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  May 8, 2004

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Commentary: Is Bush's Moon-to-Mars Vision Dimming? - Space.com  Like his father's proposal to go to Mars, President George W. Bush's grand space exploration vision appears to be on the verge of being scuttled well before launch. Despite its goal of refocusing NASA, the vision's potential to inspire dreams and garner new funds is largely evaporating. The devil is in the lack of details. Critics charged the plan, as it were, lacked specifics and the costs could not be easily estimated.
Quantum Computers Are A Quantum Leap Closer, Say Purdue Physicists - SpaceDaily  Left:  As part of an effort to make superpowerful quantum computers, Purdue University researchers have created "quantum dots" in a semiconducting material known as gallium arsenide. The quantum dots (the two small circular areas shown adjacent to one other in the center of the image) are puddles of about 40-60 electrons. Together the dots can form part of transistors in which the electrons' spin, a quantum mechanical property, could be harnessed to make logic gates for next-generation computer chips. Each dot measures only about 180 nanometers (billionths of a meter) in diameter about 5,000 of them could stretch across the width of a grain of sand. (Illustration by Albert Chang, Duke University Department of Physics)  By linking a pair of tiny "puddles" of a few dozen electrons sandwiched inside a semiconductor, researchers have enabled these two so-called "quantum dots" to become parts of a transistor.

Invasion Of The Traffic Cones - SpaceDaily  It sounds like a driver's worst nightmare. Herds of traffic cones swarm onto a highway, closing down lanes and slowing the traffic. But it's no bad dream. The robotic road markers have been developed by Shane Farritor, a roboticist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in a bid to help reduce the $100 billion per year that the Department of Transportation estimates is lost to the US economy through accidents and delays caused by highway lane closures reports New Scientist. The self-propelled markers take the form of robotic three-wheeled bases for the brightly coloured barrels.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/8/2004:Researchers Describe Long-perplexing 'Magic Spot' On Bacteria - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Genetic Sequence Identified For Anti-bacterial Sea Slug Protein
 - Science Daily
5/8/2004:World's Peaches, Plums Preserved In Unique Collection - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Cells From Adult Bone Marrow Can Be Converted Into Brain Stem Cells For Transplantation - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/8/2004:Call to shoot 20,000 Australian koalas  - Yahoo
5/8/2004:USGS Graphically Illustrates Urban Growth In America - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Population Of Peruvian Seabirds Plummeted Due To Increased Fishing Activity - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Australia told to expect refugees from global warming - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Satellites To Be Launched For Better Disaster Management - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:New NASA Technology Helps Forecasters In Severe Weather Season - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Alabama Cooks Up A Storm With Severe Weather Science - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Supercontinent's Breakup Plunged Ancient Earth Into Big Chill - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Supreme Court declines to review Bush administration appeal over pollution... - FirstScience
5/8/2004:Asian pollution threatens U.S... - FirstScience
5/8/2004:The Fairmont Orchid and University of Hawaii-Hilo Partner to Protect Coral Reef Ecosystem... - FirstScience


5/8/2004:Internet phone service attracts wider use - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Samsung Smartphone a remedy for multitaskers - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Sprint cell plan may ease sting of exceeding minutes - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Return of the Original Invaders  - Wired News

5/8/2004:Quantum Computers Are A Quantum Leap Closer, Say Purdue Physicists - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Nanotube transistors speed up - PhysicsWeb
5/8/2004:Quantum Computers Are A Quantum Leap Closer, Say Purdue Physicists - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Scaling died at 130-nm so innovate, says IBM CTO - Silicon Strategies
5/8/2004:IBM debuts new 64-bit processor based on SOI - Silicon Strategies

5/8/2004:Flash Analysis- more players, more density, lower cost per bit - Silicon Strategies
5/8/2004:Basic hits 40  - Wired News

5/8/2004:Nasty malware fouls PCs with porn  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Google looks to deliver the knockout punch - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Will Google be the poorer for its new wealth? - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Google: All that and laundry, too? - Seattle Times
5/8/2004:Windows Open to Another Worm  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Senate Keeps Web Access Tax-Free  - Wired News

5/8/2004:New device allows recording at concerts  - Yahoo
5/8/2004:Microsoft conference looks to next operating system - Seattle Times

