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  June 10, 2004

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Scientists Dig into Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater -  Geologists drilling half a mile below Virginia's Eastern Shore say they have uncovered more signs of a space rock's impact 35 million years ago. For more than two weeks, scientists drilled around the clock alongside a parking lot across the harbor from Cape Charles. They stopped at 2,700 feet. Cape Charles is considered Ground Zero for the resulting 56-mile-wide depression below what's now the Chesapeake Bay. 
Primal Scream: The Infant Universe Speaks -  An astronomer has turned observations of the early universe into a sound clip that represents a primal scream from the first million years after the Big Bang. Other studies have generated sound clips out of data from the universe and even from our own solar system. But none have reached so far back in time and space.Other studies have generated sound clips out of data from the universe and even from our own solar system

Figures before image of Earth   AP

World 'appeasing' climate threat  - BBC  One of the UK's best-known scientists, Professor James Lovelock, says only a catastrophe will prompt the world to tackle the threat of climate change. He says the global climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, is simply an attempt to appease a self-regulating Earth system. Professor Lovelock thinks the Earth's attempts to restore its equilibrium may eliminate civilisation and most humans. Professor Lovelock won acclaim for developing the Gaia Hypothesis, which suggests the Earth functions as a single organism which maintains the conditions necessary for its survival.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
6/10/2004: UK lags on Alzheimer's care  - BBC
6/10/2004: Antibody Detection In Alzheimer's May Improve Diagnosis, Treatment
 - Science Daily

6/10/2004: Long Live the Elephants, Long Dead  - NY Times
6/10/2004: Researchers Track Spread of Soybean Rust
  - NY Times
6/10/2004: Cells From Fat Tissue Turned Into Functional Nerve Cells - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Protests Ready for BIO Conference  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Do ducks quack in dialects? - MSNBC
6/10/2004: High-rise hawk stars in family drama - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
6/10/2004: World 'appeasing' climate threat   - BBC
6/10/2004: Arctic cores offer climate clues  - BBC
6/10/2004: Ancient life on cold-water corals  - BBC
6/10/2004: Your Computer Is Bad for You  - Wired News
6/10/2004: U.N.? Cold water corals face dire threats - MSNBC

6/10/2004: Requiem for the handheld?  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Is the PDA dead?  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Gaming PC makers target lucrative niche  - CNN  

6/10/2004: Stalemate in the Phone Fight - Business Week
6/10/2004: Windows XP Bedevils Wi-Fi Users  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Wireless Systems Duke It Out  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Taiwan firms make cool millions dealing with PC heat  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Cell phone cameras getting day in court--or not  - C/Net

6/10/2004: Overheated PCs mean hot business  - CNN  
6/10/2004: Intel preps for back to school  - C/Net

6/10/2004: Chinese supercomputer headed to top ranks  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Acer concedes more work is needed on tablet PC  - El. Engr. Times
6/10/2004: Study focuses on computers’ ‘toxic dust’ - MSNBC
6/10/2004: Cursor Speed Shows Virtual Bumps  - Technology Review 
6/10/2004: Gaming PC makers target lucrative niche  - CNN
6/10/2004: Apple readying new Power Macs?  - C/Net

6/10/2004: Worm eyes up credit card details  - BBC
6/10/2004: Can't stop the pop-ups  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Hotmail incinerates customer files  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Wikis' Winning Ways - Business Week
6/10/2004: May saw peak of sinister computer viruses - New Scientist
6/10/2004: Net Rivals Embrace to Fight Spam  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Buy My Internet Radio, Please  - Wired News
6/10/2004: 'Webisodes' Are the New Frontier for Internet Ads  - Wired News
6/10/2004: The Web's Wise Guys  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Porn 3X more popular than searches  - CNN
6/10/2004: Passwords can sit on hard disks for years - MSNBC

6/10/2004: Microsoft bars Windows pirates  - BBC
6/10/2004: In Brazil, Microsoft decries Linux use  - C/Net
6/10/2004: In Europe, Microsoft Girds for Round 2 - Business Week
6/10/2004: Three caught recording 'Tomorrow'  - CNN  
6/10/2004: Punch cards get a vote of confidence - MSNBC
6/10/2004: Microsoft gains double-clicking patent - New Scientist
6/10/2004: When Two Clicks Equal One Patent  - Wired News


6/10/2004: Heart disease 'on the increase'  - BBC
6/10/2004: Heart awareness: Why you should change your routine, and take the stairs  - BBC
6/10/2004: Jogging Hearts Back to Health  - Technology Review 

6/10/2004: New hope in breast cancer surgery  - BBC
6/10/2004: Bad Marks for a Prostate Cancer Test - Business Week
6/10/2004: Cell Growth And Death Controlled By Single Pathway In Lymphoma Cancer Model - Science Daily

6/10/2004: Emergency pill: HIV prevention therapy to be promoted in UK  - BBC
6/10/2004: Meningitis drugs 'protect family'  - BBC

