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  May 6, 2005

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Chaos on Mars -  Terrain on Mars can be awfully chaotic. In fact one region is named precisely for the dizzying array of mounds and squiggles that follow no logic. The Aureum Chaos region is dotted with large mesas and knobs that are distributed randomly, unlike the neat ranges of mountains often found on Earth. But scientists don't know why. On Earth, mountain ranges are generally forged by the collisions between plates of the planet's crust. On Mars, there is less of this tectonic activity.   
Don't Breathe The Moondust - SpaceDaily  Left:  Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt. Desktop it! 1024x768 Full Size Super Panorama available at Goddard  In 1972, Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmitt sniffed the air in his Lunar Module, the Challenger. "[It] smells like gunpowder in here," he said. His commander Gene Cernan agreed. "Oh, it does, doesn't it?" Later, Schmitt felt congested and complained of "lunar dust hay fever." His symptoms went away the next day; no harm done. He soon returned to Earth and the anecdote faded into history. But Russell Kerschmann never forgot. "The real problem is the lungs," he explains. "In some ways, lunar dust resembles the silica dust on Earth that causes silicosis, a serious disease."  

Chip-Scale Fridges Cool Bulk Objects - SpaceDaily  Left:  This colorized scanning electron micrograph shows a cube of germanium attached to a membrane. The four small light blue rectangles at the midpoints of the membrane perimeter are chip-scale refrigerators that cooled the cube and membrane to only a few hundred thousandths of a degree above absolute zero. Image credit: N. Miller, A. Clark/NIST.  Chip-scale refrigerators capable of reaching temperatures as low as 100 milliKelvin have been used to cool bulk objects for the first time, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report. The solid-state refrigerators have applications such as cooling cryogenic sensors in highly sensitive instruments for semiconductor defect analysis and astronomical research.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/6/2005: Wild pigs killed to save endangered fox - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
5/6/2005: Robots 'Confirm' Global Warming  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Clean-up aims for KZN smog spots ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Scots fear climate changes ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Regulators and Business Leaders Gather on Global Warming ...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Human-induced greenhouse emissions blamed for global warming ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Silica:The Next Environmental Issue ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Uganda: Halt Dam Project, Say Greens ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Ocean loaded with deadly 'ghostnets' - MSNBC

5/6/2005: Combating Gadget Theft  - NY Times  - BBC
5/6/2005: Mobile games poised for take-off  - BBC
5/6/2005: Online gaming costs set to rise  - BBC
5/6/2005: Gates- New Xbox has chance to be No. 1 (Reuters)  - C/Net

5/6/2005: Travel travail: Costs, ethics to stay wired
 - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: Wireless requires more effort to protect your system
 - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: Broadband nation
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Interactive map
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Photos: Wiring the nation
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: A sour note for ring tones
  - C/Net

5/6/2005: Chip-Scale Fridges Cool Bulk Objects - SpaceDaily

5/6/2005: Probing Your PC's Weak Spots - Business Week
5/6/2005: Your PC's Many Security Holes - Business Week
5/6/2005: Repair teams try to calm 'computer rage' - C/Net
5/6/2005: The Joys And Frustrations Of PC Repair - A Look At The World Of A PC Technician - C/Net
5/6/2005: How to smash a home computer  - BBC
5/6/2005: Stressed-out Spaniards attack computers with hammers  - C/Net
5/6/2005: The Joys And Frustrations Of PC Repair - A Look At The World Of A PC Technician
  - C/Net

5/6/2005: Bringing the Web to a wider world - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: Sober worm variant makes the rounds  - C/Net
5/6/2005: ABC News, AtomFilms offer PSP video  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Google seeks all the news that's fit to search  - C/Net
5/6/2005: At Los Alamos, blogging their discontent  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Online ad sellers think local  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Macromedia updates Web conferencing tools
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Google may base listings on news credibility
- C/Net
5/6/2005: CNN on the spam attack?
  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Netcraft: 5,600 phishing sites logged since December
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Spam Slayer: New Tools Fight Fraud and Phishing
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: AOL seeks to block phishing sites
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: NBC News Has New Internet Focus
5/6/2005: MSNBC's new classified ads challenge newspapers' turf
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Inmates escape into Internet
  - CNN

5/6/2005: Microsoft gay workers call for action - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: This Tiger purrs more than growls - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: Rampant piracy lands China on 'watch list'  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Cassatt extends server virtualization reach  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Sun plans July release for StarOffice 8  - C/Net
5/6/2005: More hacking targets iTunes, antivirus wares  - C/Net
5/6/2005: The Enemy Is Us  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Turns First Modest Profit  - C/Net


