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  May 5, 2005

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Organic Materials Spotted High Above Titan's Surface - SpaceDaily  During its closest flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on April 16, the Cassini spacecraft came within 1,027 kilometers (638 miles) of the moon's surface and found that the outer layer of the thick, hazy atmosphere is brimming with complex hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons containing as many as seven carbon atoms were observed, as well as nitrogen-containing hydrocarbons (nitriles). Titan's atmosphere is composed primarily of nitrogen, followed by methane, the simplest hydrocarbon. Titan is very cold, and complex hydrocarbons would be expected to condense and rain down to the surface.   
XMM-Newton Sees 'Hot Spots' On Neutron Stars - SpaceDaily  Left:  This is an X-ray image of the neutron star 'Geminga', as taken by XMM-Newton on 5 April 2002. It lies about 500 light-years away from Earth. Credits: ESA.   Thanks to data from ESA's XMM-Newton spacecraft, European astronomers have observed for the first time rotating 'hot spots' on the surfaces of three nearby neutron stars. The spots vary in size from that of a football field to that of a golf course. Astrophysicists had proposed the existence of physical mechanisms by which the electromagnetic energy emitted by neutron stars could be funnelled back into their surface in certain regions. (Their surface temperatures fall below 1,000,000º K after 100,000 years.)

NASA Awards $11 Million "Quantum Wire" Contract To Rice - SpaceDaily  NASA has awarded Rice University's Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory a four-year, $11 million contract to produce a prototype power cable made entirely of carbon nanotubes. The project aims to pioneer methods of producing pure nanotube power cables, known as quantum wires, which may conduct electricity up to 10 times better than copper and weigh about one-sixth as much. "In the Space Shuttle, the primary power distribution system accounts for almost 7 percent of the craft’s weight," Smalley, the project's lead investigator, added. NASA's next generation of human and robotic spacecraft will need far more power   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/5/2005: Obesity in middle age linked with dementia - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Talking again: One woman's fight to learn to speak again after Alzheimer's
  - BBC

5/5/2005: Risking Life to Save Limbs  - NY Times
5/5/2005: Beetle Larvae Are Found Again in the Park
  - NY Times
5/5/2005: Deep in the Swamp, an 'Extinct' Woodpecker Lives  - NY Times
5/5/2005: Study Proposes New Method To Investigate Genetic Hybridization - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Genetically Modified Rice In China Benefits Farmers' Health, Study Finds - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Major Wheat Pathogen Chosen For Genome Sequencing - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Study Of Unique Reproductive-cell Protein In Mice Could Lead To New Contraceptives For Women And Men - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Method Shows How Precisely Gene Expression Signals Are Copied DNA Replication - Science Daily
5/5/2005: New Test On Tap For Detecting Pesticide-Resistant Mites - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Ancient Enzyme Guides Healthy Eating In Mammals - Science Daily
5/5/2005: From The Lab: Biotech  - Technology Review 
5/5/2005: Marine mammals protest inaction on climate change ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Scientists discover deafness gene ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Borneo a 'hotbed' of new species  - BBC
5/5/2005: Florida girl has abortion blocked  - BBC
5/5/2005: Is it a zonkey or a deebra? - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Officials rush to save ‘extinct’ bird - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Zoo reverses vasectomy on bush dog - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Has bubble burst over exploding toad tale?
  - Nature
5/5/2005: Songbirds flash secret sexual signals
- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Fastest-living fish on the reef
- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Little Evidence Found For IVF As Most Effective Infertility Treatment
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Preserving The Grain Crop Finger Millet
 - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/5/2005: House Panel Examines Cuts in NASA Earth Studies  - NY Times
5/5/2005: Sea Level More Variable Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
5/5/2005: FedEx to Add up to 75 'Clean Air' Hybrid Trucks to Fleet ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Action wanted on vehicle emissions ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Understanding Climate Change - Part 1 ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Climate chaos misery ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Recycling Scheme 'On Track' ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Senate confirms new EPA chief ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: US removes climate scientist ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Greenpeace activists have intercepted a European cargo vessel while it illegally attempted to enter a Turkish ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: The European vinyl industry proposes a flawed and inadequate voluntary commitment to deal with PVC pollution s ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Greenpeace today blamed the main GE producing nations, the USA, Canada and Argentina, for failure to reach a g ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Greenpeace activists jailed ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Mad scientists trying to save planet will have to stay in labs ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Belgium must go wind, stop nuclear ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Exxon is wanted for outrageous crimes against the planet ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Dow is wanted for crimes against the planet ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Report urges increased volcano monitoring - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out Of Balance - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Drought To Persist In North America Due To La Niña
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Researchers Drill Historic Hole In Atlantic Ocean Floor
 - Science Daily

