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  June 15, 2004

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Your Personal Details At Risk - SpaceDaily  Typing your password or credit card number into a computer is a moment's work. But if you think your personal details disappear as soon as you hit the Return Key, think again: they can sit on the computer's hard disc for years waiting for a hacker to rip them off reports New Scientist. This alarming assessment comes from researchers who have created a way to track sensitive information through computer memory. They hope their results will convince programmers to work harder at making computers more secure. There are some obvious safeguards, such as never allowing your computer to store your passwords.
Chasing Martian Dust Devils - SpaceDaily  "These martian dust devils dwarf the five-to-10 meter terrestrial ones, can be greater than 500 meters in diameter and several thousand meters high. The track patterns are known to change from season to season, so these huge dust pipes must be a large factor in transporting dust and could be responsible for eroding landforms," said Peter Smith of the University of Arizona (Tucson) who led the 2002 MATADOR (Martian Atmosphere and Dust in the Optical and Radio) activity. One might expect to see several dust devils per hour from an active site on Mars between 10 am and 3 pm. Few, if any dust devils will be present at other times.  

Oil pipeline and derrick

Panic or paranoia? Why the world's oil could run out sooner than we think  - BBC  If you think oil prices are high at $40 a barrel then wait till they are four times that much. How will you pay to run your car? How will you get the children to school? How will you heat your house? How much will transported food go up in price? How will we pay for plastics, metals, rubber, cheap flights, Simpson's DVDs, 3G phones and everlasting economic growth? This is the message from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO). This group of oil executives, geologists, investment bankers, academics and others has been warning the world of high oil prices for some years now.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/15/2004:†Reagan Death Spurs Interest in Alzheimer's - ABC

6/15/2004:†Hives for Hire Stop Only to Pollinate  - NY Times
6/15/2004:†Shaking Up Life Sciences by Crossing Disciplines
  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Biotechnology Industry Showcases Money, Political Clout ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†A farm full of clones ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Man Finds Possible New Species of Mouse - ABC
6/15/2004:†Scientists Isolate New Stem Cell Lines - ABC
6/15/2004:†China finds more wild pandas  - BBC
6/15/2004:†China's pandas have sex lessons  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Panda clone could save species  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Captured at last- The crocodile scourge of Hong Kong's ditches  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/15/2004:†An Icy Riddle as Big as Greenland  - NY Times
6/15/2004:†Corals Can Reestablish Symbiosis With Algae From Their Environments After Bleaching - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Earth's Air: NASA's Aura Spacecraft to Gauge Atmospheric Health -
6/15/2004:†DFG Funds First European Drilling Expedition To North Pole - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Chimps' Days May Be Numbered  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†A forest minister who wants deforestation ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Ice cores unlock climate secrets ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Can Iron-Enriched Oceans Thwart Global Warming? ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
6/15/2004:†Insurers raise concerns over climate change ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Experts check Indonesian volcano after deadly eruption, search postponed ...  - Nature
6/15/2004:†NASA data shows deforestation affects climate in the Amazon ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Aquatic Plant Threatens Venezuelan Lake - ABC
6/15/2004:†N.D. Probes Disappearance of Pelicans - ABC
6/15/2004:†Report Says Sage Grouse Holding Their Own - ABC

6/15/2004:†Revolution, Nintendo Style  - Wired News

6/15/2004:†News Analysis: The Tera of the Internet  - Technology Review 
6/15/2004:†Networking Your Gadgets  - Technology Review 
6/15/2004:†Rules Aim to Get Devices Talking - Technology Review 
6/15/2004:†TiVo Breaks Into Home Networks  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†BT transforms phone network  - BBC
6/15/2004:†SBC told to unhook phone from broadband  - C/Net


6/15/2004:†'CompuBots' Draw on PC History  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Apple Touts Super-Cooled G5s  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Best Buy to peddle Gateway gear  - C/Net

6/15/2004:†Pay Me Or Get Deleted - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Website Analysis Isn't a Game  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Fraud, Waste Mar Plan to Wire Schools to Net - USA Today
6/15/2004:†Pedophiles Risk Credit-Card Blacklist  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Real Life Neighbors Connect Online  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†'Shameful waste' on e-university  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Microsoft files eight new suits against spammers  - C/Net

