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  June 14, 2005

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Japan Increasingly Alarmed By The Land Of The Setting Sun - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of China's first ICBM on display. "China appears to be expanding its missile forces, allowing them to reach targets in many areas of the world, not just the Pacific region, while also expanding its missile capabilities within this region," Rumsfeld said in Singapore.  Japanese leaders are noting with concern China's growing military might and the risks it poses to the region following massive anti-Japanese protests in the world's most-populous country. China's growing economic and military clout has led to much alarm in the region and elsewhere.   
Z Fires Objects Faster Than Earth Moves Through Space - SpaceDaily  Sandia National Labs has accelerated a small plate from zero to 76,000 mph in less than a second. The speed of the thrust was a new record for Sandia's Z Machine - sometimes referred to as the fastest gun in the West. The immediate purpose of these very rapid flights is to help understand the extreme conditions found within the interiors of the giant planets Saturn and Jupiter, hasten the achievement of virtually unlimited energy through peacetime atomic fusion, and provide more information about the condition of the U.S. nuclear stockpile without having to explode a nuclear weapon.     

Bush Says Global Climate Change 'Serious' Problem - SpaceDaily  Bush told a press conference afterwards, "I've always said it's a serious long long-term issue that needs to be dealt with, and my administration isn't waiting around to deal with the issue. We lead the world when it comes to dollars spent, millions spent on research about climate change," the US president said. "We want to know more about it. It's easier to solve a problem when you know a lot about it. "Our country is going to have to diversify away from the type of automobiles we drive. It's beginning to happen here. We'll have more fuel cells, cars driven by fuel cells on the road next year than the past year, and more after that."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/14/2005: Insect could kill coca crops - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Conservationists name key areas for saving dolphins
 - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Potential Reinforcing Role Of Earthworm Species In Plant Resistance To Parasitic Nematodes - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Medicines From Plants: NIH Funds Five Botanical Research Centers - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Geckos: It's Not Always About Sex - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Human Inhabitants Of Madagascar Are Genetically Unique - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/14/2005: Bush Says Global Climate Change 'Serious' Problem - SpaceDaily
6/14/2005: Japan whale vote 'will be close'  - BBC
6/14/2005: New controversy over climate reports - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Mighty eruption by Mexico volcano - MSNBC
6/14/2005: 'Volcano of Fire' - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Global warming is a 'clear and increasing threat' - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Melting permafrost pulls plug on Arctic lakes - New Scientist
6/14/2005: White House Calls Editing Climate Files Part of Usual Review  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Bush Official Minimized Greenhouse Gas Links  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Soil Emissions Are Much-bigger-than-expected Component Of Air Pollution - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Permanent Deep-sea Seismic Sensors - Science Daily

6/14/2005: Hollywood stars win pay rise for starring in video games  - BBC
6/14/2005: Actors reach deal with video game makers  - NY Times

6/14/2005: Lightspeed in Slo-Mo That's Microsoft's Internet TV project, and it's hobbled by technical challenges. So telco customers will have to be patient
 - Business Week
6/14/2005: FCC speeds up digital TV signal deadlines
 - Business Week
6/14/2005: Tech & You
 - Business Week
6/14/2005: Extra: Astronomers complain about flying cell phones
  - C/Net
6/14/2005: TV for your phone
  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Samsung SGH-S380 MP3 phone sports a jog-wheel
  - C/Net
6/14/2005: FCC moves deadline
  - CNN
6/14/2005: Europe broadband surpasses Americas
  - CNN
6/14/2005: Astronomers criticise plans to allow cellphone use on planes
 - New Scientist

6/14/2005: HP says it can reduce impact of chip defects  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Intel's breakthrough  - Technology Review 
6/14/2005: Scientists Help Develop First Single Molecule Transistor - Science Daily

6/14/2005: Rise in public sector PC misuse  - BBC
6/14/2005: Blogs: Think Secret hints at MacTel future  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Curious About Your Vital Signs- One Day Soon, Check Your Laptop - Science Daily

6/14/2005: $1 amnesty for pirated software  - BBC
6/14/2005: Hacker's tale: The lure of cracking computer systems explained  - BBC
6/14/2005: Lightspeed in Slo-Mo That's Microsoft's Internet TV project, and it's hobbled by technical challenges. So telco customers will have to be patient - Business Week
6/14/2005: Tangled up in the Net  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Companies ramping up e-mail monitoring  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Microsoft offers tabbed browsing--in IE 6  - NY Times
6/14/2005: AOL adds partners for video search engine
  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Google tinkerers make data come alive
  - CNN
6/14/2005: Computer viruses become hacker informants
 - New Scientist

6/14/2005: Dial O for open source  - C/Net
6/14/2005: The scramble to protect personal data  - NY Times

