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  May 4, 2005

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The Challenge Of Resources - SpaceDaily  Left:  This year we will spend something like $500 billion on the Department of Defense, including supplements; plus some $37 billion in civilian spending on Homeland Defense. We are spending around $5 billion-7 billion a month in Iraq, and one major regional contingency is costing some $84 billion a year in direct costs, and perhaps $100 billion-120 billion in total costs.  This is scarcely cheap, but it must be kept in the perspective of the total size of our economy, and the overall burden that federal spending places on the taxpayer. We have a gross national product of more than $11 trillion. It seems likely that total outlays for defense in Fiscal Year 2006 will still be around 4 percent of our GNP, 4 percent even with supplemental: This compares with 6 to 14 percent of the U.S. GNP during the Cold War from 1945 to 1989. One of the few things that most government officials, the Congress, think tanks, journalists and academics have in common is that most have become functional budget illiterates.
PoliSci: Bills Aim To Ban, Protect Cloning - SpaceDaily  Left:  SCNT is a form of cloning that involves removing the DNA from an adult human egg cell and replacing it with the DNA from another person. The technique causes the resulting cell to de-differentiate, or regress to an earlier state, from which it can become nearly any cell in the body. Image credit: Princeton University.  Scientists think such cells, a type of stem cell, someday could be used to repair severed spinal cords by literally bridging the damage with new cells. They could also be used to treat diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and a host of other disorders that require cellular repair, and they can help researchers learn how diseases develop in the first place.    

Climate: Is The Science For Sale? - SpaceDaily  The normal function of scientific research is to mine kernels of truth from piles of raw information and hypotheses, thereby advancing humanity's knowledge in the discipline involved. At least that is how things are supposed to work. When it comes to global warming, however, that seldom seems to be the case. Given how politically sensitive the issue has become, any research suggesting warming is caused by human activities and represents a threat to ecosystems can quickly degenerate into a debate about underlying biases. Nevertheless, there is a danger that sources of funding can influence outcomes.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/4/2005: Obesity increases dementia risk  - BBC

5/4/2005: PoliSci: Bills Aim To Ban, Protect Cloning - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Long Thought Extinct, Ivory-billed Woodpecker Rediscovered In Big Woods Of Arkansas
 - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Migration Study Finds That Sweeping Management Changes Are Needed To Protect Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - Science Dailyb
5/4/2005: How Much for a Dozen Human Eggs?  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Antarctic Fish May Abide Climate Change ... - Discover
5/4/2005: Murder and Deceit: How One Bird Gets a Meal ... - Discover
5/4/2005: Ivory-billed woodpecker flies back from the dead - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
5/4/2005: Climate: Is The Science For Sale? - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Scientists Take Major Step To Improve River Restoration Efforts - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Greenhouse Gas  - Technology Review 
5/4/2005: Air Pollution Lower, Still a Threat, Report Says ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Standing Room Only at New Australian Cemetery ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Wu Guanzheng emphasizes environmental protection awareness ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Silicon Valley flunks clean air ratings ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Energy Imbalance Behind Global Warming ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: NGS Plans Coordinate Network Changes - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Load of rubbish: Fridges, toasters, old lights - the giant statue of a lifetime's waste  - BBC
5/4/2005: Warming up to climate control  - C/Net
5/4/2005: Earth-science satellite network in jeopardy - New Scientist
5/4/2005: Earth absorbing more heat than it radiates - New Scientist

5/4/2005: Samsung, Microsoft deepen relationship with HDTV games - Silicon Strategies
5/4/2005: The New Heart of the Empire  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Somebody Out There Wants Your iPod - Washington Post
5/4/2005: Taking Video Games to the Next Level: Game publishers are moving fast into the wireless world - Business Week

5/4/2005: Nokia Draws Bead on iPod People
  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Psst! Want Internet Phone Service?
  - NY Times
5/4/2005: Airlines Could Allow Chatter
 - L. A. Times
5/4/2005: Verizon pulling plug on free Wi-Fi
 - Business Week

5/4/2005: Future Computer: Atoms Packed In An 'Egg Carton' Of Light? - Science Daily

5/4/2005: Net-powered PC goes on show  - BBC
5/4/2005: Are PCs Losing Power? - Business Week

5/4/2005: Ads That Know What You Want
5/4/2005: Digital underclass Net access for all, says columnist Bill Thompson.  - BBC
5/4/2005: Spitzer sues Intermix over 'spyware' - Business Week
5/4/2005: Political pollsters cast their nets wider - New Scientist

5/4/2005: Microsoft faces fines over EU antitrust order - Seattle Times
5/4/2005: N.Y. Sues Marketer Over Spyware  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Apple sets Tiger free on public  - BBC
5/4/2005: Apple gets tech support in court  - C/Net
5/4/2005: With Longhorn, Microsoft aims for greener pastures  - C/Net
5/4/2005: 'Tiger' roars into stores  - CNN

