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  May 29, 2004

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Harnessing the Power of Poop -   On a two-year trip to Mars, according to one estimate, a crew of six humans will generate more than six tons of solid organic waste--much of it feces. So what do you do with all that? Right now, astronaut waste gets shipped back to Earth. But for long-term exploration, you'd want to recycle it, because it holds resources that astronauts will need. It will provide pure drinking water. It will provide fertilizer. And, with the help of a recently discovered microbe, it will also provide electricity
Diane Kruger Ancient dig: Is the story of Troy just a fantastic work of fiction?  - BBC  No document from the period has ever mentioned a Helen of Troy, or an Achilles, but these writings mention an individual called Alexandros - an alternative version of the name Paris. While Paris may have been a real person, it remains doubtful that his city descended into war over his desire for Helen - the strategic position of Troy on the main trade routes between East and West is a far more likely explanation. Professor Rose said: "If a war was fought over Troy, it was much more likely to be for money and power rather than love."

Nanoparticles, American Physiological Society

Claim made for new form of life  - BBC  Left:  The evidence is suggestive of life forms.  The existence of nannobacteria is one of the most controversial of scientific questions - some experts claim they are simply too small to be life forms. But US scientists report they have now isolated these cell-like structures in tissue from diseased human arteries. Previous research carried out by Jack Maniloff of the University of Rochester in New York has shown that to contain the DNA and proteins it needs to function, a cell must be a minimum of 140nm across. "if you go back to how we defined life prior to our knowing about DNA, our criterion was that things multiplied in culture."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/29/2004: Claim made for new form of life   - BBC
5/29/2004: Bullish Hopes for Serial Cloning
  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Woman Gives Birth to Boy Using Old Sperm - ABC
5/29/2004: Baby born from 21-year-old sperm  - BBC
5/29/2004: Frozen in time: Is it safe to use 21-year-old sperm to create a baby?  - BBC
5/29/2004: Appeal over abortion guidelines  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/29/2004: Scientists Watch for 'Slow Quake'  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Mayor Nickels Announces Initiative to Reduce Air Pollution ... - FirstScience
5/29/2004: Asian research on pollution, health lacks quality ... - FirstScience
5/29/2004: Nuclear Power Way To Beat Global Warming ... - FirstScience
5/29/2004: As Smog Thickens, So Does Debate ... - L. A. Times
5/29/2004: Contaminated Water Kills Nine in Pakistan - ABC
5/29/2004: Volcano 'drove up UK death toll'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Sea turtle decline 'costs millions'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Baobab disease puzzles scientists  - BBC
5/29/2004: Off screen: The real-life scientists looking for signs of climate disaster  - BBC

5/29/2004: Shootout at the So-So Corral  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Things That Go Bump in a Console  - Wired News
5/29/2004: New Handheld Game Machines Set to Rumble - ABC
5/29/2004: Video Game Helps Players Lose Weight - ABC
5/29/2004: Nintendo 'fears for games industry'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Dell releases multifunction printers  - C/Net
5/29/2004: On the cutting edge
  - CNN

5/29/2004: Skype Beyond the Hype  - Technology Review 
5/29/2004: China on the move: China's efforts to lead the world in merging PCs with mobiles  - BBC
5/29/2004: Wayport, McDonald's cook up hot-spot deal  - C/Net

5/29/2004: Nanotube Makes Metal Transistor  - Technology Review 
5/29/2004: AMD launches low-power Geode chips  - C/Net
5/29/2004: New Sony chip would power up video game graphics  - C/Net

5/29/2004: Hard drives aplenty  - C/Net

5/29/2004: Kerry Gets Google-Bombed  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Web Helps Out Adoption Process  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Rowling Launches Potter Website  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Online Operator - ABC
5/29/2004: Spam messages on the increase  - BBC
5/29/2004: Microsoft to show off ID federation  - C/Net