6/14/2005: Z Fires Objects Faster Than Earth Moves Through Space - SpaceDaily
6/14/2005: Blessed biofuels President Bush's vision for plant powered cars is a reality in Brazil  - BBC
6/14/2005: Propane powers fuel cells - PhysicsWeb
6/14/2005: Southern Co., Tech Partner On Wind Power Project - Science Daily


6/14/2005: Cancer-causing agent revealed  - BBC
6/14/2005: Fish oil hope for breast cancer  - BBC
6/14/2005: Cancer jigsaw includes tiny genetic molecules  - Nature
6/14/2005: New suspect implicated in the development of cancer - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Papers Find Genetic Link to Growth of Tumors  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Test Accurately Predicts Aggressiveness Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Cancer Hijacks Body's Wound-healing Process - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Chemotherapy Options Improve For Patients With Advanced Colorectal Cancer
 - Science Daily

6/14/2005: Badger TB vaccine trial launched  - BBC
6/14/2005: Raisins Fight Oral Bacteria - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Blood-based TB Test Matches Up To Old Skin Test In Study Among Health Workers In India - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Ebola Virus- From Wildlife To Dogs - Science Daily
6/14/2005: One-a-day Tablet Treats Common Infection Among Head And Neck Cancer Patients - Science Daily

6/14/2005: Lilly: Flowering Diabetes Drugs - Business Week
6/14/2005: Should deadly viruses be used to treat cystic fibrosis? - New Scientist

6/14/2005: HIV and Ebola lung disease 'cure'  - BBC
6/14/2005: Pupils sit 'flab-fighting' exam  - BBC
6/14/2005: Emotion focus of teen sex guide  - BBC
6/14/2005: Scars of war The US doctors treating Afghanistan's landmine victims  - BBC
6/14/2005: Pharmacy antibiotic sale begins  - BBC
6/14/2005: Liverpool Placenta Study Could Save Lives - Science Daily
6/14/2005: New Insight Into Potential Cause Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women - Science Daily
6/14/2005: CT Significantly Reduces The Need For Appendectomy - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/14/2005: Was Jesus killed by a blood clot?  - BBC
6/14/2005: Prehistoric croc fossils found in Brazil - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Historic shipwrecks sought near Hawaii - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Expert offers new theory on Jesus' death - MSNBC

6/14/2005: Japan Increasingly Alarmed By The Land Of The Setting Sun - SpaceDaily 
6/14/2005: UK backs hazard warning system  - BBC
6/14/2005: Bush aide 'edited climate papers'  - BBC
6/14/2005: Your new password How your fingerprints could protect your mobile phone or PC  - BBC
6/14/2005: Tougher Days, Bolder Apple - Business Week
6/14/2005: Nicholas Carr - Business Week
6/14/2005: Teddy bears play 'I spy'  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Relief from SOX tangle?  - C/Net
6/14/2005: ACLU to challenge Utah porn-blocking law  - C/Net
6/14/2005: A fix for a broken patent system?  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Those high-flying angel investors  - NY Times
6/14/2005: The benefits and challenges of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Lowe's to sell Samsung appliances  - C/Net
6/14/2005: Toshiba, partners develop recordable HD DVD  - El. Engr. Times
6/14/2005: Intel may locate test facility in India, says report  - El. Engr. Times
6/14/2005: Scientists study scientists behaving badly - MSNBC
6/14/2005: Mountaineers laid low by lack of toilet training - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Survey: Scientific Misbehavior Is Common  - NY Times

6/14/2005: The Constitution Of A New Model Army: Genome Basis Of Working Together For A Common Good - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/14/2005: Deep Impact Poised to Crack Comet Mysteries -
6/14/2005: Molecular surprise in one dimension
 - PhysicsWeb
6/14/2005: Google's Thriving Advertising Model Has Math Roots
 - Science Daily


6/14/2005: In pictures: Prototype robots strut their electronic stuff at Japanese exhibition  - BBC
6/14/2005: Robots dance, play at world robot expo - Business Week
6/14/2005: Plasma in reactors echoes distribution of galaxies - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Researchers break record for stopping light in its tracks
 - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Mystery rays could be sign of cosmic strings
 - New Scientist
6/14/2005: Astronomers Hot On The Trail Of Nature's Exotic Flashers
 - Science Daily

6/14/2005: Aurora spotted on the Red Planet  - BBC
6/14/2005: Titan disappoints ocean hunters
  - Nature
6/14/2005: NASA boss purges senior managers
  - Nature
6/14/2005: Hydrocarbon volcano discovered on Titan
 - New Scientist
6/14/2005: In Start of Expected Shake-Up, an Official at NASA Resigns
  - NY Times
6/14/2005: Methane Doesn't Necessarily Mean Life On Mars, Says Dartmouth Study
 - Science Daily
6/14/2005: Browsing at 'Backstay' Keeps Spirit Busy
 - SpaceDaily

6/14/2005: Intel tips high-speed 3D imaging for SEMs  - El. Engr. Times


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