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  May 9, 2005

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Blue Planet: Richard Leakey On Climate - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Will the systems within the parks survive a 3 degree (Celsius) change at the poles, a different pattern of monsoons? We should be rethinking the boundaries to give the parks a better chance in the future:" Richard Leakey. Leakey, along with other scientists and policy-makers, will gather next week at an environment conference at Stony Brook University in New York as experts discuss how to protect biodiversity in the parks. As a start, Leakey is hoping governments, companies and international agencies will establish a $100 million fund to help those efforts. Climate change is upon us, and I'm not sure that anyone is giving any thought to maintaining the national parks systems,"  
Questioning Terrestrial Planets - SpaceDaily  Left:  As a planet gets larger, the fractional planet brightness goes up. So TPF (illustrated) will have a much easier time detecting larger terrestrial or giant gaseous planets, but we still want to mostly try to detect planets that are Earth-sized.  Maggie Turnbull, an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution, has spent many years thinking about what kind of stars could harbor Earth-like planets. Her database of potentially habitable star systems could be used as a target list for NASA's upcoming Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission. In this fourth and final part (see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the edited transcript), Turnbull answers questions from an audience of fellow scientists.   

Beyond Science Fiction - NASA Tests Human-Robot Cooperation In Utah Desert - SpaceDaily  Designing, then teaching robots to converse and to work in teams with human beings seems like the stuff of science fiction. Yet, NASA already has been taking steps in a Utah desert that may lead the space agency even beyond the creative imagination of science fiction writers. Each four-wheeled ERA robot, with antennas and other instruments sprouting up from its main body, stands about as tall as a human being. Some 20 scientists and engineers from NASA Ames and NASA Johnson Space Center participated in the tests. The ERA robot includes sensors, similar to the human five senses, but more powerful in some cases.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/9/2005: A Dip in Time  - Technology Review
5/9/2005: Augmenting the Animal Kingdom
  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Lost Limb: Worm May Hold Answers  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Ban on Cloned Pets Rejected  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
5/9/2005: Blue Planet: Richard Leakey On Climate - SpaceDaily 
5/9/2005: Sony EverQuest Games Exchange Reviled  - Wired News
5/9/2005: 'European action needed' on light pollution ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: UNEP wins 2005 Ozone Award ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Atlantic States to Become First Foundry in North America to Reduce Mercury Emissions ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: NEWS- Ben & Jerry's and WWF Launch Climate Change College ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: New delivery hours to cut pollution ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Greenpeace mission dispatch ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: US geologists press for volcano early warning ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Forecasters fear Australia slipping back into drought - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: In the heart of the Borneo forest, a village that said no to the chainsaws - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Salty Staircase In The Atlantic Provides Clues To Ocean Mixing - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: String Of Moderate Quakes Rattle Japan - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: India launches mapping satellite  - NY Times
5/9/2005: Security fears put wrench in VoIP networks  - NY Times


5/9/2005: Bluetooth's Future With Video
  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Loral Skynet, Global Crossing Provide Network For Brit Council
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Disharmony on your cell phone
  - C/Net
5/9/2005: FCC to push mandatory 911 for Net phones
  - C/Net
5/9/2005: Qualcomm lines up with Linux
  - C/Net
5/9/2005: One chip to bind all cell phone functions
  - NY Times


5/9/2005: 'Personal Supercomputer' Goes on Sale - New Scientist
5/9/2005: IBM targets consulting  - C/Net

5/9/2005: Spying on the Spyware Makers  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Playing Spend-and-Seek Online  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Brit Media Watchdog May Police Net Content  - Wired News
5/9/2005: The Web: Search Engine Privacy Threats - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Internet doing in bike messengers  - C/Net
5/9/2005: Phishing attacks take a new twist  - C/Net
5/9/2005: Yahoo, Google turn up volume on video search battle
  - NY Times

5/9/2005: Microsoft loses appeal to limit damage awards - Seattle Times
5/9/2005: EU talks continue on antitrust order - Seattle Times
5/9/2005: The Man Who Brewed Up Java - Business Week
5/9/2005: Pirates Might Not Kill Music - USA Today

5/9/2005: Ethanol Grows as Gas Alternative  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Invasion of the Green Machines  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Restaurants Join Fight for Clean Air- ABF Producing Clean Fuel From Used Restaurant Oils ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: EDP, Hidrocantabrico renewable energy venture targets 2,500 mw capacity by 2010 ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Japan's Toyota to make hybrid model of best-selling Camry in US: report - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Analysis: Bush Energy Plan Fails To Excite - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Japan Ready To Discuss Site Of ITER Nuclear Reactor? EU
 - SpaceDaily


5/9/2005: Just Say No to Cancer Screenings  - Wired News


5/9/2005: Diabetes And Pizza: Slow And Steady Insulin Delivery Wins The Race - Science Daily
5/9/2005: WORLD ASTHMA DAY: Breathless in Pune- Blame it on pollution, lifestyle, junk food ... - FirstScience

