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  June 13, 2005

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 MIT's Nanoprinter Could Mass-Produce Nano-Devices - SpaceDaily  The most immediate candidate for this innovation is the DNA microarray, a nano-device used to diagnose and understand genetic illnesses such as Alzheimer's, viral illnesses such as AIDS, and certain types of cancer. The ability to mass produce these complex devices would make DNA analysis as common and inexpensive as blood testing, and thus greatly accelerate efforts to discover the origins of disease. Now researchers led by Professor Francesco Stellacci of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering have developed a printing method that is unmatched in both information content per printing cycle and resolution. MIT's nano-printing method requires only three steps and could reduce the cost of each microarray to under $50. "This would completely revolutionize diagnostics," said Stellacci. "We could know years in advance of cancer, hepatitis, or Alzheimer's."  
Japan Unveils "Robot Suit" That Enhances Human Power - SpaceDaily  Left:  This combo picture, taken 10 May 2005, shows Tsukuba University postgraduate student Takeru Sakurai wearing the powered-suit 'HAL-5' (Hybrid Assistive Leg), developed by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai, lifts a woman during a press preview of the prototype robot at the 2005 World Expo AIchi at Nagakute town near Nagoya. Japan has taken a step into the science-fiction world with the release of a 'robot suit' that can help workers lift heavy loads or assist people with disabilities climb stairs. AFP Photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno.  The 15-kilogram (33-pound) battery-powered suit, code-named HAL-5, detects muscle movements through electrical-signal flows on the skin surface and then amplifies them.    

Korean Cloning Pioneer Says Human Cloning 'Impossible' - SpaceDaily  "Human cloning is not only ethically outrageous and medically dangerous, but technically impossible as well," said Hwang, who last year created the world's first cloned human embryonic stem cells. Cloned human beings are merely a science fiction fantasy. I can assure you that on this globe, you'll never bump into a cloned human being at least within 100 years." Hwang and his colleagues at Seoul National University made international headlines in February 2004, when they announced the first cloning of human embryos, from which they harvested embryonic stem cells. "I believe I'm doing what I should do as a scientist," Hwang said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/13/2005: Korean Cloning Pioneer Says Human Cloning 'Impossible' - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Chilli bombs to combat elephants
  - BBC
6/13/2005: Model mimics molecular travelers  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Ovary transplant results in successful birth  - Nature
6/13/2005: Genes blamed for fickle female orgasm - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Rivals spur men to produce better sperm - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Woman Has Child After Receiving Twin's Ovarian Tissue  - NY Times
6/13/2005: Global Analysis Of Membrane Proteins - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Team IDs Mechanism For Multiplying Adult Stem Cells - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/13/2005: High and dry Is your hosepipe drying out this green and pleasant land?  - BBC
6/13/2005: Global warming is a ‘clear and increasing threat’ - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming  - NY Times
6/13/2005: Text: National Academies Statement  - NY Times
6/13/2005: Graphic: An Editor in the White House  - NY Times
6/13/2005: No Great Whites will be killed - green groups ...
6/13/2005: Climate Change: We Need A Plan, Says Blair ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: ENVIRONMENT- Pollution Swamping Pakistani Lake People ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Bush, Blair Agree on Aid For African Famine Relief- But Leaders Disagree on Amount and on Global Warming ... - Washington Post
6/13/2005: Blair Calls for U.S. Action on Climate ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Heat and smog kill thousands in Canada- study ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: UK councils get tougher green powers ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Secret Sprites: Study Explains High-altitude Flashes ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Bush official altered scientific reports on global warming: report - SpaceDaily

6/13/2005: Chinese gamer sentenced to life  - BBC
6/13/2005: Nintendo to create DS hot spots  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Call It the PlayStation Porn-Able  - Wired News
6/13/2005: Advent Falls Down, Can't Get Up  - Wired News

6/13/2005: Quantum cryptography network gets wireless link
 - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Fly the Wi-Fi Friendly Skies
  - Wired News
6/13/2005: Top 10 U.S. Wireless Cities ...
 - FirstScience

6/13/2005: IBM to reveal details of new Cell chips - Business Week
6/13/2005: New engine for Apple  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Apple's switch: All stories  - C/Net

6/13/2005: Unveiling ten new products, Seagate expands market reach again  - El. Engr. Times

6/13/2005: Google takes top media spot  - BBC
6/13/2005: Parents urged to check downloads  - BBC
6/13/2005: China orders all Web sites to register - Business Week
6/13/2005: Sprint to offer enhanced Yahoo e-mail for a fee  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Blunt ads for teens warn of Net predators  - C/Net
6/13/2005: New bid to gag Web  - CNN

6/13/2005: Longhorn follow-on  - C/Net

6/13/2005: Wind farms pose low risk to birds  - BBC
6/13/2005: Researchers find pollution-eating bacteria can produce electricity ... - FirstScience

