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  May 26, 2005

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 Canadian Space Scope Detects Puzzling Brightness Variations In Dying Star - SpaceDaily  Left:  Full MOST lightcurve obtained for the subdwarf B star PG 0101+039 over 16.9 days starting 28 September 2004. (See larger image.) Each data point corresponds to the relative brightness of the star at that particular time. The top row covers the first 24-hour period of the run, and the data for subsequent days have been shifted downwards arbitrarily for visualisation purposes. This material was presented to the Canadian Astronomical Society meeting in Montreal, QC on May 15, 2005. Credit: Universite de Montreal and MOST.  Subdwarf B stars are around 5 times hotter than our Sun, and so dense that - at comparable masses - they are about 10 times smaller. They are rather abundant in the night-time sky and dominate the population of bright blue stars. "Asteroseismology lets us probe deep inside stars to reveal their internal composition, an aspect that normally remains hidden even from the world's largest telescopes" explained Suzanna Randall, an astronomy PhD student at the Universite de Montreal, 
Novel Procedure Proposed To Probe The Nature Of Dark Energy - SpaceDaily  Left: The proposed technique will be able to determine if the cosmic acceleration (illustrated) is due to a yet unknown form of Dark Energy in the universe or if it is a signature of a breakdown of Einstein's theory of General Relativity at very large scales of the universe. In order to explain the cosmic acceleration, theoretical cosmologists introduced the notion of a new energy component that would constitute two thirds of the entire energy density of the universe and that is gravitationally repulsive rather than attractive. This component has been termed Dark Energy. Is Dark Energy real? "We don't know," comments Professor David Spergel from Princeton. "It could be a whole new form of energy or the observational signature of the failure of Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Either way, its existence will have profound impact on our understanding of space and time."    

Global Wind Map May Provide Better Locations For Wind Farms - SpaceDaily  Left:  The researchers also found that some of the strongest winds were observed in Northern Europe, along the North Sea, while the southern tip of South America and the Australian island of Tasmania also recorded significant and sustained strong winds at the turbine blade height.  The researchers collected wind speed measurements from approximately 7,500 surface stations and another 500 balloon-launch stations to determine global wind speeds at 80 meters [300 feet] above the ground surface, which is the hub height of modern wind turbines. Such wind speeds at 80 meters, referred to as wind power Class 3, were found in every region of the world, although North America was found to have the greatest wind power potential.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/26/2005: Koreans Report Ease in Cloning for Stem Cells  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Graphic: Cloning Stem Cells
  - NY Times
5/26/2005: S. Korea Takes Lead in Stem Cell Research  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Scientist: Stem Cell Work Will Aid Humans  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Whooping Cranes Stabilize Vision To Find Food - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Earth's species feel the squeeze  - BBC
5/26/2005: Bush Blasts Human Clone Research  - Wired News
5/26/2005: Scientists hail stem cell breakthrough  - C/Net
5/26/2005: Farm Stem Cells and Save Souls  - Wired News
5/26/2005: Cells That Go Back in Time  - Wired News
5/26/2005: Cosmic Log: Stem-cell semantics
5/26/2005: Bush ‘very concerned about cloning’ - MSNBC
5/26/2005: Stem Cell Researchers Feel the Pull of the Golden State  - NY Times
5/26/2005: NEMS Device Detects The Mass Of A Single DNA Molecule - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Rice, Iowa State Biologists Search For 'Half-fusion' - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/26/2005: Two States Agree to Limit Dumping in the Sound  - NY Times
5/26/2005: New E.P.A. Chief Says Budget Is Sufficient
5/26/2005: Warming Is Blamed for Antarctica's Weight Gain  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Lava Lamp-Like Process Caused World's Largest Zinc Deposit - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Marshes Tell Story Of Medieval Drought, Little Ice Age, And European Settlers Near NYC - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Satellites Join Watch On Naples' Volcanic Hinterland - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Antarctic buffers sea level rise  - BBC
5/26/2005: The ice men The scientists who monitor Greenland's changing landscape  - BBC
5/26/2005: Conservationists track jaguars from space - MSNBC
5/26/2005: Will global warming impact tourism hotspots? - New Scientist
5/26/2005: Scientists Turn to a Satellite to Save Guatemala's Jaguars
5/26/2005: Ban on Black Coral From Hawaii Urged
5/26/2005: Dirty Secret: Coal Plants Could Be Much Cleaner
5/26/2005: Graphic: The Future of Power

5/26/2005: Gear and Fragging in Los Angeles  - Wired News
5/26/2005: Want a Coke With That Railgun?  - Wired News
5/26/2005: New dawn The games console battle over your living room has started  - BBC
5/26/2005: British game makers saved by Sony  - BBC
5/26/2005: E3 expo marks new dawn for games  - BBC
5/26/2005: Products placed liberally in games  - C/Net
5/26/2005: Whither the Phantom?
  - C/Net
5/26/2005: Game puts heroine, and hound, on the run
  - NY Times
5/26/2005: A new spin on a palmtop (or inside it)
  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Week in pictures: E3 mania
  - C/Net
5/26/2005: NCsoft now a force in U.S. online games
  - CNN

5/26/2005: A back-to-basics mobile launched
  - BBC


5/26/2005: CD vs. DVD media: Generally, "you get what you pay for" - Seattle Times

5/26/2005: Yes, ad-savvy Google scans your Gmail - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Opera 8.0 not yet a masterpiece - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Do you Google?  - NY Times

