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  May 6, 2004

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U.S. Snubbed China's Offer for Space Cooperation: 'Technology Not Mature' - Space.com  Despite joining the elite club of nations to have successfully launched humans into space, China remains an outsider with the United State, reaching out to other spacefaring countries, an expert on Chinese space exploration said Tuesday. The Chinese National Space Administration was surprised to receive a cold reaction from the U.S. after the successful flight of taikonaut Yang Liwei in October 2003. 
Plausibility of Martian Microbes - SpaceDaily  Left:  Did results from the Viking mission in the late 1970s not suggest that Mars was probably devoid of life? That was the accepted interpretation at the time, based on the results of three experiments that tested for biological activity and the absence of organic molecules in the surface materials. However, this conclusion may be open to some debate based on recent advances in our understanding of biology.  geological evidence suggests that the martian climate prior to about 3.5 billion years ago was somehow warmer than the present climate and that liquid water flowed on the surface in a way that is not observed today. Unfortunately, the observations do not allow a unique determination of what the temperature, atmospheric pressure, or partitioning of liquid water between the subsurface, surface, and atmosphere were at that time. Interestingly, an alternative source for life on Mars may have been Earth itself.

Proof Of The Matter Is In The Jelly - SpaceDaily  In the community of very tiny particles that make up all matter in the universe, there are two main citizens: bosons and fermions. Bosons are socially oriented and tend to stick together, while fermions are solitary entities, preferring to go it alone. That's why NASA-funded researchers overcame an important technical challenge when they recently persuaded reclusive fermion atoms to act like their friendly boson buddies and jiggle together in an ultra-cold, jelly-like state of matter. The findings, published in the online version of Physical Review Letters, represent the first direct evidence for a fermion atom superfluid a frictionless fluid made up of a gas of fermion atoms.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/6/2004:Girls 'get infertility implants'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/6/2004:EU climate trouble: Targets to cut emissions in Europe put in jeopardy  - BBC
5/6/2004:Emissions plan goes to Brussels  - BBC
5/6/2004:Drought Settles In, Lake Shrinks and West's Worries Grow  - NY Times
5/6/2004:Md. Pond Declared Clean of Snakeheads  - NY Times
5/6/2004:Volunteers Brave Rain to Save Salamanders  - NY Times
5/6/2004:E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan  - NY Times

5/6/2004:Playing catch-up on the console  - NY Times

5/6/2004:College Cuts Dorm Phones for Cell Phones - ABC

5/6/2004:First IBM Power5 server to debut Monday  - C/Net

5/6/2004:Beige PC box gets a makeover  - BBC
5/6/2004:Virtual computing: Real benefits, real challenges  - C/Net

5/6/2004:Log On and Say 'Ah' - ABC
5/6/2004:Sasser worm 'spreading rapidly'  - BBC
5/6/2004:Alarm over bot attacks  - C/Net
5/6/2004:New worm's got sass, but not much else  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Google's hard bargain  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Week in review: Google shows its cards  - C/Net

5/6/2004:Plugging the Linux holes  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Microsoft unveils new antipiracy tools  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Microsoft wants to get devices talking  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Has Microsoft gone soft?  - C/Net

5/6/2004:Bill Backs Energy Dept. in Atomic-Waste Battle  - NY Times


5/6/2004:Gene trait boosts cancer therapy  - BBC
5/6/2004:Genetic Link Seen in Cancer Drug's Power  - NY Times

5/6/2004:Funds Hamper Those Who Need Malaria Drugs - ABC
5/6/2004:Concern over rise in mumps  - BBC
5/6/2004:Aids 'has killed 2m Nigerians'  - BBC
5/6/2004:Battling AIDS in India  - C/Net

5/6/2004:When Meds Wear Off - ABC
5/6/2004:Video: A Personal Look at Parkinson's - ABC
5/6/2004:India outlaws smoking in public  - BBC
5/6/2004:Smokers at greater frostbite risk  - BBC

