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  June 15, 2006

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Report: China’s Military Space Power Growing - Space.com  China’s escalating expertise in space is also enhancing its competence as a global military force. Along with lofting future radar, ocean surveillance, and high-resolution photoreconnaissance satellites, China’s rise as a space power also includes pursuit of an offensive anti-satellite system. Those observations are included in a new report—Military Power of the People’s Republic of China: A Report to Congress—issued by the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense.      
'Cosmic Telescopes' May Have Found Infant Galaxies - Science Daily  Left:  The figure shows a three color image of the massive cluster of galaxies Abell 2218 taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys in the Hubble Space Telescope. The distance to the cluster is approximately 2.5 billion light years. The blue arcs are star-forming galaxies that are behind the cluster approximately half way across the Universe. This is a beautiful example of a "cosmic telescope"Using massive clusters of galaxies as "cosmic telescopes," a research team led by a Johns Hopkins University astronomer has found what may be infant galaxies born in the first billion years after the beginning of the universe. If these findings are confirmed, the extra magnification provided by these gargantuan natural telescopes will have given astronomers their best-ever view of galaxies as they formed in the early universe, more than 12 billion years ago, said Holland Ford, a professor in the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Free Radical Cell Death Switch Identified: Molecular Pathway May Contribute To Age Related Diseases - Science Daily  Just as humans undergo daily stress, so do our individual cells. The cellular variety, oxidative stress, is caused by the build-up of free radicals, which over time inflict damage linked to aging and age related diseases such as Alzheimer's Researchers at Harvard Medical School have now defined a molecular signaling pathway by which oxidative stress triggers cell death, a finding that could pave the way for new drug targets and diagnostic strategies for age-related diseases. The key is a protein called MST, which activates apoptosis.   
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6/15/2006: 'Hope for coral' as oceans warm  - BBC
6/15/2006: 'Biopharmed' rice reaps resistance
 - L. A. Times
6/15/2006: Harvard Researchers to Clone Human Embryos- Live Science
6/15/2006: 666-Legged Creature Rediscovered- Live Science
6/15/2006: Scientists find the world's leggiest creature - MSNBC
6/15/2006: Genetic tools you can trust - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Lose biodiversity and gain diseases - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Bush risks electoral fallout over stem cell veto - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Race To Halt Global Amphibian Crisis Boosted By Rediscovery Of Endangered Colombian Frogs - Science Daily

Geosciences, Environment:
6/15/2006: Emissions mission Diary of a UK firm's 100-day carbon clean-up challenge  - BBC
6/15/2006: New Satellite Provides 'Breathtaking' Views Inside Storms - Live Science
6/15/2006: Hunters and Fishermen Want Action on Global Warming - Live Science
6/15/2006: Earthquake Aftershocks Not What They Seemed - Live Science
6/15/2006: Seismic waves trigger some aftershocks - MSNBC
6/15/2006: Vaccination campaigns launched in quake zone - New Scientist
6/15/2006: World's 'leggiest' animal rediscovered - New Scientist

Games and Devices
6/15/2006: MP3, video player picture-quality shoot-out
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Apple debuts new U2 iPod  - C/Net
6/15/2006: 19 comments  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Deal of the day: Vaio laptop DVD burner for $166  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Origami gadgets - New Scientist

Hardware and Software

6/15/2006: Seagate announces new lines of drives  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Photos: Seagate's new drives  - C/Net
6/15/2006: TiVo tunes in to Net downloads  - C/Net
6/15/2006: The future face of displays  - C/Net
6/15/2006: The slow death of desktop PCs  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Processors: Intel- New chip instruction sets not in the cards  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Intel wondering if less business is more?
  - C/Net

6/15/2006: World Cup ushers in mobile TV era
  - BBC
6/15/2006: Ma Bell's coming back
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Samsung claims VGA resolution on cellphone
  - El. Engr. Times

6/15/2006: China 'blocks' main Google site  - BBC
6/15/2006: Online music row shuts web site  - BBC
6/15/2006: Cyber happiness: Can the internet make us happier than the real world?  - BBC
6/15/2006: Brin says Google compromised principles - Business Week
6/15/2006: Net neutrality on front burner  - C/Net
6/15/2006: China net users miffed at Google access issues  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Don't believe the MySpace hype
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Google ducks lawsuit over search rankings
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Study: Web is the No. 1 media
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Web sites warned over photo of Jolie-Pitt offspring
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: N.Y. public library offers free films online
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Software could add meaning to 'wiki' links
 - New Scientist

6/15/2006: Microsoft shakes up PC security market  - C/Net
6/15/2006: AOL to enter security arena  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Compare PC care packages  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Windows: Vista users to get Ultimate reward  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Microsoft goes comic route with Vista  - C/Net
6/15/2006: New Long-distance Wireless Networking Brings Eye Care To India - Science Daily

