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  June 12, 2005

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WiMAX Aims To Stretch Wireless Farther - SpaceDaily  By the end of this year wireless customers in selected areas of the United States will be able to use a single long-range technology for their laptops, cell phones and hand-held interactive devices, with one server covering a distance of up to 10 miles, experts told United Press International. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access -- or WiMAX, as it is called -- is a rapidly growing radio-frequency standard that is similar to wireless fidelity, or WiFi, but can broadcast and receive much farther. Experts think WiMAX can become a global standard that can serve all telecom users' needs wherever they go. Because many developing countries and rural areas do not have the built-in cables needed for broadband, WiMAX offers a cheaper and more unified solution. More than 300 companies from around the globe have joined the forum.   
Towards A Small Aircraft Transportation System For The 21st Century - SpaceDaily  Imagine taking a safe, fast, small airplane from a neighborhood airport to visit your family 600 miles away. Imagine almost door-to-door, on-demand service that means you may never see a crowded, major hub airport again. A demonstration by NASA, FAA and state research groups - known as SATSlabs, will use six airplanes equipped with advanced cockpit technologies and displays to demonstrate June 5-7 in Danville, Virginia, that small planes can fly safely and efficiently into the 3,400 local and regional airports that dot the countryside.     

Outside View: Wreck It And Run - SpaceDaily  Left: It is increasingly clear that under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. armed forces have also been taken over by "wreck it and run" management. When Rumsfeld leaves office, what will his successor inherit?  Among the many unhappy developments in U.S. industry in recent decades has been the advent of "wreck it and run" management. A small coterie of senior managers takes over a company and makes a brilliant show of short-term profits while actually driving the business into the ground. A volunteer military without volunteers. The world's largest pile of wrecked and worn-out military equipment. A military tied down in a strategically meaningless backwater, Iraq, to the point where it can't do much else. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/12/2005: No human clones this century, expert says - MSNBC
6/12/2005: Barriers to embryo testing go down
 - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Animals and us: Forward to the revolution - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Animals and us: It's a dog's life - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Animals and us: Suspicious minds - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Animals and us: Practical passions - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Animals and us: Our hypocrisy - New Scientist
6/12/2005: With Carryout, Bears Find a Life-Changing Experience  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Lynx Making a Comeback in Minnesota  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Groups Seek Tougher Red Snapper Measures  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Motor Transport In Bio-nano Systems - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Hog Wild In Florida: UF Experts Say Feral Pig Problem Here To Stay - Science Daily
6/12/2005: NASA's Astrobio Roadmap Spelled Out - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
6/12/2005: Science Academies Urge Greenhouse Gas Cuts  - NY Times
6/12/2005: At the Foot of the Rockies, Cleaning a Radioactive Wasteland  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Slide Show  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Separating Out The Sewage - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Looking Deep In Earth, Researchers See Upwellings That Could Be Root Of Volcanic Islands - Science Daily
6/12/2005: What Do 'Ecolabels' Tell About Food? - Science Daily
6/12/2005: New Fuel-Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Bionic Car Introduced ... - FirstScience
6/12/2005: 'Humans causing global warming' ... - FirstScience
6/12/2005: is the eib cooling climate change or fueling it- new report sceptical about eu bank's investments in renewable ... - FirstScience
6/12/2005: Extreme temperature, pollution kill thousands in Canada each year ... - FirstScience - FirstScience
6/12/2005: In Bush Talks, Blair Pushes Africa Aid and Global Warming ...  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Science Academies Urge Greenhouse Gas Cuts ... - Washington Post
6/12/2005: Bush climate change policy called 'misguided' ...  - CNN
6/12/2005: Villagers evacuated near Mexico's 'Fire Volcano' ... - FirstScience
6/12/2005: British 2005paper claims Exxon leaned on Bush to shun Kyoto treaty - SpaceDaily

6/12/2005: PSP Hackers Go Retro  - Wired News

6/12/2005: One Decision: UPS Goes Bluetooth
  - Technology Review 
6/12/2005: Fly the Wi-Fi Friendly Skies
  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Make Sure Our Team's Ahead
  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Siemens Sells Mobile Phones Unit to BenQ
  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Wired New World
 - Washington Post
6/12/2005: How to Duck Cell Phone Taxes
 - Washington Post
6/12/2005: Thousands of Pupils Bullied by Camera Phone
 - Washington Post
WiMAX Aims To Stretch Wireless Farther - SpaceDaily

6/12/2005: Apple switches to rival chips - New Scientist
6/12/2005: NIST Demonstrates Key Step In Use Of Quantum Computers For Code-Breaking - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Korean researchers claim memory litho breakthrough, says report - Silicon Strategies

6/12/2005: Sour Apples?  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Microsoft Sees Bright Future for Tablet PCs  - Wired News

6/12/2005: Waiting for Grokster  - Technology Review 

6/12/2005: Ballmer's Bullish Outlook  - Wired News

6/12/2005: World-first Technology Enables Study Of Ancient Bacteria; Sustainable Energy Source Could Solve Bermuda Triangle Riddle - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Biodiesel: A New Way of Turning Plants into Fuel  - Technology Review 
6/12/2005: EU says still plans to start fusion project 2005 ... - FirstScience