6/15/2004:†IT Morale Drops to All-Time Low, Study Says  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Pick and pass: How you could be picking and dropping files between devices  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Face surgery research unit opens  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Microsoft: Linux threat is rising  - C/Net

6/15/2004:†Panic or paranoia? Why the world's oil could run out sooner than we think  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Fuel Efficiency Stimulates Use Of Lightweight Materials In Autos - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Iraq Could Eventually Have Civilian Nuclear Power: US Official - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Ontario won't take plan to store nuclear waste lying down, McGuinty says ... - FirstScience


6/15/2004:†Estrogen Boosts Memory In Men With Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Study: Virus May Predict Cancer's Spread - ABC

6/15/2004:†Clue To Smallpox Immunity - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†G-8 Adopts Plan to Accelerate HIV Vaccine - ABC
6/15/2004:†Sweet healing: Harnessing the power of honey to fight bacteria  - BBC

6/15/2004:†National Study Shows 82 Percent Of U.S. Homes Have Mouse Allergens - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†FDA May Phase Out Certain Asthma Inhalers - ABC

6/15/2004:†Synthetic Hormone Used In Contraceptives And HRT Produces Negative Effects In Monkey Studies - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†New Low-carb Potato To Debut In January - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Researchers Seek Clues To Healing Radiation Scars - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Lowly Weeds May Hold Promise For Curing Host Of Common Health Woes - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Research: Pregnant Women May Exercise - ABC
6/15/2004:†Cheap Drugs Work Against Post-Op Nausea - ABC
6/15/2004:†Study- Exercise Important for Strong Bones - ABC

History, Anthropology:
6/15/2004:†Two Dinosaurs From Africa Give Clues To Continentsí Split - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Perfect pterosaur found in fossil egg ...  - Nature

6/15/2004:†Your Personal Details At Risk - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Strong action possible on rates, Fed chief says - Seattle Times
6/15/2004:†Lea Fastow to serve time in federal prison - Seattle Times
6/15/2004:†Ex-director testifies against Tyco lawyer - Seattle Times
6/15/2004:†Biotech trade group launches nonprofit to aid poor countries - Seattle Times
6/15/2004:†India's booming outsourcing industry faces massive challenges- officials - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Singapore's Flextronics buys 55 percent in India-based software firm - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Japan's Elpida to make world's largest DRAM plant: report - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Rumsfeld approved 24 interrogation techniques, seven outside army field manual - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Suicide by Pseudoscience  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†College Facebook Mugs Go Online  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Plan to Secure Nuclear Weapons Opens Sea Island G8 Summit ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Rising stars of science ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Stealth ships: Have naval architects invented a way of tricking radar?  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Virtual shrine to remember Madrid bombing victims  - BBC
6/15/2004:†Legal world goes digital  - C/Net
6/15/2004:†Risk is in the cards  - C/Net

6/15/2004:†Vision's Touchy-feely Side: Tactile Input Has A Greater Impact On Visual Perception Than We Thought - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Loss Of Circadian Genes Results In Epilepsy - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Thimerosal, Found In Childhood Vaccines, Can Increase The Risk Of Autism-like Damage In Mice - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/15/2004:†Why Calcium Improves A High-temperature Superconductor - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Purdue Mathematician Claims Proof For Riemann Hypothesis
 - Science Daily
6/15/2004:†Key Theory Of Galaxy Formation No Longer Conflicts With Observations - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Interstellar nitrogen ...  - Nature


6/15/2004:†Brain learns like a robot ...  - Nature

6/15/2004:†Chasing Martian Dust Devils - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Delayed Moon-to-Mars Report to be Released June 16
6/15/2004:†SWAP To Determine Where The Sun And Ice Worlds Meet - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Staying Number One, Is CSA's Priority - SpaceDaily
6/15/2004:†Now, Currency for Extra-Terrestrial Trade  - Wired News
6/15/2004:†Dealing with Garbage in Space ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Scientists Study Battered Moon of Saturn - ABC
6/15/2004:†Panel: Reduce NASA Role in Space Launches - ABC
6/15/2004:†Cassini pass reveals moon secrets
  - BBC

6/15/2004:†Los Alamos helps industry by simulating circuit failures from cosmic rays ... - FirstScience
6/15/2004:†Nanotech guru turns back on 'goo'  - BBC


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