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  May 28, 2004

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Asteroid Eaters: Robots to Hunt Space Rocks, Protect Earth -  At the movies, the best way to stop an asteroid from wiping out Earth is to lob a few nuclear missiles at the rocky beast or blow it apart from the inside with megaton bombs. A team of engineers are looking at a more patient approach. Their weapon: a swarm of nuclear-powered robots that could drill into an asteroid and hurl chunks of it into space with enough force to gradually push it into a non-Earth impacting course. 
Magic Book interface device, Hitlab Books get a 'magical' makeover to bring them to life  - BBC  New Zealand researchers have developed a way to overlay detailed animations and images on textbooks, children's picture books and any other title that uses illustrations. The 3D images are seen via a handheld viewer that watches where a reader is looking. With a flick of a switch the viewer can also plunge readers into an immersive virtual world that lets them explore the book's subject in more depth. The combined viewing and reading system, called the Magic Book, has already been used in some museums and public spaces in New Zealand.

Diagram of activity monitoring, Accenture

Smart homes offer a helping hand  - BBC   The work is aimed at helping older people by spotting when they get into difficulties, to diagnose health problems before they become serious and to combat loneliness by making it easier to keep in touch with their family: persuasive mirrors, connective tables, shared scrap books, interactive pictures, and activity monitoring. The persuasive mirror manipulates images of a person in real time depending on what they have been doing all day. The connective table would use video-conferencing and projectors to let people play games such as draughts or chess even though they were in different locations. Shared scrap books would let individual family members contribute images, messages and video to a single electronic journal. Interactive pictures would be a framed screen that acted as a direct channel to the person that it depicted.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/28/2004: Researchers Clone Calf From Cloned Bull - ABC
5/28/2004: Aspirin changes sexual behaviour of rats
 - New Scientist
5/28/2004: Dog Genome Yields Information That May Benefit Human Health - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Cells May Shoot Messenger To Halt Protein Production - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Researchers Identify Gene Linked To Sperm-producing Stem Cells In Mammals - Science Daily
5/28/2004: New Study Examines MicroRNA’s Function In Plants And Animals - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Cell Division Can Be Halted In Multiple Ways, With Implications For Cancer - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/28/2004: Climate Change Rises on Global Agenda - ABC
5/28/2004: Putin U-turn could rescue Kyoto  - BBC
5/28/2004: High-tech detectives focus on wildlife - MSNBC
5/28/2004: Scientists look for ‘slow quake’ activity - MSNBC
5/28/2004: New Highways Drive Accelerating Deforestation In Amazonia - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Only nuclear power can stop global warming, says British environmentalist - SpaceDaily

5/28/2004: Nintendo goes back to the future  - BBC
5/28/2004: Video game fans dance off extra pounds  - CNN  
5/28/2004: Gaming dazzle makes powerful demands  - CNN  
5/28/2004: Third time charms for game sequels  - CNN  

5/28/2004: Chip makers mull cell phones with hard drives  - El. Engr. Times
5/28/2004: Visonary Computers May Put Hockey On Cell Phones - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Wi-Fi 'carpet' far cry from wall to wall - Seattle Times

5/28/2004: AMD continues shift away from megahertz race  - El. Engr. Times
5/28/2004: Good times may stall DDR2 arrival  - El. Engr. Times  - El. Engr. Times

5/28/2004: Flash memory makers slash prices  - C/Net

5/28/2004: Start-up looks to add pluck to browsers  - C/Net
5/28/2004: Zombies, spam and you  - C/Net
5/28/2004: How to Avoid the "Phish" Hook - Business Week
5/28/2004: Farmers turn to Web for help  - CNN  

5/28/2004: Apple tackles Mac security flaw  - BBC
5/28/2004: Downloaders 'unfazed by lawsuits'  - BBC
5/28/2004: Microsoft goes to the Opera  - C/Net
5/28/2004: Linux contributors face new rules  - C/Net
5/28/2004: Open season on open source  - C/Net
5/28/2004: Is Torvalds really the father of Linux?  - C/Net
5/28/2004: Another New Friend for Microsoft - Business Week
5/28/2004: Linux switch is becoming easier option - Seattle Times
5/28/2004: Microsoft's aging monopoly is losing ability to dominate - Seattle Times
5/28/2004: WordPerfect Office falls short on file compatibility - Seattle Times

5/28/2004: Mo. Plant Makes Oil From Turkey Offal
5/28/2004: Drivers Eye Vegetable Oil As Cheap Fuel - ABC
5/28/2004: EU 'confident' of star power site  - BBC

5/28/2004: Man Who Quit Smoking Has Heart Transplant - ABC
5/28/2004: CRT, Implantable Defibrillators Significantly Reduce Hospitalization Rates, Extend Lives Of People With Advanced Heart Failure - Science Daily

5/28/2004: Faulty gene fuels bladder cancer  - BBC
5/28/2004: Tumor Suppressor Gene Family May Be Key To New Colon Cancer Drugs - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Duke Scientists Identify New Way To Block Blood Vessels That Feed Cancer Growth - Science Daily

