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  June 11, 2004

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Private Spacecraft's Inaugural Launch Set for June 21 -  SpaceShipOne will rocket to 62 miles (100 kilometers) into sub-orbital space above the Mojave Civilian Aerospace Test Center, a commercial airport in the California desert.  If successful, "it will signal that the space frontier is finally open to private enterprise," explained a Scaled Composites release. Today's announcement follows SpaceShipOne's successful May 13 test flight

Matterhorn at dawn   AP

Europe's energy use still rising  - BBC  The countries of Europe are not keeping their promises on the environment, the European Environment Agency believes. The agency, a European Union body, says the latest trends show growing evidence of climate change, on land and at sea. It says there are also worrying levels of urban air pollution and agricultural contamination of water, and increasing amounts of packaging and other waste. It says ways to tackle this include increasing energy efficiency, greater use of renewable energy, and "rethinking options for transport" - something for which politicians in many countries have shown little stomach. 

Statue of Liberty submerging in flood (photo: 20th Century Fox)

Magazine Notebook: 'Life imitates The Day After Tomorrow too closely for comfort'  - BBC  As an environment reporter, you might expect that I was first in line to see the climate change blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow. Not so; no time. But I find that life imitates art too closely for comfort anyway. Back to work, and a chance to speak to one of my heroes (although only by phone) - Professor James Lovelock. He developed the Gaia Hypothesis, the idea that the Earth is a self-regulating system and that humans are just one part of it, important but not supreme. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/11/2004: Antibody Detection In Alzheimer's May Improve Diagnosis, Treatment - Science Daily
6/11/2004: No Cure Developed Yet for Alzheimer's
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Alzheimer’s Cruel Path
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Obituary
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Letter
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Speeches and More
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Nancy Reagan Now an Alzheimer's Activist
 - ABC
6/11/2004: Her Home Silent, Nancy Reagan Found a Voice
  - NY Times

6/11/2004: Indian Firebrand Still Battles Biotech - ABC
6/11/2004: Couple's joy at 'deep freeze' baby
  - BBC
6/11/2004: Hot on the Trail of Tornadoes, Where Too Close Is Just Right  - NY Times
6/11/2004: Scientists Discover Way To Regulate The Body's Energy Expenditure
6/11/2004: SLU Scientists Have Identified The First Gene Regulating Programmed Cell Death In Plant Embryos - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Parting Genomes: University Of Arizona Biologists Discover Seeds Of Speciation - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/11/2004: Magazine Notebook: 'Life imitates The Day After Tomorrow too closely for comfort'  - BBC
6/11/2004: Carbon Dioxide Traders Set for Summit - ABC
6/11/2004: China says 30,000 reservoirs have safety problems - New Scientist
6/11/2004: 11 Reveals Higher Level Of Pollutants - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Continents Played Key Role In Collapse And Regeneration Of Earth's Early Greenhouse, Geologists Say - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Oceanographers Find Gulf Stream Migration Affects Biological Productivity In Unexpected Way - Science Daily
6/11/2004: A "Swarm" Of Satellites For A Unique Look Inside The Earth - Science Daily

6/11/2004: UK game makers take on US sports  - BBC
6/11/2004: Shoot to thril: lBest-selling Hitman- Contracts game offers taste of assassin's life  - BBC

6/11/2004: Cornell Joins National High-Speed Grid - SpaceDaily

6/11/2004: AMD to market discount Sempron  - C/Net
6/11/2004: Nanotech memory might soon be reality  - C/Net
6/11/2004: Startup claims mechanical memory ready for prime time - Silicon Strategies
6/11/2004: Toshiba claims first chip based on X Architecture - Silicon Strategies
6/11/2004: LSI Logic, developing CMOS carbon nanotube process - Silicon Strategies

6/11/2004: Review: An LCD Monitor With a Twist - ABC
6/11/2004: Hoarded files: How to de-clutter that home computer to find what's wanted  - BBC
6/11/2004: Programmers unite: How the European elections could impact the software we use  - BBC
6/11/2004: Sneaking up on storage  - C/Net
6/11/2004: Security clampdown on the home PC banknote forgers - New Scientist
6/11/2004: Link a second screen for a bigger view - Seattle Times

6/11/2004: Teenagers reach out via weblogs  - BBC
6/11/2004: Scare stories 'distorting' children's view of the internet  - BBC
6/11/2004: Think before you text  - CNN  
6/11/2004: Nike tries a new medium for advertising: The blog  - C/Net
6/11/2004: If your trade is cool enough, get Gmail early - Seattle Times


6/11/2004: Europe's energy use still rising   - BBC
6/11/2004: Community Works With Solar Power - ABC
6/11/2004: Running on empty: What sort of cars will we be driving when the oil runs out?  - BBC

