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  May 27, 2005

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Image of aspirin  Aspirin for over 70s in question  - BBC  People aged 70 and over should not take low dose aspirin to avoid heart disease because they are at increased risk of nasty side effects, say researchers. Aspirin has been linked to an increased chance of bleeding in both the stomach and brain. The figures thrown up by the model used by the researchers at the University of Tasmania indicated that the overall balance of harm and benefit for taking aspirin could tip either way. Dr Mark Nelson and colleagues recommended a clinical trial to establish the true benefit or harm of aspirin in elderly people.  
Stem cell research Stem cells tailored to patients  - BBC  South Korean scientists say they have made stem cells tailored to match the individual for the first time. Each of the 11 new stem cell lines that they made were created by taking genetic material from the patient and putting it into a donated egg. The resultant cells were a perfect match for the individual and could mean treatments for diseases like diabetes without problems of rejection. Experts warned that there was a risk the cells could become cancerous. "Scientists must also find a way to remove the remaining animal components from the laboratory procedures," they said.  

Australia Ready For 'Long-Term Solutions' On Global Warming: Minister - SpaceDaily  Left:  Australia and the United States are the only rich industrialised countries which have refused to ratify the Kyoto treaty.  The country's ambassador for the environment, Jan Adams, also told a UN conference on the treaty being held in the German city of Bonn that Australia was in the process of fulfilling the limits that would have been imposed on it if it had ratified the treaty. "Global dependence on fossil fuels for energy will be an enduring reality for our lifetimes and beyond. A major collective challenge, therefore, is to develop and implement cleaner, more efficient technologies that allow for their continued restrained use.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/27/2005:†Stem cells tailored to patients   - BBC
5/27/2005:†Patients' different views
  - BBC
5/27/2005:†Q&A: Stem cells  - BBC
5/27/2005:†Quick guide: Cloning  - BBC
5/27/2005:†Alarm Pheromone Causes Aphids To Sprout Wings - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Researchers Find Gene That May Be At Root Of Potato Blight - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Butterfly Migration Could Be Largest Known - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Bush Blasts Human Clone Research  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Horse Clones May Save Bloodlines  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Castrated Derby Winner Funny Cide Could Be Cloned ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Conservationists track jaguars from space ... - MSNBC
5/27/2005:†Cornell NEMS device Weighs a Single DNA Molecule ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
5/27/2005:†Australia Ready For 'Long-Term Solutions' On Global Warming: Minister - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Los Angeles 'Big Squeeze' Continues, Straining Earthquake Faults - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Scripps Scientists Find Potential For Catastrophic Shifts In Pacific Ecosystems - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†More than 17 Percent of Brazilian Amazon Deforested ...  - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Greens quit over near-record rainforest destruction ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Indigenous Arctic leaders urge Europe to do more to fight global warming ...  - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†'Good vibrations' at post-2012 climate talks ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Compensation to save forests 'will curb climate change' ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†US & European Investors Support Global Warming Resolutions with ExxonMobil ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†ONS: Transport emissions still rising ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Scientists re-assess last year's earthquake in Sumatra ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Tsunami Earthquake 'Unzipped' the Earth ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Vietnam's Mekong Delta From Space During A Rare Cloudless Day - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Satellites Watch Naples' Volcanic Hinterland - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Green Party holds annual conference ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Amazon deforestation at alarming level ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Fishery loses 1.08 bln due to pollution in 2004 ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Tsunami-Triggering-Earthquake Shook Entire Planet ... - FirstScience

5/27/2005:†Wright Hopes to Spore Another Hit  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Games Inspire Otherworldly Art  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Games Migrate to Mobile Phones  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†One Device for Work, Another for Play  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Storm in a D-cup as computer heroine Lara Croft loses infamous features - SpaceDaily


5/27/2005:†Nanoscale Switch Links Electronics To Photonics - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Soft parallelizing processor receives $2.8 million backing


5/27/2005:†How Much Do You Need To Know To Take Down The Mafia Or Destroy A Computer Network? - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Google revs its engines to show where it may be headed - Seattle Times
5/27/2005:†Ten Things I Didnít Know About Google  - Wired News

5/27/2005:†Feds Widen LexisNexis Probe  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Another Page-Turner From Gates  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Microsoft says it can appeal South Korean antitrust ruling - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Software piracy remains rampant in the Philippines - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Cuba to switch computers to Linux, dumping Windows - SpaceDaily

5/27/2005:†Can Hybrids Save U.S. From Foreign Oil?  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Vice premier calls for promoting peaceful use of nuclear power ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Laser's Jolt Rivals Sun's Center  - Wired News

