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  June 1, 2005

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The Tardis travel through space (BBC) Wormhole 'no use' for time travel  - BBC   According to one idea, a wormhole could be kept open by filling its throat, or the region around it, with an ingredient called exotic matter. Calculations by the Oregon researchers show a wormhole that combines exotic matter with semi-classical space-time would be fundamentally unstable. However, there is still support for the idea of traversable wormholes in the scientific community. One physicist told BBC News there could be problems with Hsu's and Buniy's conclusions. "If [their ideas are true, then don't worry about Hawking radiation from a black hole; the entire black hole vacuum becomes unstable."  
story.brains.jpg Brain downloads  - CNN  Ian Pearson, head of British Telecom's futurology unit, told the UK's Observer newspaper that the rapid advances in computing power would make cyber-immortality a reality within 50 years. "The new PlayStation is one percent as powerful as the human brain," Pearson told the Observer. "It is into supercomputer status compared to 10 years ago. PlayStation 5 will probably be as powerful as the human brain." Pearson also predicted that it would be possible to build a fully conscious computer with superhuman levels of intelligence as early as 2020. By 2020 Pearson also predicted the creation of a "virtual world" of immersive computer-generated environments.  

Building the world's most powerful laser

Building the world's most powerful laser  - CNN    In a building the size of a football stadium, engineers have assembled the framework for a network of 192 laser beams, each traveling 1,000 feet (305 meters) to converge simultaneously on a target the size of a pencil eraser. The goal is to create unimaginable heat and intense pressure from all directions on a BB-size hydrogen fuel pellet, compressing it to one-thirtieth of its size. Four of the beams have been tested. When completed in 2008, the National Ignition Facility, or NIF, as the laser at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories is called, will dwarf many times over any laser to date. The government is investing $3.5 billion, and possibly several billion dollars more. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

6/1/2005: Double triumph in stem cell quest - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Editorial: Great expectations for embryonic stem cells
 - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Can embryo-screening for IVF justify the cost? - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Printing press spells out bugs' behaviour - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Sponsor of Stem Cell Bill Says Senate Could Override a Veto  - NY Times
6/1/2005: The Evolutionary Triumph Of Flower Power - Science Daily
6/1/2005: New 'Waxy' Wheat Being Tested For Public Release - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Study Finds Research Participants Concerned About Genetic Discrimination - Science Daily
6/1/2005: NIH Researchers Discover How Insulin Allows Entry Of Glucose Into Cells - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Researchers Discover Underwater Volcano -- Unique Hydrothermal Community Of Hundreds Of Eels Uncovered - Science Daily
6/1/2005: New Computing Cluster To Help Scientists Reconstruct The Tree Of Life - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Finding The Source Of Campylobacter - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Researchers Closer To Learning The Underlying Logic Of The Olfactory System - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Alpine cricket is 'rough lover'  - BBC
6/1/2005: The Stem-Cell Also-Ran: America - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
6/1/2005: Tear up Kyoto or make it tougher? - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Clean solvents are going for green - New Scientist
6/1/2005: New Method For Imaging Dec. 26 Indian Ocean Earthquake Yields Unprecedented Results - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Mexican activists under attack, groups say ... - MSNBC
6/1/2005: Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation and the Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Announce P ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: CO2 emissions: Germany implements reductions ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: WWF and World Bank to cut deforestation ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Coal From Dino Age Sheds Light On Today's Global Warming ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Global warming will increase world hunger-U.N ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Climate change is China's next export ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Green Week - Bearing the brunt of climate change ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Volcano in western Mexico erupts ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Scientists warn earthquake on little-known LA fault would be disastrous ... - FirstScience
6/1/2005: Industry chiefs' environment plea  - BBC
6/1/2005: Britain 'dodges' UN climate funds  - BBC
6/1/2005: Floating a far-out design  - C/Net