6/11/2004: 'Heart drugs for diabetics' call  - BBC

6/11/2004: Cell Growth And Death Controlled By Single Pathway In Lymphoma Cancer Model - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Anti-Cholesterol Pill May Ward Off Cancer - ABC
6/11/2004: Chemotherapy Improves Lung Cancer Survival - ABC
6/11/2004: Row over sun cancer threat  - BBC
6/11/2004: Diabetes linked to bowel cancer  - BBC
6/11/2004: Sunbed users getting 'bad advice'  - BBC
6/11/2004: New drugs chip away at cancer
  - Yahoo
6/11/2004: Trials Show Chemotherapy Helping After Lung Surgery
  - NY Times
6/11/2004: Avastin-Tarceva Combo Provides 'One-Two' Punch Against Lung Cancer
 - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Prostate Cancer Pill May Stave Off Disease And Ease Pain
 - Science Daily


6/11/2004: Study Examines Teen Summer Marijuana Use - ABC

6/11/2004: Study Examines Deaths at Pediatric ICUs - ABC
6/11/2004: Christians Preach Bible-Inspired Diet - ABC
6/11/2004: Breast-feeding Battle - ABC
6/11/2004: NYC Home Health Care Aides Go on Strike - ABC
6/11/2004: HZPC Holland Markets 'Low-Carb' Potatoes - ABC
6/11/2004: Hospital puts barcodes on patients to cut errors  - BBC
6/11/2004: Super-cleaning for surgery blades  - BBC
6/11/2004: Fast food giants 'to fund sport'  - BBC
6/11/2004: Researchers Report Major Advance In Gene Therapy Technique - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Prevalence Of Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome Increases As Children Become More Obese - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/11/2004: Satellite images 'show Atlantis'  - BBC
6/11/2004: 'Father of the computer' honoured  - BBC

6/11/2004: Tenet Said to Be 'Victim of Ancient Albanian Jinx' - ABC
6/11/2004: Merrill Lynch to HP: Time for a breakup  - C/Net
6/11/2004: BlackBerry patent goes on trial  - C/Net
6/11/2004: Electric land speed record attempt all set - New Scientist
6/11/2004: Human responses to technology scrutinized - Washington Post
6/11/2004: Protein Engineered To Detect Nerve Gas - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Bringing digital media to nonprofits - Seattle Times
6/11/2004: Reagan's Vision Of Missile Defense Endures Despite Criticism - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Japan, US To Conduct Joint Anti-Missile Exercises From 2005: Report - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Engineered Proteins To Detect Nerve Gas - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: News Analysis: Biodefense Boondoggle? - Technology Review 

6/11/2004: Computer Use a Boost to Young Minds, Study Finds - ABC
6/11/2004: Medication or Talk Therapy? - ABC
6/11/2004: Genes may to blame for infidelity  - BBC
6/11/2004: Mental health magazine launched  - BBC
6/11/2004: Eyewitness Memory Poor In Highly Intense And Stressful Situations
6/11/2004: Cells From Fat Tissue Turned Into Functional Nerve Cells
6/11/2004: Adrenaline Packs A Powerful Punch In The Use Of Antidepressants
 - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Charting Giant Galaxy Clusters
 - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/11/2004: Fluid 'Stripes' May Be Essential For High-temperature Superconductivity - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Origin Of Enigmatic Galactic-center Filaments Revealed
 - Science Daily
6/11/2004: Smoking Gun Found For Gamma-ray Burst In Milky Way - Science Daily
6/11/2004: A Quantum Mechanical 'Tune Up' For Better Measurement
 - Science Daily

6/11/2004: Insulin Plays Central Role In Aging, Brown Scientists Discover


6/11/2004: Private Spacecraft's Inaugural Launch Set for June 21 -
6/11/2004: India's Space Agency Wins $10 Dollar EU Contract To Launch Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Music2Titan: The Sounds Of Huygens - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Space Station in Peril: A FLORIDA TODAY Special Report -
6/11/2004: Mojave Prepares to Make Space History -
6/11/2004: Cassini To Snap Miss Phoebe - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Cassini On Cusp Of Historic Saturn Tour - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Evidence Of "Flooding" At Mangala Valles Imaged By Mars Express - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Cassini spacecraft nearing Saturn on 2.2 billion-mile journey ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: Venus puts on a show ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: Kazakhstan planning space missions ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: Gemini Goes Silver ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: Cassini closes in on strange moon  - BBC
6/11/2004: NASA Targets June 24 for ISS Spacewalk
6/11/2004: Best View Yet Provided of Saturn's Mystery Moon Phoebe -
6/11/2004: NASA Launches New Teacher Network ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: NASA Scientist Hopes to Explain Saturn's Mysterious Black Moon ... - FirstScience
6/11/2004: NASA Schedules Industry Briefing on Space Exploration Acquisition Activities ... - FirstScience

6/11/2004: Tracking Success - ABC
6/11/2004: Future Focus - ABC
6/11/2004: Device Sorts Microscopic Particles With Speed And Precision - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: An Eye On The Tongue - SpaceDaily
6/11/2004: Process Nets Cheap Microstructures - Technology Review 


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