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  June 11, 2006

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Cloning 'could beat gene disease'  - BBC A scientist involved in creating Dolly the cloned sheep has proposed using cloning and gene alteration to create babies free from hereditary diseases. Professor Ian Wilmut argues in a new book that it would be "immoral" not to use the promise of new technology to help families.But opponents called the plan "unethical" and "utterly perverse". Professor Wilmut describes how it would be possible to take an embryo affected by an hereditary disease and then remove its stem cells and modify the genetic fault which, left unchecked, would cause a condition such as Huntington's disease or cystic fibrosis .       
Jockey Jesse Perez rides cloned mule Idaho Gem (C) (AP) Mule clones come in second best  - BBC  Two cloned mules that were entered in a race in Nevada, US, with naturally bred animals failed to take the top prize. Idaho Gem and Idaho Star took part in the 20th annual Winnemucca Mule Races, Show & Draft Horse Challenge on Sunday. The equines won their heats but could only take third and seventh places behind Bar JF Hot Ticket, which came in two-and-a-half lengths clear. "I think both animals, especially Idaho Gem, showed they have a lot of upside," said Don Jacklin, an Idaho man who helped finance the cloning project. "They both proved they could compete," he told the Associated Press.   

Nanocrystal Displays  - Technology Review   Seth Coe-Sullivan, chief technology officer at Watertown, MA, startup QD Vision, fastens alligator clips to two edges of a transparent wafer the size of a cell-phone screen and flips a switch: a rectangle filling the center of the wafer suddenly turns from reflective silver to faint red. A lab worker turns off the room lights to heighten the effect -- but this isn't necessary. Coe-Sullivan turns a knob and the device begins glowing brilliantly. [For images of this research, the team, equipment, and prototypes, click here.] This is QD Vision's first display -- a monochromatic 32-by-64-pixel test bed for a technology Coe-Sullivan hopes will replace those used in today's high-definition TVs. Thin and flexible, the next-generation display will be easy to see in sunlight and less power hungry than the one in your current laptop, he says. 
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6/11/2006: It Takes Energy To Make A Species - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: A gold nanoparticle coated with antisense DNA can disrupt protein production quite effectively...
 - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Albatross numbers in steep dive  - BBC

Geosciences, Environment:
6/11/2006: Indonesian volcano active for sixth day - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: US wary as Atlantic hurricane season starts - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Indonesia quake toll soars as hospitals strained - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: African nations to use DDT to fight malaria... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Fewer pollutants revive `dead' lake in Adirondacks... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Environment groups unite against nukes... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: EC ultimatum on Marsa power station - cut emissions or operational hours... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: African nations to use DDT to fight malaria... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Allegheny Energy Remains Committed to Reduce Emissions at Coal- Fired Power Plants, an Industrial Info News Alert... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Pollution is killing off Kashmir's natural treasure... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Doctors urged to explain climate change... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Deserts 'need better management'  - BBC
6/11/2006: Have Your Say: What would you promise for World Environment Day?  - BBC

Games and Devices
6/11/2006: Sex Trumps Game
  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Cheap Russian MP3s Raise a Ruckus  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Mario Goes Through the Motions  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Blood Suckers Beware!  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Spiritual challenge for gamers  - BBC

Hardware and Software

6/11/2006: BBC site shows World Cup games
  - BBC

6/11/2006: Wikipedia can be useful tool - Seattle Times
6/11/2006: Service helps with e-mail switch - Seattle Times
6/11/2006: Build a Great Blog With WordPress  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Delicious Discoveries  - Wired News

6/11/2006: Microsoft, Adobe talks break down over Office '07 - Seattle Times
6/11/2006: Use trial and error to find operating-system problem - Seattle Times
6/11/2006: Encryption Software May Halt Wire Tapping  - Technology Review 
6/11/2006: Swedish piracy row gathers pace  - BBC
6/11/2006: MPs in digital downloads warning  - BBC

6/11/2006: The Quest For Fusion Continues - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Market heats up for solar in Europe - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Biodiversity Key To Sustainable Biofuel - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Ditch the tie as the "Cool Biz" drive begins - SpaceDaily

6/6/2005: Beating-heart transplant UK first

6/11/2006: Tumor-Killing Bacteria  - Technology Review 
6/11/2006: New Drug Delays Breast Cancer  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Breast cancer drug 'a life-saver'  - BBC

6/11/2006: Does Hepatitis B Affect Human Gender Ratios - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Alerting the world: The scientific paper which first described cases of Aids  - BBC
6/11/2006: Aids timeline: Key dates since the condition was revealed in 1981  - BBC


6/11/2006: Mozart 'aids eye check accuracy'  - BBC
6/11/2006: May contain...How to tell true food allergy from food intolerance  - BBC


History, Anthropology:
6/11/2006: Giant Crater Found: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever - Space.com

6/11/2006: OutKast Goes Way Back  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Searching for Parking: Try Online  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Prime Time for High-Def  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Lies, Damned Lies and Résumés  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Companies Read Employee E-Mail  - Wired News
6/11/2006: No Bailout for America's Beaches  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Songs Without Borders  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Feds Press for Data Retention  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Mario Goes Through the Motions  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Rants 'n' Raves: Open-Source PD  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Girls Gone Wild ... About Science... - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Science of swerve: How physics can help Beckham score with new World Cup ball  - BBC
6/11/2006: Reporters' web: Why a US court decision means we are all journalists now  - BBC
6/11/2006: Web users to 'patrol' US border  - BBC
6/11/2006: NHS ills: Diagnosis and prognosis from people who should know  - BBC
6/11/2006: Elderly abuse 'becoming common'  - BBC



6/11/2006: Grey matter: Japan's ageing society looks to video games to stay alert
  - BBC
6/11/2006: ADHD 'linked to premature birth'  - BBC

Physical Sciences:
6/11/2006: Supercomputers Reproduce Fluid Motions Of Galactic Cosmic Duet - SpaceDaily

Space and Astronomy:
6/11/2006: Nanotubes Might Not Have the Right Stuff - Space.com
6/11/2006: Carbon Nanotube Ribbon for Space Elevator
 - Space.com
6/11/2006: Extended EVA: Astronauts Make ISS Repairs in Long Spacewalk
 - Space.com
6/11/2006: Of Faith and Facts- Is SETI a Religion?
6/11/2006: New Horizons Crosses The Asteroid Belt
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: SMART-1 Captures Zucchius Crater Peaks
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Pristine Record Of Solar System's History
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: International Planetary Probe Meeting Set
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Neutron Star With A Wayward Wake
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2006: Pile of rubble a record of solar system's history...
6/11/2006: Mars Rover Opportunity Status 1 June 2006...
 - FirstScience
6/11/2006: Mars Picture of the Day: Undercover...
 - FirstScience

6/11/2006: Nanocrystal Displays
  - Technology Review 
6/11/2006: Requiem for a Meme
  - Wired News
6/11/2006: Traffic System Avoids Crashes
  - Wired News


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