5/28/2004: US's first vCJD case defies survival odds  - BBC
5/28/2004: AIDS Meeting to Discuss Affordable Drugs - ABC
5/28/2004: Survivors of West Nile Virus Tell of Pain - ABC
5/28/2004: China Scientists Testing SARS Vaccine - ABC
5/28/2004: New Ebola strain found in Sudan  - BBC
5/28/2004: Malformed Proteins Found in Sheep Muscle  - NY Times
5/28/2004: Zinc Therapy Accelerates Recovery From Pneumonia
 - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Key Immune System Cell Reduces Secretion Of Defense Protein In HIV-associated Dementia Patients
 - Science Daily

5/28/2004: Study Exmaines How Schools Can Ease Asthma - ABC
5/28/2004: Childhood diabetes 'undetected'  - BBC
5/28/2004: Tobacco firms 'help smokers quit'  - BBC

5/28/2004: Grading Vitamins - ABC
5/28/2004: Getting the Gray Out - ABC
5/28/2004: Mean Cuisine - ABC
5/28/2004: Global Health Leaders Adopt Diet Strategy - ABC
5/28/2004: Salt Getting Overlooked in Health Craze - ABC
5/28/2004: Low male sex drive down to mum?  - BBC
5/28/2004: A firm graspThe woman who made sense of muscles 50 years ago  - BBC
5/28/2004: Beat the baby blues: Why it is good to talk about post natal depression  - BBC
5/28/2004: How couples spur each other on to have cosmetic surgery  - BB
5/28/2004: Aspirin robs males of libido  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
5/28/2004: Titanic sale offers chance to own history - MSNBC
5/28/2004: Four-winged birds may have been first fliers - New Scientist
5/28/2004: Group Unearths Part of Ancient University
 - ABC

5/28/2004: Smart homes offer a helping hand   - BBC
5/28/2004: Mobile CCTV: The changing technology behind street surveillance  - BBC
5/28/2004: Black Death 'is lying in wait'
5/28/2004: Sticky sensor may keep troops out of harm's way  - El. Engr. Times
5/28/2004: Bioterror research plan draws a warning - MSNBC
5/28/2004: Michelangelo’s David revealed after clean-up - New Scientist
5/28/2004: Tech specs may become China's new Great Wall - Seattle Times
5/28/2004: Far away Siberian city thrives on high tech, innovations - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Intel plans two billion dollar expansion of Ireland factory - SpaceDaily

5/28/2004: Conference Looks at Science Behind Love - ABC
5/28/2004: Sham therapy works in Parkinson's  - BBC
5/28/2004: Head injuries 'affect character'  - BBC
5/28/2004: Nerve Fibers Regrown in Spines of Rats - ABC
5/28/2004: Doctors Put Hope in Thin Wires for a Life in Epilepsy's Clutches  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
5/28/2004: Nerve Fibers Regrown in Spines of Rats - ABC
5/28/2004: Cosmic dark age found in shadows
 - New Scientist
5/28/2004: Loneos Discovers Asteroid With The Smallest Orbit
 - SpaceDaily

5/28/2004: Mice Study May Show How Human Cells Age
 - ABC

5/28/2004: Asteroid Eaters: Robots to Hunt Space Rocks, Protect Earth -
5/28/2004: Origami next frontier in robotics  - CNN  

5/28/2004: Beagle mission 'poorly managed'  - BBC
5/28/2004: Beagle's impact on the future
  - BBC
5/28/2004: What went wrong?  - BBC
5/28/2004: Missing on Mars: What happened to the Beagle 2 lander?  - BBC
5/28/2004: Time and money crunches doomed Beagle 2 - New Scientist
5/28/2004: What To Wear On Mars - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Spaceport to Rise in California's Mojave Desert -
5/28/2004: Seven Years To Saturn - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: SMART-1 Finds Small Thrust Level Oscillations Help - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Mars Rover to Begin 'Deep Sleep' Modes
 - ABC
5/28/2004: Russian Supply Craft Docks with Space Station
 - ABC
5/28/2004: Mars Rover to Begin 'Deep Sleep' Modes
5/28/2004: Progress Cargo Ship Docks at ISS
5/28/2004: Sleep Well Dear Rovers
 - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Saturn Seen From Far And Near
 - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Rosetta's First Scientific Observation Of Comet Linear
 - SpaceDaily
5/28/2004: Rosetta's First Scientific Observation Of Comet Linear
 - SpaceDaily

5/28/2004: Books get a 'magical' makeover to bring them to life   - BBC
5/28/2004: Surfing speed gets hardware help  - BBC
5/28/2004: Fingerprint science not exact, experts say - MSNBC
5/28/2004: Innovative airport terminal collapses in Paris - New Scientist
5/28/2004: Magnetic Forces May Turn Some Nanotubes Into Metals - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Tightly Focused Laser Light Generates Nonlinear Effects And Rainbow Of Color - Science Daily
5/28/2004: Tightly Focused Laser Light Generates Nonlinear Effects And Rainbow Of Color
 - SpaceDaily


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