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  May 29, 2005

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  Scientists Warn Against Weaponizing Space -  The Union of Concerned Scientists, a watchdog group that opposes weapons in space, said the United Nations should consider drafting a treaty that would prohibit interfering with unarmed satellites, taking away any justification for putting weapons in space to protect them. The United States has a huge lead in the space field -- it can afford to try out the multilateral approach,'' said Jonathan Dean, a former U.S. ambassador.   
NASA Challenge: Pull Oxygen from Moon Dirt, Win $250,000 -  NASA has promised a cool $250,000 for the first team capable of pulling breathable oxygen from mock moon dirt, the latest award in the space agency’s Centennial Challenges program. In the MoonROx contest, NASA and the Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI) challenge inventors to pull at least 11 pounds (five kilograms) of breathable oxygen from a volcanic ash-derived lunar soil substitute called JSC-1.     

Designer Plants On Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  The team uses the techniques of gene splicing to remove useful genes from extremophiles and add them to plants.  Take the cold tolerance of bacteria that thrive in arctic ice, add the ultraviolet resistance of tomato plants growing high in the Andes mountains, and combine with an ordinary plant. What do you get? A tough plant "pioneer" that can grow in Martian soil. The plants would probably be housed in a greenhouse on a Martian base, because no known forms of life can survive direct exposure to the Martian surface, with its extremely cold, thin air and sterilizing radiation. Even then, conditions in a Martian greenhouse would be beyond what ordinary plants could stand.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/29/2005: Designer Plants On Mars - SpaceDaily
5/29/2005: SOS call for ancient blue iguana
  - BBC
5/29/2005: Earth's species feel the squeeze  - BBC
5/29/2005: New Species Of Monkey Discovered In Tanzania: The First In Africa For More Than 20 Years - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Building A Human Kinase Gene Repository - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Chopsticks for Better Cloning  - Wired New

Climate, Environment:
5/29/2005: Tropical Storm Adrian Unusual In Timing And Path  - Science Daily
5/29/2005: NASA Successfully Launches Environmental Satellite - Science Daily

5/29/2005: Big in Japan? Microsoft puts faith in one man for console's Japanese success  - BBC
5/29/2005: Xbox 360 aspires to break Japan  - BBC
5/29/2005: Atari: Reaching for the Joystick - Business Week
5/29/2005: Digital gizmos' abilities erupting ( - USA Today
5/29/2005: Best Buy toughens policy on adult game sales  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Review: Rewrite history with PC sequels  - CNN
5/29/2005: IPod Plug-In Sets Music Free
  - Wired New
5/29/2005: Music Games Rock Out at E3
  - Wired New


5/29/2005: New targets for chipmakers  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Apple to Intel: Some advantage, lots of risk  - C/Net
5/29/2005: IDC: Growth ahead for wireless chip sales  - NY Times

5/29/2005: Hitachi unhitches drive for safer PCs  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Samsung forms flash memory module to mimic, replace disk drives  - El. Engr. Times

5/29/2005: Unlikeliest nerd: Instant messaging via broadband from the middle of the jungle  - BBC
5/29/2005: Children drive home internet use  - BBC
5/29/2005: High Court blocks web porn sales  - BBC
5/29/2005: A Google Project Pains Publishers: They're raising thorny legal issues with the search giant's efforts to digitize library books - Business Week
5/29/2005: Phishers Learn to Exploit VeriSign - Business Week
5/29/2005: Turning the Tide of Spam - Business Week
5/29/2005: Bloggers' influence varies depending on scandal
  - NY Times
5/29/2005: Google tries to get closer to surfers
  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Marketers take a shine to blogs  - CNN
5/29/2005: Fans Flock to Firefox Flix
  - Wired New
5/29/2005: Next for BitTorrent: Search
  - Wired New
5/29/2005: Jobs: Podcasting via iTunes
 - Salon

5/29/2005: Microsoft urged to settle antitrust case - Business Week
5/29/2005: Chinese pirates hawk latest 'Star Wars' - Business Week
5/29/2005: Microsoft releases Longhorn developer tools  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Microsoft security guru: Jot down your passwords  - C/Net
5/29/2005: EU expects deal with Microsoft in May  - C/Net

5/29/2005: Building the world's most powerful laser  - CNN
5/29/2005: Map pinpoints wind-power centers - MSNBC
5/29/2005: Super-laser project poses challenges - MSNBC
5/29/2005: Fuel for the New Millennium
  - Technology Review 

5/29/2005: FDA OKs extending Boston Scientific stent - Business Week
5/29/2005: Heart patient has first turbocharger fitted - New Scientist
5/29/2005: Chest CT Can Be First Step To Identifying If Patient Has Had A Heart Attack - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Moderate To Severe Sleep Apnea Significantly Raises Stroke Risk, Study Finds - Science Daily

5/29/2005: Obesity Is Risk Factor For Aggressive Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Risks Outweigh Benefits Of Shark Cartilage As Anti-cancer Treatment
5/29/2005: Men With Spouses, Partners, Fare Better After Prostate Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
5/29/2005: New Ultrasound Technique Could Reduce Number Of Diagnostic Procedures For Breast Lumps - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Children Need Better Cancer Drugs, Says Expert Panel - Science Daily