5/27/2005:†Aspirin for over 70s in question   - BBC

5/27/2005:†Study Finds Prostate Cancer In 25% Of High-risk Men With 'Normal' PSA Levels - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†CAD System Makes Breast MRI More Effective, Efficient - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Bad Teeth May Signal Risk For Heart Attack - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Disease Progression Model Of Pancreatic Cancer Developed By Penn Researchers - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†While On Trail Of Dioxin, Scientists Pinpoint Cancer Target Of Green Tea - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†New Polysaccharide May Help Combat Multidrug Resistance In Cancer - Science Daily

5/27/2005:†Dye To Pinpoint Diseases And Pathogens - Science Daily


5/27/2005:†Sonic Flashlight Puts Ultrasound Images In Physician's Line Of Sight For Catheter Placement - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†As Morphine Turns 200, Drug That Blocks Its Side Effects Reveals New Secrets - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Fibromyalgia Patients May Benefit From Cough Remedy, UF Study Finds - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Researchers Develop Assay That Could Be Applied To Drug Screening - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Virtual Vermin Saves Lab Rats  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/27/2005:†Same Fold In Viral Shells Point To Common Ancestry - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Modern Humans Or Neandertals? New Evidence Sheds Light On Cave Fossils' Age - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Largest shank fossil of dinosaur recovered ... - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Accelerator Deciphers Archimedes  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Creation Museum Sparks Evolution Debate ... - FirstScience

5/27/2005:†Want To Know The Best Way To Find Your Lost Sock? Ask An Animal - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Learning Software Developed By Rutgers-Newark Scientist Helps 450,000 Students With Reading - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Tendency To Hair Loss Inherited From The Mother - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Greenspan says China revaluation won't help U.S. trade deficits - Seattle Times
5/27/2005:†Is 'CraigsNews' Coming Soon?  - Technology Review 
5/27/2005:†Webcams Keep the Mystery Alive  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Airbus A380: Ask the Pilot - Salon
5/27/2005:†Getting Tough With China?  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Iran Says Decision To Restart Nuclear Activities 'Irreversible' - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†China Military Spending 40 To 70% Higher Than Officially Acknowledged- RAND - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Review - The Force is Strong in Last 'Star Wars' Tale -

5/27/2005:†Virtual Reality Therapy May Ease Fear Of Public Speaking - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Boys, Too, Suffer Long-term Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Brain May Be Less Plastic Than Hoped - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Storage Limits On Our Visual Hard Drive - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Gene Keeps Neural Cells On Correct Developmental Path - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/27/2005:†Solar Wind Originates In Coronal Funnels - Science Daily


5/27/2005:†University Of Manchester Develops Vision Chip For New Generation Of 'Human' Robots - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Robo-doc To Start Making Ward Rounds At St Mary's Hospital - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Flexible Tactile Sensors Could Help Robots Work Better - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Behind the Wheel? Nobody
  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†Amateurs Get Best Look at Stellar Nursery

5/27/2005:†Study Explains Mystery Of Mars Icecaps - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†One Mars Orbiter Takes First Photos Of Other Orbiters
 - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†NASA Unveils Lunar O2 Challenge  - Wired News
5/27/2005:†China spaceflight leads world in recovery and rescue system ...
 - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Private spacecraft builder gives US tips ...
 - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Industry Cartels Leave US Space Neutered
 - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Canadian Arrow Partners Announce Formation Of Planetspace
 - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†ESA Issues First Jules Verne Payload List
 - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†NASA May Partially Abandon Space Station
5/27/2005:†Astronaut Asks Congress to Investigate Threatening Asteroid
5/27/2005:†NASA Chief Seeks Ways to Preserve Shuttle Workforce
5/27/2005:†Artificial Gravity: NASA Spins Up New Study
5/27/2005:†Florida Hopes to Host CEV Construction
5/27/2005:†Spaceflight Partners to Offer Public Suborbital Flights by 2007
5/27/2005:†AcrimSat solar spacecraft completes 5-year mission ...
 - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Photos of spacecraft orbiting Mars a milestone ...
 - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Mars Rover Spirit Finds Rocky Region ...
 - FirstScience
5/27/2005:†Space Craft Threatened by 200,000 Marbles ...
 - FirstScience






5/27/2005:†NIST Method Improves Timing In Oscilloscopes - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†New Purification Process Joins High Throughput With High Selectivity - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†Boston University Engineers Develop Low-cost, Highly Sensitive Underwater Listening Device - Science Daily
5/27/2005:†From The Lab: Nanotechnology  - Technology Review 
5/27/2005:†New UV 'Ruler' Sizes Up Atomic World - SpaceDaily
5/27/2005:†Talks fail to make common standard for next-generation DVD - SpaceDaily


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