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  May 27, 2004

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China To Launch Own Permanent Space Station - SpaceDaily  China will launch its own permanent manned space station within 15 years, but does not plan to send a man to the moon, the chief designer of the country's space program was cited as saying Tuesday. This is in contrast to previous statements from Chinese officials suggesting the country was hoping to land an astronaut on the moon at some point within the coming decades. Wang Yongzhi also revealed that China's manned space program has guzzled 18 billion yuan (2.18 billion dollars) over the past 11 years. China's desire to compete in space with other world powers has become a mammoth undertaking.
NASA Plans To Put An Aura Around The Earth - SpaceDaily  On June 19, NASA will launch Aura, a next generation Earth- observing satellite. Aura will supply the best information yet about the health of Earth's atmosphere. Aura will help scientists understand how atmospheric composition affects and responds to Earth's changing climate. The satellite will help reveal the processes that connect local and global air quality. It will also track the extent to which Earth's protective ozone layer is recovering. Aura will carry four instruments designed to survey different aspects of Earth's atmosphere. Aura will accurately detect global levels of CFCs and chlorine and bromine, which destroy ozone.

Climate: Sitting In The Catbird Seat? - SpaceDaily  The Pew Center of Global Climate Change's report, "A Synthesis of Potential Climate Impacts on the United States," finds the country as whole has a high capacity to adapt to anticipated climate change, although the effects to natural systems, different economic sectors and different regions will vary. This could be viewed as another case of the rich getting richer, because the study also says the impacts of climate change on poorer developing countries "are likely to be negative, even at lower levels of warming." The Pew study predicts low-to-moderate warming will cost the U. S. about 1 percent of the gross domestic product.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/27/2004: Diabetes Linked To Increased Risk Of Alzheimer's In Long-term Study - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Alzheimer's Pathology Reduced, Longevity Improved In Mouse Model, Study Shows - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Researchers Discover Protein That Dissolves Amyloid Fibers
 - Science Daily

5/27/2004: Collie or Pug? Study Finds the Genetic Code  - NY Times
5/27/2004: Urbanization Is Devastating About-to-emerge 17-year Brood X Cicadas
 - Science Daily
5/27/2004: When 'Reaper' Gene Comes, Cell Death Follows - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Scents Will Not Rouse Us From Slumber, Says New Brown University Study - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Stem Cells Toward Sperm Cells And Back Again: Experiments Reverse Cells' Developmental Course - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Super-effective 'Jumping Gene' Created - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Genetic Barrier To Self-pollination Identified - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/27/2004: NASA Plans To Put An Aura Around The Earth - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Climate: Sitting In The Catbird Seat? - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Scientists Hope Current Silent Earthquake Will Help To Understand Big Quakes - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Distant Mountains Influence River Levels 50 Years Later - Science Daily
5/27/2004: USGS And NASA Magnetic Database 'Rocks' The World - Science Daily
5/27/2004: NASA's Terra Satellite Tracks Global Pollution - Science Daily
5/27/2004: How Healthy Are Our Rivers And Streams? USGS Report Shows Complex Picture - Science Daily
5/27/2004: New Findings On Climate Show Gradual Shift To Modern But Increased Sensitivity To Perturbations - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Geophysicist Discovers Why Earth 'Wobbles' - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Could Global Warming Mean Less Sunshine And Less Rainfall? - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Network Aims To Dispose Of Throwaway Society - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Study Of Cape Cod Seashore Finds Off-ro - Science Dailyad Vehicles Harmful To Beach Fauna
5/27/2004: Moscow to 'accelerate' efforts to ratify Kyoto protocol: Putin - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Climate change will have catastrophic effect on key rivers: study - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Common Pollutant as Bad as PCBs?  - Wired News
5/27/2004: New underwater volcano found off Antarctic coast ... - FirstScience



5/27/2004: IMEC extends non-volatile memory to 9-bits per cell - Silicon Strategies

5/27/2004: Better Rich Than Thin  - Technology Review
5/27/2004: Group Dynamics Play Out in VR  - Technology Review

5/27/2004: Spam Adversaries to Meet, Debate  - Wired News


5/27/2004: From Fryer To Fuel Tank, U-M Students Make A Case For Waste Elimination And Energy Recovery - Science Daily
5/27/2004: For Speeders, Hybrids Suck Gas  - Wired News
5/27/2004: California passes solar homes bill ... - FirstScience

