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  June 15, 2005

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SpaceX Rocket Readied For Maiden Flight -   Following an on-the-pad short burst firing of their Falcon 1 rocket engine last month, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is on track for a maiden flight of the privately-built booster.  Assuming that there are no further delays in lofting a Titan 4 classified mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California – now slated for a July departure – SpaceX expects to receive a Falcon 1 launch window from that spaceport for an August timeframe.    
Alexandra Lines Tragic student The death of a young DJ from skin cancer is a warning to others  - BBC   Alex Lines was not a sun worshipper or a tanorexic. The music student and DJ wore sun cream on holiday, used fake tan and had only been on sunbeds a handful of times. But just weeks ago Alex died at home with her parents at her bedside, from an aggressive brain tumour caused by skin cancer. She was 22 years old. John and Jennifer Lines, from Romford in Essex, want their daughter's death to act as a stark warning that even a little sun can sometimes be too much. Mr and Mrs Lines want to urge other people, especially those with red or blonde hair like Alex, to avoid suntanning and get any changing moles checked immediately. Mr Lines told the BBC News website: "It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you're fair-skinned or have any history of melanoma in your family. Alex did not enjoy lying around on holiday on the beach or by the pool." Mr and Mrs Lines, who both have uncles who developed melanoma, have called for screening for the illness to be carried out at a young age. "Fair-skinned people are particularly at risk, as are those with lots of moles."

Sao Paulo city centre

Blessed biofuels: President Bush's vision for plant powered cars is a reality in Brazil  - BBC  In the mid-1980s - before any other country even thought of the idea - Brazil succeeded in mass-producing biofuel for motor vehicles: alcohol, derived from its plentiful supplies of sugar-cane. But the programme that had put the country so far ahead was very nearly consigned to history when oil prices slid back from high levels seen in the 1970s. Alcohol-powered cars fell out of favour and languished in obscurity until last year, when production picked up again in a big way. Now Brazilians can buy cars that give them the chance to mix and match alcohol with regular fuel - and conventional motor vehicles that run purely on petrol are looking old-fashioned once again. A new generation of alcohol-powered cars entered production in Brazil in 2003, after the government decided that cars capable of burning ethanol should be taxed at 14%, instead of 16% for their exclusively petrol-powered counterparts. Unlike earlier models, these are "flex-fuel" cars - equally happy with pure alcohol, pure petrol, or any blend of the two. In 2004, the first full year that "flex-fuel" cars were on sale, they accounted for more than 17% of the Brazilian market, and are on course for an even bigger share this year.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/15/2005: Rat pack: Up close with the rodents that live alongside us  - BBC
6/15/2005: Cosmic Log: ‘Junk DNA’ plays social role
6/15/2005: DNA of Deadbeat Voles May Hint at Why Some Fathers Turn Out to Be Rats  - NY Times
6/15/2005: Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps No Magic Bullet, Say UF Experts - Science Daily
6/15/2005: Causes Of Rubber Tree Bark Necrosis Identified - Science Daily
6/15/2005: Researchers Identify Method That Produces Viable Eggs When Thawed - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/15/2005: U.S. Edits Global Warming Reports  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Climate changes spur plan for village move ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Global Warming Is A 'Clear And Increasing Threat' ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Greenpeace continues to harass Almaltal trawler ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Global warming 'less threat to diversity than habitat damage by man' ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Scientists warn of dramatic impact of climate change on Africa ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Air pollution is killer ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Round table considers environment issues, women's activity ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Rain Forest Myth Goes Up in Smoke Over the Amazon ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Sumatra Menaced By Two Quake Threats, Possible Tsunami- Seismologists - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Heightened Risk Of Hurricanes This Year - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Eco-friendly motor rally sets off from Kyoto to celebrate environment - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: How development made tsunami worse - MSNBC
6/15/2005: Creator of Finding Nemo puts shark-fin soup on the menu - New Scientist
6/15/2005: Climate evidence finds us guilty as charged - New Scientist
6/15/2005: Fresh quake alert for islands reeling from tsunami - New Scientist
6/15/2005: British conservationist to lose posts after climate claims - New Scientist
6/15/2005: MIT Team Designs Tsunami-resistant Houses - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Voice Actors Win Bigger Check  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Death Sentence for Game Killer  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Roxio software targets iPod users  - C/Net

6/15/2005: News Junkies Need It Now
  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Nanotech breakthrough said to increase wireless speeds
  - El. Engr. Times

6/15/2005: Honey, I Shrunk the PC  - Wired News
6/15/2005: HP Reports Upgrades in Chips  - Wired News
6/15/2005: IBM's renewed Power supply  - C/Net
6/15/2005: HP uses coding theory to make nano chips  - El. Engr. Times

6/15/2005: Tiger Tweaks Could Kill Folders  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Apples Switch and Consumer Consequences  - Wired News
6/15/2005: The Laptop Trail  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Smart USBs a headache for software licensing?  - C/Net

