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  May 27, 2006

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The brain Artificial happiness: Scientists begin to manipulate happiness levels in the brain  - BBC  Science is beginning to find ways to control happiness in the brain artificially. Since the dawn of time we have sought short-cuts to happiness. Early man got high on psychotropic drugs. Alcohol has been around since the stone age. The designer drugs of today promise ecstasy in a pill. Now neuroscientists are beginning to manipulate happiness in the brain. In a series of experiments in the 1950s and 1960s psychologists pinpointed the pleasure zones in the brains of rats and eventually in human patients. But the pleasure stopped when the current was stopped and Heath eventually abandoned his work.   
A roadside livestock vendor waits for customers sitting among his chickens in Jakarta, 04 April 2006. Alarm at human bird flu cluster  - BBC  Left:  Indonesia's bird flu death toll is second only to that of Vietnam. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is extremely worried about a cluster of recent human deaths from the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu. Seven people from the same family in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, died from the disease earlier this month. WHO spokesman Peter Cordingley said there was no sign of diseased poultry in the immediate area. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the virus spread from human to human, Mr Cordingley said. But he emphasised that there was no indication the virus had mutated. 

Planet shine 'to aid life search'  - BBC  Left:  NASA would have to find hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Terrestrial Planet Finder mission.  Earth-like planets around distant stars may be too far away to be reached by spacecraft but scientists could still investigate whether they harbour life. Telescope technologies are being developed that will probe the very faint light from these objects for tell-tale signs of biology. These are the same "life markers" known to be present in light reflected off the Earth - so-called "earthshine". They include signatures for water, and gases such as oxygen and methane. "These are only signs of life; they are only indicators."   
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5/27/2006: Joint Genome Institute Finishes 100th Microbial Genome - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Primate Center Research Suggests Multiple 'Body Clocks'
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: How Ancient Whales Lost Their Legs, Got Sleek And Conquered The Oceans - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Genetic Tug Of War Determines Sexual Differentiation - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Fishing 'major threat' to turtles  - BBC
5/27/2006: Germany welcomes bear return  - BBC
5/27/2006: An invasive frog may be linked to the spread of a deadly fungus  - BBC

Geosciences, Environment:
5/27/2006: Very Active North Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted - Science Daily
5/27/2006: How Did Continents Split? Geology Study Shows New Picture - Science Daily
5/27/2006: U.S. Ports Vulnerable To Devastating Earthquake Damage - Science Daily
5/27/2006: World Fire Maps Now Available Online In Near-real Time - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Attenborough: Climate is changing  - BBC
5/27/2006: Government 'lagging on climate'  - BBC
5/27/2006: Water worries How wildlife is feeling the heat in drought-hit areas  - BBC

Games and Devices
5/27/2006: Da Vinci dud: Game of the Da Vinci Code proves to be patchy and frustrating
  - BBC

Hardware and Software

5/27/2006: Finding Computer Files Hidden In Plain Sight - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Laptop lifeline Voice-activated computers help US combat casualties  - BBC


5/27/2006: Social sites wrestle for top spot  - BBC
5/27/2006: Privacy worries over web's future  - BBC
5/27/2006: Web inventor warns of 'dark' net  - BBC
5/27/2006: Police act on German file-sharing  - BBC
5/27/2006: Experts' fears about the growing popularity of online gambling (video)  - BBC

5/27/2006: Free music ends Sony CD saga  - BBC

5/27/2006: Here Comes The Sun: New Solutions For World's Energy Woes - Science Daily
5/27/2006: MIT Revamps Energy System For More Fuel-efficient Cars - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Sweet Success For Pioneering Hydrogen Energy Project - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Steps to power How walking could generate power to turn on the lights  - BBC


5/27/2006: Selenium-protein Deficiency Raises Prostate Cancer Risk - Science Daily
5/27/2006: RNA Interference Stops Colon Cancer Spread In Mice - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Herceptin set for EU approval  - BBC

5/27/2006: Higher Dose Of Flu Vaccine Improves Immune Response In The Elderly - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Researchers Find Immune-activating Cells In Intestines - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Alarm at human bird flu cluster   - BBC

5/27/2006: Immune Signals Of Variations Of A Single Gene Linked To More Severe Crohn's Disease - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Early Treatment Favored For Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Eye warning call for cigarettes  - BBC
5/27/2006: Off the street How injection rooms help drug users in Switzerland  - BBC

5/27/2006: New Compounds Fight Chronic Symptoms Of Bowel Disorders - Science Daily
5/27/2006: N-Acetyl-l-Carnosine for Cataracts - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Scientists Restore Sight To Chickens With Blinding Disease - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Pill 'reverses' vegetative state  - BBC
5/27/2006: Map reveals research 'priorities'  - BBC
5/27/2006: Sleeping may help keep you slim  - BBC
5/27/2006: 'Tested on animals' labels urged  - BBC


History, Anthropology:
5/27/2006: Mammoth skeleton discovered  - BBC

5/27/2006: New Sensor Technology Detects Chemical, Biological, Nuclear And Explosive Materials - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Five Surprising Facts About Starvation That Could Change The International Agenda - Science Daily
5/27/2006: If All Drivers Were Polite, They Would Get Where They're Going Faster - Science Daily
5/27/2006: NOAA Expects Below Average 2006 East Pacific Hurricane Season - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Sky HDTV runs into trouble  - BBC
5/27/2006: Digital PlanetThe global spread of pirate software, digital music boxes and the future of robots  - BBC
5/27/2006: Sex education 'too biological'  - BBC
5/27/2006: Doctors attack 'bogus' therapies  - BBC

5/27/2006: Fruit Flies Yield Clues To Clinical Heterogeneity Of Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily


5/27/2006: Robotic Joystick Reveals How Brain Controls Movement
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Scientists Identify Molecule That Links Both Sides Of The Brain - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Listening To Music Can Reduce Chronic Pain And Depression By Up To A Quarter - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Artificial happiness: Scientists begin to manipulate happiness levels in the brain   - BBC
5/27/2006: Unhappy home link to appearance  - BBC
5/27/2006: Hard knocks make gullible adults  - BBC
5/27/2006: Girls from broken homes 'less attractive', a study suggests
  - BBC
5/27/2006: Epilepsy awareness: Find out more about managing this brain disorder
  - BBC

Physical Sciences:

Space and Astronomy:
5/27/2006: Hubble Captures A 'Five-star' Rated Gravitational Lens - Science Daily
Planet shine 'to aid life search'   - BBC
5/27/2006: A time and place European sat-nav project sparks innovative ideas
  - BBC
5/27/2006: Powerful telescope set for Chile
  - BBC
5/27/2006: Nasa shuttle moved to launch pad
  - BBC

5/27/2006: Canadian Blood Services Scientist Invents Potential Alternative For High-demand Blood Product
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: MIT 'Seeing Machine' Offers Hope To Blind
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Cure For Reading Glasses May Be In View
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: Carbon-based Quantum Dots Could Mean 'Greener,' Safer Technology In Medicine And Biology
 - Science Daily
5/27/2006: A time and place European sat-nav project sparks innovative ideas
  - BBC
5/27/2006: Nike and Apple join up for runs
  - BBC


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