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  May 4, 2004

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Space Superiority Essential In War - SpaceDaily  The global war on terror is not limited to Earth's air, land and sea -- its being fought in space too, according to Air Force Space Command's most senior officer. "The war in space really started when they (Saddam Hussein's military) attempted to jam our global positioning system satellite signal," Gen. Lance W. Lord, AFSPC commander, said in an interview here April 8. General Lord emphasized that the Air Force needs to take a defense counter space mind set so we can protect U.S. space assets. "Space superiority is important for us. Its just as important as air superiority and, as we've learned over here in U.S. Air Forces in Europe, you can't take the medium of air for granted -- you have to protect that air," said General Lord. "It's essential to how we conduct operations. Space superiority is the same thing."
The Rough Shape Of Asteroid "ITOKAWA" Revealed - SpaceDaily  A recent radar observation clarified the rough shape of an asteroid called "ITOKAWA", where the MUSES-C (Hayabusa) is heading for. A research group led by Dr. Steve Ostro of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory carried out observations by transmitting radio waves to ITOKAWA from the radiotelescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Until now, the only extra-terrestrial celestial body from which we have gathered samples is the Moon. But since the matter that comprises large bodies such as the planets and the Moon has changed over time due to thermal processes, these bodies cannot provide us with a pristine record of the solar system. 

National Aerospace Initiative Needed; But Additional Funds Essential - SpaceDaily  The National Aerospace Initiative, a joint effort of the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA designed to sustain the nation's aerospace leadership, is effective in pursuing technologies necessary for future space-launch needs and military operations, says a new report by the National Academies' National Research Council. The NAI program should enable NASA and DOD to continue leading efforts in three critical aerospace areas -- high-speed hypersonic flight, access to space, and space technology -- but the program has many technical and financial hurdles, said the committee that wrote the report. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/4/2004: Federal Animal Tracking to Start  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Vermont becomes first state to require labeling genetically engineered seeds...
 - USA Today
5/4/2004: Gender Selection More Possible, But Is Controversial - ABC

Climate, Environment:
5/4/2004: Jet condensation trails may cause climate change: NASA - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: Court rules on smog, hands loss to environmentalists... - USA Today
5/4/2004: Greenpeace protest stops ship...
5/4/2004: Species on Nebraska River May Get Help - ABC
5/4/2004: Indiana Worries About Beetle's Impact - ABC
5/4/2004: EPA to Delay Power Plant Mercury Controls - ABC
5/4/2004: World 'must have carbon stores'  - BBC
5/4/2004: Deep recession: Glaciologists measure rapid retreat in Chile's icefields  - BBC
5/4/2004: Orcas boost calls amid boat noise  - BBC
5/4/2004: Warm Climate's Effects Striking in West  - NY Times

5/4/2004: Review: PalmOne Zire 31 PDA

5/4/2004: Will Cell Phones Get Hard Drives?  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Britain's Phone Booths Under Threat  - Wired News


5/4/2004: Seeking Greener Pastures - ABC

5/4/2004: Flashy, Targeted Ads Fuel Boom  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Quirky Google Culture Endangered?  - Wired News
5/4/2004: McCain-Feingold's Internet Loophole  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Spammers Charged - ABC
5/4/2004: Feeling lucky: Google remains unorthodox, opting to sell its shares online  - BBC
5/4/2004: Google to sell $2.7bn in shares  - BBC
5/4/2004: Spying software watches you work  - BBC
5/4/2004: Warning over net name scam  - BBC




5/4/2004: Cancer Find May Help Shape Drug Treatment - ABC
5/4/2004: New hope over cancer virus  - BBC
5/4/2004: Cancer cells 'can live forever'

5/4/2004: Getting in Shape to a Different Tune - ABC
5/4/2004: Research Sputters on West Nile Vaccine - ABC
5/4/2004: Chlamydia affects men's fertility  - BBC