5/29/2004: Linux: Whose Kernel Is It?  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Congress Revisits Digital Copyright Act - ABC
5/29/2004: Commentary: Microsoft's Hardware Flip-Flops - ABC
5/29/2004: Jerusalem Hospital to Open Unit for VIPs
5/29/2004: Going up the food chain  - C/Net



5/29/2004: Men 'wait to check cancer signs'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Cancer scare'Delay in getting checked could have killed me'  - BBC

5/29/2004: Infectious Apparel? - ABC
5/29/2004: Virtual Visits - ABC
5/29/2004: Video - ABC
5/29/2004: WHO Confirms Ebola Outbreak in Sudan - ABC
5/29/2004: Ebola virus kills four in Sudan  - BBC

5/29/2004: Asthma and Pregnancy: Are Meds Safe? - ABC

5/29/2004: Technology Makes Gains in Chiropractics - ABC
5/29/2004: ‘Skin Was Dripping Off’ - ABC
5/29/2004: How to Find Good Day Care - ABC
5/29/2004: Watchdog Group Grades Vitamin Brands - ABC
5/29/2004: How Can You Avoid Spoiling Your Child? - ABC
5/29/2004: Gene is to blame for unruly hair  - BBC
5/29/2004: Pollution 'increases twin births'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Praise for child coughing study  - BBC
5/29/2004: Rare steak 'is safe to eat'  - BBC
5/29/2004: Special diets: Do you know your vegans from your lacto-ovo vegetarians?  - BBC
5/29/2004: 'Ban artificial food colourings'  - BBC
5/29/2004: 'Tanorexic' teens: Youngsters chasing the perfect tan use sunbeds almost daily  - BBC
5/29/2004: Surgeon gives power to the elbow
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/29/2004: Ancient dig: Is the story of Troy just a fantastic work of fiction?  - BBC

5/29/2004: Alaskans Sue to Stop CAPPS II  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Flash Clash Price Slash  - Wired News
5/29/2004: Don't Just Look, Play With It  - Wired News
5/29/2004: U.S. to Track Foreign Visitors  - NY Times
5/29/2004: Deploying Science to Desperate Ends ... - Scientific American
5/29/2004: Nuclear Explosions in Orbit ... - Scientific American
5/29/2004: Nuclear Experiment Planned at Nevada Site - ABC
5/29/2004: India's Technopolis Bangalore Weathers Political Storm - ABC
5/29/2004: Intel ramps up Russian R&D  - C/Net
5/29/2004: The short- and long-term outlook for stocks  - C/Net
5/29/2004: Homeland Security's Missing Link - Business Week
5/29/2004: How to Make America Safer - Business Week
5/29/2004: Tech Steps Out of Its Foxhole - Business Week
5/29/2004: The rising cost of protecting your identity  - CNN
5/29/2004: How about a DVD to go with your fries?  - CNN
5/29/2004: Lawsuit: Dismiss touchscreen printouts  - CNN

5/29/2004: Paralysis Study: Walking Improves  - Wired News
5/29/2004: 'A Dark Place' - ABC
5/29/2004: Study: Misbehaving Hair May Be Inherited - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/29/2004: Acknowledgements for astronomers ... - Astronomy
5/29/2004: Starburst eye of a galaxy produces a cosmic shower ...
 - FirstScience
5/29/2004: Blushing asteroids ... - Scientific American
5/29/2004: Saturn at Last! ... - Scientific American
5/29/2004: The Slant on Saturn's Rings ... - USA Today

5/29/2004: Men's habits, not biology, cause early death ... - USA Today


5/29/2004: Harnessing the Power of Poop -
5/29/2004: Scientist defends mission to Mars ...
 - USA Today
5/29/2004: Probe of Failed Mars Mission Finds Faults - ABC

5/29/2004: New Polymer Conducts Electricity - Economist
5/29/2004: Review: Sony's First Dual-Layer DVD Recorder - ABC
5/29/2004: Yak farmers in Nepal plug into wireless net technology  - BBC
5/29/2004: Books get interactive makeover  - C/Net


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