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  May 4, 2006

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Fish Healthy fats 'halve risk of Motor Neuron Disease'  - BBC  Motor Neuron Disease (MND) affects about 5,000 people in the UK and is most common among people aged 50 to 70. The highest daily intake of fats - more than 32 g a day - was associated with a 60% lower risk of developing ALS compared with the lowest daily intake of less than 25 g. In addition, a daily vitamin E intake of between 18 and 22 mg was associated with a 60% lower risk of developing ALS compared with the lowest daily intake of less than 18 mg. The results were true even after taking account of other influential factors. No strong associations were found for any of the other nutrients.   
NASA Sees Hidden Structure Of Neutron Star In Starquake - Space.com   Scientists using NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer have estimated the depth of the crust on a neutron star, the densest object known in the universe. The crust, they say, is close to a mile deep and so tightly packed that a teaspoon of this material would weigh about 10 million tons on Earth. The measurement, the first of its kind, came courtesy of a massive explosion on a neutron star in December 2004. Vibrations from the explosion revealed details about the star's composition. The technique is analogous to seismology, the study of seismic waves from earthquakes and explosions that reveal the structure of the Earth's crust and interior.    

Evolution gets busy in the urban lab - New Scientist  "IT'S the wild west of evolution and ecology," says Joel Brown, an ecologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Evolution is operating with a vengeance in the urban environment as animals struggle to adapt to novel conditions and cope with "evolutionary illusions". An animal is said to be in an evolutionary illusion or trap when it does something it has evolved to do, but at the wrong time or in the wrong place. The concept may help explain why so many squirrels get squashed on city streets, says Brown. For millions of years, squirrels have evolved to cross open spaces as quickly as possible, without wasting time watching for predators that they would not be able to escape anyway. "Ordinarily, that was a very sensible thing to do," he says. "But as an urban squirrel crossing four lanes of traffic, that's a bad idea." Though ecologists used to dismiss urban areas as unworthy of study, they have recently begun to realise that cities provide an ideal theatre in which to see behaviour evolving at a pace rarely seen in the wild. City environments tend to be less variable than the countryside. Urban heat islands mean that insects can be active longer or throughout the year, and human activity provides urban wildlife with more stable, predictable sources of food and water.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/4/2006:Evolution gets busy in the urban lab  - New Scientist
5/4/2006:U.S. ties whale stranding to Navy sonar...
5/4/2006:Healed penguins back at sea after dog attack... - MSNBC
5/4/2006:Warnex to buy Pro-DNA Diagnostic Laboratory... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:EPublisher is stand-alone product for life science... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Mouse genome for high-throughput RNAi screening... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:DNA database to fight shark poaching... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:New discovery- Molecular variation in one gene affects the growth of natural populations... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Hundreds of Dolphins Die in Zanzibar - Live Science
5/4/2006:Sonar May Be Linked to Stranding of Whales - Live Science
5/4/2006:Sperm bounce back after male contraception - New Scientist
5/4/2006:Pushy hyenas are made in the womb - New Scientist
5/4/2006:China releases panda into the wild - MSNBC
5/4/2006:Natural birth teaches newborn gut a lesson  - Nature
5/4/2006:Scientists investigate gene-therapy death  - Nature
5/4/2006:Molecular Variation In One Gene Affects The Growth Of Natural Populations - PhysicsWeb

Climate, Environment:
5/4/2006:Health group: Air cleaner than decade ago... - MSNBC
5/4/2006:Dumping of toxic waste poses high health risk... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Vegetables Fight Global Warming... - Discover
5/4/2006:NASA Launches Climate Satellites... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:NASA Disassembles and Reassembles Tropical Storm Gert... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Jobs Fields Recycling Questions  - Wired News
5/4/2006:States Sue Over Global Warming  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Can You Ace the Carbon Quiz?  - Wired News
5/4/2006:NASA launches CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Pollution slowly choking North China's largest lake to death - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:10 states sue US to regulate greenhouse gases - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:China Launches Remote Sensing Satellite - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:'Green roof' use growing  - CNN
5/4/2006:10 states sue EPA over warming - MSNBC
5/4/2006:Cloud satellites finally see clear skies  - Nature
5/4/2006:Danube bursts its banks  - Nature
5/4/2006:Geoinformation From Space Sharpens Population Density Maps - PhysicsWeb

5/4/2006:World's First USB Turntable
5/4/2006:A Wii Joke  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Gallery: Gadgets for the Lazy  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Xbox U  - Technology Review 
5/4/2006:Gamers ask Nintendo 'why Wii?'  - CNN
5/4/2006:Virtual game jumps to the real world  - CNN