5/26/2005: Google this: Is Microsoft still a bully?  - NY Times

5/26/2005: Global Wind Map May Provide Better Locations For Wind Farms - SpaceDaily


5/26/2005: Study Shows Erbitux May Fight Colorectal Cancer After Other Therapies Fail - Science Daily
5/26/2005: New Stomach Cancer Therapy Potentially More Convenient And Better Tolerated - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Discovery At UCSB May Lead To New Drugs To Treat Cancer, Control Fertility - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Regular Moderate Exercise May Decrease The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Birth Weight And Breastfeeding In Infancy May Affect Premenopausal Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Bends cure could aid cancer women  - BBC
5/26/2005: Expandable Electrodes Safe And Effective For Radiofrequency Ablation Of Liver Tumors
 - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Presence Of High-risk Prostate Cancer Can Be Predicted Without A Biopsy, New Study Says
 - Science Daily

5/26/2005: Human Cells Can 'Silence' HIV Genes - Science Daily

5/26/2005: Liver cells 'could beat diabetes'  - BBC
5/26/2005: The Fat Connection: How Excess Body Fat Can Lead To The Onset Of Diabetes - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Disabling Gene Defuses Rheumatoid Arthritis In Mice - Science Daily

5/26/2005: WHO Centre Calls For Global Action On Cleft Palate - Science Daily
5/26/2005: New MRI Techniques May Help Patients Avoid Knee Surgery - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Narcotic Drugs Effective For Severe, Chronic Pain In Older Patients - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Allergies Increase Risk For Corneal Transplant Rejection, UT Southwestern Study Shows - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Tissue Engineering Experts Discuss Orthopaedics Applications - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Warning over gut drugs reliance  - BBC
5/26/2005: Indian horror film strikes fear into eye-transplant doctors  - BBC
5/26/2005: U.S. Ranks Highest Worldwide In Use Of High-tech Imaging - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Long-term Outcomes Studied For Stem Cell Transplant Recipients
 - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Physiotherapists Cure Incontinence
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/26/2005: Searching For The Queen Of Sheba - Science Daily
5/26/2005: International Alliance To Unlock Secrets Of Egyptian Mummies - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Archimedes Manuscript Yields Secrets Under X-ray Gaze - Science Daily

5/26/2005: Scientist: Hand Dexterity Helpful in Lab - Science Daily
5/26/2005: China Ready To Counter US Space Plans - SpaceDaily
5/26/2005: WHO agrees to smallpox research  - BBC
5/26/2005: Embarrass your friends, win a camera  - C/Net
5/26/2005: IBM warns of critical shortage of talented workers  - C/Net
5/26/2005: America's Eroding Knowledge Edge - Business Week
5/26/2005: E-mail retention a must after Morgan Stanley case  - C/Net
5/26/2005: 'Buy American' legislation draws fire  - C/Net
5/26/2005: Photos: Moment arrives for those who 'Sith' and wait  - C/Net
5/26/2005: Indian university alumni share a global success - Washington Post
5/26/2005: As market starts to soften, jittery investors buy "defensive" stocks - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: With rates up, I Savings Bonds look better than ever - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Contrarian likes banks, not oil - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Questions to ponder if pension is precarious - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: World of accounting regains its appeal - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: More workers may be ready to move on - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Here's how to handle common rudeness - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Stock options may never repay years of suffering - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Quitting- It's OK to give more than 2 weeks' notice - Seattle Times
5/26/2005: Sweet rewards from your office candy dish- a raise, happier co-workers
 - Seattle Times

5/26/2005: Nature As Important As Nurture In Developing Ability For Flexible Self-control
5/26/2005: The Ultimate Spa: Embryonic Body Wash Controls Left-right Development - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Scared, but you don't know why - New Scientist
5/26/2005: U Of MN Researchers Discover Novel Way Estrogen Affects The Brain - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Birth Factors Associated With Risk For Autism - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Given Misleading Cues, Older Adults Are More Likely To 'Remember' That Misinformation - Science Daily
5/26/2005: St. John's Wort Only Minimally Effective In Relieving Major Depression, Review Confirms
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/26/2005: Canadian Space Scope Detects Puzzling Brightness Variations In Dying Star - SpaceDaily
5/26/2005: Los Alamos Laboratory Beset With Turmoil
  - NY Times
5/26/2005: Robotic Telescope Discovery Sheds New Light On Gamma-ray Bursts
 - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Particle smasher gets a super-brain
 - New Scientist
5/26/2005: F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression
  - NY Times


5/26/2005: Report That Delayed Motherhood Decreases Life Expectancy Of Mouse Offspring - Science Daily

5/26/2005: Space Pioneer Finds NASA Dull - SpaceDaily
5/26/2005: ESA Issues First Jules Verne Payload List
 - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Women Rising To The Challenge Of Weightlessness
 - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Cosmic Log: Shuttle second-guessing - MSNBC

5/26/2005: Scientists Develop Novel Multi-color Light-emitting Diodes - Science Daily
5/26/2005: After Quantum Dots, Now Come Glowing 'Cornell Dots,' For Biological Tagging, Imaging And Optical Computing - Science Daily
5/26/2005: Digital revolution 144 megapixel cameras transform architectural photos  - BBC
5/26/2005: Chase to issue new 'contactless' credit card - Business Week
5/26/2005: Like The Famous Doughboy, Nanotubes Give When You Poke 'Em - Science Daily


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