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  June 12, 2006

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Power station Bosses urging Blair to curb CO2  - BBC  Thirteen business leaders are set to meet Prime Minister Tony Blair to urge tougher action on climate change. The group, including Shell, Tesco and Vodafone executives, will urge more curbs on carbon dioxide emissions. They believe this would encourage innovation that would give British business an edge with new technology. They believe this would encourage innovation that would give British business an edge with new technology. Other business lobby groups have argued against stricter targets in the past, saying they would damage the competitiveness of Britain.    
2M1207 system (ESO) Mini-planet systems get stranger  - BBC  Mini planetary systems may orbit cosmic objects that are 100 times smaller than our Sun, research suggests. Discs of gas and dust, the ingredients needed to create such systems, have been seen circling these relatively small objects, dubbed "planemos". Located about 450 light-years away in a star-forming region, four of the objects are just a few million years old, making them cosmic "newborns". They have masses between five and 15 times that of Jupiter. But unlike Jupiter, these objects are floating through space without an accompanying star.    

Image: HIV virus

Scientists get inside look at viruses - MSNBC  Left:  A new 3-D image shows the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, and the protein spikes on its surface that match up with host cells.  Scientists at Florida State University recently produced a new 3-D image of HIV and the protein spikes on its surface that match up with host cells. The pictures may help researchers better understand how the virus fuses with a host T-cell and inspire new ways to design vaccines. Until now,  the design details of the spikes and their distribution pattern on the surface of the virus membrane have been poorly understood, which has limited our understanding of how the virus infection actually occurs, and frustrated efforts to create vaccines."   
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6/12/2006:Whale-order brides  - CNN
6/12/2006:Old Sperm Pack Genetic Mutations
 - Live Science
6/12/2006:Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Project Aims to Interpret a Whinny - Live Science
6/12/2006:Clone racers lose out to natural-born mules - MSNBC
6/12/2006:How to turn caterpillars into moths - MSNBC
6/12/2006:Mice testicles reveal new class of RNAs  - Nature
6/12/2006:Transgenic drug gets the go-ahead in Europe  - Nature
6/12/2006:Senior sperm have dodgier DNA  - Nature
6/12/2006:A mole's nose knows the best way through the soil - New Scientist

Geosciences, Environment:
6/12/2006:Gore film calls for environmental action  - C/Net
6/12/2006:76 comments  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Impact of Beaver Dams Wider Than Thought - Live Science
6/12/2006:Bacteria & Fungi Ride Dust Across Oceans - Live Science
6/12/2006:Green research base to be built in Antarctic  - Nature
6/12/2006:Storm surges threaten US economic heartlands - New Scientist
6/12/2006:Bosses urging Blair to curb CO2   - BBC

Games and Devices
6/12/2006:Microsoft's Tick-Tock Crock
 - Business Week
6/12/2006:Toshiba's iPod competitor makes itself heard  - C/Net
6/12/2006:KWorld 1600 TV tuner box for $79  - C/Net

Hardware and Software

6/12/2006: AMD's Plan of Attack - Business Week
6/12/2006: In Search of a PC for the People - Business Week
6/12/2006: Perfecting the Printer - Business Week
6/12/2006:Apple software bails out of India  - C/Net
6/12/2006:At SID- Flat-panel display vendors must scramble for edge  - El. Engr. Times
6/12/2006:Samsung SDI unveils new 3D display technology  - El. Engr. Times
6/12/2006:Israeli startup develops holographic storage media
  - El. Engr. Times
6/12/2006:Samsung rolls 7-inch display using single-chip technology
  - El. Engr. Times

6/12/2006:Crunch time for wireless?
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:U.K. firm drives toward wireless car
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Telecoms tune in to IPTV
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:U.K. firm drives toward wireless cars
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Why mobile TV is important
  - C/Net

6/12/2006:What every CEO needs to know about the array of new tools that foster online collaboration - Business Week
6/12/2006: How to Harness the Power of Web 2.0 - Business Week
6/12/2006: A VC's View of Web 2.0 - Business Week
6/12/2006: Podcast: The CEO's Guide to Web 2.0 - Business Week
6/12/2006:Getting the Drop on Domain-Name Abuse - Business Week
6/12/2006:Online resellers' ticket to ride  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Critical flaws squashed in Firefox update

6/12/2006:15 comments
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Week in review: Keeping watch over Web surfing
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:9 comments
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Can the Net make ticket scalping legit?
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Study: Snoops reading employee e-mail
  - CNN

6/12/2006:Security firms batten hatches  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Lenovo denies ditching Linux  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Vista beta sucks up battery juice  - C/Net
6/12/2006:$100 laptop 'will boost desktop Linux'  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Vista beta sucks up battery juice  - C/Net
6/12/2006:A look at Microsoft's zippy mapping tool  - C/Net

6/12/2006:MIT brings electricity to Lesotho with solar panels, auto parts  - C/Net


6/12/2006: Fighting Cancer with "Cocktails" - Business Week
6/12/2006:Your dusty old PC may hold the cure for cancer   - CNN
6/12/2006:X-rays Target Brain Tumors, Spares Healthy Cells - Live Science

6/12/2006:Inside Look: How Viruses Invade Us - Live Science
6/12/2006:Scientists get inside look at viruses  - MSNBC
6/12/2006:'Alien code' leads to faster vaccines - New Scientist


6/12/2006:Bringing vision to the nearly blind
6/12/2006:Images: Visuals for the nearly blind  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Abuse of prescription drugs fuelled by online recipes - New Scientist
6/12/2006:Why we need a siesta after dinner - New Scientist


History, Anthropology:

6/12/2006:Apple hangs up on India call center  - C/Net
6/12/2006:20 comments  - C/Net
6/12/2006:HP hangs up on telecommuting  - C/Net
6/12/2006:LCDs to overtake tube TVs in 2009  - C/Net
6/12/2006:The future of advertising is now  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Small businesses vs. cybercrooks  - CNN
6/12/2006:06: Another Date with Para-Science - Live Science



6/12/2006:Entrepreneurs are born, not made, scientists say
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Fits of Unprovoked Anger Common, Study Finds - Live Science
6/12/2006:Is entrepreneurship in your genes? - MSNBC
6/12/2006:Drinking coffee makes you more open-minded - New Scientist
6/12/2006:Premature babies face higher risk of hyperactivity - New Scientist
6/12/2006:New antivenom could save more snakebite victims - New Scientist
6/12/2006:Manly drinking
 - New Scientist

Physical Sciences:
6/12/2006:Native Americans recorded supernova explosion - New Scientist

Space and Astronomy:
6/12/2006:What do you call a mini-solar system? - MSNBC
6/12/2006:'Dead zones' may save planets from fiery death
 - New Scientist
Mini-planet systems get stranger   - BBC

6/12/2006:Putting lasers to work
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Tech giants fawn over small fry
  - C/Net
6/12/2006:Laser beams pluck nano-strings
 - New Scientist


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