5/4/2006:Nokia Phones Go to Natural Language Class
  - Technology Review 

5/4/2006:Lumus develops personal display technology  - El. Engr. Times

5/4/2006:Apple to recycle old Macs for free  - CNN

5/4/2006:Dissident Jailed, Assist to Yahoo  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Rants 'n' Raves: Blog This  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Building a Google? Microsoft pouring cash into Web fight - Seattle Times
5/4/2006:Microsoft stock tumbles on news of spending plans - Seattle Times
5/4/2006:Video blogs, ready for prime time  - CNN

5/4/2006:Microsoft to launch Windows XP in Africa

5/4/2006:Britain's nuclear waste vulnerable... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Villagers' fears of nuclear waste...  - BBC
5/4/2006:New Breed of Green Car is Very Clever - Live Science
5/4/2006:Quick Fixes Won't Solve Looming Oil Crisis, Scientists Say - Live Science



5/4/2006:Treatment hope for haemorrhagic fever - New Scientist

5/4/2006:Ultrasounds Show Mothers' Drinking Shrinks Fetal Brain - PhysicsWeb

5/4/2006:Pill Pushers Go Into Overdrive  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Hormone Found To Decrease Appetite And Increase Activity - PhysicsWeb

History, Anthropology:
5/4/2006:Olive branch solves a Bronze Age mystery - MSNBC

5/4/2006:Call for govt to make science commitment... - FirstScience
5/4/2006:GIs Shoot Footage for New War Doc  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Glitz and Glamour at the Foxies  - Wired News
5/4/2006:No Magic Kingdom for Jobs  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Webmonkey Mailbox: Say Any-Ning  - Wired News
5/4/2006:You, To, Can Right Like a Blogger  - Wired News
5/4/2006:200-mph Ads: The Top 5 NASCAR Paint Jobs - Live Science
5/4/2006:Sun Microsystems' New Star Needs to Shine  - Technology Review 
5/4/2006:Fed may be taking break from rate-raising campaign - Seattle Times
5/4/2006:Lay's son sold stock short before Enron's fall - Seattle Times
5/4/2006:Hard feelings up north over softwood trade pact - Seattle Times
5/4/2006:Mother matters when it comes to the heart - New Scientist
5/4/2006:Subliminal advertising may work after all - New Scientist
5/4/2006:Virtual forests - New Scientist
5/4/2006:A Strange Spending Splurge - Business Week
5/4/2006: Intel on the Offensive - Business Week
5/4/2006:Cosmic Log: Off-season ghost stories - MSNBC

5/4/2006:Healthy fats 'halve risk of MND'   - BBC
5/4/2006:Scientists identify 'intelligence gene'...  - Physics Org
5/4/2006:Your Thoughts Are Your Password  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Neuro Clues to the Mysteries of Acupuncture  - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
5/4/2006:Panel Warns of a Crisis in American Physics...  - NY Times
5/4/2006:New light on giant tilts
 - PhysicsWeb
5/4/2006:Upgraded Giant Particle Accelerator Gets To The Heart Of The Matter
 - PhysicsWeb


5/4/2006:Robot Shatters Speed-Walking Record - Live Science
5/4/2006:Military Unveils Tough All-Terrain Robot - Live Science
5/4/2006:Robotics students keep their eyes on the ball  - CNN

5/4/2006:NASA Sees Hidden Structure Of Neutron Star In Starquake - Space.com 
5/4/2006:Cost-efficient microgravity science with sounding rockets from Esrange Space Center...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Mini satellites rocketing to space station...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Pieces of NASA'S Next Mars Mission are Coming Together...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Teachers Honor Einstein's Work Aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder"...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2006:Dogs Go Where Satellites Can't
  - Wired News
5/4/2006:Malaysia's space cadets depart for Russia
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Spirit Surveys Local Terrian For Winter Of 2006
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:New Digital Soyuz Getting Ready For Flight
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:A Spectrum Of Colors Brings Subtlety To Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Mikulski Calls for Balanced Space Program To Increase Support for NASA
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Space vultures
 - New Scientist
5/4/2006:Mini Satellites Rocketing To Space Station
 - PhysicsWeb
5/4/2006:Spirit Looks Back Up Husband Hill
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Opportunity Encounters Rolling Ripples
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:Next Space Station Crew Selected
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2006:NASA Astronaut Eileen Collins Retiring
 - SpaceDaily

5/4/2006:Tiny Lenses Offer Wide-Angle View  - Technology Review 
5/4/2006:Free Electricity from Nano Generators  - Technology Review 
5/4/2006:A universal translator in your pocket - New Scientist
5/4/2006:'Bug-eyed' lens takes a broader view - New Scientist
5/4/2006:Nanowires and water are a memorable mix - New Scientist


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