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  June 10, 2005

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Russia Will Take 'Adequate Measures' If Space Militarized: Ivanov  - Science Daily  Left:  Ivanov.   Russia will take "adequate responsive measures" to a move by any country to put weapons in space, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said here Thursday, quoted by Russian news agencies. "Should any state make plans to or begin to deploy weapons in space, we will without a doubt take adequate responsive measures" in response, Ivanov said, quoted by the news agencies. His comments came two weeks after the US daily The New York Times reported that the US Air Force was seeking a national security directive from President George W. Bush that could lead to fielding offensive and defensive space weapons. The White House denied the report. "Russia's position on this issue has not changed for decades: we categorically oppose the militarization of space," he said.   
White House Defends Cheney After 'Bloodthirsty Beast' Attack By NKorea - Science Daily  The White House on Thursday defended outspoken personal criticism of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il by Vice President Dick Cheney that may have dashed any hopes of bringing Pyongyang back to six-party nuclear talks. Cheney had called Kim an "irresponsible" leader who did not care for his people and ran a police state, drawing a strong rebuke Thursday from Pyongyang, which slammed the US vice president as a "blood-thirsty beast." "We are going to call it the way it is," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters as he backed Cheney's verbal broadside made in an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live" program on Monday. Charles Pritchard, the special envoy for talks with North Korea during president Bill Clinton's second term in office, said Cheney's volley was "deliberate".   

North Korea Says US Stealth Bomber Move Signals Nuclear War - Science Daily  Left:  "This proves that the US scheme of preemptive nuclear attack is systematically going over from violent words to operational plan and from the plan to the stage of military action," the committee said.  North Korea on Thursday said the deployment of 15 US F-117 Stealth bombers to South Korea was part of preparations for a preemptive nuclear strike on the country. "This proves that the US scheme of preemptive nuclear attack is systematically going over from violent words to operational plan and from the plan to the stage of military action," the committee said.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/10/2005: Dolphins teach their young to use tools - MSNBC
6/10/2005: Dolphin mothers pass tool use to daughters
  - Nature
6/10/2005: Dolphins teach their children to uses sponges - New Scientist
6/10/2005: El Niņo helped beetles beat invader - New Scientist
6/10/2005: Red Tide Shuts Shellfish Areas in New England  - NY Times
6/10/2005: Research Team Devises Nanoscale Method For Investigating Living Systems - Science Daily
6/10/2005: NYU Chemists Use Computer Simulation To Enhance Understanding Of DNA Transcription - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
6/10/2005: Closing the window keeps volcanoes at bay  - Nature
6/10/2005: Editorial: It pays to be green - New Scientist
6/10/2005: Cities lead way to a greener planet - New Scientist
6/10/2005: After Hurricanes, an Unclear Future for 'Lake O'  - NY Times
6/10/2005: Rapid-Scanning Doppler On Wheels Keeps Pace With Twisters - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Dissapearing Arctic Lakes Linked To Climate Change - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Unseen Colorado Mountain Aquifers Throw Water On 'Teflon Basin' Myth - Science Daily

6/10/2005: Extra: Games we'll be playing tomorrow  - C/Net

6/10/2005: Help Desk
 - Business Week
6/10/2005: Microsoft lets IT managers wipe your phone
  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Satellite specialist Hughes launches utility broadband
  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Covad, EarthLink to test phone, Net service
  - C/Net
6/10/2005: In Japan, prices drop as cell service speeds up
  - C/Net

6/10/2005: Apple announces switch to Intel chips - Business Week
6/10/2005: It's Intel inside for Apple's Mac  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Photos: All things Apple  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Real-time blog  - C/Net
6/10/2005: The Pulse: TV's future is here, but it needs work  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Will Macs be better with Intel inside?  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Intel-Apple coupling could woo Hollywood
  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Apple to switch to Intel chips
  - CNN
6/10/2005: Apple hit by rumor mill
  - CNN
6/10/2005: Apple to use Intel processors next year, Jobs confirms
  - El. Engr. Times

6/10/2005: Get ready for the 9-to-5 notebook  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Lenovo's ThinkPad X41 Tablet Does Double Duty  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Lenovo Readies ThinkPad Tablet PC  - C/Net
6/10/2005: IBM to build computer-based brain model  - CNN
6/10/2005: Got computer rage? Expert suggests safe ways to vent - Seattle Times

6/10/2005: The E-tailing Race Is on in Europe - Business Week
6/10/2005: AOL offers free, Web-based e-mail - Business Week
6/10/2005: First-quarter Web ad sales hit $2.8 billion  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Spoofing flaw resurfaces in Mozilla browsers  - C/Net
6/10/2005: First-quarter Web ad sales hit $2.8 billion  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Women shoppers streaming online  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Corporate blogs
  - CNN
6/10/2005: Triple virus wears down computer defences
 - New Scientist

