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  May 26, 2006

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Expo 'booth babes' forced to cover up  - CNN  Left:  Laura Croft model Karima Adebibe signs copies of the Tomb Raider Legend video game's guide book at E3.   Missing: scantily-clad females hawking the latest toys for the boys. Banned are nudity, partial nudity, bikini bottoms or any sexually explicit or provocative conduct, according to the handbook from The Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, which owns and operates the E3 Expo. Pauline K, who declined to give her last name, wore a white shredded tank top with an exposed midriff, short mini skirt and knee-high leggings as she handed out fliers for a company that makes custom face plates for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 game machine.       
Astronomers Discovery Very High Energy Gamma-ray Emission From Microquasar - Science Daily  Left: Artist's view of a microquasar. A compact object (a black hole or a neutron star) orbits around a massive normal star. The latter loses matter into an accretion disk that surrounds the compact object. The matter falling into the compact object is ejected in the form of jets of relativistic particles. In the case of LS I +61 303 the compact object is likely a neutron star that completes an orbit around the massive star every 26 days. It always displays jets. (Image courtesy of Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov (MAGIC) Telescope Team)  Microquasars can be considered as scaled-down versions of active galactic nuclei, or quasars. Microquasars are binary star systems, composed of a massive ordinary star and a compact object, which can be either a neutron star or a black hole. Quasars display also jets of relativistic particles, but in their case the compact object is a black hole of millions of solar masses located at the center of a galaxy.     

Feedback Loops In Global Climate Change Point To A Very Hot 21st Century - Science Daily  Left: The world's glaciers are shrinking as a result of rising temperatures and will eventually cause sea-levels to swell. Studies have shown that global warming triggers natural feedback loops that can amplify the warming's magnitude. (Photo courtesy of NOAA)  researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California at Berkeley have been able to quantify the feedback implied by past increases in natural carbon dioxide and methane gas levels. Their results point to global temperatures at the end of this century that may be significantly higher than current climate models are predicting.     
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5/26/2006: Human And Chimp Genomes Reveal New Twist On Origin Of Species - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Colombian Frog Believed Extinct Found Alive
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Ready, Set, Mutate ... And May The Best Microbe Win- Natural Selection In A Flask - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Even When Faint, Ovary Scent Draws Sperm Cells - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Is There A Risk Of Transmitting Genetic Disorders To Babies Conceived By Fertility Procedures? - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Giant Deep-sea Tubeworm's Meal Ticket Comes In As A Skin Infection - Science Daily
5/26/2006: How Does The Lowly Bacterium Sense Its Environment? Cornell Researchers Discover Lattice Of Supersensitive Receptors - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Scientists Develop First Comprehensive Theory Explaining Madagascar's Rich Biodiversity - Science Daily

Geosciences, Environment:
5/26/2006: Linking Climate Change Across Time Scales - Science Daily
5/26/2006: How Healthy Is That Marsh? Biologists Count Parasites - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Test For Dioxin Sensitivity In Wildlife Could Result From New Study - Science Daily
5/26/2006: New Century Of Thirst For World's Mountains - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Research Highlights How Bacteria Produce Energy - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Feedback Loops In Global Climate Change Point To A Very Hot 21st Century - Science Daily 
5/26/2006: Greenhouse Gas, Temperature Feedback Mechanism May Raise Warming Beyond Previous Estimates - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Undersea Channels Studied To Aid Oil Recovery - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Air Pollution Increases Death Risk In People With Certain Diseases - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Tropical Forests Leak Nitrogen Back Into Atmosphere, Say Scientists - Science Daily

Games and Devices
Expo 'booth babes' forced to cover up  - CNN

Hardware and Software

5/26/2006: Computers Everywhere: Embedded Software Made Simpler Yet More Powerful - Science Daily