5/5/2005: Nokia Draws Bead on IPod People - Wired News
5/5/2005: Tax the iPod?  - CNN
5/5/2005: 'Doom 3' for Xbox  - CNN

5/5/2005: The growing need for online speed
  - BBC
5/5/2005: Net calling comes of age
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Camera phone saves man from deadly spider
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Wireless gear makers update Wi-Fi for the office
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Next-gen 3G rollout to be slowed by handsets, study says
  - El. Engr. Times
5/5/2005: Bug-eyed lens may mean slimmer camera phones
- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Duke 'All-optical' Switch Could Advance Light-based Telecommunications
 - Science Daily

5/5/2005: Microsoft takes internal servers 64-bit  - C/Net


5/5/2005: Voters empowered by internet swap shop - New Scientist
5/5/2005: N.Y. Sues Marketer Over Spyware - Wired News
5/5/2005: Quantum leap in secure web video  - BBC
5/5/2005: Small silver box that could help close global digital divides  - BBC
5/5/2005: Google may base listings on news credibility  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Passing the time with Google Images  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Head teachers fingered in email snooping row
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Court To Reconsider Decision On ISP Mail Snooping
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Firefox passes 50 million download mark
  - C/Net

5/5/2005: Wal-Mart unveils customized music CDs  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Longhorn will run on some older PCs too  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Week in review: Longhorn on Tiger's tail  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Week in pictures: Longhorn, Tiger OSes aim high  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Lawsuit could grab Tiger by the tail  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Despite features, Longhorn unlikely to boost PC industry  - El. Engr. Times

5/5/2005: Renewable energy: a question of supply and demand ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: European energy at crucial stage - report ... - FirstScience
5/5/2005: Thai community goes solar ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Belgium must go wind, stop nuclear ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Plutonium on the horizon, planet on the line ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Tiny nuclear fusion device has big ideas
  - C/Net
5/5/2005: 'Clean diesel technology' showcased
5/5/2005: Luca Technologies Confirms Real-time Methane Generation
 - Science Daily



5/5/2005: Yale Researchers Identify Molecule For Detecting Parasitic Infection In Humans - Science Daily
5/5/2005: A New Study Examines How Shared Pathogens Affect Host Populations - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Lower Vaccination Rates Put Children At Risk - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Biting Midge Harbors Livestock Disease Virus - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Nanobacteria In Clouds Could Spread Disease, Scientists Claim - Science Daily
5/5/2005: New Insights Into HIV Immunity Suggest Alternative Approach To Vaccines - Science Daily

5/5/2005: I Think That I Shall Never See, ah, Achoo!  - NY Times
5/5/2005: Doctors attack 'smoke ban myths'  - BBC
5/5/2005: Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Exerts Subtle Effects On Schoolchildren - Science Daily

5/5/2005: VR headset spots concussion in minutes - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Spider bites chef - then is released into hospital grounds  - BBC
5/5/2005: Look at me: Why deaf awareness week this year is all about looking  - BBC
5/5/2005: Facelift Alternatives Rid Patients Of Neck 'Wattle' Without The Downtime Of Surgery - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Ophthalmologists Implant Five Patients With Artificial Silicon Retina Microchip - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Vigorously Active Adolescents Are Leaner, Fitter - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Patients With Pituitary Gland Tumors Are Often Misdiagnosed - Science Daily
5/5/2005: No Wisdom In Routinely Pulling Wisdom Teeth, Study Says - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/5/2005: Histories: Dear diary, met Napoleon - New Scientist