5/29/2005: Stricter controls to beat disease  - BBC
5/29/2005: Vitamin guru provokes wrath of scientists, activists  - Nature
5/29/2005: Bird flu resurfaces in China - New Scientist
5/29/2005: Air-travel maths could limit spread of disease - New Scientist

5/29/2005: Racehorses, Asthmatics, Meatpackers May Have Similar Etiology Of Airway Disturbances - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Children Living Near Major Roads At Higher Asthma Risk - Science Daily

5/29/2005: Sun warnings confuse many  - BBC
5/29/2005: The Jesus Diet Five loaves and two fish? Weight loss the biblical way  - BBC
5/29/2005: Complementary therapy: How can herbal medicines help ease digestive complaints?  - BBC
5/29/2005: Bone loss block may treat disease  - BBC
5/29/2005: Cannabis compounds blamed for bone loss  - Nature
5/29/2005: Will the fat vaccine help dieters shed pounds? - New Scientist
5/29/2005: Editorial: Downsize me - New Scientist
5/29/2005: Radiologists Play Key Role In Child Abuse Cases: Electronic Exhibit Outlines Signs Of Abuse
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Biomarkers For Interstitial Cystitis Identified, Could Lead To The First Test - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Noise And Carbon Monoxide Exposure Increases Hearing Loss In Workers According To Université De Montréal Study - Science Daily
5/29/2005: UCLA Study Tackles Aging Issues Of Adults With Developmental Disabilities - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Hydroxycitric Acid Slows Glucose Uptake, Cuts Insulin Peaks/​Valleys A La South Beach Diet
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Unrestrained Retina Too Much Of A Good Thing
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Red Delicious, Northern Spy Apples Have Most Antioxidants, Chemists Find
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Lifestyle, Rather Than Fetal Or Childhood Factors, Critical For Adult Bone Health
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/29/2005: X-rays used to read Archimedes' ancient text  - CNN
5/29/2005: Accelerator deciphers Archimedes’ secrets - MSNBC
5/29/2005: First Ever Fossil Of Sleeping Dinosaur Found In China
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Founding Fathers & Mothers: How Many Crossed The Land Bridge? - Science Daily

5/29/2005: Scientists Warn Against Weaponizing Space - 
5/29/2005: Master Plan for a Big Blue World - Business Week
5/29/2005: Google Searches Its Soul - Business Week
5/29/2005: Computer degrees losing appeal  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Photo: Samsung's slim TV tech  - C/Net
5/29/2005: U.S. seizes assets of online drug business operator  - NY Times
5/29/2005: Evolution of photos creating unforeseen effects on society  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Near-Earth asteroids buzz the US government - New Scientist
5/29/2005: Ex-Tyco CFO didn't intend to steal, lawyer says - Seattle Times
5/29/2005: Move Over Plasma TVs: Nano-Screens Are Coming - Seattle Times
5/29/2005: Cybernought  - Technology Review 
5/29/2005: Everything Bad's Not Bad  - Wired New
5/29/2005: Uh, Folks, Your Data Was Swiped  - Wired New

5/29/2005: Scans reveal how the brain comprehends sarcasm  - BBC
5/29/2005: Woman's 'brain cut' surgery joy  - BBC
5/29/2005: Understanding sarcasm is a complex business - New Scientist
5/29/2005: The Anatomy Of Sarcasm: Researchers Reveal How The Brain Handles This Complex Communication - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Van Gogh on Prozac - Salon
5/29/2005: U.S. May Approve Anti-Depression Implant  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
5/29/2005: Wormhole 'no use' for time travel   - BBC
5/29/2005: Canada Looks Up, Way Up  - NY Times


5/29/2005: Move Over, Herbie - Science Daily

5/29/2005: NASA Challenge: Pull Oxygen from Moon Dirt, Win $250,000 -
5/29/2005: Virgin Galactic and the future of spaceflight
  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Shatner, Others Want To Make Virgin Space Trek
  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Shuttle tank tests indicate pressure problems - New Scientist
5/29/2005: NASA's AcrimSat Solar Spacecraft Completes Five-Year Mission - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Cassini Radio Signals Decipher Saturn Ring Structure
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Conflict at Space Confab
  - Wired New

5/29/2005: Citizens' jury to tackle nanotech  - BBC
5/29/2005: Animation goes animal  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Images: Animal magic  - C/Net
5/29/2005: New tech TV network in the works  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Tech you hate:-but can't live without  - C/Net
5/29/2005: RFID tag team: tracking the patterns of supermarket shoppers  - C/Net
5/29/2005: Human-powered hydrofoil seeks jumpy riders - New Scientist

5/29/2005: Scientists Coax Gold Particles To Emit Light Strong Enough To View Single Nanoparticles
 - Science Daily
5/29/2005: Laser Technique Used To Build Micro-Structures On A Human Hair Without Harming It
 - Science Daily


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