5/26/2006: New Super-Efficient Plug-in Hybrid Unveiled - Science Daily

5/22/2005:Scientists Discover First Angiogenesis Switch Inside Blood Vessel Cells - Science Daily
5/26/2006: New Data Finds Recalls Of Automated External Defibrillators To Be Common - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Gold Nanoparticles Could Improve Antisense Cancer Drugs - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Researchers Make Vitamin E Offshoot A Potent Cancer Killer - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Linked To Serious Infections And Cancers - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Cysteine Containing Chewing Gum For The Prevention Of Upper Digestive Tract Cancers? - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Heal Thyself: Systems Biology Model Reveals How Cells Avoid Becoming Cancerous - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Study Suggests New Human Genotype May Be Prone To Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Study Details Hepatitis C Ability To Block Immune System Response - Science Daily
5/26/2006: New Study Finds Key Role For Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor In Onset Of Sepsis - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Findings Offer Hope For Vaccine Against AIDS - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Blood Test Predicts Success Of Quitting Smoking Using The Nicotine Patch - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Early Cat Exposure Can Increase Some Children's Eczema Risk - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Baylor Researchers Develop 'Bubble' Technique For Potential Treatment Of Type I Diabetes - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Certain Blood Pressure-lowering Drugs Reduce Diabetes Risk In Hispanic Patients - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Alcohol Consumption Habits May Threaten GI Health - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Researchers Studying Drug For Bone-deforming Disorder - Science Daily
5/26/2006: 'Super Broccoli' Promises To Help Us Live Longer, Last Longer On Our Shelves - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Millions Squandered In Unnecessary Tests Ordered In Routine Doctor Visits - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Researchers Link Two More Genes To Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Science Daily
5/26/2006: One Fourth Of Older Patients Receive Catheters For No Reason, Study Suggests - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Study Finds That A Woman's Chances Of Having Twins Can Be Modified By Diet - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Early Occupational Exposure Can Affect Lungs Later - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Surgical Plugs In Ear's Bone Stops Strange Form Of Severe Dizziness - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Marijuana-derived Drug Suppresses Bladder Pain In Animal Models
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Drug Discovery Team To Explore Newly Discovered Deep-sea Reefs
 - Science Daily


History, Anthropology:
5/26/2006: Scientists Scuttle Claims That 'Hobbit' Fossil From Flores, Indonesia, Is A New Hominid - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Eyeballs Vs Footballs: Limitations Of Human Visual System Hinders Goalkeepers From Predicting Free Kicks - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Sorority Members Who Get Drunk Weekly At Higher Risk Of Injuries - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Potential New Treatment Strategy For Alzheimer's Disease And Other Brain And Spinal Cord Damage
 - Science Daily


5/26/2006: Study Shows Schizophrenia Limits Understanding Of Body Language
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Mapping 'Self' And 'Other' In The Brain - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Computerized Atlas Highlights 'Plethora' Of Changes In Brain Disorder - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Brain Study Yields Insight Into Machinery Of Prejudice - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Invisible Scars: Verbal Abuse Triggers Adult Anxiety, Depression - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Simple Lifestyle Changes May Improve Cognitive Function And Brain Efficiency - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Life's Harsh Lessons 'Make You More Gullible'
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Lead Exposure Leads To Brain Cell Loss And Damage Years Later
 - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:

Space and Astronomy:
5/26/2006: Three Neptune-Size Planets Found In Nearby Star System - Science Daily
Astronomers Discovery Very High Energy Gamma-ray Emission From Microquasar - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Cluster Satellites Fly Through Earth's Electrical Switch
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: European Space Agency's New Camera Follows Disintegration Of A Comet
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: First Pictures From The Map Of The Universe Mission
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Astronomers Use Innovative Technique To Find Extrasolar Planet
 - Science Daily

5/26/2006: Just One Nanosecond: Clocking Events At The Nanoscale
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Using Laser Light To Break Molecular Bonds

5/26/2006: Searching For The Soul In The Machine
 - Science Daily
5/26/2006: Students Design Deep-sea Explorer To Search For Shipwrecks
 - Science Daily


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