5/9/2005: Six Previously Blind Patients Detect Light, Motion, Identify Objects With Retinal Prostheses - Science Daily
5/9/2005: UCI Eye Doctors Invent Laser-assisted Cornea-transplant Surgery - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/9/2005: Rock Hounds Sleuth Rise Of Earth's Atmosphere - Science Daily
5/9/2005: Museum Rescues 'Endangered' Recordings - Science Daily
5/9/2005: This Dino Eats His Vegetables  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Students, Teachers Clashing Over Evolution ... - ABC

5/9/2005: Lawmaker Rips RFID Passport Plans  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Free Buzz Blitz Earns Rebuke  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Smart Car Seeks Small Niche  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Wikipedia Is a Real Hitchhiker's Guide  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Love Bug Legacy Lives On  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Norwegian plans rivals to Nobel science prizes ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: China wins 7, Indonesia 4 golds in Asian Physics Olympiad ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Iran Determined to Pursue Nuclear Technology ... - FirstScience
5/9/2005: US satellite recorded checkpoint shooting, shows speed of Italian car- CBS - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: US Has 'Significant' Deterrent Capability Against NKorea: Rice - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: German Gov Party Demands Withdrawal Of US Nuke Weapons - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Rice Supports Fragile European-Iranian Talks - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Iran Says It Has No Plans For Now To Resume Enrichment - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: White House Says North Korea Missile Launch 'Provocative' - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Suspected Failed NKorean Missile Launch Observed Friday - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Kodak's photo packages bypass the PC  - C/Net
5/9/2005: IBM: Job cuts mean savings of $1 billion in 2006  - C/Net
5/9/2005: Digital cameras--stop them before they shoot again  - NY Times
5/9/2005: Million-resume madness in India
5/9/2005: Photos: Living the good life at Infosys
  - NY Times

5/9/2005: New Treatment 'Roadmap' Improves Odds For Unusual Brain Aneurysm - Science Daily
5/9/2005: MRI Study Shows Hormone Leptin Alters Brains, May Ease Cravings Of People With Obesity Gene - Science Daily
5/9/2005: Worth The Wait? A Neural Mechanism Related To Impulsive Decision-making - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/9/2005: Questioning Terrestrial Planets - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: XMM-Newton Sees 'Hot Spots' On Neutron Stars
 - Science Daily
5/9/2005: Is It Or Isn't It? Pentaquark Debate Heats Up
 - Science Daily
5/9/2005: Hubble may not die ...
 - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Saturn's moons- Pheobe taken captive ...
  - Nature
5/9/2005: "Wonderful" Star Reveals Its Hot Nature
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Gamma Rays From Thunderstorms?
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Stay Tuned For A STEREO View Of Stormy Space Weather
 - SpaceDaily


5/9/2005: Beyond Science Fiction - NASA Tests Human-Robot Cooperation In Utah Desert - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Carnegie Mellon Robot To Run Time Trials To Enter Desert Race - SpaceDaily

5/9/2005: Saturn's Odd Moon Out  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Scientists- Life on Mars Likely
  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Mars Express radar package to be deployed ...
 - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Search on Again for Mars Polar Lander ...
5/9/2005: NASA simulates shuttle countdown ...
5/9/2005: NASA Engineer Ready to Bring the Noise of Liftoff ...
 - FirstScience
5/9/2005: 'We will fly our space shuttle someday, and we will fly this mission.' ...
 - FirstScience
5/9/2005: Griffin- Changing NASA Culture Boils Down to 'Common Courtesy'
5/9/2005: Remote Access: Canadarm 2 Gets a Hand From Ground Control
5/9/2005: NASA Receives Crew Exploration Vehicle Proposals
5/9/2005: Mock Countdown Begins for STS-114 Crew
5/9/2005: Remote Access: Canadarm 2 Gets a Hand From Ground Control
5/9/2005: NASA Receives Crew Exploration Vehicle Proposals
5/9/2005: Building A New Transport Industry
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Wading In Martian Water
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Indian space rocket readies to blast-off with two satellites
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Trinkets for Shenzhou
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: In the Stars: Is There Life On Titan?
 - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: First Extra-Solar Planet Desktop...
 - SpaceDaily


5/9/2005: VCU Engineers Develop New Polymer - Science Daily
5/9/2005: RFID-Free America  - Technology Review
5/9/2005: From The Lab: Information Technology  - Technology Review
5/9/2005: TV Limits Copies  - Wired News
5/9/2005: Game Theory & Wireless Networks Make Smart Garments - SpaceDaily
5/9/2005: Performance-enhancing contacts?  - C/Net
5/9/2005: Republicans outline high-tech agenda
  - C/Net


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