5/27/2004: Embryonic Stem Cell - Based Tissue Engineering May Help Repair Damaged Heart Muscle - Science Daily

5/27/2004: Researchers Identify Cancer-causing Gene Involved In Aggressive Leukemia, Lymphoma - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Drug Combo Effective For Advanced Breast Cancer - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Pancreatic Cancer Blood Test & Gene Studies Show Promise - Science Daily

5/27/2004: New Research Supports Theory That Indirect Transmission Of Chronic Wasting Disease Possible In Mule Deer - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Asian And North African Countries Close To Ending Polio, Announce Accelerated Plans To 'Mop-up' New Cases - Science Daily
5/27/2004: China's Latest SARS Outbreak Contained, But Biosafety Concerns Remain - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Researcher Studies Swimmer's Itch Incidence And Risk Factors - Science Daily

5/27/2004: Oxygen Therapy May Improve Vision Worsened By Diabetes - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Urine Protein Test: A Tipoff To Kidney Transplant Rejection - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Cutting Back On Cigarettes: When Less Is More - Science Daily

5/27/2004: Artificial Light-dark Cycles Expose Circadian Clocks At Odds With Each Other - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Study Finds Music Teachers At Risk Of Hearing Loss - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Head-cooling Device Prevents Brain Damage In Oxygen-deprived Infants, Says New Study - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Discovery Of Gene For Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Discovery May Lead To Prenatal Test For Debilitating Disorder - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Iron Supplements Help Only Certain Non-anemic Women - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Broken Halide Lamps Could Cause Sunburn - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Pool-Bound Plyometrics Help You Get Stronger With Less Pain - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Folic Acid Fortification Needed To Lower Neural Tube Defect Risks - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

5/27/2004: Strong Capital and founder to pay $140 million for trading abuses - Seattle Times
5/27/2004: Bezos got in on Google for six cents a share - Seattle Times
5/27/2004: EU offers backing for Russian WTO entry, gets Kyoto pledge - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Orbital Flight Tests Supersonic Sea-Skimming Target Missile - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Next Generation of TVs Going Mainstream - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Sony chief sees electronics shift by 2006 - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Gates Fetes America's Top CEOs  - Wired News
5/27/2004: Los Alamos Lab Loses More Data  - Wired News
5/27/2004: NASA to Launch Robot Aircraft Program ... - FirstScience

5/27/2004: Imaging Study Shows Brain Maturing - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Vaccines Are Not Associated With Autism, Report Says - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Brain Scans By Weill Cornell Scientist Help Poor Readers Improve - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/27/2004: When bosons behave like fermions - PhysicsWeb
5/27/2004: Chandra Opens New Line Of Investigation On Dark Energy
 - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Theory Proposes New View Of Sun And Earth's Creation - Science Daily
5/27/2004: New Object is 2nd Rock from the Sun
 - Space.com
5/27/2004: Asteroids Change Color with Age
 - Space.com
5/27/2004: Radar echoes reveal asteroid details ...
 - Astronomy



5/27/2004: China To Launch Own Permanent Space Station - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: A Bit Of Titan On Earth Helps In The Search For Life's Origins
 - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Electric Martian Dust Devils Could Prove Hazardous For Space Travelers - Science Daily
5/27/2004: Purported Great Wall Image Turns Out to be River - Space.com
5/27/2004: US panel says ISS could shelter shuttle astronauts after an accident - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: A Taste of the Future - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Pooped Out In Deep Space - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: NASA hasn't given up on Mars despite setbacks ...  - FirstScience
5/27/2004: NASA scientists told to bite the bullet point ... - FirstScience
5/27/2004: Space view of rover's hill target
  - BBC
5/27/2004: Rings ready for their close-up
  - BBC
5/27/2004: ISS Ready For Some More Progress
 - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Cassini Captures Pandora and Prometheus Near F Ring
 - SpaceDaily

5/27/2004: Nanotubes switch back and forth - PhysicsWeb
5/27/2004: Recycled Materials Make 100-year 'Long Life' Bridges Possible - Science Daily
5/27/2004: UK Engineers Open Flight Path To Quieter Aircraft - Science Daily
5/27/2004: New Technology Allows On-The-Spot Chemical Analysis - SpaceDaily
5/27/2004: Indexes Bolster eBook Search  - Technology Review
5/27/2004: A Scan of the Headline Scanners  - Wired News


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