6/13/2005: Public 'misled' over heart drug  - BBC
6/13/2005: Salt Kicks Hypertension Up A Notch - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Diabetics Susceptible To Compromised Cardiovascular Function From High Levels Of Air Pollution - Science Daily

6/13/2005: Study links hair dyes to cancer  - BBC
6/13/2005: Home sold for cancer drugs  - BBC
6/13/2005: New suspect implicated in the development of cancer - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Omega-3 Offers Hope For New Anti-breast Cancer Drugs - Science Daily


6/13/2005: Experts Hope Policy Breathes Life Into Asthma Treatment Method - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Drug Therapy Eases Symptoms In Many Crohn's Disease Patients - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Math Optimizes Kidney Matches - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Legal Pot's No Pipe Dream  - Wired News

6/13/2005: Why the female orgasm may be down to genes  - BBC
6/13/2005: Pharmacy antibiotic sale go-ahead  - BBC
6/13/2005: New 'super hospital' opens doors  - BBC
6/13/2005: Mixed-gender pornography boosts sperm  - Nature
6/13/2005: Genes drive ability to orgasm  - Nature
6/13/2005: 'Brown Fat' Cells Hold Clues For Possible Obesity Treatments - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/13/2005: Jesus died of blood clot, Israeli researcher says - MSNBC
6/13/2005: How Humble BBS Begat Wired World  - Wired News

6/13/2005: Pentagon Report Slams Boeing Aircraft Lease Deal - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: World Not Addressing Dangers Of Russian Nuclear Stash: Experts - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Iran Resorts To Jamming To Keep Voters On-Message - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: European Space Policy Advances - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Military 'hacker' freed on bail  - BBC
6/13/2005: Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Supreme Court rejects Lexmark petition  - C/Net
6/13/2005: A British school is offering out of work teens a deal  - CNN
6/13/2005: Scientific paper held for security reasons - MSNBC
6/13/2005: Research To Investigate Links Between Ancient Greeks And Modern Science Fiction - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Cash-strapped airlines adopt in-flight marketing air - Seattle Times
6/13/2005: GM's new job cuts echo recent trend - Seattle Times
6/13/2005: Preventing, Rather Than Plugging Up, Leaks  - Technology Review 
6/13/2005: Your Ad Here  - Technology Review 
6/13/2005: Wiki Targets How-To Buffs  - Wired News
6/13/2005: Dawn Of Next Generation DVDs  - Wired News
6/13/2005: Disobedience Can Save Your Life  - Wired News
6/13/2005: British computer whiz faces extradition to US on military hacking charges - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: India outsourcing industry to test graduates as talent shortage looms - SpaceDaily

6/13/2005: Meditating monks focus the mind  - Nature
6/13/2005: Listen! Comfort A Cornerstone For Many Female Friendships - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Latest U.S. Mental Health Tracking Survey Shows Mixed Results Of Progress - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Possible Treatment Found For 'Chemobrain' - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Research Explains How The Brain Finds Waldo - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/13/2005: Astronomers Find Evidence Supporting Theory Of Quasars - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Supernova Remnant Menagerie
 - Science Daily
6/13/2005: Colorado Chosen for Cosmic Ray Observatory ...
 - FirstScience
6/13/2005: High hopes in run-up to solar spacecraft launch ...
 - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Core of Supernova Goes Missing


6/13/2005: Goddard Technologist Proposes Sensitive High-tech Robot Skin - Science Daily

6/13/2005: Close encounter:Tale of the professor who took 'alien abductees' seriously  - BBC
6/13/2005: Radar search for Martian water back on track
 - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Hydrocarbon volcano discovered on Titan
 - New Scientist
6/13/2005: Group Says NASA Budget Cuts Will Damage Science Programs
  - NY Times
6/13/2005: SwRI to provide two science instruments for NASA's Juno mission ... - FirstScience
6/13/2005: 06.07.05 - Projects Funded to Extend Earth Science Research NASA's Science Mission Directorate has selected 23 ...
6/13/2005: NASA Picks Emergency Landing Site ...
 - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Space Shuttle At Higher Risk of Fatal Hit By Debris ...
 - FirstScience
6/13/2005: Flammable world: Methane volcano spotted on Saturn's moon
 - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Deep Impact Poised to Crack Comet Mysteries
6/13/2005: Clearing the Air- Smaller Detectors Needed for Moon, Mars Missions

6/13/2005: MIT's Nanoprinter Could Mass-Produce Nano-Devices - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Japan Unveils "Robot Suit" That Enhances Human Power - SpaceDaily
6/13/2005: Slide Show: High-Tech Threads - Business Week
6/13/2005: Canon fixes to catch rivals in color copiers  - C/Net
6/13/2005: Time to dump your inkjet?  - C/Net
6/13/2005: The paperless office  - C/Net
6/13/2005: NIST Demonstrates Key Step In Use Of Quantum Computers For Code-Breaking
 - Science Daily
6/13/2005: K-State Professor Researching Whether Simulators Help Young Teenagers Become Better Drivers
 - Science Daily


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