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  June 11, 2005

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Shall We Dance? Robots Offer A Hand On The Ballroom Floor - SpaceDaily        Japanese researchers have developed a robot capable of taking to the floor by predicting how its human partner will move. The Partner Ballroom Dance Robot -- or PBDR in robot talk -- has a woman's face, a sensor around its waist and can move in all directions on its three wheels hidden underneath an evening gown. As its partner takes steps, the robot analyzes his movements and figures out how to accompany him with its shoulders, elbows, waist and neck. The robot is 165 centimeters (five feet, six inches) tall and weighs 100 kilograms (220 pounds), with a male version under development. The robot's developer, Dr. Kazuhiro Kosuge, with Tokohu University, acknowledged the robot did not yet have movements as sharp or as wide to match the dancing steps of humans. But PBDR is a step in another direction -- developing a robot that can care for the elderly.
Gym Six minutes of sweat a week might be enough to keep fit  - BBC  Keeping fit and healthy may not require hours of physical exercise every week, research suggests. Canada's McMaster University found just six minutes of intense exercise a week could be as effective as six hours of moderate activity. However, experts warn it might be too much for people not already fit. One group cycled for two hours a day at a moderate pace, and a second cycled for 10 minutes a day in 60-second bursts, at a slightly harder pace. A third group took part in sprint training - cycling at top speed for two minutes in 30 second bursts with four minutes rest between each sprint. All three groups were found to have improved to the same extent. 

Ebola ward

Ebola, Marburg vaccine 'success'  - BBC  The first vaccine to protect monkeys against Ebola and Marburg viruses has been developed by scientists from Canada, the United States and France. Scientists adapted another type of virus to carry proteins from the Ebola and Marburg viruses. This modified virus was injected into macaque monkeys who were later exposed to the disease-causing pathogens. Just a single injection completely protected the monkeys. The initial data is so encouraging say the researchers that the technique could be used against other emerging viruses and may even lead to a trial vaccine being developed for humans  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/11/2005: Fetal Cells Nix Rules, Fix Hearts  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Stem-Cell Rift in Golden State
  - Wired New
6/11/2005: India: Calls to Ban GM Crops Intensify After Rats Suffer ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Sponging dolphins learn from mum  - BBC
6/11/2005: A baby for ovary transplant woman  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
6/11/2005: Congress Examines E-waste  - Wired News
6/11/2005: Industry Leaders Gather to Showcase DSP Ecosystem at Altera's Code-DSP Seminar ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Diesel Engine Manufacturers Will Begin Landmark Emissions Testing Program to Help Assure Cleaner Air ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Pollution linked to genital deformity in babies ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Peters says Green Party has 'sold out' ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: West drought hurting vulnerable species ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Climate Change Commendation For Scottish Councils ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Al Gore Urges World Mayors to Take Action to Fight Global Warming ...
6/11/2005: European agency to assess green challenges ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: German state ordered to cut particle pollution ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Scientists Turn From Brown to Green Chemistry ... - Discover
6/11/2005: World scientists urge CO2 action  - BBC
6/11/2005: Carbon copies Coldplay's done it, G8's doing it - how can you be 'CO2 neutral'?  - BBC

6/11/2005: Music Muffled in Star Wars Game  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Radio Industry Hits Shuffle  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Online Gamers Targeted in Korean MSN Hack Attack  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Microsoft software to incorporate AT&T IP services  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Speakers get thin as a sheet  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Handhelds to play satellite radio, digital books
6/11/2005: Plantronics offers multipurpose USB stereo headset
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: U.S., Japanese companies team on voice set-top box
  - El. Engr. Times

6/11/2005: Faster Speeds but a Slow Change
  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Telephony Battle: Open vs. Proprietary
  - Wired News
6/11/2005: Sprint Prepares to Cut the Cord
 - Washington Post
6/11/2005: Microsoft software to incorporate AT&T IP services
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Pharming and other security woes hector VoIP
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Seattle tops list for wireless web access
 - Business Week
6/11/2005: Not your dad's telephone
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Verizon CEO touts trickle-down benefits for communications industry
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: BellSouth to launch wireless broadband
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Confusion over next generation Wi-Fi
  - CNN

6/11/2005: Jobs Drops Da Intel Bomb  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Apple and Intel OK With Coders  - Wired New
6/11/2005: The Apple deal: What others are saying  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Cheers, jeers for Intel inside Apple  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Apple Intel move 'could confuse'  - BBC
6/11/2005: Apple Hits the Intel Switch - Business Week
6/11/2005: Will Macs be better with Intel inside?  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Will Apple faithful listen?
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: CDT to use IBM TFT technology in OLEDs
  - El. Engr. Times
6/11/2005: SID displays fruits of OLED research
  - El. Engr. Times

