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  May 3, 2005

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Cassini Building A Vast Portfolio Of Differing Views of Titan - SpaceDaily  These three views of Titan from the Cassini spacecraft illustrate how different the same place can look in different wavelengths of light. Cassini's cameras have numerous filters that reveal features above and beneath the shroud of Titan's atmosphere. The first image, a natural color composite, is a combination of images taken through three filters that are sensitive to red, green and violet light. It shows approximately what Titan would look like to the human eye: a hazy orange globe surrounded by a tenuous, bluish haze. The orange color is due to the hydrocarbon particles which make up Titan's atmospheric haze. A single view of this composite is also available here. The second, monochrome view shows what Titan looks like at 938 nanometers, a near-infrared wavelength that allows Cassini to see through the hazy atmosphere and down to the surface. The view was created by combining three separate images taken with this filter, in order to improve the visibility of surface features. The variations in brightness on the surface are real differences in the reflectivity of the materials on Titan. A single view of this composite is also available here. The third view, which is a false-color composite, was created by combining two infrared images (taken at 938 and 889 nanometers) with a visible light image (taken at 420 nanometers). Green represents areas where Cassini is able to see down to the surface. Red represents areas high in Titan's stratosphere where atmospheric methane is absorbing sunlight. Blue along the moon's outer edge represents visible violet wavelengths at which the upper atmosphere and detached hazes are better seen. A single view of this composite is also available here.  
Image of day care Day care prevents child cancers  - BBC   Sending your baby to day care in the first few months of life could protect them against leukaemia, say UK experts  The Leukaemia Research Fund team believe exposure to common infections in early infancy is good and helps "prime" the immune system. The greatest reduction in risk - of 52% - was seen in children who attended formal day care on a regular basis during the first three months of life. The greatest reduction in risk - of 52% - was seen in children who attended formal day care on a regular basis during the first three months of life. 

Laboratory mouse, BBC

Mice in 'suspended animation'  - BBC  Left:  The mice showed no ill effects when they were revived.  Mice have been placed in a state of near suspended animation, raising the possibility that hibernation could one day be induced in humans. The researchers from the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle put the mice in a chamber filled with air laced with 80 parts per million (ppm) of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) - the malodorous gas that gives rotten eggs their stink. During exposure their metabolic rates dropped by an astonishing 90%, and their core body temperatures fell from 37C to as low as 11C.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/3/2005: 'Extinct' woodpecker found alive  - BBC
5/3/2005: Tuna fishing policy 'misguided'
  - BBC
5/3/2005: GM rice praised in Chinese study  - BBC
5/3/2005: Malaysia unveils national biotech policy  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Officials rush to save ‘extinct’ bird - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Scientists make bacteria act like computers - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Texas A&M adds horse to its clone parade - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Hungry crows may be behind exploding toads - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Bluefin tuna stocks crashing, help sought - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Climate change alters genes on the fly  - Nature
5/3/2005: Amazing rice  - Nature
5/3/2005: Woodpecker Thought to Be Extinct Is Sighted in Arkansas  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Video: Footage of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Viral Protein Influences Key Cell-signaling Pathway
5/3/2005: Researchers Discover Molecular Mechanism That Desensitizes Us To Cold - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Molecular Motors Cooperate In Moving Cellular Cargo, Study Shows - PhysicsWeb

Climate, Environment:
5/3/2005: Drugged up- How pollution could be causing some strange behaviour  - BBC
5/3/2005: 'Smoking gun' on global warming claimed - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Little tremors are key to earthquake forecasts  - Nature
5/3/2005: Ozone hits record low in 2005  - Nature
5/3/2005: Data Effort Improves Flow Toward 'Greener' Chemistry - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Capturing Carbon A Key Benefit Of No-Till Soil Management - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: At Least Part Of Climate Change Is Man-made, Bonn Study Shows - PhysicsWeb

5/3/2005: Controversial end for game event  - BBC
5/3/2005: Phone carries 3,000 tunes  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Sony looks beyond 'EverQuest'  - CNN
5/3/2005: Samsung, Microsoft deepen relationship with HDTV games  - El. Engr. Times

5/3/2005: Help Desk
 - Business Week
5/3/2005: Smart phone owners are savvy about viruses
  - C/Net

5/3/2005: Quantum encryption enters product phase  - El. Engr. Times
5/3/2005: Video conferencing gets quantum security  - Nature
5/3/2005: Programmable Cells- Engineer Turns Bacteria Into Living Computers - PhysicsWeb


5/3/2005: US law targets online 'pirates'  - BBC
5/3/2005: Net-illiterate 'failing children'  - BBC
5/3/2005: Yahoo offers up 10 million free ads in contest - C/Net
5/3/2005: Wal-Mart targets parody site  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Ads That Know What You Want  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Search Ads Meet User Tracking  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Yahoo to Test Search-Based Banner Ads
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Podcasting revolution
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Opening up online
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Internet-illiterate parents hold back kids
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Yahoo changes news site, adds features
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Survey: Firefox use doubles, IE falls
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Blogs will change your business
 - Business Week
5/3/2005: Jerry Brown enters blogosphere
  - CNN