5/6/2005: Lonely men 'have high heart risk'  - BBC

5/6/2005: Breast-Cancer Risk Linked to Exposure to Traffic Emissions at Menarche, First Birth ... - FirstScience

5/6/2005: Warning of worm infection threat  - BBC

5/6/2005: Cannabis increases car-crash risk  - BBC

5/6/2005: America's New Pyramid - Economist
5/6/2005: Biting back: How scientists aim to reduce the risk from deadly snakes  - BBC
5/6/2005: Acupuncture 'more than placebo'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/6/2005: Nuclear museum America's atomic history goes on show in Las Vegas  - BBC
5/6/2005: Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Wordspotter Searches Historical Documents
5/6/2005: Pompeii gets digital make-over  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Evolution going on trial in Kansas - MSNBC
5/6/2005: New dinosaur species found in S. Dakota - MSNBC

5/6/2005: Billions just keep on gushing as oil-industry boom revs up - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: U.S. goods get pricey in some countries - Seattle Times
5/6/2005: Dell Expands in India  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Google Unites Europe in Disgust - Washington Post
5/6/2005: Resurrecting Dead TV Shows - L. A. Times
5/6/2005: Offshoring in Latin America  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Nuclear-free zones on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: The actual and potential development of nuclear weapons technology in the area of North-East Asia (Korean Peni ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Ten prominent figures in science news unveiled ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: 'China's forum for Science and humanities' concluded ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Still suffering The legacy of Agent Orange 30 years after the Vietnam War  - BBC
5/6/2005: Free computers: No teachers... the kids pushing themselves into digital future  - BBC
5/6/2005: Text revolution SMS, IM and blogs drive anti-Japan protests in China  - BBC
5/6/2005: Heavy heartaches: What can you do if your partner refuses to commit?  - BBC
5/6/2005: East Meets West,Big-Time: Lenovo's deal for IBM's PC unit led to a merger of talent,such as incomingChairman Yang and CEO Ward -- and a threat to Dell - Business Week
5/6/2005: Genentech's Lessons for Big Pharma - Business Week
5/6/2005: Military mistake caused data leak - Business Week
5/6/2005: High-Tech TV: Advice for HP - Business Week
5/6/2005: Fracas over fan films  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Data for 600,000 Time Warner employees MIA
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Apple tries to recover in the classroom
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Time travelers to converge in Cambridge
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: From The Laptops Of Terrorists
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Net vigilantes track down terrorists
  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Kuwait Blocking Islamic Web Sites That Incite Violence
  - Technology Review 
5/6/2005: Big Brother watches and security companies profit
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Dropping the MS from MSNBC?
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Gates: Get U.S schools in order
5/6/2005: Gates Calls for End to Foreign Worker Visa Limits
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Gates Airs Views on Technology, Government
  - C/Net

5/6/2005: Beer Makes You Clever: Official  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Physical depression ails ignored  - BBC
5/6/2005: Art therapy 'How art helps me cope with my short-term memory loss'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/6/2005: Astronomers say huge planet sighting in distant solar system confirmed ... - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Chandra Sees a Bridge Between Stars ...
 - FirstScience



5/6/2005: Don't Breathe The Moondust - SpaceDaily
Chaos on Mars -
5/6/2005: Mars Express Radar Boom to Be Deployed in May ...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2005: Return-to-Flight Delay Should Not Affect Hubble Servicing ...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2005: US export rules frustrate Virgin
  - BBC
5/6/2005: Space race to find life on Mars  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Europe will land on Mars in 2013
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Sailing the Martian Sea
  - C/Net
5/6/2005: Astronauts practice, remember fallen crew ...
  - CNN
5/6/2005: Glitch occurs during Nasa shuttle launch rehearsal ...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2005: NASA finds Opportunity bogged
 - ABC
5/6/2005: NASA's Next Mars Spacecraft Arrives In Florida For Final Checkout ...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2005: STS-114 Crew Rehearses Shuttle Launch, Escape Plans
5/6/2005: Space Multitasking: A Look at Two STS-114 Mission Specialists
5/6/2005: Spirit Analyzing Keystone
 - SpaceDaily
5/6/2005: Earth And Moon Through Rosetta's Eyes
 - SpaceDaily
5/6/2005: Rover Nearly Ready To Drive Out Of Dune
 - SpaceDaily
5/6/2005: Discovery Takeoff Rehearsal Despite Delay
 - SpaceDaily

5/6/2005: Circuit Benders Flock to Midtown  - Wired News
5/6/2005: Sharing the load: The washing machine that could force men to share the chores  - BBC
5/6/2005: Lawmen use drone for surveillance
5/6/2005: TI, Microsoft team on software for portable media processor  - El. Engr. Times
5/6/2005: Micron-sized refrigeration device has no moving parts  - El. Engr. Times


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