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  May 31, 2005

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Space Station Crew to Ignite First Oxygen-Generating Candles -  With their primary oxygen source broken and another running out, the two astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will ignite their first oxygen-generating candles Friday to test a reserve air supply, a NASA spokesperson said. ISS Expedition 11 commander Sergei Krikalev and flight engineer John Phillips will burn two lithium perchlorate canisters, or candles, before switching over to the reserve oxygen supply system full-time next week.  
China Says It Opposes Militarization Of Outer Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  Illustration of an XSS-11 operating a low-power lidar. In April the United States Air Force launched an experimental XSS-11 microsatellite able to disrupt reconnaissance and communications satellites.  China Thursday said it is opposed to the militarization of space, and supports international legal documents ensuring its peaceful use. "Space is our shared treasure and we have consistently maintained the need for the peaceful use of space so as to benefit all of mankind," foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan told a regular briefing. We support preventive measures, including the adoption of international legal documents to guarantee the peaceful use of outer space."    

Blue Planet: What Bird Brains Can Tell Us - SpaceDaily  Left:  Further research on bird brains over the past few weeks provides additional evidence that the long evolutionary effort from their dinosaur ancestors to modern birds has not been wasted.  Descartes thought that animals were simply automata made of meat. Even Descartes may not have been convinced completely of his own opinions, since he kept a small dog himself, breed unknown, one Monsieur Grat, of whom he was very fond. But modern scientific studies show the distance between animal minds and human ones is not nearly so great as once believed. Studies of learning and language in other animals have shown a remarkable degree of intelligence and flexibility.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/31/2005:Blue Planet: What Bird Brains Can Tell Us - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Can Compost Teas Help Flowers Battle Blight?
 - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Protein Helps Regulate The Genes Of Embryonic Stem Cells - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Bioelectronic 'Signatures' Hold Key To DNA Mutations - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Cold Cash for Stem-Cell Studies  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Study- Raw Sewage Killing Coral Reefs ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Scientists Find Eels Near Undersea Volcano ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Saving the lynx: Portuguese football team aim to rescue rare big cat  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/31/2005:Road Salt Affects Mitigation Wetlands - Science Daily
5/31/2005:A Continent Split By Climate Change: New Study Projects Drought In Southern Africa, Rain In Sahel - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Nuclear Approach May Help Climate Researchers Pinpoint Volcanic Eruptions - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Global warming blamed as parched Chinese island sees rainless spring - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Arctic leaders sound the alarm over global warming - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Climate Change and the President ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Owen Confirmation Deals a Blow to Environmental Protections ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Storms Brought Record Pollution to Californian Beaches ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:China's Yellow River Plagued by Pollution ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Damodar Valley to undertake dam project in Jharkhand ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Emissions Challenge- For-hire carrier takes natural gas-powered trucks on the road ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Scientists Warn Colombian Volcano Nearing Eruption ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Appetite for Amazon destruction  - BBC

5/31/2005:Wario Puts a New Spin on Game Boy  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Nintendo forecasts tough trading  - BBC




5/31/2005:U.S. Jacks Torrent Site  - Wired News
5/31/2005:FTC Would Kill the Messenger  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Database Hackers Reveal Tactics  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Diary of a Teenage Blogger  - Wired News
5/31/2005:New Front-Runner at Microsoft  - NY Times
5/31/2005:Deleting Spyware: A Criminal Act?  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Blogs Moving Mainstream?
  - Wired News
5/31/2005:The Making of E-Bullies
  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Zimbabwe podcast: The husband and wife team podcasting the Shona language
  - BBC
5/31/2005:US spyware bills win large vote
  - BBC


5/31/2005:Deeply Held Values Fuel Debate Over Offshore Wind Power - Science Daily

5/31/2005:Breastfeeding As Good For Children's Blood Pressure As Exercise And Salt Restriction - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Penn Study Points To How COX-2 Inhibitors Can Eventually Lead To Heart Disease - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Robotic Arm Holds Promise For Stroke Survivors - Science Daily

5/31/2005:Radioactive Isotope Is Effective Against Neuroblastoma - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Tiny Bundles Seek And Destroy Breast Cancer Cells - Science Daily

5/31/2005:Scientists Observe Infectious Prion Proteins Invade And Move Within Brain Cells - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Cure For Common Cold Will Need To Wiggle To Work, Scientists Say - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Cattle movement key to TB spread  - BBC
5/31/2005:Early HIV treatment concern  - BBC
5/31/2005:Bacteria test for baby allergies  - BBC
5/31/2005:Clinton lauds India Aids campaign  - BBC