6/10/2004: PM considers public smoking ban  - BBC

6/10/2004: A dying industry? Workers hit by Potters' Rot seeking compensation  - BBC
6/10/2004: Stitches don't stop preterm birth  - BBC
6/10/2004: Parents 'lack grasp of first aid'  - BBC
6/10/2004: Obesity fight targets town plans  - Nature
6/10/2004: An Eye On The Tongue - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
6/10/2004: Scientists Dig into Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater -
6/10/2004: A Dogged Image Maker - Business Week
6/10/2004: Fossil may be ancestor of most animals - MSNBC
6/10/2004: Tiny fossils reveal key step in animal evolution - New Scientist
6/10/2004: DNA tests settle row over Louis XVII's heart - New Scientist
6/10/2004: Ancient Impact Turned Part of Earth Inside-Out -
6/10/2004: Impact Turned Earth Inside Out - SpaceDaily
6/10/2004: Researchers say Titanic treasures are lost

6/10/2004: Box of tricksCan you beat a lie detector? We put one to the test  - BBC
6/10/2004: Whose data is it, anyway?  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Offshoring fight misses point  - C/Net
6/10/2004: In the virtual stacks, pirated books find readers  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Michael Moore clips debut on Web  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Offshoring fight misses point  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Uncle Sam's digital welcome mat - Washington Post
6/10/2004: Amazon goes Hollywood - L. A. Times
6/10/2004: Mystery of royal heart put to rest - MSNBC
6/10/2004: SARS doctor joins 'disappeared' on Tiananmen anniversary - New Scientist
6/10/2004: Big - Screen Film Takes on Forces of Nature  - NY Times
6/10/2004: Enron reorganizing to pay creditors 20 cents on dollar - Seattle Times
6/10/2004: Few exceptions to wage disparity between the sexes - Seattle Times
6/10/2004: Photoshop for Democracy  - Technology Review 
6/10/2004: Preaching to the Anti-Corp Choir  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Gulf Vets Victimized Again  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Twisted Tale of Art, Death, DNA  - Wired News
6/10/2004: No Fantasy for You  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Renewable Energy Gathers Steam  - Wired News
6/10/2004: The Maestro of the Title Sequence  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Chicago Balks at Video Voting  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Hop a Copter into the Sky  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Cosmic Log: Deliciously baaaad science - MSNBC
6/10/2004: US pledges to half its nuclear stockpile - MSNBC
6/10/2004: First quantum cryptography network unveiled

6/10/2004: PET Study Finds Neurobiology Of Hoarders Differs From Other Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Patients - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Eyewitness Memory Poor In Highly Intense And Stressful Situations - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
6/10/2004: Primal Scream: The Infant Universe Speaks -
6/10/2004: New clues in search for theory of superconductivity
 - PhysicsWeb
6/10/2004: NCAR Instrument Gets Breakthrough View Of Sun's Magnetic Halo
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Fluid 'Stripes' May Be Essential For High-temperature Superconductivity
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Origin Of Enigmatic Galactic-center Filaments Revealed
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Scientists To View Venus' Atmosphere During Transit, Search For Water Vapor On Distant Planet
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: New from Hubble: Inside a Stellar Nursery
6/10/2004: FUSE Pierces The Veil
 - SpaceDaily

6/10/2004: Researchers Establish First Molecular Link Between Eating And Aging - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Insulin Plays Central Role In Aging, Brown Scientists Discover
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Scientists Discover Way To Regulate The Body's Energy Expenditure  - Science Daily


6/10/2004: UK Scientists To Map Magnetic Fields - SpaceDaily
6/10/2004: Rover Finds More Signs of Water on Mars
 - ABC
6/10/2004: Ex-NASA Chief Richard Truly Retiring
 - ABC
6/10/2004: As Venus Dances Across the Sun, Earth Dwellers See History Unfold
  - NY Times
6/10/2004: Rover Unearths More Evidence of Water on Mars, Scientists Say
  - NY Times
6/10/2004: Mars Rovers Continue Unique Exploration Of Mars
 - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Pictures of Venus Crossing the Sun Tuesday
6/10/2004: Rovers Enter New Phase of Exploration
6/10/2004: Morning Star Crosses Star
 - SpaceDaily
6/10/2004: Thousands Spy Venus' Rare Transit
  - Wired News
6/10/2004: Slippery Slope For Mars Rover ...
 - FirstScience
6/10/2004: Spirit Discovers New Signs of Ancient Water on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
6/10/2004: Evidence of flooding at Mars' Mangala Valles ...
 - FirstScience
6/10/2004: Space summit to lift India-US ties into higher orbit ...
 - FirstScience
6/10/2004: Space science done by remote control ...

6/10/2004: You asked expert: What is the impact of technology overload?  - BBC
6/10/2004: Acer CEO: Digital home up for grabs  - C/Net
6/10/2004: Dancing lasers levitate carbon nanotubes - New Scientist
6/10/2004: Nanobulbs make their debut - PhysicsWeb
6/10/2004: Revolutionary Antenna Technology Reduces Size Dramatically - Science Daily
6/10/2004: Nanotech That Might Not be Hype - Economist
6/10/2004: Reinventing the lightbulb, with nanotubes  - C/Net


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