6/1/2005: Nokia's Newest Is No Cell Phone
 - Business Week
6/1/2005: Ringtone leapfrogs Coldplay tune
  - CNN
6/1/2005: Citywide Wi-Fi reality check
  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Mighty Morphing Power Processors - Business Week
6/1/2005: Intel launches dual-core chips for PCs - Business Week
6/1/2005: AMD to migrate all desktop CPUs to Socket M2, server CPUs to Socket F in 2006  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Fake chip production moving east  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Fake AMD chips seized  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Pushing dual-core PCs beyond the desktop  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Nanoscale light tricks promise huge DVD storage - New Scientist
6/1/2005: A Sea-Change in Software Sales - Business Week
6/1/2005: Pushing dual-core PCs beyond the desktop  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Motion Computing Takes the Tablet PC to the Next Level (NewsFactor)  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Yahoo testing e-mail service for photos - Business Week
6/1/2005: Scott Kessler - Business Week
6/1/2005: Net miscreants get personal  - C/Net
6/1/2005: FBI probes network breach at Stanford  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Ask Jeeves' new features zoom in, out  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Yahoo pictures easier photo sharing  - C/Net
6/1/2005: 'Paula Zahn NOW'
  - CNN
6/1/2005: Woman sues Yahoo over nude photos
 - Business Week
6/1/2005: File-swap fandango
  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Shaq: world's largest Internet cop
  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Saluting the broadcast flag  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Senators urge international copyright crackdown  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Simplifying Security - Technology Review 
6/1/2005: OS makers slow to fix flaw, researcher says  - C/Net
6/1/2005: High school benefits from switch to OpenOffice  - C/Net
6/1/2005: First Look: 2.0 Looks Good  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Linux on desktop will be 'cheaper and more secure', claim vendors  - C/Net
6/1/2005: MS security chief says Windows is safer than Linux  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Building the world's most powerful laser  - CNN
6/1/2005: US funding of fusion reactor in doubt - New Scientist

6/1/2005: Is Robotic Technology Reducing Health Care Costs For Cardiac Patients? - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Fish Oil Fights Smog's Effect on Heart ... - FirstScience

6/1/2005: Chromosome Deletion Predicts Aggressive Neuroblastoma - Science Daily


6/1/2005: Natural relaxant may help asthma  - BBC

6/1/2005: Wnt-AR of prostatic discontent  - Nature
6/1/2005: ED: the heart of the matter  - Nature
6/1/2005: Bones Don't Pay A Price When Fat Is Lost Through Exercise - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Midday Sun Holds The Key To Good Health - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Health plan for retirees sprouts on campuses - Seattle Times
6/1/2005: Cannabis pain relief appeal fails  - BBC
6/1/2005: Young mums Why does the UK still have so many pregnant teenagers?  - BBC
6/1/2005: It's good to talkHow you can communicate with your baby before birth  - BBC
6/1/2005: US probes Viagra 'blindness risk'
  - BBC
6/1/2005: UK 'crippling Africa healthcare'
  - BBC
6/1/2005: Doctors' kitchen knives ban call
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

6/1/2005: The Cost of All Those McMansions - Business Week
6/1/2005: Minnesota court takes dim view of encryption  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Online, on campus"--it's overtaking porn  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Student's start-up draws attention and $13 million  - C/Net
6/1/2005: FBI: Computer upgrade cost still unknown  - CNN
6/1/2005: AAA Web tool helps drivers find cheapest gas  - CNN
6/1/2005: 100 tech firms with the most job growth  - CNN
6/1/2005: CIA overseeing Internet war game  - CNN
6/1/2005: China-Japan tensions could raise risks for tech investors  - El. Engr. Times
6/1/2005: Interview: Gardens in the sky - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Washington diary - New Scientist
6/1/2005: A rich record, indeed- U.S. has more millionaires than ever - Seattle Times
6/1/2005: Do Maps Have Morals? - Technology Review 
6/1/2005: Rise of the Plagiosphere - Technology Review 
6/1/2005: Worldwide Workspace CEO Anthony Affuso leads the hottest software outfit you never heard of- UGS. It's secret: Collaborative software - Business Week
6/1/2005: Furby's Father Is Back - Business Week
6/1/2005: Another Star Wars prequel?  - C/Net

6/1/2005: Stroke patients shed light on metaphors  - Nature
6/1/2005: Exposure to pesticides can cause Parkinson's - New Scientist
6/1/2005: The Lingering Legacies of ADHD - Business Week

Physics and Astronomy:
6/1/2005: Wormhole 'no use' for time travel  - BBC
6/1/2005: Google engineer sees stars
  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Jefferson Lab Builds First Single Crystal Single Cell Accelerating Cavity
 - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Astronomers, Amateur Skywatchers Find New Planet 15,000 Light Years Away
 - Science Daily
6/1/2005: Chaos in early solar system might explain some modern traits, study says ...
 - FirstScience

6/1/2005: Brain downloads  - CNN


6/1/2005: Odd Spot On Titan Baffles Scientists - Science Daily


6/1/2005: Company develops in-car toilet  - C/Net
6/1/2005: Testing times for composite flight - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Sea Harrier jets land on autopilot - New Scientist
6/1/2005: Seventeenth-century Islamic brassmakers were far ahead of European peers, engineers say - Science Daily
6/1/2005: MBAs say tech still adds up  - C/Net


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