5/6/2004:Inside Open Adoption - ABC
5/6/2004:Couple Profiles - ABC
5/6/2004:Open Adoption Laws - ABC
5/6/2004:Map - ABC
5/6/2004:Additional Resources - ABC
5/6/2004:Share Your Thoughts - ABC
5/6/2004:U.K. Pharmacy Filling U.S. Prescriptions - ABC
5/6/2004:Dakota Growers Roll Out Low-Carb Pasta - ABC
5/6/2004:Breast milk helps reduce obesity  - BBC
5/6/2004:Obesity threat: How being overweight can give you diabetes and ruin your health  - BBC
5/6/2004:Fitness vacuum: We test the chores that are supposed to improve our health  - BBC
5/6/2004:Confusion over breast advice  - BBC
5/6/2004:New teeth 'could soon be grown'
  - BBC
5/6/2004:Family finance: How much will it cost to provide for your new baby?
  - BBC
5/6/2004:Guide for deaf mothers-to-be
  - BBC
5/6/2004:A Glimpse at the Future of DNA: M.D.'s Inside the Body
  - NY Times
5/6/2004:Plastic Surgery Gets a New Look
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
5/6/2004:Early human fire mastery shown  - BBC
5/6/2004:Experts Back in Modern Iran to Again Study Ancient Persia  - NY Times

5/6/2004:Push for anti-nerve agent drug  - BBC
5/6/2004:Hi-tech hopes: Google's plans to float bring hope of industry's recovery  - BBC
5/6/2004:California toughens e-voting standards  - C/Net
5/6/2004:Briefly: Calif. Senate passes RFID measure  - C/Net
5/6/2004:World's top offshore locations  - C/Net
5/6/2004:He'll take your job and ship it - L. A. Times
5/6/2004:Tech help wanted - Washington Post
5/6/2004:U.S. Is Losing Its Dominance in the Sciences  - NY Times
5/6/2004:Answer, but No Cure, for a Social Disorder That Isolates Many  - NY Times

5/6/2004:Kin May Have to Pay for Legally Insane - ABC
5/6/2004:Group: Let Mentally Ill Children Interact - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/6/2004:Proof Of The Matter Is In The Jelly - SpaceDaily
5/6/2004:Cosmic insect: Hubble spies a bug 4,000 light-years from Earth
  - BBC
5/6/2004:The Universe at the Tip of His Ballpoint Pen  - NY Times

5/6/2004:Premature ageing secret unlocked  - BBC

5/6/2004:Robotic bollards to take control  - BBC

5/6/2004:U.S. Snubbed China's Offer for Space Cooperation: 'Technology Not Mature' - Space.com
Plausibility of Martian Microbes - SpaceDaily
5/6/2004:Saturn spacecraft gets an eyeful  - BBC
5/6/2004:NASA Expects Space Shuttles to Fly Again by Next Spring  - NY Times
5/6/2004:Spirit spacecraft encounters new communication problem - New Scientist
5/6/2004:Space Station Astronauts Say Rigorous Program Needed to Support Extended Missions
 - Space.com
5/6/2004:NASA Chief Says Agency Must Revamp Organization to Reach Moon, Mars
 - Space.com
5/6/2004:NASA Releases New View of Mars 'Endurance Crater'
 - Space.com
5/6/2004:Astronauts Struggle Against the Elements...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2004:British astronaut reluctant to go back to space...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2004:U.S. astronaut says rigorous program needed to justify extending length of time at space station...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2004:U.S. Astronaut Comments on Space Stay...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2004:Study May Cast Doubt on Some 1996 NASA Evidence of Past Life on Mars...
 - FirstScience
5/6/2004:NASA Mars Picture of the Day- Martian 'Brain'...
 - FirstScience

5/6/2004:Talking credit: A new fraud-busting card that loves the sound of your voice  - BBC
5/6/2004:At the track, a technology with legs - Business Week
5/6/2004:Dutch Build Amphibious Homes As New Tactic  - NY Times


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