6/12/2005: Zapping The Heart Back Into Rhythm - Science Daily

6/12/2005: Cancer Killing Virus Shows Early Promise Against Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Women Overestimate Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Liverpool Scientist Makes Breakthrough In Pancreatic Cancer Research - Science Daily

6/12/2005: For Some Patients, Shingles Is Just the Beginning  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Japan's Sharp claims new technology can combat bird flu - SpaceDaily

6/12/2005: Marijuana: the dope  - Nature

6/12/2005: Study shows why poor prenatal nutrition leads to obesity - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Don't Let Your Baby Blues Go Code Red  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Chart: Recognizing Postpartum Depression  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Q & A: Lefties and Righties  - NY Times
6/12/2005: The Claim: Sitting Too Close to the TV Is Bad for Your Eyes  - NY Times
6/12/2005: CHILD SAFETY: Child Safety: Get Used to the Back Seat  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Vital Signs: Reactions: Just Don't Let the Surgeon Sing  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Web Sites Celebrate a Deadly Thinness  - NY Times
6/12/2005: India's Street Dentists Are a Vanishing Breed
  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Study Shows New Method Of Growth Hormone Dosing Improves Height
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/12/2005: Sage Advice in Archaeology: Think Like a Neanderthal  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Ancient DNA Confirms Single Origin Of Malagasy Primates - Science Daily

6/12/2005: Outside View: Wreck It And Run - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: Towards A Small Aircraft Transportation System For The 21st Century - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: Los Alamos whistleblower beaten up - MSNBC
6/12/2005: M-Systems anticipates revenues in Asia will continue to growing   - C/Net
6/12/2005: FBI tests software to replace canceled project  - CNN
6/12/2005: Science academies turn up heat on Bush  - MSNBC

6/12/2005: Singapore builds digital movie gateway to Asia - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Korean Scientist Values Religious Groups  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Stalking a Killer That Lurks a Few Feet Offshore  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Graphic: Lethal Currents  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Video  - NY Times
6/12/2005: US real estate bubble set to deflate - PhysicsWeb
6/12/2005: College Students Think Favorably, But Act Timidly About Organ Donation - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Assessing A New Security Threat: Liquefied Natural Gas Facility - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Penny Pinching: How Consumers React To Prices Ending In 99 - Science Daily
6/12/2005: As competition heats up, jobs fly into China - Seattle Times
6/12/2005: Archive: Part 1: Boeing stumbles in race for China - Seattle Times
6/12/2005: Archive: Part 2: Courting China: Airbus makes all the right moves - Seattle Times
6/12/2005: Films Capture Iraq's Brutal Truth  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Hollywood Foots Bill for Spy Cams  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Rubik's Cube Feeds Need for Speed  - Wired News
6/12/2005: Snap Judgments  - Wired News
6/12/2005: The Madness of Movie Advertising  - Wired News
6/12/2005: The World's To-Do List
 - Washington Post
6/12/2005: Barks Are Local; Meows Are Global
  - NY Times
6/12/2005: Sharp-Eyed Satellite Experiment Will Meet Immediate Air Force Demand
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: US Stealth Bombers In South Korea
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: US "War On Terror" Shoots Military Spending Past 1 Trillion Dollars
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: Goldman Sachs to hire 700 people for India operations
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: Philippines struggle to match India in riding outsourcing boom
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: Lithuanian, Czech electronics firms seek EU help to fight Asian imports
 - SpaceDaily

6/12/2005: Blue Brain boots up to mixed response  - Nature
6/12/2005: Vital Signs: Triggers: When Laughter Isn't Funny  - NY Times
6/12/2005: New Finding In Studying Dopamine Transporter - Science Daily
6/12/2005: UVa Health System Doctors Study Surgery To Stop Epileptic Seizures - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Studying Glial Cells In The Roundworm May Provide Insight Into Human Brain Diseases - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Love May Be A Lateralized Brain Function, Like Speech; Links Seen To Stalking, Suicide, Clinical Depression, Even Autism - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/12/2005: Galactic loners produce more stars - New Scientist
6/12/2005: NASA budget stretch threatens Earth science
 - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Leading Theories Of Cosmic Explosions Contradicted In A Flash
 - Science Daily
6/12/2005: Supernova Remnant Menagerie ...
 - FirstScience


6/12/2005: Semifinalists Named in Desert Robot Race  - NY Times

6/12/2005: Traces Of Stowaway Earth Algae Could Survive On Mars, Study Finds - Science Daily
6/12/2005: A rainbow of colour surrounds Saturn ...
 - FirstScience
6/12/2005: Methane Doesn't Necessarily Mean Life On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
6/12/2005: ESA Gives Green Light For Deployment Of Second MARSIS Boom
 - SpaceDaily

6/12/2005: Motoring Technology - New Scientist
6/12/2005: Nanotube Water Doesn't Freeze -- Even At Hundreds Of Degrees Below Zero - Science Daily
6/12/2005: "Solartex" Research Project/ECG shirt ... - FirstScience


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