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  June 13, 2004

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Live fast, die old  - Nature  Mice with sky-high metabolic rates live far longer than their sluggish cousins, UK researchers have found, raising the prospect that human lifespan might be lengthened with metabolism-boosting drugs. The group of animals with the highest metabolic rates lived over a third longer than the group with the lowest rates, they found, and had metabolisms that ran about 30% faster. If the same is true in humans, this means that people with a speedy metabolism might add an extra 27 years onto a typical 70-year lifespan. The finding challenges a century-old theory that animals with higher metabolic rates die younger.
Searching Venus's Atmosphere For Signs Of Water Vapor - Science Daily  On June 8 Earth-based solar telescopes will follow a tiny black orb as it appears to travel effortlessly across a wrinkled, brilliant sea. Timothy Brown, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), will not sit idly by as Venus traverses the Sun for the first time in 122 years at an angle visible from Earth. Peering through a specialized solar telescope in the Canary Islands, Brown will study the chemical composition and winds of Venus's upper atmosphere, a region poorly observed until now. He found sodium in the planet's atmosphere in 2001 and is now searching for water and carbon monoxide.

Microscopic animal fossil, Science

Fossils hint at early complexity  - BBC  Blob-like fossils dating back about 600 million years may indicate that complex life evolved much earlier on our planet than had been thought, scientists say. The animals are less than a fifth of a millimetre long and have a two-sided body plan previously thought to have existed much later in Earth's history. These "bilaterians" have what look like mouths and guts, as well as internal and external layers of body tissue. The age of V. guizhouena suggests the roots of this complexity are much older than had been thought and the Cambrian explosion may not have been quite the sudden burst scientists had believed.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/13/2004: Alzheimer's: Beyond Stem Cells
  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Alzheimer's Patients To Trial MS Labs Life-Blog Gadget
  - Wired News

6/13/2004: Protesters Arrested at Biotech Conference  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Elephants turn to seismic communication
 - PhysicsWeb
6/13/2004: Carnegie Mellon U Biologists Identify Critical Player In Yeast Ribosome Assembly - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/13/2004: Aura satellite to scan Earth's atmosphere - New Scientist
6/13/2004: Observatory: A Big Melt  - NY Times
6/13/2004: The Thrill of Finding the World's Edge  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Water to Boost Satellite Snooping  - Wired News
6/13/2004: The Little Mouse That Wasn't  - Wired News

6/13/2004: Sony PSP Vs. Nintendo DS  - C/Net

6/13/2004: Mobile phone radiation unlikely to be harmful  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Delete the FCC  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Freescale unveils UWB roadmap to 1-Gbit/s wireless links  - El. Engr. Times
6/13/2004: CSR first to outline plans for Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth  - El. Engr. Times
6/13/2004: Wi-Fi: If Not Free, Then How?  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Apple Pumps Music Through Air  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Rate Fight Masks Larger Phone Issue  - Wired News

6/13/2004: Smaller antenna design said to boost efficiency  - El. Engr. Times
6/13/2004: Leakage threatens CMOS scaling, panel warns - Silicon Strategies
6/13/2004: Startup claims mechanical memory ready for prime time - Silicon Strategies

6/13/2004: Blades: 2004 and beyond  - C/Net

6/13/2004: Where entrepreneurs go and the Internet is free  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Parliamentary debates to get online airing  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Web address sales hit record high - Washington Post
6/13/2004: Googled Out In The 21st Century - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: A Contest to Outwit Google  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Cracking the Code to Romance  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Smut Sites Fear Credit Crackdown  - Wired News
6/13/2004: German Spam Floods Inboxes  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Mapping the New Internet  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Virus-Proof Your PC in 20 Minutes, For Free  - Wired News

6/13/2004: Apple Quietly Patches OS X  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Intel's Chinese Partner  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Leaves Door Open  - Wired News
6/13/2004: RIAA Moves In on Digital Radio  - Wired News


6/13/2004: Minimally Invasive Treatment For Varicose And Spider Veins - Science Daily

6/13/2004: Two Drugs Found to Help in Prostate and Brain Cancers  - NY Times
6/13/2004: New Breast Cancer Drug Shrinks Tumors Or Slows Growth In Up To Half Of Women - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Gene Expression Ratio Identifies Risk Of Recurrence In Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Tamoxifen - Science Daily
6/13/2004: New Study Links Common Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs To Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk - Science Daily

6/13/2004: Mass measles immunisation launches in Sudan - New Scientist
6/13/2004: Vets investigate mystery brain disease in cattle - New Scientist
6/13/2004: Saliva and H.I.V.  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Summertime, When People and Parasites Head for the Water  - NY Times

6/13/2004: Mayo Researchers Find Link Between Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms And Sexual Dysfunction In Older Men - Science Daily

