week
6/16/2004: Bush administration won't appeal phone decision  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Hot spots are happening  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Dual-link wireless module eyed for notebooks  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2004: Big phone win for Baby Bells - Seattle Times
6/16/2004: You'll Never Get Cable a la Carte  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Sprint puts lens cap on camera phones
 - New Scientist


6/16/2004: NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Introduces New 40-Inch LCD Display With Modern Cabinet Design and Intelligent Features Suitable for AV Applications  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2004: Apple Unveils New Power Mac G5 Line  - El. Engr. Times
6/16/2004: AMD wins deal with China's biggest PC maker - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Why Realistic Graphics Make Humans Look Creepy  - Wired News

6/16/2004: IE flaws allow Web ad attack  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Google stirs controversy with Froogle - Washington Post
6/16/2004: Gmail Invitation Prices Crash  - Wired News

6/16/2004: Xandros debuts free Linux version  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Microsoft researchers dream big  - C/Net
6/16/2004: SKorean anti-trust watchdog probes Microsoft affiliate - SpaceDaily

6/16/2004: Renewable energy conference divides opinion ...
6/16/2004: Office Depot Deploys 'Green Power' In 12 California Locations ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Mechtild Rothe- Clear words and a raft of actions for the promotion of renewable energy around the globe' ... - FirstScience

6/16/2004: 'Virtual' moveHi-tech therapy aims to help stroke patients  - BBC

6/16/2004: Scientists Find Cancer's Genetic Core: 67 Genes Universally Activated In Human Cancer - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Researchers Unveil New Clinical Treatment In The Fight Against Gastointestinal Cancer - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Virus may predict cancer's spread, suggests study  - Yahoo


6/16/2004: Dying for a drinkThe growing death toll caused by drunken brawls  - BBC
6/16/2004: LARGE Protein Can Overcome Defects In Some Types Of Muscular Dystrophy - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Drunken Worms Reveal A Genetic Basis Of Alcohol Response - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Yoga Reduces Fatigue In Multiple Sclerosis Patients, OHSU Study Finds - Science Daily

6/16/2004: Menopause rates 'peak in the spring', say researchers  - BBC
6/16/2004: Once often enough to get pregnant  - BBC
6/16/2004: Report forecasts knee ops to rise  - BBC
6/16/2004: Sex more likely during women's fertile phase - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Exercise More Critical Than Calcium For Adolescent Bones - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Sensing Bone Strength with Sound  - Technology Review
6/16/2004: Boy whose brain keeps telling him he's still hungry ... - FirstScience
6/16/2004: How an obese girl's death became a political issue ... - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
6/16/2004: Mystery of the Amber Room resurfaces - MSNBC
6/16/2004: First fossil embryo of flying reptile found - MSNBC
6/16/2004: Scientists Retrace Trail of Lewis, Clark  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Spiral ring reveals ancient complex machines - New Scientist
6/16/2004: China finds first fossil embryo of flying reptile  - Yahoo

6/16/2004: India's Outsourcers Turn West - Business Week
6/16/2004: Feds should double science budget, says Intel CEO  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Intel targets China's online gamers  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Corporate America's coming tech splurge - Business Week
6/16/2004: Hotel key cards--with secrets?  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Fraud, waste mar Net school plan - USA Today
6/16/2004: Safeguards urged for e-voting systems - MSNBC
6/16/2004: Russia Launches Military Satellite  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Saving fuel - Seattle Times
6/16/2004: Putting the brakes on business babble - Seattle Times
6/16/2004: Intel mulling chip plant in China, says report - Silicon Strategies
6/16/2004: India software body moves to protect foreign firms' data security - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: US-based software company buys Indian outsourcing firm - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: New Nuclear Program Sidelined  - Wired News
6/16/2004: The Case of the Missing Pelicans  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Nokia Launches a Flipping Phone  - Wired News
6/16/2004: TiVo Breaks Into Home Networks  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Trustbusters on the Wrong Trail  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Canadian Candidates Woo Voters on Web  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Was Abu Ghraib a Game?  - Wired News
6/16/2004: The Walls Have Eyes  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Freak bumps scupper speed record attempt - New Scientist


Physics and Astronomy:
6/16/2004: Puzzling Filaments in Milky Way Explained -
6/16/2004: Riemann hypothesis proven?
  - C/Net
6/16/2004: Quark experiment predicts heavier Higgs - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Over the top
 - PhysicsWeb
6/16/2004: Key Theory Of Galaxy Formation No Longer Conflicts With Observations
 - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Astronomers Detect Molecular Nitrogen Outside Solar System
 - SpaceDaily


6/16/2004: Robotic rock-climber takes its first steps - New Scientist

6/16/2004: Major Galactic Mystery Solved By CU Astronomers - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Gemini Mirror Is First With Silver Lining
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: ESA Signs Agreement For James Webb Space Telescope Payload - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: SWAP To Determine Where The Sun And Ice Worlds Meet - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: A Jet-Powered PDA for Astronauts  - Wired News
6/16/2004: Saturn probe to buzz loneliest moon - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Saturn's moon reveals violent past - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Mars rovers arrive at long-awaited sites
 - New Scientist
6/16/2004: 31 Moons, Now Close Enough to Touch
  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Cassini's Approach
  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Moon Encounters
  - NY Times
6/16/2004: Cassini Makes Close Observations Of Phoebe
 - Science Daily
6/16/2004: Saturn's Moon Phoebe: Old, Beaten and Still Mysterious
6/16/2004: Closest Ever Images of Saturn's Moon Phoebe Captured By Cassini
6/16/2004: Scientists awed by US-European probe's images of Saturn moon
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Cassini Shows Off Its Stuff With Phoebe Extravaganza
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Meteorite Crashes Through Roof
 - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Mars Rover Spirit Develops Wheel Problem ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Experts advise NASA overhaul before return trip to the moon ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Saturn's dark moon reveals bruised past ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Administrator to Share Moon-Mars Commission Findings with NASA Work Force ...
 - FirstScience
6/16/2004: Mars rovers arrive at long-awaited sites
 - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Saturn's moon reveals violent past
 - New Scientist
6/16/2004: Phoebe's Surface Reveals Clues To Its Origin
 - Science Daily

6/16/2004: Nanotechnology Pioneer Slays 'Grey Goo' Myths - Science Daily
6/16/2004: U.S. needs nanoelectronics research institute, says SIA - Silicon Strategies
6/16/2004: Landmarks Smaller Than A Pinhead - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Los Alamos Simulates Circuit Failures From Cosmic Rays - SpaceDaily
6/16/2004: Nanotubes Move Molten Metal  - Technology Review


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