5/5/2005: Do not mention the G-word - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Flying circles around the helicopter - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Police toy with 'less lethal' weapons - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Terror attack hit male birth rate - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Dream Teams Thrive On Mix Of Old And New Blood - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Rising cost of housing hits hard - Seattle Times
5/5/2005: Ex-Charter exec claims Paul Allen knew of scheme - Seattle Times
5/5/2005: Economic growth weakest in two years - Seattle Times
5/5/2005: State Bill to Limit RFID - Wired News
5/5/2005: Rolling Camera Eyeballs Danger - Wired News
5/5/2005: One Thumb Up for Hitchhiker - Wired News
5/5/2005: Who really rules our planet? ... - MSNBC
5/5/2005: Goodbye America: Brain gain - the Indian IT elite returning home in droves  - BBC
5/5/2005: Intel to avoid $580 million tax bill  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Italians seek to close Web site showing pope as Nazi  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Offshoring from three miles out?  - C/Net
5/5/2005: E-passport, privacy groups hail U.S. retreat on security specs  - El. Engr. Times
5/5/2005: Dell to expand India outsourcing, says report  - El. Engr. Times
5/5/2005: UK election special: Talking science- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Voters empowered by internet swap shop
- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Distracting Visuals Clutter TV Screen; Viewers Less Likely To Retain Content
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Officials Simulate Bioterrorist Attack To Test Disease Surveillance
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Many Deaths Still Expected With Earth-penetrating Nuclear Weapons
 - Science Daily

5/5/2005: Mind reading machine knows your thoughts before you - New Scientist
5/5/2005: Virtual reality heals 9/11 wounds- CNN
5/5/2005: As alert as ever on just two hours' sleep- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Important Brain Finding Results From Boy's Rare, Fatal Disease - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/5/2005: XMM-Newton Sees 'Hot Spots' On Neutron Stars - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: A Star Like Our Own
5/5/2005: Star reaches out to white dwarf
  - Nature
5/5/2005: The theory of everything: Are we nearly there yet?
- New Scientist
5/5/2005: Scientists Say Red Speck Is Indeed Huge New Planet
  - NY Times



5/5/2005: Organic Materials Spotted High Above Titan's Surface - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: NASA Gives Artificial Gravity A New Spin
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Cassini Captures Swiss-cheese Look Of Saturn Moon
 - Science Daily
5/5/2005: NASA executive outlines future Mars exploration  - El. Engr. Times
5/5/2005: Organic Materials Spotted High Above Titan's Surface - Science Daily
5/5/2005: Mock Countdown Begins for STS-114 Crew
5/5/2005: Astronaut Hall of Fame Inducts Spacewalkers, Pilot
5/5/2005: Search on Again for Mars Polar Lander
5/5/2005: STS-114 Commander Says Launch Delay Was the Right Call
5/5/2005: Stuck In A Martian Sand Pit
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Lockheed Martin And Boeing Form US Govt Launch Cartel
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Cartosat-1 And Hamsat To Be Launched By PSLV-6 On Thursday
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: NASA's Next Mars Spacecraft Arrives In Florida For Final Checkout
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Last Mission For Skylark Completed
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Cartosat-1 And Hamsat To Be Launched By PSLV-6 On Thursday
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Polar-Orbiting NOAA-N To Launch May 11
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: NOAA's GOES-N Launched Delayed Until June 23
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Envisat Helps Polar Challenge Racers On Way To Magnetic North Pole
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Oops..
 - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Tithonium Chasma Up Close
 - SpaceDaily

5/5/2005: NASA Awards $11 Million "Quantum Wire" Contract To Rice - SpaceDaily
5/5/2005: Tiny refrigerators close in on absolute zero
5/5/2005: Adventures in the Skin Trade  - Technology Review 
5/5/2005: The Wired 40 - Wired News
5/5/2005: Sarbanes-Oxley: Tech's big complaint of 2005  - C/Net
5/5/2005: Survey: Tagging tech gets to work  - C/Net
5/5/2005: No training wheels needed
  - CNN
5/5/2005: Microsoft unveils new auto industry drive
  - El. Engr. Times
5/5/2005: Catalytic converters clean up
  - Nature
5/5/2005: Nano-particle Research Will Benefit Inhaler-users
 - Science Daily


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