6/15/2006: Energy debate Australia's move to study nuclear options sparks concern  - BBC
6/15/2006: Portugal starts huge solar plant  - BBC


6/15/2006: Step By Step, Cancer Patients Use Exercise To Feel Better - Science Daily

6/15/2006: Namibia suffers polio 'setback'  - BBC
6/15/2006: Deaths after care home TB cases  - BBC
6/15/2006: New outbreak as polio refuses to go quietly - New Scientist

6/15/2006: Scientists show a Chinese remedy can treat diabetes  - BBC
6/15/2006: Peers attack public smoking ban  - BBC

6/15/2006: NHS deficit doubles to over £500m  - BBC
6/15/2006: Eight-year-olds 'can use Prozac'  - BBC
6/15/2006: Global nurse shortages on agenda  - BBC
6/15/2006: • The Wrench in the Drug Pipeline - Business Week
6/15/2006: • Big Pharma's Nurse Will See You Now - Business Week
6/15/2006: Time for bed, said the adrenal clock - New Scientist
6/15/2006: New antivenom could save more snakebite victims - New Scientist

6/15/2006: Free Radical Cell Death Switch Identified: Molecular Pathway May Contribute To Age Related Diseases - Science Daily 

History, Anthropology:
6/15/2006: Mini-dinosaurs emerge from quarry  - BBC
6/15/2006: Ancient rocks 'built by microbes'  - BBC
6/15/2006: Tooth gives up oldest human DNA  - BBC
6/15/2006: Scientists probe 2,000-year-old Greek computer  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Dwarf Dinosaur Discovered - Live Science
6/15/2006: Odd Rock Structures Could be Earliest Signs of Life
6/15/2006: Early Life Survived 'Snowball Earth' - Live Science
6/15/2006: Cosmic Log: A Neanderthal's DNA tale
6/15/2006: Aussie rocks could be earliest life forms
6/15/2006: Dwarf dinosaur species discovered
Cosmic Log: A Neanderthal's DNA tale  - MSNBC
6/15/2006: Stromatolite reef from the Early Archaean era of Australia
  - Nature
6/15/2006: Complex ecosystems arrived early
  - Nature
6/15/2006: Tiny dino discovered
  - Nature
6/15/2006: New dinosaur is the smallest giant
- New Scientist
6/15/2006: Study Shows Our Ancestors Survived 'Snowball Earth'
  - Science Daily

6/15/2006: Report: China’s Military Space Power Growing - Space.com
6/15/2006: IBM Goes Bollywood - Business Week
6/15/2006: LCDs to overtake tube TVs in 2009  - C/Net
6/15/2006: 24 comments  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Gadgets: Find out if you're being watched  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Tech toys on way for holidays  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Special forces to use strap-on 'Batwings'  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Latest in soldiery: A menagerie of robo-animals  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Keeping an eye on the snoops - Business Week
6/15/2006: Singapore tapped as Motorola supply-chain hub  - El. Engr. Times
6/15/2006: Missing drive - New Scientist



6/15/2006: Why sex matters for neuroscience
  - Nature
6/15/2006: A dose of reality - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Tuberculosis Drug May Cure Parkinson's-like Illness - Science Daily
6/15/2006: Negative Body Image Related To Depression, Anxiety And Suicidality - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:
6/15/2006: Physicists create great balls of fire - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Is space-time actually a superfluid?
 - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Cosmologists should keep an open mind
 - New Scientist

Space and Astronomy:
6/15/2006: Cosmic Telescopes' May Have Found Infant Galaxies - Science Daily
6/15/2006: A moon shot on the way to Mars
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: Images help solve mystery of Titan's missing craters - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Star's dusty disc could create exotic worlds
 - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Launch of inflatable spacecraft delayed
 - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Mars rover escapes from the "Bay of Lamentation"
 - New Scientist
6/15/2006: Space Adventures Confirms Fourth Space Tourist
 - Space.com
6/15/2006: Mars Science Laboratory: Engineers, Scientists Tackle Challenges
 - Space.com
6/15/2006: Space Advocates Take Message to Congress
 - Space.com
6/15/2006: Astronomers Find Hundreds Of Young, Distant Galaxy Clusters
 - Space.com

6/15/2006: Electric sports car ready to challenge Porsche?
  - C/Net
6/15/2006: The fastest R&D lab on the planet
 - Popular Science
6/15/2006: Underwater robot digs for gold
  - Technology Review 
6/15/2006: Sony unveils HDTV displays and Blu-ray for 2006
  - El. Engr. Times
6/15/2006: Translator lets computers "understand" experiments
 - New Scientist


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