6/10/2005: Microsoft makes concessions for EU ruling - Business Week
6/10/2005: Ballmer: Why IT matters  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Microsoft details EU concessions  - C/Net
6/10/2005: EU praises Microsoft plan  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Microsoft vs. open source: Who will win?  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Tech firms dissect music to pinpoint consumer tastes  - CNN
6/10/2005: New Authentication Code Urged For Digital Data - Science Daily
6/10/2005: How Chronic Exposure To Tiny Levels Of Carbon Monoxide Damages Hearing In Young Ears - Science Daily

6/10/2005: Green Diesel: New Process Makes Liquid Transportation Fuel From Plants - Science Daily

6/10/2005: Researchers Develop Gene Therapy To Reverse Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Most Heart Failure Cases Are Discovered After Patients Are Admitted To Hospital - Science Daily

6/10/2005: Genes Linked To Treatment Resistance In Children With Leukemia - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Increased Vitamin B Consumption Reduces Women's Risk Of Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Novel Combination Overcomes Drug-resistant Myeloma Cells - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Suppressing Growth Hormone In Early Adulthood May Prevent Cancer - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Researchers Demonstrate Use Of Gold Nanoparticles For Cancer Detection - Science Daily

6/10/2005: West Nile virus spreads faster, study says - MSNBC
6/10/2005: Success in primates sparks hope for Marburg vaccine  - Nature
6/10/2005: Marburg and Ebola vaccine success in monkeys - New Scientist
6/10/2005: Stress May Increase Long-term Success Of Vaccinations - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Researchers Report Breakthrough Against World's Deadliest Viruses - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Hebrew University Researcher Develops Compounds To Control Bacteria -- Without Use Of Antibiotics - Science Daily

6/10/2005: Diabetes Knowledge Has Little Effect On Improving Outcomes - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Day Care Settings Are A Significant Source Of Indoor Allergens - Science Daily

6/10/2005: The NIH's Roadmap for Research - Business Week
6/10/2005: New NHLBI-sponsored Study Shows Programs Can Teach Children To Eat Healthier - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Site Offers Web's Most Comprehensive Information About Anti-Jet-Lag Diet - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Northwestern Memorial Researchers Aim To Find Answer To Halting The Progression Of Fatty Liver - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

6/10/2005: Russia Will Take 'Adequate Measures' If Space Militarized: Ivanov  - Science Daily
6/10/2005: White House Defends Cheney After 'Bloodthirsty Beast' Attack By NKorea  - Science Daily
6/10/2005: North Korea Says US Stealth Bomber Move Signals Nuclear War  - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Paul Horn - Business Week
6/10/2005: Blogs: Net phone 911 rules now public  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Porn and politics  - C/Net
6/10/2005: Report: United to offer Web service  - CNN
6/10/2005: Are students turning away from science? - MSNBC
6/10/2005: Big Collaboration Links Learners To Science On A Tiny Scale - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Software Addresses Terrorist Building Threats - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Courting China: Airbus makes all the right moves - Seattle Times
6/10/2005: Online retailers getting to know you - Seattle Times
6/10/2005: Biographer lived 10 years with pioneer's ghost - Seattle Times

6/10/2005: Illuminating the Mind Scientists will use Blue Brain, IBM's blazingly fast supercomputer, to do never-before-possible research into how we think - Business Week
6/10/2005: IBM to build first computer model of brain - MSNBC
6/10/2005: Gene therapy salves sensitive nerves  - Nature
6/10/2005: US mental survey depresses experts  - Nature
6/10/2005: Mission to build a simulated brain begins - New Scientist
6/10/2005: ?USCD/VA Team Identifies Where Life's Memories Are Stored - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Vanilla Vs. Rocky Road: Color And Flavor Names Affect Consumer Choice
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Treating Autism 'Right The First Time'
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: How You Feel Drives How You Choose
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Dyslexia Redefined: Researchers Open A New Direction For Research And Treatment
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: Developing Nervous System Sculpted By Opposing Chemical Messengers
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/10/2005: Comets may confuse the planet-hunters - New Scientist
6/10/2005: Millennium Simulation -- The Largest Ever Model Of The Universe
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: NASA Telescope Catches Surprise Ultraviolet Light Show
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: NIST Photon Detectors Have Record Efficiency
 - Science Daily
6/10/2005: NASA Sees Orbiting Stars Flooding Space With Gravitational Waves
 - Science Daily



6/10/2005: Norman H. Horowitz, 90, Explorer of Mars, Dies  - NY Times
6/10/2005: Shuttle on home-stretch to launch
  - BBC
6/10/2005: NASA Near to Meeting Safety Requirements for Launching in July
  - NY Times
6/10/2005: Group Criticizes NASA Budget Cuts
  - NY Times

6/10/2005: Ode to joysticks  - NY Times
6/10/2005: Cars to be tracked by satellite for tolls  - C/Net
6/10/2005: NIST Smoothness Web Site Adds 3-D Analysis Tools - Science Daily
6/10/2005: World's First UV 'Ruler' Sizes Up Atomic World - Science Daily
6/10/2005: New Hydrogen Sensor Faster, More Sensitive - Science Daily
6/10/2005: StealthSwitch offers handy sleight of foot - Seattle Times


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