6/11/2005: Laptops for Kids With No Power  - Wired New

6/11/2005: A Tale of Two Hackers  - Wired New
6/11/2005: AOL Has a New Idea: Free E-mail  - Wired New
6/11/2005: State Raises Stakes in Web Game  - Wired New
6/11/2005: MSN flaw put Hotmail accounts at risk - C/Net
6/11/2005: Firefox growing in Europe too  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Spoofing flaw resurfaces in Mozilla browsers  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Apple opens up open-source effort
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Five words of wisdom from Web's winning sites
  - NY Times
6/11/2005: China to close unregistered domestic Web sites
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Study: iTunes more popular than many P2P sites
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: MSN flaw put Hotmail accounts at risk
  - C/Net
6/11/2005: New bid to gag Web
  - CNN

6/11/2005: CitiFinancial Data Goes Poof  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Hack Your Car  - Wired New
6/11/2005: HP Revs Up OpenView  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Intel deal may mean end to OS 9 support - C/Net
6/11/2005: Citigroup data on 3.9 million goes missing  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Is Linux Losing a Step- One possible sign- The number of North American outfits trying the open-source OS for the first time is shrinking - Business Week
6/11/2005: Blogs: Recruiting headaches at Microsoft  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Microsoft says new database coming this fall  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Microsoft ordered to pay $8.9M in patent case  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Intel deal may mean end to OS 9 support  - C/Net

6/11/2005: Argument over alternatives turns nuclear ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Bacteria turn toxic waste into electricity - MSNBC

6/11/2005: How dull work may increase heart attack risk  - BBC


6/11/2005: Virus Vaccines Show Promise  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Ebola, Marburg vaccine 'success'   - BBC
6/11/2005: Cranberries 'block gut viruses'  - BBC

6/11/2005: Gene therapy hope for arthritis  - BBC
6/11/2005: US can bar medical cannabis use  - BBC

6/11/2005: Six minutes of sweat a week might be enough to keep fit   - BBC
6/11/2005: The Doctor Is Logged In - L. A. Times
6/11/2005: There's no proof detoxing works, scientists say  - BBC
6/11/2005: Boost for home oxygen therapy  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
6/11/2005: Darwin family repeat flower count  - BBC
6/11/2005: Medicine men: Their surnames are mentioned every day but who are they-  - BBC
6/11/2005: Can DNA solve a colonial mystery? - MSNBC

6/11/2005: New Tech Protects Ancient Torahs  - Wired New
6/11/2005: DUI Defendants Skip Charge  - Wired New
6/11/2005: What's the Worst Ad Song Ever? - Salon
6/11/2005: Air Bags Dangerous through Age 14 ... - FirstScience
6/11/2005: Liverpool is Capital of Science Fiction ... - Discover
6/11/2005: Egyptian, Saudi Arabian spacecraft to be launched from Russia's Baikonur ... - Discover
6/11/2005: Drugstore begins selling disposable camcorder  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Letters  - NY Times
6/11/2005: Soybean boom Rural Paraguay transformed by demand from China  - BBC
6/11/2005: Extra: Tokyo's ghetto of geeks  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Are meetings obsolete?  - C/Nets
6/11/2005: Predicting demand for your "killer app"  - C/Net
6/11/2005: India faces worker shortage  - C/Net

6/11/2005: IBM Computers to Create Virtual Brain  - Wired New
6/11/2005: Natural Genius? - The Economist
6/11/2005: Research Dispels Myth of the Old and Grumpy  - NY Times
6/11/2005: Mental health: Can young children and teens experience depression?  - BBC
6/11/2005: Blue Brain: Illuminating the Mind - Business Week

Physics and Astronomy:


6/11/2005: Shall We Dance? Robots Offer A Hand On The Ballroom Floor - SpaceDaily
6/11/2005: Robotic lawn mower cuts the rug - C/Net
6/11/2005: A better robot, with help from roaches  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Flexible friend 'Walking' octopus inspires creation of soft, flexible robots
  - BBC

6/11/2005: Cosmic Log: Reality check for robo-racers

6/11/2005: Mars Plane on Track for Test Flight ... - Discover
6/11/2005: Flemming Award Winner Applauded for Work on Space Program ...
 - Washington Post

6/11/2005: Musical Tastes Get High-Tech Analysis ... - Discover
6/11/2005: Nano antennas focus light on solar panels  - C/Net
6/11/2005: British Airways likely to invest in RFID  - C/Net
6/11/2005: Photoshop dirty tricks - Washington Post


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