6/15/2005: From the Editor: Commonplace Thoughts  - Technology Review 
6/15/2005: This Blog Is 100 Percent Solar  - Wired News
6/15/2005: The Powerof Us Mass: collaboration on the Internet is rattling some industries and opening doors for others. It's a force that can't be ignored - Business Week
6/15/2005: Venture capital rediscovers the consumer Internet  - NY Times
6/15/2005: Is there substance to the IE 'ghost bug'?  - C/Net
6/15/2005: With A Little Help From Your Friends: A New Way To Block Spam - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Warner Gets a Jump on Film Pirates - L. A. Times
6/15/2005: Microsoft'snew tune  - C/Net
6/15/2005: Microsoft preps 'critical' Windows patch  - C/Net

6/15/2005: Blessed biofuels: President Bush's vision for plant powered cars is a reality in Brazil   - BBC
6/15/2005: An environment-friendly rechargeable battery ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Beacon Power Delivers Flywheel-Based Power System To Bechtel Bettis - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Vietnam Wants Mass Relocation Of People Speeded Up For Giant Power Project - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Earth-friendly cars  - C/Net
6/15/2005: Secret nuclear waste disposal sites revealed - New Scientist


6/15/2005: Tragic student The death of a young DJ from skin cancer is a warning to others  - BBC
6/15/2005: Power stations 'no cancer risk'  - BBC
6/15/2005: Breast Cancer Uses Growth Factors To Lure Stem Cells - Science Daily
6/15/2005: 'Real Life' Study Clarifies Risk Of Recurrence For High-risk Breast Cancer Patients - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Fungus 'may help malaria fight'  - BBC
6/15/2005: Fungus Fatal to Mosquito May Aid Global War on Malaria  - NY Times
6/15/2005: NC Woman Is Now Insulin-free After Series Of Three Islet Cell Transplants - Science Daily
6/15/2005: New Insights Into Chlamydial Infection: Genome Decoded Of Sheep Pathogen - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Safety doubt for more painkillers  - BBC
6/15/2005: Mistaken fears over nicotine aids  - BBC
6/15/2005: Procedure May Save Patients From Developing Diabetes - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Ancestry, geography key to lactose intolerance  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
6/15/2005: Keeping Tabs ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Smithsonian commits creationism gaffe - New Scientist

6/15/2005: Geeks take mapping service in new directions - Seattle Times
6/15/2005: Google Maps make demographics come alive - Seattle Times
6/15/2005: Patriot Act Works, Bush Claims  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Boards Get Brains, Chalk Vanishes  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Academic Journals Open to Change  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Security Dept. Lacks Disaster Backups  - NY Times
6/15/2005: Dalek Theft Sparks a Who-Dunnit  - BBC
6/15/2005: A Big Stink Over Odors  - Wired News
6/15/2005: For The Love of Research  - Wired News
6/15/2005: CIA Official to Run FBI's Sentinel  - Wired News
6/15/2005: Nets Jump on Charge Oil Lobbyist Edited Global Warming 'Science' ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Born unto Trouble ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Shaky Reasoning ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: A Physicist's Philosophy of Mathematics ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Probing the Nucleus ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Researcher Discovers Universe Building Block Evolution ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Boeing Projects $2.1 Trillion Market For New Commercial Airplanes - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Taiwan Leader Calls For Arms Build-Up To Counter China's Threat - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Russians Ratify Baikonur Agreement - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: NKorea Has Nukes, Building More: Official - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Lawmakers want probe in charge White House doctored climate change reports
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: IT job market may be looking up
  - C/Net
6/15/2005: IT salaries flat overall, survey finds
  - C/Net
6/15/2005: U.S. easing off on European e-passports
  - C/Net
6/15/2005: FCC orders set makers to add DTV tuners by March 2006
  - El. Engr. Times
6/15/2005: Broken Links In Supply Chain Cause Serious Damage
 - Science Daily

6/15/2005: Voters give thumbs-down to baby-faced politicians - New Scientist
6/15/2005: Study Links Regions Of Two Chromosomes To Susceptibility For Type Of Autism - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/15/2005: Probing the Nucleus ... - FirstScience
6/15/2005: Cassiopeia A: Dead But Not Quiet
6/15/2005: Colorado Chosen for Cosmic Ray Observatory


6/15/2005: Robotic laughing bins and singing benches are unleashed in city  - BBC

6/15/2005: SpaceX Rocket Readied For Maiden Flight -
6/15/2005: Martian Aurora Is One of a Kind
  - Scientific American
6/15/2005: DVD Review: Voyage to the Planets and Beyond ...
6/15/2005: NASA- Earth And Space Sciences At Risk: AGU
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Russia Displays Mars Station Model
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Mars Has An Aurora, And It's Like None Other In The Solar System
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: China to sign seven satellite navigation contracts with EU
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: NASA to meet three requirments before shuttle flight
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Boeing awarded 316 million dollar space station contracts by NASA
 - SpaceDaily
6/15/2005: Deep Impact Team Solves Blurry Photo Problem
6/15/2005: The Juno Mission to Jupiter
6/15/2005: Saturn's mysterious moon  - C/Net
6/15/2005: No ocean, but maybe volcanoes on Saturn's moon
  - C/Net
6/15/2005: Saturn's mysterious moon
  - C/Net



6/15/2005: Movie Cameras at Your Disposal  - Wired News
6/15/2005: GPS Aids Manufacturing Process - Washington Post


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