5/4/2005: Atomic Energy on The Table At UCLA  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Technology Is Key to Bush's Energy Plan - L. A. Times
5/4/2005: Bush Touts Technology to Solve Energy Problems, Admits Being Powerless to Curb Prices ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Chernobyl Threatens to Blow Again ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Experiment Creates Nuclear Fusion in Lab ... - FirstScience


5/4/2005: Worldwide cancer rates 'double'  - BBC
5/4/2005: HRT alternative linked to cancer  - BBC

5/4/2005: Molecular Models Advance The Fight Against Malaria  - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Antibiotic Might Fight HIV-induced Neurological Problems - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Cattle plague: A killer in the fold - New Scientist

5/4/2005: OHSU Study Finds Ginkgo Beneficial For MS Symptoms - Science Daily

5/4/2005: Wisconsin Researchers Identify Sleep Gene - PhysicsWeb
5/4/2005: Patients Swallow 'Camera-in-a-Pill' To Help Doctors Check For Diseases Of Esophagus - Science Daily
5/4/2005: England's children getting fatter  - BBC
5/4/2005: Life expectancy gap 'widening'  - BBC
5/4/2005: Stem cells used to restore vision  - BBC

History, Anthropology: 

5/4/2005: The Challenge Of Resources - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Giant new Airbus plane still faces evacuation test
5/4/2005: Uplifting day for Airbus - Science Daily
5/4/2005: AP video: A380's maiden flight - Seattle Times
5/4/2005: Diagram of the Airbus A380 - Seattle Times
5/4/2005: Gates urges an end to limit on foreign hires - Seattle Times
5/4/2005: The New Old Journalism  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Bill Calls For Foreign Workers  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Audit Finds Potential for Data Leaks  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Oh Boy, He Is Actually a She!  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Indian Call Centers Recruit UK Backpackers  - Wired News
5/4/2005: Israel's Tech Giants Challenge Canada - L. A. Times
5/4/2005: Religion and Science ...  - Nature
5/4/2005: DNA Backlog Undercuts Crime-Solving Value ... - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Russian Missiles In Syria Pose Risk For Israel Civil Aviation - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: India To Hold Major Wargames Near Pakistan Border - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Britain Rules Out Strikes On Iran - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Space Support Vital To U.S. Success In Pacific - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: General Explains What Space Brings To The Fight - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: California bill would ban tracking chips in IDs
  - C/Net
5/4/2005: HP unveils high-definition TV line
  - C/Net
5/4/2005: Digital camera market peaked too soon
  - C/Net
5/4/2005: Bunker-busting nukes could devastate civilians
 - New Scientist
5/4/2005: Recipe for building 'dream teams' revealed
 - New Scientist

5/4/2005: Specific Behaviors Seen In Infants Can Predict Autism, New Research Shows - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Is TV good for you? The controversial new theory that watching makes you smarter  - BBC
5/4/2005: Green-eyed monsters: What to do if you're living with a jealous partner  - BBC
5/4/2005: Brains wide shut? - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
5/4/2005: Old Star's 'Rebirth' Gives Astronomers Surprises - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Is Hubble's bubble about to burst- ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Questioning the Signatures of Terrestrial Planets ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Huge radio telescope boasts supercomputer brain
 - New Scientist



5/4/2005: NASA Gives Artificial Gravity A New Spin - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Could Future Astronauts 'Beam' to Mars? ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Panel Criticizes NASA For Delaying Missions: Moon-Mars Initiative Blamed for Agency's Woes ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: NASA brass huddle up ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Cosmonauts need wine to relieve stress in ISS ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: European Space Agency astronaut from Germany chosen for next space station mission ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: NASA to discuss chances of May launch ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: NASA Mulls Space Shuttle Launch Delay ...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2005: Comet-Blaster Spots Prey ...
 - Discover
5/4/2005: Japan Works Toward Space Development
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Spots Its Quarry, Stalking Begins
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Cassini Captures Swiss-Cheese Look of Saturn Moon
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Cassini's Radar And VIMS Instruments Eye Impact Crater On Titan
 - SpaceDaily
5/4/2005: Japanese Space Agency in Severe Budget Crisis
5/4/2005: NASA looks to carbon to lighten spacecraft
  - C/Net


5/4/2005: Harvard Scientists Create High-speed Integrated Nanowire Circuits - Science Daily
5/4/2005: Crash Test Dummies No More  - Technology Review 
5/4/2005: Kevin Werbach  - BBC
5/4/2005: Tech's big complaint of 2005  - C/Net
5/4/2005: No more spiked drinks  - CNN


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