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  May 7, 2005

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LBJ vols Nixon and Rumsfeld caught on tape  - C/Net  The Presidential Recordings Program at the University of Virginia has made available almost 5,000 hours of tapes recorded by six U.S. presidents from 1940 to 1973. They can be listened to for free at The recordings, which feature conversations from presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Johnson and Richard M. Nixon, were already in the public domain. What the University of Virginia has done is make it far easier for researchers to use them by bringing together historians, journalists and student interns to transcribe, annotate and interpret the recordings, as well as to post them online in an accessible format. The unique project gives Americans an inside look at their government that was previously out of reach for most.   

Image: Inside the chamber

Nuclear fusion on the desktop ... really! - MSNBC  Scientists say they have achieved small-scale nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment, using tried and true techniques that are expected to generate far less controversy than past such claims. This latest experiment relied on a tiny crystal to generate a strong electric field. While the energy created was too small to harness cheap fusion power, the technique could have potential uses in medicine, spacecraft propulsion, the oil drilling industry and homeland security, said Seth Putterman, a physicist at the University of California at Los Angeles. In the UCLA experiment, scientists placed a tiny crystal that can generate a strong electric field into a vacuum chamber filled with deuterium gas. Then the researchers activated the crystal by heating it. The resulting electric field created a beam of charged deuterium atoms.  

Image: Amal Dorai

Itís now or never for partying time travelers - MSNBC  Left: Amal Dorai stands on the edge of a volleyball court outside his dorm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dorai is organizing a Time Traveler Convention on Saturday, and visitors from the future had better not be late.  BOSTON - Attention, time travelers: Amal Dorai hopes you enjoyed the party heís throwing this weekend. Dorai only asks his guests to show proof they come from the future: Bringing the cure for cancer, a solution for global poverty or a cold fusion reactor would suffice.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/7/2005:†Spirituality, Religious Practice May Slow Progression Of Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Observatory: When Fruit Flies Send a Messy Message  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Found in Arkansas: Hope on Wings

5/7/2005:†Chimeras on the Horizon, but Don't Expect Centaurs
5/7/2005:†Tracking the Imperiled Bluefin From Ocean to Sushi Platter
5/7/2005:†Graphic: A Tuna's Tale  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Graphic: The Tagging  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Orientation And The Egg - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Scientists Track 'Stealth' DNA Elements In Primate Evolution - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Bill Would Outlaw Sale of Copied Cats - L. A. Times
5/7/2005:†Belarussian, Russian scientists to breed goat with human gene ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
5/7/2005:†N.J. Beach, Wildlife Refuge Get Settlement  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Studies Show Higher Quake Hazard Near Reno  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Ice Age Ocean Circulation Reacted To, Did Not Cause, Climate Change At Glacial Boundaries - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Study Offers Alternative View On How Faults Form In The Ocean's Depths - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Solar Storms, Arctic Winds Swirl In A Double Dip Cone Of Ozone Loss - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Salty Staircase In The Atlantic Provides Clues To Ocean Mixing - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Gamma Rays From Thunderstorms? - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Suite Of Instruments Helps Researchers Calculate 3,000-year Cycle For Large Quake - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Greenpeace founder dies ... - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†NASA, Department Of Energy Scientists Find 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Of Global Warming ... - FirstScience

5/7/2005:†Omnipresent ads now popping up in video games - Seattle Times

5/7/2005:†T-Mobile resists the rush
 - Seattle Times

5/7/2005:†Future computer: Atoms Packed In An "Egg Carton" Of Light? - Washington Post


5/7/2005:†Google searches for quality not quantity - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†Sirius Hops on Podcast Bandwagon  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†File Sharing Is Like Terrorism  - Wired News

5/7/2005:†Microsoft learns to crawl - Seattle Times
5/7/2005:†What happens when searching on MSN? - Seattle Times
5/7/2005:†Interesting bits and bytes - Seattle Times
5/7/2005:†Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†The Value of a Software Ecosystem  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†Longhorn Test Drive  - Wired News

5/7/2005:†Nuclear fusion on the desktop ... really!  - MSNBC
5/7/2005:†Squeaky clean fossil fuels - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†Biodiesel Production Gets Simplified With New Method - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Vital Signs: Therapies: T.M. for Your B.P.? Hmmm . . .  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Computerized Tool For Diagnosing Heart Attack Could Be Inaccurate In Some Populations - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Genetic Glitch In The Heart's Electrical System - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Lessons of Climatology Apply as a Vicious Front Moves In  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Japanese Women Found To Have Lower Recurrence Of Breast Cancer - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†USC Researchers Determine Mechanism Of Action Of Chemotherapy Drug - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Blocking COX-1 Slows Tumor Growth In Mice - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†UT Southwestern Researchers Show New Drug May Help Treat Certain Forms Of Leukemia - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†A New Round in Polio Fights Yet to Be Won  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†The Inexplicable Survivors of a Widespread Epidemic  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†First-year College Students Who Feel Lonely Have A Weaker Immune Response To The Flu Shot - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Medical Researchers Show Protein's Role In Stopping Bacterial-induced Inflammation - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Gladstone Investigators Discover How Resting T Cells Avoid HIV Infection - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Join a Discussion on Health in the News  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Related Article  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Fiber Supplements May Lower Cardiovascular Risk In Type 2 Diabetics - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†OHSU Research Shows Vitamin C Counteracts Some Negative Impacts Of Smoking On Unborn Babies - Science DailyMiscellaneous
5/7/2005:†Acupuncture activates the brain - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†Vital Signs: Treatments: July, Neither Kind Nor Cruel  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†The Claim: Eating Carrots Improves Your Eyesight  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Perils of Pain Relief Often Hide in Tiny Type  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Kick the Doughnut Habit, and Make Your Nutritionist Smile  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Lipoprotein Abnormalities Found In Severely Obese Children - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Asians, Pacific Islanders Have Highest Blood Iron Levels - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Substituting Nurses For Doctors Results In High Quality Care, Few Savings - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Researching Airborne Metals In Transit Workers' Bodies
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Exercise Training In Ordinary People Affects The Activity Of 500 Genes
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Food Fried In Vegetable Oil May Contain Toxic Compound
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Ageism in Medicine?
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/7/2005:†Swedish Jews Bury 19th Century Skull  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Geologists' Find Is Evolutionary - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Great White Shark Evolution Debate - Science Daily