5/31/2005:Laughter-induced Asthma: It's No Joke - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Passive smoke cuts IVF success  - BBC

5/31/2005:Activation Of Thermoreceptors Mediates Raw Garlic's Burning Pungency - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Within Six Months, One In Three Patients Fail To Take Medications As Prescribed - Science Daily
5/31/2005:The Bladder Does Not Shrink As You Get Older - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Protein Essential For Hearing Also Vital For Pain Perception - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Computers No Cure for Dumb Docs  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Parents 'must tackle teen births'  - BBC
5/31/2005:How can teen pregnancies be cut?  - BBC
5/31/2005:Why 'mind-reading' mums are best  - BBC
5/31/2005:Mail-order maggots prove big business for hospital
  - BBC
5/31/2005:You're not alone: Practical advice for overcoming common sexual problems
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/31/2005:Creator of the popular Sims game takes on evolution  - BBC

5/31/2005:China Says It Opposes Militarization Of Outer Space - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:New Playground Equipment Safer - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Horseradish, Peroxide Mixture Dampens Swine Farm Odors - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Summer job market for youths looks bleak - Seattle Times
5/31/2005:Russia To Launch More Saudi Satellites - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Walker's World: China As Center Of Bush's World
5/31/2005:Russia Has No Plans For Nuclear Weapons In Space: Top Commander
5/31/2005:Special Report: Emerging China, Engaging China -
5/31/2005:Salon's Balancing Act  - Wired News
5/31/2005:CIA: Take That, Cyberterrorism!  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Blazing a Trail at McDonald's
5/31/2005:France Puts on Business-Friendly Face  - Wired News
5/31/2005:ID Cards Are Back and 'More Popular'  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Good-Bye to Venture Capital  - Technology Review 
5/31/2005:Man v. Machine in Chess Showdown  - Wired News
5/31/2005:A Matter of Public Record - Washington Post
5/31/2005:Go anywhere The in-car toilet that could be the ultimate convenience  - BBC
5/31/2005:Pirated Star Wars hits Pakistan  - BBC

5/31/2005:One Gene Links Newborn Neurons With Those That Die In Diseases Such As Alzheimer's - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Facial Trauma May Cause Significant Social And Behavioral Problems - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Prejudice Is Hard-wired Into The Human Brain, Says ASU Study - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Study Links Brain Fatty Acid Levels To Depression - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Pesticide use link to Parkinson's  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/31/2005:The Inverse Doppler Effect: ECE Researchers Add To The Bylaws Of Physics - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Solar Fireworks Signal New Space Weather Mystery
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:How The Man In The Moon Was Born
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Lunar "Dark Spots" Point To An Upheaval In Planetary Orbits
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Fast and Furious Solar Storm Shocks Earth and its Scientists
5/31/2005:India, CERN sign agreement in LHC research; Kalam happy ...
 - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Swiss honour Kalam with 'Science Day' ...
 - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Chaos Solves Solar System Mysteries ...
 - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Tasmanian astronomers spot huge planet ...
 - FirstScience



5/31/2005:Space Station Crew to Ignite First Oxygen-Generating Candles -
5/31/2005:Deep Roots Of Solar Wind Help Predict Space Weather Across The Solar System
 - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Voyager Spacecraft Enters Solar System's Final Frontier
 - Science Daily
5/31/2005:NASA's Rovers Continue Martian Missions
 - Science Daily
5/31/2005:After The Shuttle
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:US Charts Junkyard In The Heavens
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Russia To Keep Kazakh Site Until 2050
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Odd Spot On Titan Baffles Scientists
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Hear The Sounds Of Voyager 1, Mankind's Envoy At Solar System Milestone
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Moon
 - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Interim Ground Rules Proposed For Civilian Spaceflight Industry
5/31/2005:Spirit Rover Traces Mars' Explosive Past, Opportunity Slowly Digs Out
5/31/2005:Reaching for the Sun Technicians inspect the solar panels for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter during an electr ...
 - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Lap ... - FirstScience
5/31/2005:NASA Goes Nano for Air Purification ...
 - FirstScience
5/31/2005:Space Craft Threatened by 200,000 Marbles ...
5/31/2005:Space Race 2? NASA After the Shuttle ...
 - FirstScience



5/31/2005:Marine Sponge Yields Nanoscale Secrets That May Have Hi-Tech Applications - Science Daily
5/31/2005:Napa Valley Uses Satellite Technology To Aid School Bus Safety Efforts - SpaceDaily
5/31/2005:Backlash Brews Over Blue LEDs  - Wired News
5/31/2005:Hamming It Up at Radio Meets  - Wired News


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