5/3/2005: Why HP Is Pruning Printers: Growth is slowing.Margins are falling.It's time to retool the money machine.Here's theinside story - Business Week
5/3/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
5/3/2005: Open source on the move  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Tiger time for Apple  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Windows XP 64-bit, a virtual minefield? - Business Week
5/3/2005: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition ships - Business Week
5/3/2005: Gates eager for next Windows rollout - Business Week
5/3/2005: Will your PC be ready for Longhorn?  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Windows XP 64-bit, a virtual minefield?  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Mac fans drooling over Tiger  - Wired News

5/3/2005: Itty-Bitty and Shrinking, Fusion Device Has Big Ideas  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Graphic: Tabletop Fusion  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Fusion seen in table-top experiment - PhysicsWeb


5/3/2005: Day care prevents child cancers   - BBC
5/3/2005: Vascular leukocytes as a therapeutic target  - Nature
5/3/2005: The pathway more traveled by  - Nature
5/3/2005: Herceptin Combined With Chemotherapy Improves Disease–Free Survival For Patients With Early–Stage Breast Cancer - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Breast Cancer Detector That Uses Electricity Instead Of X-rays Under Study - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Herbal Medicine May Alter Cell Response To Cancer Therapeutic Agents - PhysicsWeb

5/3/2005: Discovery Of A 'Molecular Switch' Could Lead To New Ways Of Treating Infection - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduces Risk Of Mother-to-child HIV Transmission - PhysicsWeb

5/3/2005: Allergies repressed  - Nature

5/3/2005: About 70 Percent Of Older Adults Use Alternative Medicine - PhysicsWeb

History, Anthropology:
5/3/2005: Jawbone hints at earliest Britons  - BBC

5/3/2005: Riding a storm Blair's jet did it, but how do planes survive lightning strikes?  - BBC
5/3/2005: IBM's Restructuring Blues - Business Week
5/3/2005: Disney video-on-demand service halted  - C/Net
5/3/2005: No Microsoft dinosaur  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Double-decker Airbus soars  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Examining back door links between directors and CEO pay  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Don't cry wolf over cyberterror  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Art that puts you in the picture, like it or not  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Four in five outsourcing deals get renegotiated - Business Week
5/3/2005: Gates: End overseas hiring limits  - CNN
5/3/2005: Microsoft drops support of gay rights bill  - CNN
5/3/2005: iPod blamed for spike in subway crime  - CNN
5/3/2005: NATO to develop radar system  - CNN
5/3/2005: Wiretaps in U.S. jump 19 percent in 2004  - CNN
5/3/2005: Westerners can learn from China, VC says  - El. Engr. Times
5/3/2005: Countering biothreats  - Nature
5/3/2005: Chemical Signatures For Bioforensics - PhysicsWeb

5/3/2005: Scientists say humans can read minds - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Actor-Patients' Requests For Medications Boost Prescribing For Depression - PhysicsWeb

Physics and Astronomy:
5/3/2005: Quasars reveal cosmic magnification  - Nature
5/3/2005: Crystal creates table-top fusion
  - Nature

5/3/2005: Mice in 'suspended animation'   - BBC
5/3/2005: Counting calories and years
  - Nature

5/3/2005: Renaissance robots  - C/Net

5/3/2005: Cassini Building A Vast Portfolio Of Differing Views of Titan - SpaceDaily
5/3/2005: Chase is on for comet spacecraft
  - BBC
5/3/2005: Saturn probe spies 'cheese' moon
  - BBC
5/3/2005: Virgin Galactic's Space Odyssey
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Setting Off for Comet Collision
  - Wired News
5/3/2005: Deep Impact Spies Target
  - Wired News
5/3/2005: Tempel-1: iceberg or galactic rubber ball?
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Deep Impact sets comet in its sights
  - C/Net
5/3/2005: Cosmic Log: Comet in NASA's sights - MSNBC
5/3/2005: Mars Express set to deploy radar
  - BBC
5/3/2005: Skylark makes its final launch
  - BBC

5/3/2005: Hollow glass stops drinks being spiked  - C/Net
5/3/2005: For Surgery, an Automated Helping Hand  - NY Times
5/3/2005: Matsushita chief backs effort to unify next-generation DVD spec  - El. Engr. Times
5/3/2005: No booze needed for beer goggles  - Nature
5/3/2005: Tiny fridge aims big - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Sapphire Stars In Nanotube Supporting Role - PhysicsWeb
5/3/2005: Innovative Fountain Pen Writes On The Nanoscale
 - PhysicsWeb


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