6/13/2004: Nutrition: The Sunny Side of the Street  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Vital Signs: Behavior: The Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Outcome: Cervical Stitches and Early Births  - NY Times
6/13/2004: He Says the Fat Epidemic Is an Illusion  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Need Reading Glasses? Welcome to Middle Age  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Vitamin C Worsens Knee Osteoarthritis In Animal Study - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Fibroid Tumors Lack Crucial Structural Protein - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Skin Deep  - Technology Review 
6/13/2004: Weapons Makers Turn to Medicine  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
6/13/2004: Fossils hint at early complexity   - BBC
6/13/2004: Royal heart laid to rest - MSNBC
6/13/2004: Rat DNA helps trace migrations - MSNBC
6/13/2004: Sea change for first shells  - Nature
6/13/2004: Tasty, and a Great Source of DNA  - NY Times
6/13/2004: A Conversation With Bryan Sykes: Is Genghis Khan an Ancestor- Mr. DNA Knows  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Primordial Pains: How Earth Got Hot?
 - SpaceDaily

6/13/2004: A $5,000, high-tech toilet  - CNN
6/13/2004: RFID doesn't necessarily spell ROI, say execs  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Oracle's Perry Mason moment  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Oracle comes out swinging  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Unscrambling the vote  - C/Net
6/13/2004: Cosmic Log: Past and future ‘Star Wars’ - MSNBC
6/13/2004: Economy still reflects influence of Reagan - Seattle Times
6/13/2004: Sen. Maria Cantwell requests more Enron tapes - Seattle Times
6/13/2004: India, Pakistan Give Peace Another Chance - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Reagan's Vision Of Missile Defense Endures Despite Criticism - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Japan, US To Conduct Joint Anti-Missile Exercises From 2005: Report - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Rumsfeld approved 24 interrogation techniques, seven outside army field manual - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Unskilled labourers to get hi-tech help in India's computer hub - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Indian IT has gained from outsourcing backlash: firm - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: From the Prawn of Time  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Diebold Bans Political Donations  - Wired News
6/13/2004: Riddick Riddled With Silliness  - Wired News
6/13/2004: FCC Won't Let Schools Sell Airwaves  - Washington Post
6/13/2004: Ohio Votes Yes on E-Voting  - Wired News
6/13/2004: MIT's Education Arcade  - Technology Review 
6/13/2004: Getting RFID Into the Skies  - Wired News

6/13/2004: Treatment: Tricked Into Seeing, Virtually  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Pills or Talk Therapy? If You're Confused, No Wonder  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Forum: Is Talk Therapy for Teens Overrated?  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Advice for Perplexed Parents of Late Talkers  - NY Times
6/13/2004: UCSD Study Shows How We Perceive World Depends On Precise Division Of Labor Among Cells In Brain - Science Daily
6/13/2004: We Weren't Made To Multitask - Science Daily
6/13/2004: When Blood Can't Get To Brain, Special CT Scan Helps
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/13/2004: Puzzling filaments in Milky Way explained - MSNBC
6/13/2004: The Baby Universe's First Cry: A Million Years in 5 Seconds
  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Audio: The Big Bang
  - NY Times
6/13/2004: FUSE Pierces The Veil: Satellite Pins Down Distance To Important Exploded Star
 - Science Daily

6/13/2004: Live fast, die old  - Nature
6/13/2004: Higher status leads to a longer life
 - New Scientist


6/13/2004: Searching Venus's Atmosphere For Signs Of Water Vapor  - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Kazakhs launch their own space dreams
6/13/2004: Kazakhstan hopes to fulfil space dreams - USA Today
6/13/2004: Mild-Mannered Reporter Gets a Superman Moment  - NY Times
6/13/2004: Free From Gravity, These Students Taste Outer Space  - NY Times
6/13/2004: 'Music2Titan': Sounds Of A Spaceprobe - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Cassini-Huygens Will Unlock Saturn's Secrets - Science Daily
6/13/2004: Space Race II: Not NASA's Space Program - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Surveyor Clocks Up 25,000 Circuits Of Mars - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: On The Road Mars Style - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Don't Astronauts Deserve A Best Friend, Too? - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Chasing Martian Dust Devils - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Opportunity's Edgy Move on Mars -
6/13/2004: Uncovering The Secrets Of Saturn's Mysterious Moon - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Spirit Clocks Up Three Kilometers - SpaceDaily
6/13/2004: Cassini Nears Strange Saturn Moon  - Wired News
6/13/2004: NASA's Spirit rover finds more signs of past water presence on Mars ... - FirstScience
6/13/2004: Probe Flies Closest to Saturn Moon ... - Discover

6/13/2004: Virtual fences to herd Wi-Fi cattle - New Scientist
6/13/2004: Plastic Nanowires Sense Gasses  - Technology Review 
6/13/2004: Xerox Thrives in 'Paperless' Office  - Wired News


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