5/8/2004:PNNL On Fast Track For Hydrogen Fuel Reformer - SpaceDaily

5/8/2004:UCSD Finds Genetic Time Bomb In Heart That Leads To Heart Failure In Some Congenital Heart Disease Patients - Science Daily

5/8/2004:Secret of eternal life may give cancer cure - New Scientist
5/8/2004:'Landmark' study boosts cancer drug hope - New Scientist
5/8/2004:Biological Computer Diagnoses Cancer And Produces The Drug -- In A Test Tube - Science Daily

5/8/2004:Gerbil population boom predicts plague - New Scientist
5/8/2004:HIV Patients Get Long-Term Boost With Short, Intermittent Drug Regimen - Science Daily
5/8/2004:International Consultation Aims To Identify, Minimize Impact Of Diseases Transmitted From Animals To Humans
5/8/2004:AIDS Vaccine For Healthy Individuals Tested For Safety, Tolerability - Science Daily
5/8/2004:China's SARS Woes Deepen With New Suspect Case And 700 Isolated - SpaceDaily

5/8/2004:ALS risk not limited to Gulf war veterans - New Scientist

5/8/2004:Solving The Mystery Of The Dancer Mice, And Cleft Lip Too - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Only Half Of Recalled Meat And Poultry Is Recovered, Study Finds - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Space Solutions For Health - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
5/8/2004:Charred remains may be earliest human fires - New Scientist

5/8/2004:An Immersive Planetarium - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:UN Security Council Moves To Keep Terrorists Away From WMD - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Powell Says Unaware Of New Intelligence On NKorean Nuclear Weapons Count - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Cost Blowout For New US Jet Fighter "Disappointing" - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:DOD: Fallujah Operation Part Of Larger Plan - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:New Zealand, US, Propose Global Prohibition Of Fisheries Subsidies - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Student-Built Projectile Could Help Soldiers Detect Bombs, Chemicals - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Kurzweil's Rules of Invention - Technology Review
5/8/2004:Sex Offenders Hounded by the Law  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Kiwis Cop Stonehenge's Star Buzz  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Give It Up: Info for Protection  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Links to Terrorism- Build a Website, Go to Jail  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Selling on eBay gives rise to economic 'ecosystem'... - FirstScience

5/8/2004:Women Remember Appearances Better Than Men, Study Finds - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Patients With Uncontrolled Epilepsy Have Low Levels Of Fatty Acids - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Monthly Hormonal Changes Can Exacerbate Seizures In Women With Epilepsy - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Chaos Seems to Aid Learning - Technology Review

Physics and Astronomy:
5/8/2004:Carbon-50 makes its debut - PhysicsWeb
5/8/2004:Demise In Ice And Fire: New Hubble Image of 'Bug Nebula'
 - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Scientists Announce Cosmic Ray Theory Breakthrough
 - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Arecibo Gets More Sensitive
 - SpaceDaily



5/8/2004:Commentary: Is Bush's Moon-to-Mars Vision Dimming? - Space.com
5/8/2004:Making new minerals on the Moon
 - PhysicsWeb
5/8/2004:Hearing to consider space shuttle's future... - FirstScience
5/8/2004:Saturn All Up By Cassini One Last Time - SpaceDaily

5/8/2004:Invasion Of The Traffic Cones - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:Microwave ovens should warn of exploding eggs - New Scientist
5/8/2004:Baby buckyballs hold unusual promise - New Scientist
5/8/2004:A Conveyor Belt For The Nano-age - Science Daily
5/8/2004:UCLA Chemists Develop New Coating For Nanoscale Probes - Science Daily
5/8/2004:Russo-German start-up claims laser materials breakthrough - Silicon Strategies
5/8/2004:Icing: A Chilling Subject - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:New Single-Chip Silicon Tuner Reduces Cost Of Satellite TV Connections
 - SpaceDaily
5/8/2004:The Sound War
 - Technology Review
5/8/2004:Nano Wires Make Tiny Compasses
 - Technology Review
5/8/2004:Molecule Makes Electric Motor
 - Technology Review
5/8/2004:The Kingmaker of Personal Tech
  - Wired News
5/8/2004:Cool Can Has Own Fridge
  - Wired News


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