5/4/2004: When Meds Wear Off - ABC
5/4/2004: Video: A Personal Look at Parkinson's - ABC
5/4/2004: Gov't Says 41 Million Have Pre-Diabetes - ABC
5/4/2004: Diseases 'do not stop allergies'  - BBC
5/4/2004: Arthritis awareness: What to expect if you're diagnosed with the condition  - BBC

5/4/2004: Doctors: 'E-Nose' Can Sniff Out Ailments - ABC
5/4/2004: White House Promoting Medicare Drug Card - ABC
5/4/2004: Getting in Shape to a Different Tune - ABC
5/4/2004: Group Wants Lower Fat Milk in Schools - ABC
5/4/2004: DNA computers to fight diseases  - BBC
5/4/2004: New BudapestHungary eyes a future in hi-tech research and development  - BBC
5/4/2004: Warning over eggs in microwaves  - BBC
5/4/2004: Life support: The lengths North Korea's ill-equipped doctors must go to  - BBC
5/4/2004: Exercise 'five times a week' call  - BBC
5/4/2004: Spinach may hold blindness cure  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/4/2004: Middle Eastern Site Yields Fire Evidence - ABC
5/4/2004: Early human fire mastery revealed  - BBC
5/4/2004: Neanderthals were 'adults by 15'  - BBC
5/4/2004: PC helps map ancient Rome  - BBC

5/4/2004: Space Superiority Essential In War - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: GAO Questions U.S. Nuclear Security - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: Patent Litigation: The Sport of Kings  - Technology Review 
5/4/2004: Sturdy Quantum Crypto Proposed  - Technology Review 
5/4/2004: A Web of Electronic Denial  - Wired News
5/4/2004: New Study Urges Patent Upgrade  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Websites Tattle on Tax Scofflaws  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Send Jobs to India? Some Find It's Not Always Best  - NY Times
5/4/2004: Livermore Lab Assailed for Security Holes  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Want a New Pet- Check the Web  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Biometric ID: 'Will Work, Will Happen and Will be Popular'  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Now, a DNA Doctor  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Fears Rise With 'Hot Lab' Building Boom - ABC
5/4/2004: Giving Students More 'Cs' - ABC
5/4/2004: Bridget Jones seeks fun online  - BBC


Physics and Astronomy:
5/4/2004: The Rough Shape Of Asteroid "ITOKAWA" Revealed - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: Cosmic Ballet or Devil's Mask - Galaxy Triplet NGC 6769-71...
 - FirstScience
5/4/2004: Advanced scope's mirror in place  - BBC


5/4/2004: NASA Tests Computer Mobile Agents And Helper Robot In Utah Desert - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: Robot bollards may soon take control of our roads  - BBC

5/4/2004: National Aerospace Initiative Needed; But Additional Funds Essential - SpaceDaily 
5/4/2004: Soyuz Spacecraft Makes Flawless Landing
  - NY Times
5/4/2004: Rovers Going in Search of New Clues on Mars  - NY Times
5/4/2004: Mars Rovers Finish Primary Mission And Roll Onward - Science Daily
5/4/2004: Spirit Sets Personal Best, Opportunity Nears Next Mars Stop - Space.com
5/4/2004: Closing In: Saturn Fills Cassini Craft's Viewfinder - Space.com
5/4/2004: Smooth Landing for Expedition 8 Crew - Space.com
5/4/2004: Space Tourist Calls Russian Language His Greatest Challenge - Space.com
5/4/2004: Mars rovers heading for new horizons - New Scientist
5/4/2004: Mars rovers begin marathon trek  - Nature
5/4/2004: Space station crew hit landing target - New Scientist

5/4/2004: Nanogold Does Not Glitter, But Its Future Looks Bright - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: UNM Self-Assembly Process Forms Durable Nanocrystal Arrays - SpaceDaily
5/4/2004: ATMs Go beyond Cash  - Technology Review 
5/4/2004: Giants Take Lead in Technology  - Wired News
5/4/2004: Push to tap radio wave tech  - BBC
5/4/2004: Retail revolution-The technology promising to change how we work and shop  - BBC


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