5/7/2005:†Nixon and Rumsfeld caught on tape   - C/Net
5/7/2005:†Police toy with 'less lethal' weapons - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†Letters  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Prevalence Of Concussion Effects Linked To 'Pot Of Gold' Lawsuits, Researcher Says - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Big battle over big-screen TVs - Seattle Times
5/7/2005:†Lost: Time Warner's Employee Data  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†Samsung, the Seoul Machine  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†Pimp My Plane  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†A Megachurch's Leader Says Microsoft Is No Match  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†'Star Wars' and the Fracas Over Fan Films  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†U.N. Nuclear Chief Pleads To Keep Talks Alive ... - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Urges Nuclear Reduction ... - FirstScience
5/7/2005: This Mother's Day, Give Your Mom The Gift Of Safety And Security- SpaceDaily

5/7/2005:†Being a loner reduces immunity and heart health - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†Vital Signs: Responses: Meet, Mingle and Stay Healthy  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Ugly Children May Get Parental Short Shrift  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Social Connections: Could Heartwarming Be Heart-saving? - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/7/2005:†Photoemission 100 years after Einstein - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Astronomers Confirm The First Image Of A Planet Outside Of Our Solar System
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†'Wonderful' Star Reveals Its Hot Nature
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Red Speck Is Indeed a New Planet
  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†The Interiors of Giant Planets- Models and Outstanding Questions ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†A planet-si
 - NASAzed transiting star around OGLE-TR-122 - Accurate mass and radius near the Hydrogen-burning limit ... - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Hot Jupiters and Hot Spots- The Short- and Long-term Chromospheric Activity on Stars with Giant Planets ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†A NICMOS Direct Imaging Search for Giant Planets around the Single White Dwarfs in the Hyades ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†The Use of Transit Timing to Detect Extrasolar Planets with Masses as Small as Earth ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Influence of massive planet scattering on nascent terrestrial planets ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Can We Probe the Atmospheric Composition of an Extrasolar Planet from its Reflection Spectrum in a High-Magnif ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Planets in Stellar Clusters Extensive Search. III. A search for transiting planets in the metal-rich open clus ...
 - FirstScience

5/7/2005:†Aging: Clues for the 'Stay Sharp' Diet  - NY Times


5/7/2005:†Ohio Lab Tests Space Propulsion System  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Written In Dust: Microscopic Particles From Space Rain Down On Earth
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Spots Its Quarry
 - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Testing a Sun-Powered Space Sail
  - Wired News
5/7/2005:†05.02.05 - NASA's Next Mars Spacecraft Arrives A large spacecraft destined to be Earth's next robotic emissary ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Probe Begins Hunt for Mars Water ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Spacehab Accepts $4.8 Million Offer on Florida Processing Facility ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†NASA to conduct second fuel testing of shuttle ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†NASA Practices Mars Rover's Escape Moves in Lab ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Astronauts practice, remember Columbia crew ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Scientist says spots lost NASA Mars lander wreckage ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Spacecraft wreckage on Mars? ...
 - FirstScience
5/7/2005:†Mars Polar Lander found? ...
 - USA Today
5/7/2005:†First-of-Its-Kind Antenna to Probe the Depths of Mars ...
5/7/2005: India Launch of Remote Sensing Satellite a Success
5/7/2005: X Marks the Spot- Possible Landing Site of Mars Polar Lander Identified
5/7/2005: Doorstep Astronomy- See Saturn and Jupiter Now! -
5/7/2005: Teachers Deserve More Than 'Thanks'
5/7/2005: Opportunity Nearly Ready To Attempt First Drive Out Of Dune
 - SpaceDaily
5/7/2005: Astronauts Rehearse Discovery Takeoff Despite Delay
 - SpaceDaily

5/7/2005:†China's Great Wall holds the key to quantum future - New Scientist
5/7/2005:†New Light on M.I.T. Issues, With a (Gasp!) Biologist at the Helm  - NY Times
5/7/2005:†Mechanical microscope nudges the nanoscale - PhysicsWeb
5/7/2005:†Light Scattering Method Reveals Details Under Skin - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†Intelligent Plastics Change Shape With Light - Science Daily
5/7/2005:†MIT Scientists Improve Explosives Detection - Science Daily


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